Qin Feng doesn’t know much about this description。But if these so-called Anjin and Cunjin really exist,Then their so-called heaven and earth level personnel can only be regarded as mortals!Or a martial artist!But if you can’t master the dark energy,Don’t even have the qualifications to get started。

At least the ancient world was set like this!
“Our Six Ancients,Although I live in seclusion here,But also to find a descendant,of course,If you have that kind of ability, you can try。Have you heard of the sword in the stone?”
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Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Three Kunlun Dagger
Sword in the Stone?What the hell?
of course,In many movies or animations,There will be a peerless strong man who will leave his weapon in a certain stone,Those who have the ability to pull it out are destined,After getting the blessing of the Excalibur,Will soar all the way to the pinnacle of life。
This is Qin Feng’s understanding of the so-called sword in the stone。
But he doesn’t think there will be this thing in the ancients,This kind of stalk has been broken,Could it be that the ancients existed to protect those divine swords??
“This thing is real?”Qin Feng stared at Yao Wuwei seriously。
“Ha ha,Be it!”
“Come,Come with me and have a look!”Yao Wuwei beckoned。
Qin Feng had to keep up。
But then again,Although Qin Feng had been in Kunlun for a long time before,,But I really haven’t been able to visit the surrounding area。most importantly,There is mist around here,If no one brings it,He was afraid he would get lost。
Before this mist or something,Qin Feng had doubts,I feel that this thing is artificially controlled。But when I thought it was the weather,Once you can control this thing,How strong is that person??