Looking at Li Hui’s uncomfortable look,Han Shanshan is also a bit speechless,She is all of why said that each other,But Li Hui is actually notasting.。

“I am worried that your body doesn’t eat.。”
Say this,Han Shanshan is also a face with a slight red。
“Big squad leader is concerned about me?”
Li Hui did not ask this, it’s okay.,Asked this question,Han Shanshan’s face is more red。
“Ghost cares about you?,Remember to come back early,I went to take a shower。”
Han Shanshan said this,I didn’t even see Li Hui, I went straight into the bath.。
Looking at the opposite side of the swaying,And the scenery that walked quickly,Li Hui also can’t help but smile.。
Then directly:“Beauty big squad leader,I let the white protect you,I will come back soon.。”
Han Shanshan heard that Li Hui Feng said this.,Can’t help but stop,Then look back:“knew。”
Look at Han Shanshan into the bathhouse,Li Hui also took the flashlight directly and took out.。
This time he didn’t ride a motorcycle.。
But walking directly toward Zhao Xiaoling’s residence.。
at this time,Zhao Xiaoling has taken a shower with Zhao Xiaoli,The two are just a simple surrounded by a bath towel sitting on the courtyard.。
The middle of the lounger is a small table,The upper table is placed in two glasses of ice drinks.。
Gently suck a siphon,Zhao Xiaoli could not help but send a comfortable voice。
“Little girl,In you living here,I don’t want to go back.,Although my house is also a new house,But it is too much like you.。”
“Sister is willing to live here,I have been living here.iRow,I have no opinions.。”
This is said,Zhao Xiaoling seems to think about what,Some doubts:“It’s hard to be a brother-in-law, don’t want you to come over.?”
“no,He doesn’t have a home every day.,And I haven’t touched me.,Otherwise, you think that I will be so anxious to find a small wind with you.?”
“Forehead,Big sister,Isn’t my brother-in-law??”
I heard Zhao Xiaoling.,Zhao Xiaoli sways the head:“It should be okay.?
Anyway, I will feel more and more, I will continue to go.,Affirmation will have problems。”
“Although our women are not very desirable,More desirable is a man’s care,Care,There is also a man’s pain,But if there is a reason to talk with us,Other aspects of a sufficiently excellent man,There are a few women who don’t move?”
“Plus, you also know,At the beginning, the idea is your brother-in-law.,Now I feel some advanced and retreat.。”
This is entirely true about Zhao Xiaoli.。
If the initial goal is some simple just want a child,So later, together,Zhao Xiaoli’s feelings have changed。
And all this,Liu Dafu is not knowing。
He just considers himself not to be poked behind the ridge.,Just thinking about Zhao Xiaoli will continue to be with him.。
But he forgot woman is an illicity animal.。
Especially each time I follow the wind, it is gentle after the storm.,It is Zhao Xiaoli to experience the body of Liu Dafu.。
That kind of happiness is not empty after the fairy,Instead,Open your eyes in the morning, there is a breakfast prepared by Li.。
If this is the previous with Liu Dafu,I woke up in the morning, Liu Dafu, I want to die than her.,Breakfast is always she is doing。
Compared with Li Hui,She even felt that Liu Dafu was regarded as a toolman.。