Deep moving "Internet + Government" makes the process more smooth

  Reporter Huang Yan "I really didn’t expect that temporary ID cards can be ready to do, and they can work hard.

"" Formerly to send out the work, always forget this ignore that, now the app is pre-trial, and the material is handled once. " "The word of the people is the best appreciation for the establishment of the rule of law of the rule of law in Liaoning Province.

  According to reports, Liaoning Provincial Public Security Organs build "Internet + Government Service", increasing online service portals, through online applications, online acceptance, remote delivery, etc., broadcasted service channels, smooth service flows.

Reduce the intermediate link of the approval flow through data sharing and business processes. Previously, the operators of the new entertainment venues and waste metal acquisitions, unlocking, mechanics and other industries need to go to the local police station for on-site filing. Now the public security organs and market supervision and management departments realize the system docking, and the operators go to the market supervision and management department to apply for business license. The public security organ will transfer the registration information of the company in the first time, and implement internal registration file filings, let the enterprises, the masses fully feel the convenience of the "venting service" reform of the public security organ. Since this year, the province’s public security system streamlines 37 provincial powers, 194 municipal powers, increasing "one time you don’t have to run" and "ready to do" matters, the overall compression of 55%, 61 administrative licensing matters Enter the government office hall. Liaoning Public Security "Internet + Government Services" platform users covering people, traffic police, entry and exit, and public security services have reached more than 120,000 people, providing inquiry, consultation, appointment, and application for mass and enterprises. 9.1 million Part.

  In particular, new initiatives in the provinces, 24-hour public security self-service station, resident ID card and driver’s license, etc., effectively solve the problem of "troubleshoot" "to wait" "to wait". As of September 1, the masses had approved 26,76,08 electronic identification vouchers by "Liaon Tong", and 222,2285 electronic driving vouchers. Residents’ electronic identification documents will gradually use all kinds of government service centers at all levels in the province, 1926 basement, 10,000 hotels in the hotel. From "Online Office" to "Pocket", it is also accelerated. From March to May this year, the Provincial Public Security Department issued 132 "Internet + Government Service" platforms according to the application for approval matters, and the acceptance process and other elements have been approved and reunited in the province. The approved matters achieved the code , Commitment time limit, charging standard, application materials, licensing separation, etc. In order to enhance the quality of online service services, the Provincial Public Security Department adopts a series of documents such as the platform for approval work, platform reply to specification templates, and make clear regulations on the timing of the platform, the material audit standards, and the external reply, and It is required to refer to the implementation of the platform for approval. Editor in charge: Fair.

Bank of China Ningbo Yuyao Branch heeft de eerste batch van Rampenreconstructie speciale leningen uitgegeven

Op 27 juli lanceerde China Bank Ningbo Yuyao-tak met succes de eerste batch van speciale leningen aan TS Technology Co, Ltd., die krachtige financi?le steun biedt voor de reconstructie van het bedrijf.

Het is gemeld dat de bank op 26 juli actief alle bedrijfsinstellingen organiseerde om marketingpersoneel te regelen om te bezoeken of aan te roepen aan openbare klanten, contact op te nemen met mensen met een totaal van 500, aangeraakte klanten en overleefde de vraag naar voltooiing van verbindingen.

Onder hen, TS Technology Co., Ltd., JB Trading Co., Ltd. heeft een grotere complexe reconstructiefondskloof.

Voor speciale leningen om zo snel mogelijk op zijn plaats te stellen, overwint het personeel van het personeel moeilijkheden in stedelijk wegwater, reizigers en grijp de tijd, haastig de tijd en vang de voortgang in de informatieverzameling, leningverklaring. Met de steun van de Superior is de eerste partij reconstructie van speciale leningen nadat de eerste partij rampspoed is geplaatst. De eerste keer voldoet aan de financieringsbehoeften van de reconstructie van de bedrijfsramp, die uit de Bank of China Flood Preventie opraat en Rampenversnelling versnelling.

"Ondernemingen worden be?nvloed, de plant heeft een serieus water, ik kan geen leningen aan, wat moet ik doen?" De klantmanager ontving een telefoonnummer van Yuyao JB Trading Co., Ltd .. De bank beveelt actief aan dat het bedrijf online populaire leningproducten gebruikt en de goedkeuring voltooit, wordt aangekomen en op dezelfde dag aangekomen.

