84 new academician "Admission"

Not long ago, the Chinese Academy of Engineering was selected 84 academicians. What should academicians do, what should I do? Recently, the Chinese Academy of Engineering held 2021 elected academic learning education and issuing ceremonies in Beijing and Shanghai, and didzens of engineering science and technology circles, listened to the old dean Song Jian, Xu Kui Di, Zhou Ji and others talked into the hospital Class, learning how to be academicians, and also collar a heavy class after class.

In May of this year, General Secretary Xi Jinping was an important speech at the 11th National Congress of the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology. It is necessary to strengthen the function of the national high-end intelligence library, play a strategic scientist, actively carry out consultation, service country decision making. Song Jian is my country’s control, system engineering and aerospace technology experts, and served as Director of the State Council and the Director of the National Science and Technology Committee. In December this year, he just was 90 years old. On the day of the class, he stood on the stage for half an hour, trying to use history out the appearance of the academician.

In the past few decades, we should learn from the olderist scientists.

He said.

Two bounces, so great determination under the center, what is it? Song Jian said that the old seniors gave the Central Committee. At the end, there was an opinion, Chairman Mao, Premier Zhou believed. The original bullet needs uranium, and the academician of Li Sikuo took a ore to the table of the central leader, saying it.

He raised his finger to point at the desktop, and strive to recover the scene of Li Siku to persuade the central leadership.

At this time, Qian Xuesen came back from the United States. He went to Zhou Premier, Peng Dehuai, Chen Wei, Chen Yi, said that China can do aerospace, can do missiles! The scientists made recommendations, the central government adopted, so two bounces a major strategic decision to the Chinese Communist Party.

He said.

Not only two bombings, 863 plans, manned spacery and other major achievements, but insisting on and sticky with the older generation of academicians.

In Song Jian, when the academician, he means that he is a life, it is the mission of history, falling to us. Since its establishment, the Chinese Academy has since its establishment, about 1,000 academicians, including 17 academics have received the national highest science and technology award, 16 academicians have won two bouquet of a star contemporary medal. Hanging like a model of the English model. After walking through the old academician, Song Jian has left the new academician, and forwards to the strategic scientist to the requirements of General Secretary.

But it is not enough to draw a high line, but also clear the bottom line.

In response to the bad winds and problems in the academic team, Xu Kuangdi, the old president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, did not avoid pain points. He said: Some are not objective and fair in the selection of academiciases, and some are not rigorous in academic activities, and some are in social activities, and some even have violations of law. Since this year, two academicians have been suspected of being suspected of violations of law and discipline investigation.

Xu Kui Di repeatedly emphasized that when academicians must guard Zhengyang. This is also the instruction of Zhu Guangya, the first dean of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. After he served as the Dean of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, he came to visit the aged Zhu Guangya.

Zhu Guangya is not much, and it is basically not talking about it. We left, he finally opened when he sent us to the elevator. He pulled my sign language and said, put the good entry! Xu Kui Di said.

Therefore, Xu Kui Di is particularly concerned about the construction of the academician team. In the early years, he made five unworthy of academician and academician candidates. Nowadays, in a more complex situation, he will work five unwanted and new academicians: First, there is no hope for the social activities involved in the activities; the second is to go to the level of the academician in order to improve a study. Name; three, do not want academicians to live in the industry, compressing young workers or different academic perspectives; four is not hoping academician to participate in business operations and commercial packaging; five is undesirable or clarifying academicians involving pseudo science And feudal superstition activities.

This is our first way to learn education in this way.

Li Xiaohong, Dean Chinese Academy of Engineering, said.

Clear, what should he do? After what should not do, he hopes that the new academician will become a new starting point for the academician, and set up again.

After the meeting, the Chinese Academy of Academy of Academy of Engineering this year, Zhang Liqun told the Chinese Youth Daily · Zhongqing Net reporter: When the academician is honor, it is also responsible, and it is a new starting point.

We should combine our most popular scientific research, and the development of the motherland.