Let them start to change their mentality,Running is the most gentle and suitable way。

Seeing Xin Zhao so ridiculous,It’s impossible for them to say they don’t envy。Especially the rose as an example,His genes have been developed the longest,As a result, even Xin Zhao, who has been developing for a few days, is not big,Why is she so embarrassing?。
When these people ran a kilometer,Xin Zhao has completed his mission。
“Big sister head,I finished,Can you rest?”For Xin Zhao,It’s okay to run like this,But the energy consumed is too much。
“Keep running,starting today,Your meals have been changed to special beef,Guarantee your nutrition!”Lena looked at the person who was running slowly in front of her,I feel like I can’t bear face。
“Xin Zhao,You hold the stick,Who is the last,And knocked him with a stick~share,male or female,Unlimited power,As long as you can’t kill,Just fight to death!”
The voice fell off,The three women started running desperately。
They are girls after all,You have to save face,Being beaten by a man with a stick by Xin Zhao~share,It feels really shameful。
And after Xin Zhao listened,Ran to one side of the tree,Broke a branch,Chased up。
Now the last one is Liu Chuang,See him,Xin Zhao hit it with a stick without hesitation。
have to say,The power of the stick is really okay,So exciting,Liu Chuang rushed directly,The speed feels like it is in second gear。
The rest is Ge Xiaolun,Xin Zhao certainly won’t show mercy。

Smoothly catch the book that Han Zhili threw to me,And put it aside carefully,God knows if this old man can touch porcelain!

“Little Bunny,I can find your address in just one phone,You hide!Do you drop too much?”
Han Zhili gritted his teeth and looked at Xiang Chen,I want to regain my weapon,No matter how fast your hands are,Han Zhili is really not Xiang Chen’s opponent,His hand just moved,Xiang Chen has already put that thick dictionary elsewhere。
Old and young are chasing in the inn,Sometimes someone who lives in the store bumps into it,I would stop and watch the excitement for a while before leaving。
But if these people know who the old man is chasing young people,I believe they will record some small videos,And post it online。
“Principal Han,Don’t make trouble!”
About a quarter of an hour later,Han Zhili’s physical strength gradually can’t keep up with Xiang Chen’s rhythm,Xiang Chen deliberately slowed down to take care of Han Zhili and was misunderstood by the elderly,It also made Han Zhili’s blood pressure repeatedly record highs。
Seeing Han Zhili’s face abnormally ruddy,Xiangyang is really afraid of unfavorable factors that will affect her inheritance of the inn。
Found a space to stop Han Zhili,Then he gave Yan Xiaoyi a wink,The latter quickly understood Xiang Chen’s intentions,Bring tea。
Han Genji dispelled the spectators watching the excitement,Yao Yao also slapped the 100 yuan he lost in the bet in Mo Mo’s palm。
“What a useless old man!”
Mo Mo said what Yao Yao thought but he dared not say it。
Pocket money,Mo Mo is still a little curious,Who is this old man who can chase Xiang Chen and make Xiang Chen even want to fight back?。
“If there are 10,000 people in China who really study,Then one third of them will definitely be his students,The remaining two thirds,Are probably his admirers。”
Yao Yao briefly analyzed the background of Han Zhili for Mo Mo,Why doesn’t Xiang Chen dare to fight back?Han Zhili’s body is one aspect of worry,What’s more is that no matter how powerful Xiang Chen is, he can’t stop the scholar’s verbal criticism!
After listening to Yao Yao’s introduction,After drinking tea again,Xiang Chen and Han Zhili who started to sit down and talk quietly,Mo Mo curled his lips,Instinctively moved away from the two people in the distance。
After a series of exercises, the old and the young can also sit down,Talk to each other calmly about their thoughts。
“You really didn’t make my girl upset?”

