“I know,I have this mental preparation,”Chen Geng nodded:“Besides, rest assured,I don’t need a penny less,Won’t let you pay out of your pocket。”

That’s good,That’s good。
Ivan·Caruso breathed a sigh of relief。
He was really afraid that Chen Geng would let himself pay for it、Bring your own dry food to help him do things,Since Fernandez is willing to fund the corresponding activities,Then things will be easier。
Gritted his teeth,Ivan·Caluso started to figure it out:6000A personal computer,Fernandez can probably make700Ten thousand dollars to800Ten thousand U.S. dollars,If he asks himself to help him with three things to this degree,He can probably earn2200Wanzhi2500Ten thousand U.S. dollars……Is it adding interest?,Not excessive。
PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
“Don’t worry about compensation,”Chen Geng Shen said:“Why did GM deal with me?”
“You don’t know?”Chen Geng frowned。
“I really don’t know,”Ivan·Caruso smiled bitterly:“General people come to me,Time to start with you,I only have room to agree or refuse,As for the reason,Can i ask?”
Chen Geng:“……”
This is the truth!
The broker circle has the rules of the broker circle,One of the biggest rules is not to inquire into the secrets of customers,Customers come,Tell me how much money I am going to do,Brokers can judge whether to accept the business based on their energy and relationship,But never inquire into the secrets of customers。
It’s just that,Chen Geng’s brows still frowned。