“Dream Promise”Desperately absorbing this power,Can be said to be fatal。

The original clear and bright Linghai is different because of the injection,The calm and spiritual sea is overturned,This manic and aggressive murderous aura makes his aura more domineering。
There are blood spirit balls pouring into Xia Chenglong’s body all the time,And he didn’t refuse。
This time it’s not the Blue Nightmare Sword,It’s not Zanglong,It’s the Blood Fiendish Howl Sky Sword。
Numb thoughts,Even when the blood in the hand easily melts the sword mark,Still didn’t care。
Xia Chenglong now is completely different from before,From a distance,The whole body is covered with blood,It’s not blood light accurately,But kill all。
Murderousness is intangible,In Xia Chenglong’s body,Present in a real state at a certain moment,Just like the artistic conception of Hemo and the original artistic conception of sword。
A person can only have one artistic conception,This is a universally accepted truth,But this accepted truth completely subverted the man in front of him。
How about a thousand troops,The hand glowing red directly lifted a soldier next to him from his neck,Expressionlessly twisted off,Throw it out at will。
The original golden eyes are also red now,This is totally killing god。
Three different rays of light surround Xia Chenglong’s side,A clearing appeared within three feet of a radius,As long as the guy who stepped into this area,Will instantly turn into blood mist。
Those blood mists were automatically transformed into blood spirit balls after Xia Chenglong passed,Submerged in him。
Do not refuse,All the various forces poured into his body,So that Xia Chenglong’s meridians feel like cracking。
He wants to fight,To release the power in the body,The evil smile from the corner of the mouth is like Shura,Become the god of death in this world。
Arrogant and unbridled roar,Like a monster。
“One sword!”
Bloody Howl Sky Sword,Plus the violent and uncontrollable killing mood inside,The sword being used at this moment is much stronger than when I was fighting against Zhu Wushuang.。
When the blood-red sword light arcs toward the front,The place where the end is not visible seems to be directly transformed by sword light。
Everything was wiped out with this sword,Those mighty warriors all fall,They no longer have the qualifications to live。