“I am a samurai?Ha ha!This excuse is also interesting,If i am,What are you going to do?”Lu Menglin laughed instead of anger,Asked cheerfully。

Ming Shizun heard Lu Menglin personally admit,Smile suddenly,Clapped and laughed:“Great!This is called smashing iron shoes and finding nowhere,It takes no effort!
Do you know,In order to deal with your secret medicine warriors,The country has formed a special force?And the elite soldiers of this army are here right now!You hit the door yourself,I can’t blame others for this!”
The voice has not fallen,The four people who have been standing beside Ming Shizun,Suddenly come forward at the same time,Faintly surrounded Lu Menglin in the middle,Blocked all his possible paths。
“Lu Menglin,We now suspect you are related to the Arcanum Group,Stay with us in the barracks for a few days!”
Among the four,A sturdy man headed sternly shouted。
The voice has not fallen,The four have already shot at the same time,Eight arms grabbed Lu Menglin from all directions。
These four people move neatly and uniformly,Perfect cooperation,Obviously well trained,Types that are good at co-attacking。
Lu Menglin still stood motionless,Just a flash in my mind。
There is nothing wrong with their suspicions!I do have a relationship with the secret medicine group,Not only related,And it’s the kind that matters!
To know,In Myanmar and the Golden Triangle,They think of me as a superior Secret Medicine Venerable!
But now these few,Actually thought I was an ordinary secret medicine warrior,I look down on people too much!
In a flash,The fingertips of those four have touched Lu Menglin’s shoulders and back。
Lu Menglin doesn’t shake his shoulders,Not shaken,Just lift the left foot,Stomping hard towards the ground。

Old man Wang nodded:“This thing was originally made by Lihong,Since he told you to play before he left,That’s yours,What’s the problem?”

Ok!The boss here says so,Hu Yang is also welcome。
“master,Help me cut a few,How much does it cost?”Hu Yang asked。
The master of Jie Shi said at will:“Then just give one。”
No one expects,Such a piece of material can also solve jade,That is to play with the young man Populus,Let him do everything。
Of course,This is also to give Xin Zhao face。This young man,After all, Xin Zhao brought it。
Populus drew a one hundred yuan,Hand it over:“In trouble,Help me cut it from here and see。”
The master Jie Shi stuffed the money into his pocket,Start work right away。
in fact,Stone cutting is also a science,Not simply cut it off,Is particular,Like Populus,Just guide,It makes people feel like a rookie。
What we want to cut is not an ordinary stone,But a precious rough stone wrapped in jade,The cutting method has a crucial influence on its value。
so,Before cutting,First, we must carefully analyze the jade rough stone,Minimize damage to the internal jade during the cutting process,So as to maximize the value of jadeite rough。
Professional master,According to the specific condition of the original stone,First understand the structure of rough,Roughly guess the possible distribution and trend of jadeite inside,Draw some lines,Then cut along the line、Microdermabrasion, etc.。
First cut,is the most important。
After the first cut,It is necessary to have a general understanding of the overall situation of the jadeite rough,Flaws in all aspects、The crack has an analytical profile,To determine the subsequent cutting direction。
After the slicing is complete,The rough stone needs to be reviewed again,It is necessary to understand the green distribution of rough stones,And find the worst part of it,Start from this part,Avoid damaging the high-quality parts of the rough stone。
in fact,No cut,Reanalyze the rough stone。
and so,Cutting stone is also an art,Is technical。Their business,Ordinary salary is not low,Well done,Not even worse than those who are general managers in large companies。
Xin Zhao and others looked at Populus“mess”,Didn’t stop。
Young man!Make him make a mistake,Let him try the taste of failure,Definitely a good thing。

At this moment,The woman scolded again:“smellyXPretend youXOfXAh pretend!I scolded you、What happened?”

