Don’t look at me, no need to adjust,But I am also a big man of the Knight of Fiore.。”

In fact, there is another reason,That is the mission of the night itself.,So many factors,I don’t have to be a blind eye to Eddari.。
“Compared with your heroes like this,My sinner is really self-defeating.。”Geral heard the night,Self-whey laughter。
“I don’t dare to claim heroes.,Everything I have done is based on your own interests.。”The night is also awkward,He is really not a pure hero,Because he does not match。
“Do not,in my opinion,Dare to ask for friends,Go face that,This is a hero。”
“That is in my opinion,Dare to make a decision to sacrifice,And plan to make up your fault,Not a sinner。”
Chapter 559 See also the turtle
“Ha ha,If this time you can live,Feeling that we can become a good friend?。”
Gerar reveals a heartless smile,Then I entered the huge magic crystal.,I plan to change with my own magic.“Eddi Europe”Attack direction。
And the night looks at Geral’s Back,Say“my pleasure”Four words,Also began to fill your body full body。
The night will stabilize the body.,White air flame is like a flame that suddenly rises,Started to rise in his body!
Because of the cause of the world,The gas on the night is all transformed into the corresponding magic.。
“Ah ah ah ah ah!”
The tower of the entire paradise began to shake dramatically.,Seawater began to dramatically tap,A unmanified magic,Wan as an invisible pressure instantly shrouded the audience。
Land Magic Conduction,Under this horrible magic,Start bursting into fragments,The magic inside also begins to volatilize around。
Geral in the magic crystal,On the one hand, use its own magic to change the direction of the attack of Adellio.,On the one hand, it is also shocked to the strength of the night.!
No wonder the other party has courage to say to stop“Eddi Europe”Such words,This horror magic,Even if it is a dragon, it’s better than it.。
It is clearly that small body,How is it stored such a strong magic??Even if the body consists of pure high purity magic crystals,I can’t store so many magic.。
The body’s gas has arrived in the limit,Night hands on the waist position,Blue gas power began to gather。
Until capturing a white beam falling in the air,Night, the same is to make the sky,Push out the qigong waves in your hands。 “coming,Turtle——Wave!”
Blue light column,And the wind rises,Until the collision with white light falling in the air。
A huge sound between the heavens and the earth,Originally sea the sea, the sea is no longer calm,Huge storm has set off huge waves in the sea。
The sky becomes the black and scary,Turtle sent aerobics with Eidiro collided over,It is a variety of electric flash thunders.。
Ice into the tower of the park from the night, Ilisa et al.,At this time, it is stationed on the sea that is covered with ice.,Looking at this, it is like destroying the scene of the earth.。
“Who is fighting now??Geral?Why is he not here??”
Airewa looks at the two light columns in the distant air collision,That specification magic,Already completely exceeded their imagination。
But the night is now here.,So Gerar? “Night,It’s you dizzy.,You shouldn’t let Gerar bear all this,He is only used.……”
Ai Laha is sitting on the ice,She doesn’t blame the night to leave her.,After all, the night is also for your companions.。
Ai Laha is just a self-blame,She abandoned Gerar to escape the second time.。
“Not need to urgently,Gerar is now dead now,I am just a thoughts.,Did you see the blue light column that is the sky??
That is my magic.,Is it very powerful??”
The ice of the night smiles a big white tooth,Facial expression。