First1119chapter Unintentional
When Chen Geng’s plane landed at Tu’e Capital International Airport,Wang Dazhi is already waiting at the airport,I saw Chen Geng walking down the gangway that came with the plane,Wang Dazhi walked up quickly:“Chairman,You are coming。”
“Ok,”Looking at Wang Dazhi with unconcealed fatigue on his face,Chen Geng knew that during his absence,Pharaoh’s life may be more difficult。Pat Wang Dazhi on the shoulder,Chen Geng didn’t say much,Just way:“Worked hard,Pharaoh。”
Wang Dazhi’s face is excited,Shook his head:“Not hard,Chairman,I don’t think it is hard at all。”
Chen Geng glanced at Wang Dazhi,Did not speak,Somewhat curious。
“Chairman,This is a foreign arms sale,”Wang Dazhi’s excited way:“This is to make our country famous,This means too much for our company,Don’t say it’s just a matter of strength,No matter how hard and tired,I think it’s worth it,Comrades,Am I right?”
Comrades from COMAC and Hongdu Factory who came to the airport to pick up Chen Geng with Wang Dazhi,Immediately all responded loudly,One by one is very refreshing。
Chen Geng was a little surprised,But more happy:“what?Everyone’s spirits are very high……Ok,How is the situation now?Introduce me。”
Got in the car with Chen Geng,Wang Dazhi gives Chen Genghui report:“According to your instructions,After you left, we figured out a way to move around,Finally got results two days ago,We conducted a simulation training with a unit of the Turkish Air Force through friendly exchanges。”
“what’s the result?”
“very good,”Speaking of this,Wang Dazhi is full of light:“The simulation training with us is from TuyeF-16,That plane is indeed very powerful,As for our plane,It’s the foundation of the trainer after all,Still a bit short,But we are not ashamed,Achieved in simulation training2:1War damage ratio。”