Pingguo City Health Bureau carries out basic public health service project supervision work

Recently, the Pingguo Municipal Health Bureau went to the town to treasure towns, and the basic public health service project and 2021 to consolidate the effectiveness of the effective cohesive work in the second half of 2021.

The supervision team deep into the center of the slope, listening to report, on-site consultation, telephone verification, etc. And the 12-class national health public service projects such as infectious diseases and sudden public health emergencies, the implementation of health supervision and other implementations, especially the normative, authenticity and comprehensive satisfaction of patients with chronic diseases.

Introduction to the village to take off the poor, monitoring households, rural low-income population, and the "first diagnosis and payment" policy implementation and guidance work in 30 major diseases.

Through a series of in-depth and meticulous tests, the supervision team is fully affirmed by the results of the basic public health service project work in Slope Town, and some issues, the issuance group puts forward guidance, further enhances the health of rural health. Service capabilities and the health level of the masses.

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