Xia Jian at this time,At the golf course,The person by his side is Lu Wanting。

It turns out that when he goes to work,Just received a call,The call was from Lu Wanting,Lu Wanting on the phone is very aggressive,She said sharply:“I’m on the left corner of your group company,If you don’t want to make things big,Just drive over,Otherwise, I have to send out which photos of me”
At this juncture,Xia Jian really didn’t dare to make trouble,He had to bring his own bag,So he went downstairs and drove over。Just like on the phone,Lu Wanting’s car stopped at the left corner of the venture group。Xia Jian leaned the car up,Lowered the window and asked coldly:“what’s up?”
“Follow my car,Don’t bother”Lu Wanting is still cold like a piece of ice。When Xia Jianzheng was in a daze,Lu Wanting’s car has rushed out like an arrow。
Xia Jianna dare to neglect,Followed closely behind。This way, you will arrive at the golf course in two turns,Get out of the car,Xia Jian asked angrily:“Why are you here?I don’t know how to fight”
“Did I tell you to fight??You can think so well,I asked you to come to pick up the ball for me”Lu Wanting said,A weird smile appeared on his face。
Xia Jian looked at this little witch,I have countless thoughts of revenge on her。But now he,I dare not touch her finger。Because Su Yiman waded too deep,He really doesn’t know what kind of conspiracy is here。
“Hey!How am i wearing this today,Is it beautiful?”Lu Wanting suddenly turned back,Smiled and asked Xia Jiandao。She seems to be in a very good mood today。
Lu Wanting is wearing a light yellow blouse today,The lower body is a white trousers,The clothes are very fit,Put her exquisite figure,Wrapped lordosis and warped。It’s a man who wants to see a second one,But Xia Jian really didn’t feel this way,He knew it was a beautiful flower,But this flower is poisonous。
Lu Wanting saw that Xia Jian didn’t say a word,She took two steps back,Lowered his voice and said:“I want to ask you something?Are you deaf?”
“The clothes are so beautiful,But your panties are pink,Not good”Xia Jian is deliberately so wretched,He thinks this is the only way,It is possible to control this woman。
as expected,Lu Wanting a listen,Face changed,Sternly:“Pervert,Do you want people to walk in front of you without clothes??”
“OK!You can take it off,I like”Xia Jian laughed and said,He did,I just want to leave Wanting Lu,Let her never trouble him again in this life。
Lu Wanting smiled and said:“Dream of your spring and autumn!Just like you,Dare to think of such a beautiful thing,Hugging a pillow to think about it at night!”Lu Wanting scolded Xia Jian,Walk forward quickly。