Handige financi?le diensten zijn geprezen door de verantwoordelijke persoon. De verantwoordelijke persoon over China Bank Ningbo Yuyao-tak zei dat de bank in feite verantwoordelijkheid zal nemen en financi?le steun overstromings- en hulpmaatregelen implementeert en de voltooiing van de onderneming van de productie volledig ondersteunt, de financi?le macht van anti-Taiwan de financi?le macht ten volle is overstromingscontrole en reconstructie.

(Yao Minghao, Zhang Ruyi) (Editor: AI Yu, Kang Mengqi) Delen Laat meer mensen aanbeveling lezen.

Changzhou District: Innovation "Five Long" Party Member Model Concentration Community Governance

In recent years, Changzhou District, Zhangzhou City, in the promotion of the residential community, and actively construct a new model of "five long" governance, promotion of residential government, advocating the rule of law, and party groups. "Integration, let the people become" watchers "from" bystanders ", become" big chorus "from" Direct Opera ", and focus on solving the troubles, troublesome, worry, and activate the" nerve ending "of urban governance. Creating a service-based grassroots party organization, opening the party organization to the "last meter" of the people. It is preferred that the "five long" party members, the savings reserve power is leading the community party branch, and the online mobilization of the military will transfer the cadres, retiring the soldiers, retired old cadres and enthusiasm have the ability to have a strong party member center, and then according to the ability "Four" standards with prestige, have a warmth, and enthusiasm, through the bright identity, self-recommended, music to promote the masses, dare to take the superior selection, etc. Missionary captain, the "five long" party members and other "five long" party members, etc., for the positioning of the main function of the community, establish a list of "five long" party members, find the "five long" party members’ function "coordinates". At present, there is preferable More than 1,000 five-year-old party members, through "bright identity, bright vital responsibility, bright commitment" three bright activities, the above wall form brightly "five long" party members responsibilities, service scope, contact objects, specific measures, tailor-made sunscreen service Commitment, let residents recognize, find, and simultaneously detect the community party members of the enthusiastic community, a total of 568 residents, establish a "five long" team reserve library, and do a good job in "biopsy".

Linkage multi-party participation, realize the organization to jointly intensively, establish a joint conference system, relying on the "Democratic Reception Office", the Community Party Organization, the Community Party Member, Resident Representative, Ownership Committee And the person in charge of the property service company, highlight "Everyone has said that the requirements for the construction, management, and service". With the "five long" party members, play the "five long" party members, establish a volunteer service station, form the neighborhood volunteer service team, leading various volunteer service organizations, and organize "all five solutions" "love "The new era" "Love Civilization Practice Class" "Love Parenting" "Love" and other public welfare service activities, "the month has the theme, Zhou Zi activities, Japan have fun". Continuously deepening party members to the community "double newspapers" activities, promote party members such as judges, prosecutors, police officers, lawyers, teachers, doctors to participate in the community service, and guide them to participate in cracking governance problems.

Since this year, with the assistance of various community volunteering organizations, 387 neighborhoods in the community living area were successfully mediated, which greatly promoted the harmonious coexistence of neighborhood relations.

Implementing the basic guarantee, inspiring the "five long" vitality to take property deployment, transformation, lease, etc. Service venue.

At present, there are 36 seats in Changzhou District, street, community, community, community, community, community, set, improved the party members, mediation, Xuan classroom, neighborhood center, with a total area of ??18,257 square meters. Actively integrate property enterprises, street headquarters team, double reporting unit, love business and other resource power, joint two new party organizations to help, oversee integration of all kinds of policies, funds, resources, projects, first implementation of community office Fund, activity funds, special support funds for public welfare undertakings, opened "five long" party membership work account, through financial, residents raised a point, social donation, "three one" approach, accumulated funds 100 Ten thousand yuan, providing strong support for "five long" party members to carry out activities and services.

(Long Group Xuan) (Editor: Chen Lulu, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

De ijspier is van het werk en de sneeuw kan bovenaan worden voorbereid.

   Tijdens de Olympische Spelen van Peking Winter, werd de mascotte "Ibamed" een "topstroom", ontelbaar in binnen- en buitenland, een van de brandscènes van "een ‘pier’ hard".

