Xiao Xiao didn’t like Abao at first,I don’t want to say anything directly,Feel boring。

“Are you starting to say bluntly?It seems that we won’t let you earn this benefit。”Chen Wenjin thinks Abao will destroy the impression by himself。
“I’m sorry,I’m afraid you guys think I mentioned this for profit,Actually I think this is really good,The benefits are secondary。”Abao quickly explained。
“Since this is good,You are embarrassed to take advantage of it quietly,It’s not embarrassing to take it honestly?Which one should I be embarrassed about??I really think your idea is very different!”Wang Shuai really wants Abao to disappear from sight,I feel that Leopard is totally affecting the atmosphere。
“Good good,It’s my fault,I’ll take advantage of it in the future,Alright?”Abao finds it too difficult,It is the unspoken rule of tacit understanding that this kind of thing is not said,Just trouble Wang Shuai,Look at Xiao Xiao and understand,Didn’t say anything at all。As for why Chen Wenjin said that,Of course Abao thinks:That is reminding him,I want to explain to this Wang Shuai。
and so,Of course Abao thinks,Wang Shuai is the one who is in trouble。
Finished lunch,Back to the Securities Department,Butterfly changed another CD and continued to watch Ami。
The taste is much heavier this time,Because there is no sound,May also be able to watch with confidence,Just Xiao Xiao……What you see when you move your eyes is unsightly content,She can’t stand it anymore,Just say:“Chen Wenjin,I have something to leave this afternoon,I will send you the account password in a short message,Can you help me buy?”
“no problem。”Chen Wenjin knows that Xiao Xiao can’t stand the movie the butterfly let off,Something else,She should have said in the morning,Not so sudden。
“I’ll go now。”Xiao Xiao greeted everyone in a circle,Withdrawn。
Butterfly and May said goodbye,Keep watching the movie。
Chapter One Hundred and Forty too difficult……
Not yet closed,When Butterfly and May went to the bathroom together,Abao said something:“The butterfly did it on purpose?”
“It’s rare that I and you have the same idea!”Wang Shuai took this sentence。
“……Deliberately not scary,I’m afraid the butterfly didn’t mean it。”Chen Wenjin can’t laugh or cry,He can’t be so sure,because……The butterfly nicknames the color butterfly!
“I think your girlfriend is not easy,Still didn’t expect it……but,You like this type?”Wang Shuai feels surprised,I don’t feel that Chen Wenjin’s attention is always on women,I didn’t hear him talk about it,Why do you like such a bold type??
“Gold likes special,My girlfriends are more special。”Abao thinks this is the truth。
“This sounds interesting。”Wang Shuai thinks this is more convincing,Then said again:“So you can be so calm。”