“Don’t disturb everyone watching movies here,You are so awesome,Go out and solve!”Wang Shuai is happy to leave the field,It ended the film’s negative impact on Xiao Xiao and Chen Wenjin,It also reflects the sentiment of protecting Xiao Xiao spared no effort,Have some fun by the way,Three birds with one stone。
“Go out!I’ll see who knelt down!”The woman’s words have come out,That row seems to be her friends,They all stood up and walked out of the theater。
“You two wait here,We solve it and come back。”Chen Wenjin may not be able to take care of too many people,Xiao Xiao said:“Things started because of me,How can I hide here by myself?and,I’m not ashamed to disturb others here。”
May also said:“Yes,Let’s go out together!Anyway, the tanks are on East Street,Coming soon。”
Amei has experienced this kind of thing,Not afraid at all。
Wang Shuai took the phone and called Abao directly,It saves the time of calling and waiting for reply,Because Abao didn’t go home,Went for a drink with the tank。
Said the place,hang up the phone,Wang Shuai walked out of the projection hall with his head high。
Normally,This conflict occurs,Just scold each other,Then ask each other for details,Do it if you can,If you can’t make it, just make a few friendships and shake hands,If you can’t afford it, just bow your head and admit your mistake,As for how the strong side wants to end,Either the weaker party treats to drink,Either do a few hands to show your prestige。
So when Wang Shuai went out,I have already figured out how to negotiate and delay the time for the tanks to arrive,There will be many people,There is a leopard and gold than the backing……
Shuai Wang puts away the big brother,Strutting out。
Suddenly one hand grabbed him and pulled forward,He rushed a few steps,Still almost fell,Just barely stand firm,I got kicked again behind,Suddenly hit the wall,Hands on the ground,But the group of people in ambush didn’t give him a chance to get up,Around is a punch and kick,Someone stepped on his back。
“stupidX!Didn’t you pull it just now??”That woman scolded,Staring at the door of the projection hall again:“That smelly just nowXchild!Get out!You like to call Chun,Come out for you!”
How did Wang Shuai endure such a beating??I want to speak and remind Chen Wenjin,How can I get kicked on my stomach,Gasping in pain,Can’t even make a scream!


First1119chapter Unintentional
When Chen Geng’s plane landed at Tu’e Capital International Airport,Wang Dazhi is already waiting at the airport,I saw Chen Geng walking down the gangway that came with the plane,Wang Dazhi walked up quickly:“Chairman,You are coming。”
“Ok,”Looking at Wang Dazhi with unconcealed fatigue on his face,Chen Geng knew that during his absence,Pharaoh’s life may be more difficult。Pat Wang Dazhi on the shoulder,Chen Geng didn’t say much,Just way:“Worked hard,Pharaoh。”
Wang Dazhi’s face is excited,Shook his head:“Not hard,Chairman,I don’t think it is hard at all。”
Chen Geng glanced at Wang Dazhi,Did not speak,Somewhat curious。
“Chairman,This is a foreign arms sale,”Wang Dazhi’s excited way:“This is to make our country famous,This means too much for our company,Don’t say it’s just a matter of strength,No matter how hard and tired,I think it’s worth it,Comrades,Am I right?”
Comrades from COMAC and Hongdu Factory who came to the airport to pick up Chen Geng with Wang Dazhi,Immediately all responded loudly,One by one is very refreshing。
Chen Geng was a little surprised,But more happy:“what?Everyone’s spirits are very high……Ok,How is the situation now?Introduce me。”
Got in the car with Chen Geng,Wang Dazhi gives Chen Genghui report:“According to your instructions,After you left, we figured out a way to move around,Finally got results two days ago,We conducted a simulation training with a unit of the Turkish Air Force through friendly exchanges。”
“what’s the result?”
“very good,”Speaking of this,Wang Dazhi is full of light:“The simulation training with us is from TuyeF-16,That plane is indeed very powerful,As for our plane,It’s the foundation of the trainer after all,Still a bit short,But we are not ashamed,Achieved in simulation training2:1War damage ratio。”

At that time he might talk to Qin Feng for business,It’s impossible to sell this video to Qin Feng for several thousand yuan。

