“Third brother!Third brother, don’t run!Isn’t it okay to wait??”A man in an open-mouthed qigong costume shouted from behind。

“Huanglian Shangqing!Do you think i’m stupid?I bet,Put you here,Even Captain He Chong will slip away,I’m not going to be disgusting to let you catch me?Stop chasing you,How many times i have said,On the ability to escape, I haven’t been afraid of anyone!We are impossible!”And one is the most1Meter6’S man said while running ahead。
“You stop!I won’t chase you anymore!”The one named Huang Lian Shangqing gasped and shouted。
“I believe you a ghost!Don’t chase me and shoot me there?”But the man in front doesn’t look back,Ironclad
Unmoved,Still running,Just come back and fight back from time to time。
Guo Yinzhe’s brain is spinning fast,Through the analysis of the two-person dialogue,I heard that they seem to have something to do with the Tai Chi team’s He Chong,And it’s not like fishing acting。
He observes the thin black man in front of him,Foot like wind,Flexible movement,Can be described as agile,Did not reveal his profession,And the person behind him is 1.9 meters tall,But the lips are red and the teeth are white,Temperament between gestures,And a blue ribbon with a qigong master,All demonstrate the strength of outstanding job transferees。
at last,Guo Yinzhe was tired after seeing the two of them running,Stop and rest。I thought it was a great opportunity for myself,Just kill from the dark,Should be able to take at least one,It’s a revenge for the president and Xiao Zhao,But he turned his head and thought,I have a more important task today,The eight minutes agreed with Master LuRI have to go to the appointment when I click the ruins,What to do?
When Guo Yinzhe is hesitating,I saw someone else seized this opportunity to ambush,The man jumped down from the tree and wanted to go to the back before firing and assassinating,I did not expect to step on a damaged wooden box。
With the crisp sound,Huang Lian Shangqing and the lean man looked at the man whose foot was trapped in the wooden box,And pointed the gun at him。
“Listen to me explain,I’m just passing by……”That person wants to try to pull his feet out of the box with his hands,But failed twice after trying。
“It’s Zhang Song?”Guo Yinzhe recognized that he just wanted to team up with him and was rejected,Zhang Song who hasn’t gone far。
“Squirting!”I saw that the dark and thin man didn’t listen to the explanation,But shoot directly,The bullet hit Zhang Song’s forehead。
With brilliant blood,Zhang Song died on the spot,The system announcement follows:“Three caves‘Kill’zi!”
“Fucking!I’m going to fight with them!”Zhang Song obviously never suffered such a big humiliation,The last time someone had a close-range headshot was due to a duel with the Oscar team’s dragon fruit,Just before entering the battle of glory10Ten thousand closed beta and become confident,Suddenly came back to reality,Like a cold rain on the face,Especially in front of Guo Yinzhe,Beier has no face!
“I said,friend,Are you still watching?It’s better to come out and get hot hands?”At this time Huanglian Shangqing said to Guo Yinzhe’s concealed direction。
Guo Yinzhe instantly felt that he was swept by sharp eyes,I thought it was exposed,One hit two is definitely a small chance。