Save electricity electricity electricity

Original title: Saving electricity and electricity consumption electricity saving electricity, from me.

On September 30th, Anhui Energy Bureau, Guo Net Anhui Electric Power Co., Ltd. issued an initiative, advocated the joint action of the whole society, and wanted to save electricity. The unit unit took the lead in power saving, striving to demonstrate. Take advantage of natural ventilation, reduce air conditioning opening time; strict control of office building decoration landscape lighting, reasonable use of lighting fixtures; go out to turn off the electric light, cut off the office equipment power supply, eliminate white lights, Changming lights, unmanned lights; office space 3 floors and below Stop using the elevator.

  Industrial enterprises have a scientific electricity.

Scientifically arrange production shifts, through the wrong peak production, avoidance of the peak to make electricity, transfer operation, stop wheel], to support the power supply pressure of the electricity peak period; avoid equipment airborne operation, do not start high-energy energy equipment, standardized Air conditioning, lighting and other electrical equipment, reduce non-production, non-essential electricity.

  Shopping, hotel, office buildings, etc. Consolidate use or deactivate high-power electrical equipment and non-necessary lighting, shortening advertising lamps, landscape lighting time, and actively promote employee savings. Electrical consciousness, achieve public area such as corridors, corridors, etc. "follow". Each community property, attractions, street lights, and use it in a halving manner as much as possible.

Encourage the majority of residents to use natural light at home, less open long light, try to use high efficiency, low energy appliance; reasonably set air conditioning temperature, reduce air-conditioning time and frequency; do not use electrical appliances to completely turn off the power, reduce the power consumption; electric cars, The battery car should avoid the peak time period of the grid load, and use the night load trough. (Reporter Wang Hongyi) (Editor: Su Heng, Li Vang) Sharing let more people see.

The first lesson of the school, Anhui Medical University, from new crown pneumonia, new characteristics

Students learn the course on the dormitory.

In order to effectively maintain the safety and stability of the school’s prevention and control, help students improve their personal protective awareness and the consciousness and initiative of the prevention and control of the epidemic, and the Expertise of the Anhui Medical University’s Epidemic Prevention and Control Expert Group specially produced curriculum courseware, focusing on new crown New characteristics of pneumonia, incorporating 7 individual measures and 2 management systems, etc., to conduct comprehensive sciences to students, guide them to maintain a reasonable and objective positive attitude and enhance prevention awareness.

This special "The first lesson" not only built the foundation of the "epidemic prevention first", but also opened the new semester of the order of the Anhui Medical University. On the first day of the school, the school has opened a courses 231, 251 teachers, and more than 10,000 students. Through the online teaching software, the principal Cao Yunxia teaches the "Obstetrics and Gynecology" courses in 2017, "Women’s Reproductive System Anatomy", and combined with the pelvic model, The graphic and highlighted content, the international students are interested in.

It is reported that in order to implement the leadership of the new coronal pneumonia epidemic situation prevention and control work in the autumn of the autumn in the autumn in the autumn in the autumn of the autumn in the autumn of the autumn in the autumn of the autumn in the autumn in the autumn of the Epontead of the Epidemic Prevention and Control of the School of Prevention and Control. Zhou Dynasty’s second week theoretical courses were all carried out, and the experimental courses were launched under the line of small classes under the requirements of epidemic prevention and control.

In addition, in order to fully protect undergraduate teaching quality and teaching effect, the school launched online teaching training in line on the line on August 19th, and held a new semester teaching work prepared for the first week, and made a smooth development of the new semester teaching work. Foot protection.

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The street of my new place in Beijing

During decades, with the continuous in-depth and improvement of the place name, Beijing’s road naming is getting more standardized.Beijing new place name is the clever integration of the millennium ancient rhyme and modern civilization. These new places have not only hide the long history of Beijing, but also record the glory of the generation of the monographs.On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, in order to fully show the results of the place name since the founding of Beijing, improve the public’s awareness of the inheritance of protective place, Beijing Planning and Natural Resources Commission and, reading the commune, and the United States. "The street of my life in Beijing, "Microsavado Frequency Take Activity.

Shi Zi: "Five Old"

The county and township two levels have been established in time to promote the "five old" propaganda groups, with the teaching of party history and education publicity as an opportunity, go to 19 townships (streets) to learn "the history of party history, new China history, reform and opening up history, socialist development" " The elders are responsible for the responsibility of good teaching, the late generations, "" Inheriting the Red Gene, Strive to make a newcomer "and other themes, only the" Five Old Propagander Group "to the township street" Four His Sanyuan "preaching 31 More than 10,000 people have been accepted, encouraging students to abide by the public morality, inheriting virtues, and adhering to Daddy, determined to grow up.

