At this moment,The woman scolded again:“smellyXPretend youXOfXAh pretend!I scolded you、What happened?”

“Don’t disturb everyone watching movies here,You are so awesome,Go out and solve!”Wang Shuai is happy to leave the field,It ended the film’s negative impact on Xiao Xiao and Chen Wenjin,It also reflects the sentiment of protecting Xiao Xiao spared no effort,Have some fun by the way,Three birds with one stone。
“Go out!I’ll see who knelt down!”The woman’s words have come out,That row seems to be her friends,They all stood up and walked out of the theater。
“You two wait here,We solve it and come back。”Chen Wenjin may not be able to take care of too many people,Xiao Xiao said:“Things started because of me,How can I hide here by myself?and,I’m not ashamed to disturb others here。”
May also said:“Yes,Let’s go out together!Anyway, the tanks are on East Street,Coming soon。”
Amei has experienced this kind of thing,Not afraid at all。
Wang Shuai took the phone and called Abao directly,It saves the time of calling and waiting for reply,Because Abao didn’t go home,Went for a drink with the tank。
Said the place,hang up the phone,Wang Shuai walked out of the projection hall with his head high。
Normally,This conflict occurs,Just scold each other,Then ask each other for details,Do it if you can,If you can’t make it, just make a few friendships and shake hands,If you can’t afford it, just bow your head and admit your mistake,As for how the strong side wants to end,Either the weaker party treats to drink,Either do a few hands to show your prestige。
So when Wang Shuai went out,I have already figured out how to negotiate and delay the time for the tanks to arrive,There will be many people,There is a leopard and gold than the backing……
Shuai Wang puts away the big brother,Strutting out。
Suddenly one hand grabbed him and pulled forward,He rushed a few steps,Still almost fell,Just barely stand firm,I got kicked again behind,Suddenly hit the wall,Hands on the ground,But the group of people in ambush didn’t give him a chance to get up,Around is a punch and kick,Someone stepped on his back。
“stupidX!Didn’t you pull it just now??”That woman scolded,Staring at the door of the projection hall again:“That smelly just nowXchild!Get out!You like to call Chun,Come out for you!”
How did Wang Shuai endure such a beating??I want to speak and remind Chen Wenjin,How can I get kicked on my stomach,Gasping in pain,Can’t even make a scream!