How great is the energy contained in the secret medicine,Chew and swallow like Chekhov,The chance of death from a body explosion is too high,Even the Secret Medicine Venerable would not dare to go crazy like this!

Chekhov’s crazy move,It also stunned everyone in the Iron Lion Legion 800 meters away.,I thought that the box was not a secret medicine at all,But cough syrup!
“wrong!The commando is in place immediately,Sniper ready to attack!”Zhang Qingtan has a vague sense of crisis,Order in the communicator。
now,Lu Menglin、Gong Hu and Zhu Jian have held their breath,Quietly touched outside the factory wall,There is only one wall from the people inside。
Instant time,Chekhov raised his neck fiercely,I poured half a bottle of vodka mixed with ten secret medicines into my mouth.。
This medicinal wine enters the throat,Instantly turned into a stream of extremely hot heat,Burning Chekhov to a loud cry。
The strong medicinal power penetrated the whole body of the Russian in an instant。
Chekhov’s skin began to crack,From those terrible cracks faintly glow,His body is like hiding a volcano about to erupt,Magma is his blood。
And his eyes,Also in this heart-piercing howl,First from bright red to cyan,Turn from blue to purple,At the end it showed a strange purple gold。
Gold in the noble purple,Let Chekhov’s eyes turn from violent to a touch of divinity,And his horrible howl gradually subsided。
Liu Niu’er saw this scene,Suddenly shocked,Because this is clearly beyond his cognitive scope。
Swallow ten secret medicines in one breath,Not only did he die without exploding,Can actually control the violent emotions?When did the power of the secret medicine become so controllable?
“call!That person didn’t lie to me!Really succeeded!”Chekhov seemed to be caught in a mumbling。
“Liu Niuer,Even if the Lord is here now,I’m not afraid!I already have the power of the nobleman。Just stay here as a guest!I need more secret medicine,Before I hollow you out,Don’t want to go back。”Chekhov’s eyes flashed with purple and gold,Smiled scornfully。
In an instant,Two large-caliber sniper shells broke through the air,Accurately hit Chekhov’s cheek and chest,Beat his tall and strong body back and forth,Fall to the ground。
boom!boom!Wait until Chekhov fell to the ground,Everyone heard the gunfire,Suddenly like waking up from a dream,Scattered for cover。
Liu Niu’er was shocked,Still not awake from the shock,Suddenly I heard a loud noise from the wall behind me。