Dus er zijn Netizens die lachten, en gebruikers tijdens de Olympische Winterspelen kunnen in twee soorten worden onderverdeeld – "Pier" en "Geen PARTERS". De "Ice Pier" van het gigantische panda-beeld en de ijskristalhell is niet onverwacht.

Naast de unieke Chinese culturele elementen zijn het productieproces van uitmuntendheid en de technologische innovatie erachter ook de cheats van de ijspier in explosies. Als mascotte van deze Olympische Spelen in Beijing, maakt de Ice Pier de World Aid om de rijke connotatie van de Chinese cultuur te begrijpen. Het is een sterk getuigenis voor de productie van China en China. Sense, zelfvertrouwen, krachtige getuige. Van de "PANPAN" van de Aziatische Spelen in Beijing in 1990, naar de "Fuwa" van de Olympische Spelen in Beijing in 2008, de "Ice Pier" van de Olympische Spelen Beijing in 2022, in China Manufacturing Chinese Story die de wereld vertelde.

Er is een landschap van het Chinese culturele beeld in het verhaal. Na tientallen jaren van het merk van China, is er een sterke economische kracht, wetenschappelijke en technologische kracht en uitgebreide nationale kracht om het wonder van China te ondersteunen. De Ice Pier is populair in binnen- en buitenland, weerspiegelt de hoge bezorgdheid en erkenning van deze Olympische Spelen in Beijing Winter.

Met andere woorden, de omtrek van de Ice Pier is ook een van de tekenen van deze Olympische Spelen in Beijing Winter. Vandaag, met de sluiting van de Olympische Spelen van Beijing Winter, is de "International Top" Ice Pier eindelijk van het werk, maar consumenten hebben geen vermindering van de liefde van de ijspier, en de online "één seconde is leeg". De lijn "is leeg. Niet geschikt ", kunnen veel mensen alleen doorgaan met" Wangpin Xing "," One Person, One Pier "," One Person, One Pier "," One Person and One Pier "-gesprekken is nog steeds opgevolgd.

  De opening van de Olympische Olympische Spelen in de winter is dat de paarden van de sneeuw eraan komen.

Ik kijk uit naar de sneeuwbarrière om de relaisstick te passeren, blijf de legende van de "topstroom", en ik verwacht ook aan het einde van de winter uitgeschakeld en maakte een nieuwe prestaties, tolerantie aan het einde van de winter op en stel het vertrouwen, tolerantie verder aan . Chinees beeld.

40 key projects in Jilin Province, the contract, the contract is 32.6 billion yuan

Original title: Actively embrace the capital market continuously optimize resource allocation to build investment cooperation hot soil entrepreneurship garden on October 21, listed companies and investment institutions will be held in Changchun. Jing Junhai, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, attended the scene and speaking.

Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, governor Han Jun hosted the scene.

40 key investment and equity financing projects in our province have been signed, and the contract amount is 32.6 billion yuan.

  Jing Junhai represents the provincial party committee, the provincial government, and congratulate the successful congratulations to the Jilin Bank of the Listed Company and Investment Agency.

He said that listed companies, investment institutions are important cornerstones in the capital market, which is the backbone of high quality development.

The activities of this event are the actual actions of General Secretary of Xi Jinping inspected the important instructions of Jilin Important Speech. They are both launched companies and investment agencies to cooperate in Jilin to create good opportunities, but also provide more Jilin high-quality enterprises to provide a capital market. A vast stage. I hope that the majority of listed companies and investment institutions have carried out high-efficiency exchanges in Jilin, establish a stable cooperation mechanism, and inject capital and contribute to the development of Jilin Zhenxing in the new era.

First, give full play to capital power industrial transformation booster roles, focus on Jilin "one main six pairs" high-quality development strategy, aim at new energy, new car, new materials, new agriculture, new tourism, new e-commerce development, docking capital Market, guide capital agglomeration, and accelerate the promotion of industry-based high-quality and industrial chain modernization.

The second is to give full play to the role of capital power results to transform the catalyst, build a gold-integrated service system of political production, promote capital chain, innovative chain, industrial chain, talent chain integration, promote science and technology, capital, high level of industry, high quality development . The third is to give full play to the growth of capital power enterprises to grow incubator, continue to enhance investment financing services, and promote the vivid situation of the development of thousands of military teams in Jilin enterprises.

