She Letian first said something that gave everyone hope,The next sentence made Hu Mazi and Guo Baojun despair:“But it’s enough to kill you at a half-innate level!”

“Half-step innate state!”
Hu Mazi and Guo Baojun trembled in their hearts,Congenital realm and acquired cultivation are completely different,A difference。
The acquired cultivation base is only to refine the blood qi in the body into true qi;And Xiantian is the night sky that absorbs the spiritual energy from the heavens and the earth into the body,Refining aura for your own use。
There is an invisible between heaven and earth、Intangible energy——Reiki。
This is also the foundation of the cultivator,Like the air of ordinary people、water、Food is as important! The reason why the earth tens of thousands of years ago appeared in the end of cultivation,It’s because the aura on the earth is exhausted,Those who are no longer fit to survive。
Therefore, the master with the highest cultivation level on the earth is only the master of the first-class peak.,There will be no masters above the Innate Realm,Because there is no aura。
At that time, the power on the earth found a new home in the vast universe——Primordial Continent,It also opened up immigration between the two planets。
She Letian is only a half-step innate state,Not yet?Is a complete innate body,But the existence of aura that can already be felt,Can use part of the aura as his offensive method,It’s no longer the match of acquired cultivators。
Hu Mazi and Guo Junbao looked at each other,in unison:“withdraw!”
The two are Qi Qizong jumping,Facing a half-step master of innate realm,It’s not ashamed to run away。
“Stay for me!”
“Ghost Claw!”
She Letian arms out,A transformed big claw is in the airiappear,It covered Hu Mazi’s heads。