Tianjin University held a commemorative "one or two nine" original innovative works and concerts

Concert scene. Tianjin University is awarded by Tianjin on December 10, December 9th, Tianjin University held a commemorative "one or two nine" original innovative works and chorus concerts, and the Beiyang Choir met a new batch of red chorus.

Young Triar and students will pay tribute to the revolutionary martyrs and promote the spirit of Chinese aesthetic education.

On the evening of the evening, Tianjin University Beiyangyuan Campus Student Center, the beautiful song sounded in this semi-open art space, attracting teachers and students to appreciate. "Original Innovation" is a highlight of this concert. On the stage, the choir teachers and students have carefully interpreted a large number of chorus from the original and adaptation of teachers and students from Tianjin: "I quietly tell the motherland" "Wanted Bar Party flag" "Tai Lei" "Tian Damei" "I love you China "sound is pleasing, the young students use the vigorous songs of the vibrant singing. This year is the 86th anniversary of the "One 2nd Nine" movement. 86 years ago, the Chinese Communist Party leaders the Patriotic Youth Student Organization launched the "One Second Nine" anti-Japanese national salvation movement and became the glory milestone in the history of Chinese youth. Tianjin University is the first modern university in China with a long red aesthetic education.

Its predecessor Northern University has bred one of the earliest colleges and universities in China – Beiyang Songs. During the War of Resistance Japan, the Northern University teachers and students walked throughout the North China mountain country wild, spreading progressive thoughts and anti-Japanese claims in the form of play songs; during the Liberation War, most members of the song team took the lead in joining Beiyang University underground party branch, becoming a revolutionary power pioneer .

The cultural atmosphere of red beauty education is inherited in the Tianda campus. "For a long time, a major feature of our aesthetic education is to encourage teachers and students to create red cultural boutiques." Tianjin University Group Committee Secretary said, "I hope that teachers and students can cast red genes in this beautiful-training atmosphere, inheriting cultural blood." Editor: Tao Jian, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.