The fourth is to give full play to the role of capital power reform and opening up, actively participate in the national enterprise mixness of our province, providing the capital service of the province’s private enterprises, all risk dimensions, and injected the source of high quality development in Jilin.

We must actively embrace capital markets, continue to optimize resource allocation, and create investment cooperation with hot soil, and start a park.

  At the scene, Li Hui, the president of the Chinese listed company Association, deputy director of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, deputy general manager of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, said that it is necessary to collect the strength of listed companies, play the role of capital market, better serve Jilin High quality development. Liu Bin, Chairman of China and Energy Saving Wind Power Co., Ltd., Chairman, Chairman, Charlin, Qingdao, Deputy General Manager of China Building Materials Group, President of China Building Materials Co., Ltd., Chang Zhangli, Zuosing, President of Shenzhen Innovation Investment Group Expressing the willingness to expand its investment and deepen capital cooperation.

  During the event, each city (state) conducts investment policies, industry special introduction, and the relevant departments of the relevant departments, and the relevant enterprises have focused on investment and financing, and negotiate with the investment institution. The live broadcast is available throughout the game and watching the number of 600,000.

Provincial and Changchun City leaders Hu Jiafu, Cai Dong, Prince Dian, Provincial Government Secretary-General An Guiwu, representatives of listed companies and investment agencies across the country, relevant departments, municipalities (state) and relevant enterprises to participate in the scene meeting.

(Reporter Hui) (Editor: Wang Emperor, Xie Long) Sharing let more people see.

Chengdu Rail Group: Helping Urban Development

  Chengdu Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd. ("Chengdu Rail Group") focus on "Building a First-class Rail Transportation Integrated Operator" strategic goal, practice the "three leaps" strategic paths, the park city demonstration zone to practice the new development concept for Chengdu Contribute.

    Strengthen the service strategy to the "Shuangcheng Economic Circle Construction Plan for Double City Economic Circle", Chengdu Rail Group is planned to be guided, and the "urban circle" on the construction track is promoted to the city. Development as a supporting project for serving a double city economy.

Focus on the preparation of the urban railway into the eyebrows and Chengde lines, and accelerate the construction of the city railway. With sustainable development as the concept, strengthen safety production, coordinate project group management, and scientific organization construction, and efficiently promote the fourth planning and construction of Chengdu Rail Transit. In order to strengthen the regional orbit of Double City Economic Circle in Chengdu, Chengdu Rail Group adheres to the "Optimal" principle of "passenger experience" principle, optimizing rail transport line plan, and accurately determines the overall scale of the long-term line network, Fully supporting Chengdu transforms from the big city to the metropolis. Fully promote the development of trunk railways, intercity railways, municipalities (suburban) railways, urban rail traffic "four network integration", and focus on achieving the whole area of ??rail transit, interconnection of interconnection of transition hubs. Adhere to the idea of ??the initial precision optimization service, "Take the customer-oriented, useful service" concept, Chengdu Rail Group through the mixed road routing, error-related, quick-flow, large station empty car, etc. accurate match passengers travel demand, single The highest passenger volume of the metro has been multi-passenger traffic, and the passenger traffic of online network has exceeded 7 billion times, the rail transit index, the efficiency index, the service index and safety operations and other indicators ranked first in China. Build a large multi-scale, multi-level rail transit network system with the characteristics of Chengdu, so that "Chengdu Metro" has become a bright business card in Chengdu. Multi-level meet the needs of public travel, 14 sites in the whole line network launched "the same station" convenience service, to create the first "Subway Mother Baby Baby Room" in the southwestern region, implement the railway subway "same transfer" and "security mutual trust", etc. Actual initiative; through the launch of Chengdu Metro APP electronic ticket, "three-in-one" smart service platform, Chengdu QR code interoperability, etc., further improve the publicity efficiency of the public, using the service of excellence, continuously painting "the whole country track, subway city" Bright blueprint. The scene can promote the construction of the demonstration area to adhere to the construction of the park city demonstration zone to practice the new development concept as a leading, and continuously deepen the TOD (with public transport-oriented development) industry camp model, enrich the TOD scene supply, highlight "Park City" The advantage of the specialty and "living city". Adhere to the demonstration lead, innovation lead, industry leaders, Chengdu Rail Group is struggling to write TOD high-quality development Chengdu answer. Comprehensive implementation of Chengdu TOD "eight strategies", promoting Chengdu’s first TOD development forum project investment, bank credited "two 100 billion yuan" project landing, fully launched 23 TOD projects, accelerating the formation of TD benchmark projects, and strives to practice "track The mission of leading the urban development pattern and TOD development to reshape the urban spatial form. Focusing TOD integrated development lifecycle, supporting 19 policies introduced, introducing excellent planning planning and design team, comprehensively carrying 105 sites such as Tianfu New Station, Central Legal Region and integrated urban design, and shaping the form of Damei City.

