200 exquisite images show the "green water green hill" in the Qinghai Qinghai

The theme of this film exhibition is "National Park Provincial Ecological New Highland", exhibition, "green water Qingshan" "harmonious symbiosis" three sectors, 200 生 摄 作 作, concentrated on the construction of Qinghai Ecological civilization Achievements and national unity and create results show the biodiversity and ecological civilization landscape of Qinghai.

The Secretary of the Parties Parties and Chairman of the Qinghai Provincial Literature Art Authority said in a speech that the ecological civilized photography great exhibition aims to show the unique ecological value, ecological potential, biodiversity and ecological civilization landscape in the way of photography. The fruitful results of Qinghai ecological civilization construction and the creation of national unity and progress have promoted the construction of the national and international ecological civilization. "Qinghai has a wealth of wild animal and natural scenery humanistic photography resources. Qinghai’s ecological value, humanistic style, the spread of photographers, to the world, is more and more people know and recognize, their art Creation is a huge contribution to the ecological construction of Qinghai, national unity.

"The vice president of the Chinese Photographers Association said when he spent a speech. It is reported that the exhibition has been clicked nationwide from April 15th. The high of the Qinghai film exhibition.