Li Tianchou looked at the steel ring that originally hung the chandelier on the ceiling,Calculating the length of the cloth strip,“Make no mistake,Just tell me how to kill Zhang Jiming,This experiment will be avoided,it’s actually really easy。”

“I can’t remember who Boss Zhang is……”Shen Mingfang yelled halfway,People have been lifted upside down in the air,Li Tianchou put the cloth strip reserved on the side of his ankle into the steel ring and fastened it,Let go,In this way,Shen Mingfang was hung upside down under the ceiling like a livestock slaughtered in a meat joint factory。
Li Tianchou did not forget to push Shen Mingfang,His body suddenly swayed like a pendulum,“Forgot to tell you,Not enough strips,I only used a single layer hanging on it。Think about it,You will be free tomorrow morning。”
“Hey,My horse!You lunatic,Let me down,Did you hear,Don’t you Zhang Family think about it??”Shen Mingfang was extremely angry,Yelling。
“Snapped”A crisp sound,Li Tianchou gave Shen Ming a big mouth to face him,“You can’t do it when you’re an old man?Still think about whether your Shen family will endure。”
Shen Mingfang was dizzy when he was pumped,Full of anger was forced back,He dare not scold again,The whole face was suffocated into pig liver color。The body shakes violently and becomes irregular,Fear clearly prevailed,He was afraid of breaking the cloth strip by accident,Then everything is over。His eyes can’t see,Can’t figure out the height of the ceiling,I always feel my head is far from the ground,In fact, Li Tianchou has inserted a sofa cushion directly below。
Yuan Hua always looked at with a smile,Don’t say a word,It’s like watching a opera,With relish。The only thing that makes him feel comfortable is the movement of the living room next to him。Actually, the doctor had already been treated,But two Dao brothers are doing errands,He dare not disturb,So I have been sitting in the corner of the living room,Wait quietly。Experience tells him,See nothing,Didn’t hear anything。
Li Tianchou casually wiped his hands to Yuan Huadao:“This guy has to reflect for a while,Let’s look at the other one。”
Two people enter the house,The doctor immediately stood up straight。
“How is this person?”Li Tianchou pointed to the still unconscious man on the sofa and asked。
“Nothing serious。Skull contusion,Stopped bleeding,Also anti-inflammatory。But are there any other questions,I can’t tell,Need to go to the hospital for examination。”The doctor tells the truth,Paused and said:“In addition, that broken leg is not easy to handle,Must go to the hospital for surgery。”
Li Tianchou nodded:“thank you,Life is fine。When will this guy wake up?”
“Easy work,Easy work。”The doctor is obviously flattered,Waved quickly,“This brother is in good health,Wake up when you speak,Three to five minutes。”
“You don’t have to be too polite,I’ll take you back soon。I’ll let Old Zhu pay you for the consultation。”Li Tianchou didn’t delay in the house,For fear of being restrained by the doctor,A stretched hand took Yuan Hua to the yard。
“Let’s talk about the surname Qiu。”Li Tianchou took out a cigarette。