A 4.0-magnitude earthquake occurred in Lingwu City, Ningxia, and experts rushed to the earth.

Ningxia Earthquake Administration on-site work team quickly assembled.

The Ningxia Earthquake Administration is known to understand that the earthquake is divided into a weak earthquake in the magnitude of the earthquake, in a sense of earthquake, medium strong earthquake, and strong earthquake.

Among them, the weak absorption is less than 3.If the source is not very shallow, this earthquake is generally not easy.A sense of earthquake, the magnitude is greater than or equal to 3, less than or equal to the stage.This seismic people can feel that they generally do not cause damage.The strong earthquake, the magnitude is larger than the stage, less than 6, which belongs to the earthquake that can cause damage or damage, but the destruction is relatively related to the depth of the source, the sprout and other factors.

Strong earthquake, magnitude greater than or equal to 6, is an earthquake that can cause serious damage.

Among them, the magnitude greater than or equal to 8 is also known as a huge earthquake.(Editor: Zhao Mo, Tolerance) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.