Tian Dazhuang did not think that Li Hui Feng actually mastered him to open the underground casino.,Don’t say that Li Hui Feng,It is a bunch of younger brother.。

And that casino is not in the street town,This privacy thing is drawn directly from Li Hui.,The cold sweat on his forehead quickly lost。
“Grandmother,I’m wrong,You don’t remember the little man,Forgive me once,I don’t dare after the future.,I will not be a next time later.。”
This time, Tianzhuang is really a cry.,With the sound of the cry cavity, I went directly.。
no way,He wants to save life.。
His things are really turned out,Affairs, no life, no life。
Those things are also involved in his son.,Just Tian Poer didn’t know,But he is working behind it.。
Willow sweet, I didn’t expect it, I still have a hard and evil field.,I am squatting in front of her.。
At this time, she couldn’t help but looked at Li with the wind.,After all, there is such a result, which is the reason for Li Hui Feng.。
She is now even curious, Li’s strength,Even the background of Li Hui。
She has always thought that Li Hui Feng is a small farmer.,May be a little money home,But now I see the other party to master the handle of a big toxum tumor like the field.,Not afraid of being retaliated by the other party,The appearance of a confident look made her couldn’t help but appear.。
“Sweet sister,Do you feel that this apology will make you satisfied??”
Chapter 523 Check in Hotel
Willow sweet, see the grievance of Tian Dazhuang,At the same time, the god is also fiercely,She does not help but have some scared:“breeze,forget it,My sister is not working here.,Waiting for me to return to resign。”
Tian Da Zhuang listened to Liu Xianjian,It’s also laughing now.。
“Lee Boss,You see her is not more,So, do you have to let me go??”
“Um,I am luck like today.,Let you put you today.,But you don’t want to play my sweet sister’s idea.,Otherwise, you should know how serious the secrets I have to collect.。”
Li Hui said this,I took a leaflet with Liu Xujian.。
“Here you will pack it yourself.,Of course, if you want to call the police,I am welcome.。”
Tian Da Zhuang heard the discretion of Li Hui,Where can I dare to call a police?,And he feels that he should be a loss of alarm.。
“Not dare,Not dare,do not worry,I will find a few sisters over the night to pack it.,Never let the male blurred sweet things。”
“Um,Sweet is also your name?”
Li Hui listened to Tian Da Zhuang,Can’t help but brow。
Scared Tian Da Zhuang quickly apologized。
“Not a grandmother,The grandmother is headed.?”
Seeing Tian Dazhuang’s appearance,Liu Xu’s admire is getting more and more。
Tian Dazhuang looked at Li Hui Hui and Liu Xium sweet and Li Kaishan three backs,The expression is coming。
Take out your phone directly,Dial a number。
“Hey,Big brother,Our matter is discovered by a young man named Li Hui Feng.,This person is too big to threaten our threat.,I feel that I should solve it.。”
The phone heard the voice of Tian Da Zhuang,Some lazy way:“I still use it for me to call me.?
Do you find a few people to solve it??”
“Big brother,Not I don’t want to,It’s too powerful.,One person can fight ten,And each other has a bodyguard is also very powerful.。”
I heard the Tianda.,The voice of the phone is also a glimpse.。
“You find a few people?”
“Forehead,I am lying on my side.,And all the good hands in the weekdays。”
Facing the other party,Tian Da Zhuang answer is also very honest,Not exaggerated。
“Um,I will solve this.,But you must not expose me.,If I expose it,You should know that no one can protect you.。”
The voice of the phone is some soul cold,Tian Da Zhuang is also a noddy point should be。