“I am a samurai?Ha ha!This excuse is also interesting,If i am,What are you going to do?”Lu Menglin laughed instead of anger,Asked cheerfully。

Ming Shizun heard Lu Menglin personally admit,Smile suddenly,Clapped and laughed:“Great!This is called smashing iron shoes and finding nowhere,It takes no effort!
Do you know,In order to deal with your secret medicine warriors,The country has formed a special force?And the elite soldiers of this army are here right now!You hit the door yourself,I can’t blame others for this!”
The voice has not fallen,The four people who have been standing beside Ming Shizun,Suddenly come forward at the same time,Faintly surrounded Lu Menglin in the middle,Blocked all his possible paths。
“Lu Menglin,We now suspect you are related to the Arcanum Group,Stay with us in the barracks for a few days!”
Among the four,A sturdy man headed sternly shouted。
The voice has not fallen,The four have already shot at the same time,Eight arms grabbed Lu Menglin from all directions。
These four people move neatly and uniformly,Perfect cooperation,Obviously well trained,Types that are good at co-attacking。
Lu Menglin still stood motionless,Just a flash in my mind。
There is nothing wrong with their suspicions!I do have a relationship with the secret medicine group,Not only related,And it’s the kind that matters!
To know,In Myanmar and the Golden Triangle,They think of me as a superior Secret Medicine Venerable!
But now these few,Actually thought I was an ordinary secret medicine warrior,I look down on people too much!
In a flash,The fingertips of those four have touched Lu Menglin’s shoulders and back。
Lu Menglin doesn’t shake his shoulders,Not shaken,Just lift the left foot,Stomping hard towards the ground。