Beijing Daxing Housing and Construction Committee issued Daxing District Housing Leasing Risk Warning Tips

Today, the Beijing Daxing Housing and Construction Committee issued the "Daxing District Housing Rental Risk Warning Tips", the letter also announced the list of real estate intermediary risk warnings in Daxing District, 20021, Beijing Century Home Her Real Estate Brokerage Co., Ltd., Beijing 200 million Room Real Estate Broker Co., Ltd., Beijing Hongchuang Property Management Co., Ltd., Beijing Xiyang Real Estate Brooratrane Co., Ltd. "Daxing District Housing Lease Risk Warning Tips" Reminds the majority of residents to rent a house must be cautious, be sure to think twice before renting a house, do not listen to the words, rush to pay the gold, and grass sign contract. Daxing District Long Rent Apartment, Short-rent Housing Supervision Office introduced six points to choose intermediary companies, the first is to choose the intermediary company in the Housing and Construction Committee, the intermediary company’s record can pass the WeChat public in Beijing Query. The second is to choose a deposit hosting company, and the deposit hosted a successful tenant will receive a text message. The third is that choosing an intermediary company should not only look at the business license, otherwise it is likely to face the risk of rents, deposits, etc.

The fourth is that the house intermediary can only pre-receipt for 3 months, and the lessee may not pay long-term rent at one time.

The fifth is to be vigilant, the intermediary company (two houses) take high rent as bait, rent the home house to the hand; then sign the long-term lease contract with the lessee, thus defrauding rent, deposit Running. The homeowner, the tenant has to lose. The sixth is alert to the false commitment. No matter whether the house owner is still the tenant, don’t trust the oral commitment of the intermediary company, be sure to indicate in the contract. Text / Beiqing – Beijing headline reporter Li Tao.