“Is there a way to support your economy??”Qin Feng also looked at Xie Zhiwei curiously,Although these things are not much,But if you add up scatteredly, it would cost a few thousand to tens of thousands a month.?
“There is a way to support it,I also set up a small farm with Huang Longwen,Although I dare not say how much,But one month is also 10,000 to 20,000 income,Plus other scattered things at home,I also have some small money。”
Xie Zhiwei’s words shocked Qin Feng,He really didn’t expect,This guy has so much money。
This really confirms that sentence,People can’t look,Unmatchable sea water。
Qin Feng is also calculating,Is there a way to build my own intelligence network?。
If you can sell vegetables, you can supply them,But now he is still fighting with people outside,This matter is a bit unclear。
Xie Zhiwei watched Qin Feng’s expression keep changing,His mood is constantly changing,He really wants to know Qin Feng’s arrival
What are you thinking about。
Thought for a long time,Qin Feng looked at Xie Zhiwei and said:“these things,You temporarily supply,correct,News from outside the village,Can you get it?”
Qin Feng feels like a blind man,Don’t know anything now。
If he can control everything in the village,You don’t need to worry about outside matters,But the village is also messed up,He can only grit his teeth and keep going。
Qin Feng also has plans,He is going to farm first,After these vegetables go wrong,He only came back to grasp the situation a little bit。
It’s not what Qin Feng likes to use,But if he doesn’t do that,That would definitely be miserable。
“I can know some simple news at once,For example, today those vegetable vendors can let our people sell vegetables。”Xie Zhiwei also immediately reported a message to Qin Feng。
(End of this chapter)

“The way you strike up is really……”

Xiang Yang sighed and shook his head,But still standing between Zheng Ziling and Ling Yun。
It is undeniable that what Zheng Ziling said to him was a provocation for some purpose.,But this is not unreasonable,But Zheng Ziling didn’t know,The friendship we met in Wei Mo,Sometimes it is very reliable。
Zheng Ziling simply dropped two words,Turned away。
The owner of the private kitchen is standing at the door,Someone had notified him before,All compensation will be doubled,So at this time his face is not too ugly。
The protagonists in conflict all want to calm down,But there are still people in the crowd who are not afraid of big things。
“boss,The tables and chairs here have been smashed anyway,Why don’t I pay you some money later,Let me do something more with your venue。”
After Zheng Ziling’s follower,Huang Zetao also handed a credit card to the owner of the private chef,The evil smile on his face is unabated,His appearance undoubtedly makes Zheng Ziling and Ling Yun very uncomfortable。
“I said,Forget this!This is the third time I repeat!”
Zheng Ziling stared at Huang Zetao,Suddenly I feel that the genius is on the left and the lunatic is on the right makes sense,I can’t guess Huang Zetao’s path。
Blocked half of Huang Zetao’s body,Zheng Ziling stood motionless。The grudge between Huang Zetao and Xiangyang,Zheng Ziling also heard a little during military training,Now Huang Zetao intervenes,It’s hard to say that he didn’t run towards Xiangyang,After all, the turbulent military training incident,Even after returning to Wanghai University, there is still residual heat。
“Ling Shao,This is not for you,It’s purely a personal grievance between me and Ling Yun,It’s just that Ling Yun’s luck is good,Met you first。”
Huang Zetao smiled and explained to Zheng Ziling。
Zheng Ziling is more certain this time,Huang Zetao is a genius with a madman personality。
I believe Huang Zetao has seen his intentions towards Xiangyang,Point the finger directly at Lingyun,I don’t have any excuses to intervene,But judging from the friendship between Xiangyang and Lingyun,It’s hard to guarantee that Xiangyang won’t get involved。
Finding a famous excuse is always the most troublesome thing,At the same time Zheng Ziling couldn’t help being curious,What kind of friendship is it,A girl from Xiangyang can participate in a boy’s fight recklessly。
Huang Zetao took a step back,After bypassing Zheng Ziling,Go straight to Lingyun。

Lu Menglin was silent,He also wanted to hear his father’s evaluation of Zhao Yuanchao。