Strategic cooperation with first-class enterprises (brands), imported high quality resources, and focus on building TOD projects into a new world of investment in the premiere of a good life.

At 9 projects such as Shuangfengqiao TOD, starting 10,000 sets of affordable rental housing construction pilots, with the "high-efficiency life circle" as the concept, build youth trend quality housing in TOD projects.

  Chengdu Rail Group will continue to actively serve national strategies, urban construction promotions, grasp opportunities, and take advantage of the forces of the second hundred years of struggle.

  Source: Chengdu Rail Group (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Luo Wei) Share more people to see.

Create an online cultural ecology of going upwards

Recently, the Central News Network Office issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the Information Standards for Entertainment Stars" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), from four aspects of content orientation, information presence, account management, and public opinion, 15 specific work Measures, strive to effectively regulate the online information online information, and further optimize the content of the network information. Today, the Internet expands people’s cultural living space and enrichs the form of recreation. However, for a while, online pan-entertainment tendency, vulgar speculation, etc. Need to see, the traffic is supreme, the malformation, the "rice" chaos, etc. In this regard, the "Notice" issued a "Notice" further standardizes the online information of the entertainment star, and creates a positive and healthy and upset network environment. Good literary works can be customary, people, and pass the value of the upwards. Guidance people with the right public opinion, in a noble spiritual shape, need to establish socialist core values ??and strengthen legal norms, strengthen positive guidance, and strengthen the online information guidance management of performances.

For the content of the law, laws and regulations, the content of the poor values, the confession of the artist, the content, malicious marketing or brush control evaluation, especially the "rice" culture, then list negative lists, strict specifications .

At present, my country has initially constructed system norms such as network information content ecological governance laws and regulations.

With the introduction of "Notice", it is necessary to further conduct detail classification of positive energy information, illegal crime information and bad information. Encourage network information content service platform to adhere to mainstream value orientation, optimize information algorithm recommendation mechanism, and enhance the ecological management of the page. Positive positive energy information is actively presented in key links and eliminates bad information. While the network information content laws and regulations are gradually improved, accurately identify problems, classification, Shi Ce, find the starting and tools of network entertainment information, and become an important task for Internet information content law enforcement and supervision.

Specification for network entertainment information is the key to governing online bad entertainment information chaos.

According to the "Notice", it should refine the online information classification of entertainment, distinguishes it into the information, personal dynamic information, business activities, the announcement, public welfare and authority issuance, Strengthen key link management to achieve classification management of different types of information.

Strengthening account management is an important measure to regulate the online information on entertainment.

The account is the channel released by the entertainment information online, and is also a carrier that the performance artifact or related company is "personality" on the Internet. It is necessary to strengthen the grading monitoring management of the star account, strictly strictly prepare more and strict requirements for the illegal and devotential accounts, especially for the star brokerage company and the fan group account, and to the illegal and illegal entertainment marketing account and its platform Strictly dispose of law according to law.

At the same time, we must strengthen the subject responsibility of the platform. On the one hand, the website platform requires the website platform to establish an online information public opinion monitoring mechanism, and timely discover the problem clues and report the competent department; on the other hand, the website platform requires the website platform to strengthen the public opinion guidance for the entertainment artists. The relevant account main body is reviewed, and the account entity that cannot verify the true identity is clearly marked. The vitality of the law is being implemented. After the establishment of the laws and regulations system, it is necessary to guide the guidance of the problem. Through the specific policy to provide more detailed regulatory tools, grasp the key entities, important issues and core links, strictly regulate network entertainment information, providing more ecological governance network information Powerful startings, jointly build online spiritual homes. (The author is a research firm for the Institute of Law Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences).

