Currently,It is one of the few small fresh meats with the highest commercial value,Random endorsement of a product,Just a few million、Tens of millions of income。

have to say,This kind of fresh meat is quite popular,Especially for girls,There is no resistance,Like Fang Rudu,Not to mention other people。
Fang Ru was pulled,Only then came back,Smile at Populus euphratica。
Hu Yang doesn’t think there is anything offending him,Smiled:“Go see if you want!It’s ok!”
Fang Ru saw that Brother Hu was really not angry,Thought for a while,Talk to Brother Hu:“I’ll take a picture,Then come back。”
Talking,Just go inside,Not afraid of those people。There seemed to be screams from the crowd,I can see Lin Shaofen is squeezing sweat for her girlfriend。
at this time,I have to show that the star effect is really strong。
unconsciously,A large number of viewers flooded in the live broadcast room,Encouraging Populus to watch the fun。
Populus just ignored,Tell everyone:“Want to see that star,You can go to Fang Ru’s live room。”
Don’t tell me,Many people actually switch to Fang Ru’s live studio。Watch star,Is the mindset of many people,this is nothing。Especially this kind of small fresh meat that suddenly went on fire,Is very attractive to female audiences。
See a small stall next to Hu Yang,The stall owner also goes inside,Helpless。
These customers,Pity,Are not here for shopping。If you buy something,Then they set up a stall here,How can you make a fortune??
Worthy of being a flea market,Even put out the dolls。
Lin Shaofen picked one up casually,Retro,Looks good workmanship。but,She didn’t like it very much,There are children at home,But if you want to give it to children,Buy new ones too,Who would sell a second-hand rag doll as a gift?Isn’t this Geying??
Just when she was about to let go,Hu Yang suddenly said:“This puppet is good。”
As soon as this word comes out,Not only did Lin Shaofen’s hands tighten,Zhang Qingliang and Hua Zai also looked over。
Brother Hu said good,That’s not perfunctory,Represents valuable!
Lin Shaofen is not stupid,Start asking the stall owner:“boss,How to sell?”
The stall owner is also smart,Haha smile,Extend two fingers。