Lu Youshan frowned slightly,I said after thinking about it:“Lao Zhao,Ability is very strong,Keep things tight,And the heart is too cruel,I’m not surprised that he will have an accident。”
“but,I asked him not to have been planted at this time,At least another three to five years。This time I heard that I was reported to the capital,That’s what happened to the working group。”
I heard what my father said about Zhao Yuanchao,Lu Menglin was surprised。
Because my father predicted too accurately,If it wasn’t for my own birth,Layout in advance for Zhao Yuanchao,Zhao Yuanchao in the last life,The incident happened only five years later。
It seems that although my father is loyal and honest,But not without wisdom,It’s just that I didn’t have a chance to use it in the past.。
“Mr. Lu,Zhao Yuanchao went in,Will it affect us??”Another salesman is more sophisticated,I’ve been thinking about this these days,Finally by the opportunity of drinking,Asked the worries in my heart。
Lu Youshan shook his head firmly,Smiled:“Then i’m going to ask,We are working for the Liufang Mill,Or for Zhao Yuanchao?”
Xiao Li and Lao Zhang answered in unison at the same time:“Of course it’s for the factory。”
“That’s it!Let’s do things steadily,Open up sales for our factory,Sell more cotton yarn,Don’t care about other things。”Lu Youshan said solemnly。
“but,If Zhao Yuanchao is down,,Our business department was also proposed by him,Will there be changes?”Lao Zhang asked carefully again,He thinks that since Lu Youshan is the manager,Maybe you know something you don’t know。
Lu Youshan took a sip of wine,Let the wine flow down the throat into the belly,I just feel a rush of heat rushing to my face,This is the voice:“Will not change!If there is a change,I didn’t want to call your sister-in-law over。”
Lu Menglin heard this,finally understood,Dare to love the father to call his son and wife over,Not here to play,I’m here to help him stabilize his army!
“I don’t know who was behind Zhao Yuanchao,Don’t be the emperor and the courtier。It would be bad if the newly appointed factory director treated us as Zhao Yuanchao’s gang。”Lao Zhang said with lingering fear on his face。
Xiao Li yelled through Jiu Jin:“That’s not。Isn’t the one that didn’t come belong to the old Zhao group,The master capsized,He will be as anxious as an ant on a hot pot,No time to bother us。”
text Chapter One Hundred and Twelve Point pawn
? The one in Xiao Li’s mouth,Huang Yuanshun, the financial manager of the business department who didn’t come。
Huang Yuanshun is a close friend of Zhao Yuanchao,It is said to be a distant cousin of Zhao Yuanchao,In the past, the financial office of the factory,Engage in the business department this time,He was transferred。

Lu Menglin looked at this old face,I remember clearly before rebirth,Those news reports about him。

After my brother-in-law Du Shaoping buried the outspoken teacher Deng alive,Just this old thing,Personally take the workers the next day,Supervise workers using bulldozers and forklifts to fill in large mud pits in the playground,Bury Deng Ping’s wispy soul forever。
But this person can enjoy his old age,After retiring, he settled in the deep city,Singing,Lead a respectable old life everywhere。
“Du Shaoping has hired,Burying Teacher Deng alive is your idea!I’m giving you the stolen money from the project!”Lu Menglin said lightly,But this voice made everyone present clearly hear。
Principal Huang’s face suddenly became gloomy,He frowned,Staring at the boy in front of you,Seems to be judging the truth of what the other party said。
And those who came with Principal Huang,Then they showed quite playful expressions。
“Yes!Du Shaoping gave me the money!I will withdraw the money!”I didn’t expect Principal Huang to admit it in public,Didn’t mean to deny at all。
“and,When I drank last time,Also said something angry,I said Deng Ping doesn’t eat hard or soft things,If it’s anxious, I’m not welcome。”
Principal Huang’s second sentence,Actually also very frank,It is equivalent to indirectly admitting that Deng Ping was buried alive,He also has a share。
“but,I was angry then,I didn’t know Du Shaoping would really do it。He studies less,Bad brains,Did not educate him,It’s my responsibility。”Principal Huang’s words are somewhat sincere,It’s hard to doubt。
sound,He carried all the crimes on himself,Is this a confession??
Even Wang Xiaomei and Deng Jiajia behind Lu Menglin were stunned.,They faintly feel something is wrong,But I can’t tell where there is a problem。
Lu Menglin nodded,It seems to make sense。
“Thank god,Fortunately, Teacher Deng Ping is fine,Then this matter is much easier。This friend,Give Du Shaoping to the police!He should be punished for whatever crime!this is necessary!”Principal Huang said plausibly。
Good guy,Three or five words from this old man,I picked myself out and picked it very clean,But also make things smaller,Trivial,Trying to get Du Shaoping back。
And what he said seems to make sense,Since Teacher Deng is alive,Then the case did not happen,Or it’s not serious enough,So everything can follow the legal system。