And besides,And people from the Explosive Mercenary Group joined in。The members of this mercenary group are basically crazy!Play blasting like a drug,Like to create large-scale bombings!”

Speaking of the blasting mercenary group,Tokugawa’s mouth twitches,Because what everyone doesn’t know is,There was actually a blast near a small villa of the Tokugawa family.,His mistress and an illegitimate child died in the bombing。Just as the head of the Tokugawa family,He used his own strength to suppress this matter,So even the people present,Maybe it’s not clear that the Explosive Mercenary Group has done such a thing。
“Ok,Our official patrol has already sent additional manpower to catch people from this mercenary organization。only,They seem to be taking drugs。Many of our patrols died。”
Say here,Kurosawa Jiro couldn’t help shaking his head,The situation in the island country has been a bit tense recently。There are even some citizens who can’t stand the official inaction,So they all stood up and demonstrated。
The only thing the government can do now is to appease the citizens,At the same time, finish the prime minister election as soon as possible。Only then can everything be calmed down。
This is the reason why everyone came to the meeting this time。
“All right,Closer to home。This time I’m looking for three families,That’s because you all have the right to vote。This is the rules and tacit understanding formed over the decades。So this time I hope you all put out the candidates quickly。Then the canvassing time is shortened,Quell this unrest as soon as possible。”
Finished,Kurosawa Jiro looked at everyone present。
Of course he knows,These people at the scene are the real power figures in the family,He also did a data survey。Therefore,So it’s impossible for the real powerists to stand up as candidates。And my proposal one
When coming out,Just waiting for the two big families to call,Let them bring the candidates。
“Minister,It means we are going to bring the candidates over now。After confirming,Just push up,Then we started canvassing for votes, right??”
Because this is the rule,Hasn’t changed in years,So Oda Muzuo asked seriously,It’s a final confirmation。
“Yes,That’s what I mean,After the candidate comes out,Hand in information,Then after shooting a simple promotional video, throw it online to let the public know。So as to stabilize the situation and people,Stop making trouble,do you know?Otherwise, the island council will be messy。This is not good for everyone here!”
(End of this chapter)