I heard this,Ye Yao is very straightforward:“Because the family is not so red,And my cashier is busy with a good job.,Even some reasons,But the people who collect money have soft。”

Ye Yao does not say this is okay,Say this,Ye Tiancheng feels that if you can’t work with Li Hui,So, you have to destroy each other in the first time.,Resolutely can’t let the other person take root in Guangdong Province。
He feels that this is history,Test the most tested once。
Although he did not taste the food of the food, the food is taste.,But can be so red,And there are so many people who queue in the next day.,I don’t want to come to the taste.。
“If I introduce you to Li Hui,Do you want to?”
Ye Tiancheng has no way to let Ye Yao first a glimpse,Then a beautiful pretty face is red。
“dad,What do you say??
I am still working hard.!”
See Ye Yeno this pair,Ye Tiancheng also sighed in his heart.,How can he not understand his own?。
Just Li Hui’s little child,It is obvious that it is not a provincial oil lamp.。
“alright,Since you are not willing,Then when I didn’t say it.。”
dad,I don’t want to say it.!”
This is the final saying,The sound is like a mosquito.。
But Ye Tiancheng still heard。
“I know you willing,I have to ask people if I have a girlfriend.!After all, it is so young.,The probability of no girlfriend can be very low,Even girlfriends are not only one。”
“And you should not love your mind now.,Just have a good sense,So you have died early or dead.,Of course, the other party is no girlfriend,When Dad, I will definitely work together.。”
Finish,Ye Tiancheng also said that she is a housem friend.,Several people have been sent in。
As for the three black people,It is interrupted,Then repatriate。
Originally he didn’t want three blacks to leave.,Because there is a lot of ways to make each other disappeared on this land.。
However, the things that the three blacks made are really very bad.。
Official request repatriation,He is in the case of no way,Looking for someone to pack each other。
Ye Yeno has no big response to these,It’s just a little bit.,Say that。
“sure!You are not surprised now.,Do not stop!”
“Why do I organize??
They are all taken,And their heart is broken.,This kind of person is actually dead.,Live or bad people。”
This exit,Ye Tiancheng suddenly felt that Ye Yao was a little different from before.。
I used to be very unfortunate that I was very unfortunate.。
But now not only no objection,Instead, faintly say that he is not in place.。
Heard this,Ye Tiancheng also suddenly has a bold decision。
“Hairie,If I have given you the industry now??
Always give people a cashier!”