Qu Anlie originally wanted to go out,But after calming down,I feel where I heard this voice!

“broken,It’s that kid!”
Qu Anlie’s eyes widened,I remembered that Lingxi was in the room at this time,Must have heard!
“Fucking,Is this guy crazy,I’m not afraid of Elder Qu coming out and killing him!”
“This guy is absolutely crazy!”
Everyone looked at Fuming’s eyes as if they looked at a fool。
Lingxi heard a voice in the room,A look of surprise appeared in his eyes,Just open the door and run outside。
Qu Anlie is late,I only saw a red shadow ran out,The kind that can’t be stopped!
“This is something bad!”
Qu Anlie’s face is full of helplessness,Can only catch up。
Everyone outside felt an incredibly hot breath approaching,You can guess it must be Lingxi。
“Out,Out,This kid is done!Hahaha”
“It’s so exciting!”
Lingxi ran to the door,Saw Fuming,Rushed straight,Fuming smiled and opened his arms。
Everyone is looking forward to being hammered out by Ling Xi,But they are destined to be disappointed!
Lingxi saved his life,Tears in the eyes,I see pity。
“OK OK,I’m back,do not Cry”
Fuming stretched out his hand to wipe away the tears from Ling Xi’s eyes,Comforted softly。