Academic universities have a biomedical engineering major in Shanxi Province

  Original title: The college is strongly united in the province’s province, the major of Biomedical Engineering, July 8, Shanxi Bai Junne Hospital and Shanxi Medical University established the first biomedical engineering from the province to cultivate biomedical engineering students.

At this point, Shanxi Province has its own biomedical engineering. Biomedical Engineering is a cross-discipline combined with the combination of work, work, and the theory and methods of application engineering technology, research and solve medical anti-disease treatment, and protect people’s health.

Biomedical Engineering is dominated by medical combination, cultivating knowledge and ability to meet the development needs of my country’s medical and health care, with clinical medical basic and engineering, etc., master the operation, use, maintenance, development, quality management of modern clinical medical equipment, etc. Composite talents with technical updates and development.

In modern hospital management, a variety of high-efficient medical device operations, maintenance, maintenance, and quality control have large gaps in the composite application talents. Professor Zhang Jin, Vice President of China Medical Equipment Association Medical Recession, President of Shanxi Bethune Hospital, introduced, from the current discipline development, comprehensive or scientific colleges have certain degree of disconnection between engineering, engineering and medicine There are fewer integration of medical industry, and there are many difficulties in solving practical problems in clinical medicine. Therefore, in the cultivation of the clinical medical engineers with independent innovation capabilities and composite talents in hospital medical equipment quality control and risk management work have become an urgent need for the development of medical equipment industry. After the establishment of the "Biomedical Engineering", Shanxi Medical University, Shanxi Bai Junne Hospital and Shanxi Medical University will jointly promote the cultivation of biomedical engineering talents through this platform, and use this as an opportunity to standardize management system, strengthen base construction, and deepen Medical Association. Connotation, solidify the quality of talents, and jointly cultivate qualified application talents for health and health careers.

  This year, 35 undergraduate students in the Biomedical Engineering Materials of Shanxi Medical University, which is the quality system of mentoring and small class.

(Reporter Hao Xiaoyu correspondence Xu Wenhui).

Cai Qi Li took the lead in building a high level of talents to provide strategic support for the construction of world important talent centers and innovation.

Original title: The first version of the head version (Reporter Ji Mengzhu Fan Junsheng) Yesterday afternoon, the Municipal Party Committee talent will be held.

Cai Qi, a director of the municipal party committee and the talents of the Municipal Party Committee, to study the new ideas for General Secretary of Xi Jinping on the new concept of Xi Jinping’s new concept of new era, to build a national strategic talent force as the main line, and do a good job in talent work with the first good standard. , Strive to take the lead in building a high level of talents, providing strategic support for my country’s important talent centers and innovation highlands.

Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor, and Leading Group, Chen Jining, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and Zhang Yancun, deputy director of the Municipal Party Committee, attended.

  Cai Qi pointed out that the Party Central Committee attached great importance to talent work, and General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed a series of new ideas for new concepts of new era, and deeply answered why the construction of talents, what is a strong country, how to build a strong theory of talents Practical problems, is an important part of Xi Jinping’s socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics, and is to accelerate the guidelines for the advancement of talents.

We must study in depth, enhance the "four consciousness", strengthen "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", keep in mind the "big people", improve the political consciousness, ideological and consciousness of talent work, and consciously.

  Cai Qi summarizes the results of the effectiveness of talents in this city in recent years. It is pointed out that my country has entered a new journey to the second hundred years of struggle. The Party Central Committee clearly put forward the strategic goal of accelerating the important talent centers and innovative highlands in the construction of the world. In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao Dawan District, high-level talent highland. For Beijing, this is an important part of the construction of the International Science and Technology Innovation Center. It is based on the new development stage, implements the new development concept, and integrates the new development pattern. It is an important support for the first to realize socialist modernization. .

To effectively enhance the sense of responsibility for building a high-level talent highland, and promote the implementation of various key tasks with the spirit of nail.

  First, the power of building strategic talent is plated as the top.

