Adhere to the people’s first hundred years of struggle to go to the road

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For a long time, no response, please refresh this page Author: Zheng Shipeng (Associate Professor, Beijing Jiaotong University, Associate Persons, Vice President) The Sixth All Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of ChinaThe Sixth All Meeting Publication, vividly showed a Chinese Communist Party to lead the Chinese people’s own revitalization, and the system combed the experience of the Chinese Communist Party’s 100-year struggle.Science experience revelation.

Adhere to the people’s first one is an important part of the party’s experience, and the Chinese Communist Party is deeply reflected in the vivid essence of the Marxist proletarian party. On the road to the second hundred years of struggle, we must adhere to the people’s supreme, further unite the people, rely on the people, and deliver satisfactory times to the people. I adhered to the people’s first, the party’s 20-year-old Tourism Party’s 19th Sixth Plenary Session received a new era project, that is, from the party’s 100-year struggle to see why we can succeed, how can we understand the future? Continue to succeed, and more determined, more consciously practiced the initial mission, and better adhere to the socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.

Research and cracking this magnificent historical topic, the times, the key is to clarify the fundamental status and role of the people in the process of the party’s struggle, focusing on dialectically understanding the logical relationship between the party’s 100-year development and the innovation creation of the people. "Adhere to the people" and interpret the party’s purpose and the initial mission.

Looking back at the history of the party’s hundred years, as a proletarian party established under the guidance of Marxism, the Chinese Communist Party always adheres to the inner unity of party spirit and people, and always follow the people’s thoughts in the historical material material of Marxism, always use the people as "reliable ", Restore the people’s main status as historical creators.

It is under the guidance of the people’s supreme development idea, the party is united to lead the Chinese people to create a miracle, and one fell swoop again and another "impossible" that was determined by the Western world, truly changed the fate of the country, created The happiness of the people, so that the people adhere to the valuable experience of the party has become a hundred years of struggle, and persistently guides the party to closely contact the masses, cherish the emotions of fish with the masses, and continue to create new great miracles with the people.

  I adhered to the people’s first reflection of the people’s value of the Communist Party of China, regardless of how the times change, no matter how the world, national conditions, and social situation change, the Chinese Communist Party will have the fundamental purpose of the people to serve the people, for the Chinese people, for the Chinese nation The initiative and mission of revival have not changed.

This is the vivid manifestation of the Pursuit of the Communist Party of China to the Pursuit of People’s First Value and highlights the most vivid political nature of the Communist Party of China.

Adhere to the people’s until the party group leads the Chinese people’s revolution, building and reform, in which the party has always been "thinking together, dry together". The party’s initiality and mission inspires the party to fight in order to achieve the benefits of the people, and the happiness of the people as the only reference system for struggle and results. The foundation of the Communist Party of China is in the people, blood in the people.

The party group leads the people to carry out revolution, construction, reform. The fundamental purpose is to let the people have lived a good day, no matter how big challenges and stress, this is always unswerving, and this is not shaken.

This has deepened the Chinese Communist Party to adhere to the highest value pursuit of the people, and vividly said the initial and mission of the Chinese Communist Party. Adhering to the people’s order not only in the form of the Chinese Communist Party’s psychological spectrum, but also in practice as the party’s fate and the national fate, the people’s destiny. Under the efforts of the party and the people, the Chinese nation stood up and riches, and the great leap that was strong, so that the great rejuvenation of the nation was closer to a big step. This great historic feat fully reflects the noble people’s value sentiment in the Communist Party of China, pointing to the value of the people and the value of the people, which is an excellent character that is not available in any part of the world. . Adhering to the people’s success in the new struggle for the benefit of the people through a series of hard struggles and efforts, the party and the people have completed the first hundred years of struggle, and they must be very close to the second hundred years of struggle. Adhere to the people, you must continue to benefit the people in new struggles.

Adhere to the people’s supreme, to respect and maintain the fundamental position of the people’s main status as the basic principles of the party’s leading people, the trust and support given the people to the source of the party’s self-confidence and strength. It is necessary to treat the people as the biggest gas of the party, regard the people’s heart as the greatest politics.

Do your best, you should have to protect the political rights and status of the people, adhere to the development of the whole process of people’s democracy, always insist on and improve the people of the people.

Always meet the interests of the people as the highest standards for measuring all the work of the party.

Fully mobilize and stimulate the first spirit of the broad masses of the people, and constantly condense the endogenous power of the people. On the forward road of the second hundred years of struggle, we will play the fundamental power of the people to promote social development and era. To constantly build the foundation of the party’s work, call and motivate the people to participate in the specific practice of social development and national construction, people are the truth of historical creators to fully highlight the new era of the party’s leadership. Chinese characteristics Socialism construction practice, insist on relying on the people to create a business, relying on the people to solve the problem, relying on the people to the future. It is necessary to strike the challenge, to meet the challenges, to meet the challenges. Keep the flesh and blood in the party and the people, taking measures to improve people’s livelihood, so that the people have harvested the real benefits, so that the people will have a good response and satisfaction of the yearning for a better life, so as to work with the people to achieve the second The bright future of the goal of the century.