161chapter drink wine
“Su Lao Ge, you can,Things really find?You didn’t lie to me?”
Returning to the door of Linjiamen,Looking http://www.yiefa.cn at the Wu Yan, a group of people came up and hurried,I don’t know if he invited people to eat together.!
“This is a good deceived,Something is on my home house.!rest assured,This time!I can lock the door lock.,Who can’t take it?!”
“OK!OK!I will know that there is no way to come.!Fortunately, you have to find it.,I still think about it.!I am still”
“Things are coming back,I don’t use so much.,Then don’t think!”
“All came?Come in and sit.,Not spacious in the room,Let’s take a look at the hall today.!Just,It’s still on this day.!”
Let’s move out of the table from the house,The latter is sloppy with a chair with a chair.,
“Why don’t you come in??Come in and sit.!Hadron,You are very strong,Help to take a handle!Help this plate to unload this board,Posten on a chair!”
“okay,This is coming!”
http://www.yjhsuji.cn Both people don’t have a good meant.。
Su Qiang found a place to help the things first helped。
“I will not eat it.,I am mainly to ask questions.,My wife is still waiting for me to eat together.!”
How can I feel like a rice?,It’s anxious.,I am very angry.。
“Go back to eat?I didn’t say it asked you to let you come to eat??I still have my me.?”
River this old head,I only listened half of the time.,The next step is dropped.。
Obviously, he came from home to eat.,Look at this,It’s completely throwing behind the brain.。I am afraid I just remember that I said that the ginger is found.?
“Have you said?”
“Told!Iron said!”
“Come in and come in,Let’s work.!You are going today.,Just give me an old forest!The nephew went to say a message.!”
“Yes,Let’s take it together.!Seeing that I have a good http://www.szroom8.cn thing.!”
Ye Yawa swayed something,A face proud。
“That takes two?”
The tone of the tone is sluggling,The eyes are staring at the hand of Su Yeng。
My wife is strict,I haven’t been drinking two for a long time.。
And this wine,It should be that Su Dado has a good wine.!
“exactly,Eating two,Eating two ports!”
that’s it,Eating two ports quickly evolved
“We are not drunk tonight.!Not in return!happy,I’m happy”
“Let’s go back.!”
The wife is reminded。
“go back?Go back to dry.?You will go back.,I haven’t drank it yet.,How can I go back??not going back,I don’t go back.!”
“Who will let me go back, who is urgent?,Old forest,Do you let me go??Old forest!”
“you’re drunk!”
“I am not drunk,Who said that I am drunk??Come,A bit of a pot,I will not be drunk again.”