Service national strategic needs, focusing strategic scientists, this "key minority", introduce a group, select a group, cultivate a group, form a strategic scientist to grow a long queue. Focus on the key core technical fields, gathering and support of the "four breakthrough" and high-end instruments, high-end key components, high-end materials, general-purpose key components, high-end instrument equipment Batch of science and technology leaders and innovation teams.

Put the policies in the youth science and technology talents, establish an early discovery and tracking training mechanism, improve the full chain culture system, and expand the support of youth projects.

With the guidance of corporate demand, school-enterprise jointly cultivated a large number of outstanding engineers. Second, it is necessary to strengthen the self-cultivation of talents. Develop talents with major scientific and technological innovation platforms such as national strategic science and technology power, build national laboratories, promote the development of new research and development institutions, deepen the "three no" management system reform. Give full play to the role of colleges and universities, implement the "Ten Action Plan" of Beijing Construction First-class University Group, support universities to build high-precision innovation centers, carry out special pilots for basic research talents, promote "new engineering" construction, cultivate high-level composite type Talents and basic disciplines. Highlight enterprises to carry out innovative talents, support industry leadership enterprises lead to form an innovative consortium, encourage enterprise layout to build a group of professional internship training bases, and promote major scientific and technological projects.

  Third, it is necessary to promote high levels of talents.

Deepen international talent exchange and cooperation, implement international joint research projects, participate in and launch an international scientific plan, promoting the scientific equipment in Beijing, and science and technology infrastructure is open to global openings. Introduce international organizations, internationally renowned scientific research institutions, multinational corporate R & D centers, etc. Do a good job in China International Service Trade Fair, Zhongguancun Forum, Financial Street Forum, and enhance the influence of China and Europe Talent Forum. Actively introduce overseas talents and support people to "go out". Fourth, we must deepen the reform of talent development system mechanism. Use the "two districts", Zhongguancun first try, etc. For talent loosen, use the living talents to give scientists to make a bigger route decision, funding, and resource scheduling rights.

Respect the talents, treat talents, and fully implement the promotion of scientific and technological achievements transformation regulations, innovate intellectual property transformation decision making and equity distribution mechanism. Improve the scientific research task "Exceptional Monarch" "Racing" system, innovation does not ask for it, no threshold.

Use a good talent to evaluate the baton, improve the evaluation criteria and method, and improve the error correction mechanism. Do a good job in the Hicool Global Entrepreneur Summit and Entrepreneurship Competition. Cai Qi demanded that strengthening the comprehensive leadership of talent work.

Strengthen the works of the party management talent, improve the architecture of the urban talent work leading group, and improve the "first resource" working mechanism.

The organizational department performs the lead to grasp the total duties, and the members of the leadership team adhere to the summary management, the project is promoted, and the task is implemented. Strengthen the political leadership of talents, improve the party committee directly contact the service expert talent working system, and continue to carry out the activities of "promoting the spirit of patriotism, the new era" activities, and vigorously promote the spirit of scientists.

Do a good job in talent service security, implement the "talent service package" system, strengthen the construction of high-quality talents, and solve practical difficulties in talents.

Increase the promotion, talk about the new era of Beijing talent story.

  At the meeting, Zhang Yancun’s adjustment of the adjustment of the leadership group of the municipal party committee talent work. Representatives of districts, departments, enterprises, colleges and scientific research institutions have made exchanges. The leaders of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, the Municipal Government, the Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, the members of the CPPCC, the leading group members are mainly responsible for comrades, the main responsible comrades of the relevant units of the city and the city, etc., respectively participate in the main venue and branch fields respectively. (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.

Core value of hundreds of purposes, sixty-eighth

Yan Xiaofeng Professor, Professional and Technical Major General, Ph.D. in Philosophy.

Intercourse of the School Committee, Ph.D. Biologist, Arbitrary Board of China, Chinese History Materialism Society, National Party Research Association Special Researcher, National Social Science Fund Scheduler Planning Group Expert, National Publishing Fund Review Expert,Marxist Theory Research and Construction Engineering, National Social Science Fund Major Project "National Cultural Soft Software Construction" Chief Expert, Part–time professor of National University of Technology.

Enjoy the special allowance of the government of the State Council, won the military outstanding professional and technical talent prize, the army of the army of the military, two equivalents.

Published 5 books, 7 of the personal papers, and the "Learning theory of the Central Propaganda Department" Learning the Theoretical Collection ".