Twenty-four hours is very short for those cultivators,But it’s enough for Qin Feng as an ordinary person。

Before Qin Feng entered Qingyunzhu,He can
I searched the house once。
When nothing happened,He went straight inside。
Qin Feng did not notice that someone not far away was monitoring his room with something。
Those people can’t see the situation of Qin Feng’s house clearly,But I probably know where he is,Qin Feng’s heat suddenly disappeared,They were also taken aback。
“What happened to Qin Feng?,Why did he suddenly disappear without a trace?”
Many people have been watching Qin Feng’s family,That was the first time I found out that Qin Feng had disappeared。
Less than ten seconds,Qin Feng’s thermal energy appears again,They thought they were hallucinations,How else could this be the case?
“The situation just now,Did you see it?”
“I saw,Did that guy really disappear for a while??”
“do not know,Is this our things broken,This has led to such a situation?”
People outside the five buildings diagonally across from Qin Feng’s house,That’s a little irritable。
They wanted to monitor Qin Feng,So they also used the means to find a relationship to buy this family,Then they eat, drink and sleep in this room,They wanted to monitor Qin Feng for the first time。