Optimize the business environment, Shandong focuses on innovation

Original title: Optimize the business environment, Shandong focus on innovation to break through the "one-time" reform as the main line, coordinate the intensiveness of the right to discharge, the combination of transportation, optimize the service, continuously activate the powerful entertainment environment, Shandong focus on innovationWhen the transformation is transformed, it will not be refunded.

At present, Shandong has entered the key period of five years of breakthrough in five years. To make new movements more powerful, it is necessary to anchor to optimize the direction of the business environment and constantly improve market vitality.Shandong is the main line with "a good" reform, with the business environment innovation, the government service "Double Full Shuangbai" project is the starting point, coordinating the right to ration, the combination of transportation, optimize the service, deepen the business environment, resourcesReform in the fields of elements, continuously stimulating the driving force and vitality of development, and the reform attacks run "acceleration".

On November 26th, Liandong U-Branch, located in Jinan Zhangjin Comprehensive Bonded Area, in the company’s signing activities, and four companies successfully signed.

The total planning of the project is 228 mu. The total construction area is about 360,000 square meters, and the total investment is 100 million yuan. I have been negotiated in February this year. In May, the pile foundation started in September, which plans to seal the top 10,000 square meters this year. More than 20 advanced manufacturing enterprises and trading companies have been signed, and "the contract is the contract, that year, the beginning of the year, the top of the year, the ‘five incoming efficiency" of the investment in the same year.

Fighting time, spelling speed, spent rate, need to climb a slope, rolling stone, the spirit of the mountain, more requires self-innovation in the blade.

Shandong anchoring "walk in the forefront", "three walk in the former" total follow, total positioning, total navigation mark, actively building a strong work promotion pattern, established the head of the Provincial Party Committee, the first deputy The team leader, the relevant provincial leaders’ deputy director’s continued in-depth optimization of the business environment and promoted the government function transformation leading group, and the top of the reform.

Focusing on enterprises, the project approval and other key areas and key links, Shandong actively optimizes the reconstruction approval service process, and the average time compression of various places to open, and the company is easy to log out of the announcement time to 20 days; in the national level level The industry’s certificate "reform, realize the company" Take a certificate is open ", 50 industries have distributed more than 10,000 integrated licenses, office links, application materials, approval time average pressure reduction of more than 70%; active optimization project construction project approval process The number of approval matters in construction projects is 48 items from 112 items. At the same time, Shandong is going to "once" as a goal, vigorously promote "one network" "one window to accept" "one chain" "first-line communication", focusing enterprise and personal life cycle, has driven no less than 100 high frequencies Taste minimalist, integration, and domain. The general manager of Jinan Company, Beijing Liandong Investment Group, Jinan Company, who tasted the sweetness of the Sweet, did not help but admire: "To Shandong investment is right!" Optimizing the business environment is to turn government services from the "government supply side" to "enterprise demand side", I want to think about the business, an urgent company.

On November 30, Qingdao Ronghui Tong International Logistics Co., Ltd. business operator Chen Hui received the inspection notice of Huangdao Customs on the import of imported goods. According to the practice, she needs to contact the port department to drag the goods into the customs inspection area for inspection. But when she logged in to the information system, it was found that the ticket was already inspected, and she can pick up at the front of the pier. "I really didn’t expect, my goods just arrived in Hong Kong for 10 minutes. I dotted a mobile phone. I completed all the inspection operations. Now the cost is so expensive, it really saves us time and cost.

Chen Hui said.

This is a "predecessor, boat" intelligent inspection mode of Qingdao Customs this year. After the import of goods can be unmunly unloaded, there is a preliminary machine inspection equipment without notifying the company’s sluggish to check the inspection area, reducing transportation costs and queuing time, and each container can save the corporate logistics cost of about 600-1000 yuan.

Eating the old, there is no "acceleration", don’t strive to "push back".

Shandong focuses on the service performance, to create a convenient and efficient business environment, against the difficulties, pain points, persistence of business operations, continuously promote the reform of "reduction, reduction materials, reduce time limit, tax reduction", comprehensive enhance the company’s operating production , Focus on the high-quality business environment, and fully shape the new advantage of high quality development.

In recent years, Shandong has promoted the "Shandong Provincial Stable Foreign Trade and Steady Foreign Capital Service Platform" on the line. As of the end of October, 7527 registered foreign trade enterprises were online, and 1888 projects were processed through platform processing of foreign trade enterprises, 1846 have been completed. %; In the country to set up a corporate demand "Responsive" provincial platform, comprehensive implementation "Enterprise’s v. The remaining part is more than 95% satisfaction rate.

In addition, Shandong also took the lead in establishing a credit risk classification management system throughout the country, and all provinces more than 390,000 corporate credit risks in the province were all dynamically incorporated into Abcde level 5 management.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau Credit Supervision and Administration Department, in 2021, Shandong fully promoted the integration of corporate credit risk classification and "double random, one public" fusion application, using 90% of regulatory resources for high-letter venture companies, The low credit risk enterprise achieves zero disturbance, and the problem found rate is increased by 20% to%, which effectively saves administrative costs and business costs.

In the 2020 national business environment, the overall level of Shandong business environment is in the national first-party array; in the 2020 national sea container port business environment evaluation, Qingdao Port is second; this year’s national industry In the survey of "Wanjia Private Enterprise Raise Environment" survey, Shandong has been selected for two consecutive years, and it is best to have a top ten provinces (including municipalities), ranking 5th in the country, one bit more than on the year.

10 months before this year, the total value of Shandong foreign trade imports reached trillion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate; actual use of foreign capital $ 18.1 billion, a year-on-year growth%. As of the end of October, the number of mains in the province reached 10,000 households, a year-on-year growth, and market vitality continued to release.

Optimizing the business environment is to extend the government service throughout the business operation.

From the time of opening, it is easy to supervise, and it is easy to supervise when it is operating, and the procedure is simple, convenient and sequential, let a market main life cycle expectation, in Shandong Enjoy it.

As the first province in the country, Shandong will expand its simple logout reform this year to the whole province, and the main body that has a refundable demand is convenient and efficient.

Up to now, the province’s total investment company is easy to log out of 10,000 households, accounting for the total number of logouts in the same period.

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