The bronze sword army has been scattered all over the city at this moment,For the time being to serve as the city’s stability maintenance officers and soldiers,Kill once it appears、grab、They will all appear bad behaviors such as fighting,And deal with it in time。

After all, it is a city that is about to degenerate into a city of sin,Do not control violence with violence,Can’t restore people’s livelihood at all。
“Santo、Female monarch。”
“Santo、Female monarch。”
Everyone in the Bronze Sword Army recognizes Zhu Minglang and his party,Members of the Bronze Knife Army on patrol saw them,Will salute respectfully。
Arrived at Mubang,It’s still overcrowded there。
There are a few acquaintances,It was the dragon shepherd hunter who was cleaned up by Zhu Minglang。
This time,They dare not clamor for Zhu Minglang to take down,Shared the three million bounty。
See Zhu Minglang coming,Everyone consciously let go,After these days of baptism,Now everyone knows who is in charge of this city,Make a living under other people’s turf,You have to be polite。
“What are you all discussing,Is there a higher price reward than me?”Zhu Minglang asked。
In the crowd,A man with a blue nose and swollen face stood up,Said pitifully:“Zhu Sanzhu,A large number of mourning dragons appeared in Lihuagou,The entire tribe of Lihuagou is trapped,May become food for the dragon at any time,They are already issuing rescue appointments to countries,But the dragon is fierce,Or social creatures,Not everyone dares to go。”
“Ugh,This land used to be the lair of the dragon,Finally got punished,I didn’t expect to resurrect now。”
“Sanglong is too cruel,And very hostile to us humans,I must bite when I see alive,Recently, the Sanglong began to wander the brown land,We hunters don’t dare to walk around casually。”
Mourning dragon。
I wish Minglang after entering Runyu City,I’ve heard this dragon species more than once。