To carry out "Caring for Tomorrow, Pu Fu first" law education activities as an opportunity to organize the county primary and secondary school students to participate in the city’s legal knowledge network competition, the rule of law essay competition in the county level, the "Five Old" propaganda group takes the way in the way, to the county Primary and secondary schools launched a public treatment 29, and more than 20,000 teachers and students, which strongly promotes the joint pursuit and conscious action of young people, law-abiding, learning, and usage.

Make full use of 19 revolutionary cultural relics sites in the county to carry out party history education, red cultural education, patriotic education activities, with speech (speaking communication), theme essay, theme class, national speech, etc., education guides youth students to firmly interact with the party Walk, do your newcomers.

As of now, now, the county "five old" "five into" 19 township (street) launched more than 120 scenes of "four history three lovers", rule of law, and more than 63,000 people were taught. (Photo / Wen Qin Chuyan) (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.

The second batch of political and legal teams in Shanxi Province rectified provincial political and legal organ leadership team collective conversation meeting

  Original title: Lin Wu’s second batch of political and legal team education in the province’s second batch of political and legal teams, the leadership team of the provincial political and legal organs, emphasized the courage to cut the blade, resolutely remove the fraud, efforts, forging loyalty, work, politics, the military, the iron army, September 8, the second Batch law team education rectifies the provincial political and legal organ leadership team collective conversation meeting, the Provincial Party Committee Secretary, Provincial Political Legion Education, Hosting Leadership Leadership Forest Hosting the meeting and speaking. He emphasizes that we must learn from the spirit of Xi Jinping’s Rule of Law and the General Secretary of Xi Jinping, General Secretary of Xi Jinping, and Implementing the General Secretary of the Popular Secretary on Political and Legal Team Education and Reorganization, Further Enhancing the Political Station, Strengthening Responsibility, Strengthening the Second The deputy team education rectified and walked deeply, and strive to force the Shanxi political and legal iron army who was loyal and clean, and made a satisfactory answer to the party and the people with excellent results. The provincial leaders Wang Yuchang, Lu Yansong, Shang Li Guang, Chen An Li, Sun Hongshan, Feng Jun, Yang Jinghai attended. Lin Wu pointed out that since the second batch of political and legal team education rectification Education, English education "four education", and strive for education and rectification.

At present, the second batch of education and rectification enters the check-in change, the clues are inspected, and the problem rectification is completely unpleasant, and it directly determines the effectiveness of education.

Provincial political and legal organs should consciously stand in politics and global heights, brave in the blade, and resolutely revolution and remove the disadvantage, and promote education and rectification.

  First, we must improve political stations and further enhance the mission of carrying out education and rectification.

The leaders of the provincial government agency are both educated, practitioners, practitioners, and organizers, promoters, to enhance the "four consciousness", strengthen "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", effectively put the thoughts and The actions are unified to the central and provincial committees of the provincial party, around the "three prominent" "three tasks" "three links", the whole – roundness, anti-corruption police, so that the provincial political and legal organs will further optimize, discipline style Further improve, the quality capacity is further enhanced, and the law enforcement justice credibility is further improved. Demonstration will drive the province’s political and legal organs to strengthen revolutionization, formalization, specialization, professional construction, better shoulder the responsibilities of the party and people.

  Second, we must grasp the policy strategy and further promote the effectiveness of the key link to check the key links. In accordance with the requirements of the central and provincial committee deployment, we will adhere to the "two rounds of" in the "two rounds", and the policies are guided, and the internal force is inspected, and the inspection and punishment is really hard. Adhere to the "two-sided people", "two-sided people", and complete investigation of the party’s unfaithful "two sides", and investigate the "two sides of the party", and investigate the "two sides of the party", and investigate the "relationship network" "Relationship Network", "Relationship Network" Law enforcement judicial corruption, strictly checking the party’s 18th National Congress, and resolutely remove the horses of harmful horses and resolutely safeguard the body health of political and legal teams. Third, we must adhere to targeted therapy, further rectifying law enforcement justice outstanding issues.

To fully investigate the target, carry out the big investigation big, establish a problem account, formulate the rectification plan, one of a well-remediation. It is necessary to dig deep into the root cause "lesion", and analyze the deep reason, adhere to the disease, the next treatment, time remediation, promote individuality problems and common problems, the problem of dominant problem is solved together, ensuring solid results. It is necessary to improve the soil soil, stick to the side of the border, establish and improve the righteousness, the constraint, the quality capacity, the cadre exchange, the "Forbidden List", from the long-term mechanism such as preferential control, use the rule of law thinking Reform Thinking, Institutional Thinking Crack the Deep Problem of Exposure of Education in Education.

To open the door to rectify, listen to the people’s voice and appeal, deepen "I do practical things for the people" "I am a grassroots solution" activity, do the voice of the people in education and rectification, grassroots opinion is solved in education, constantly Enhance the people’s people’s feelings, happiness, and safe sense.

  Fourth, it is necessary to focus on the symptoms and the role of the law, and further create a good political ecology in the style of the political and legal system.

Combine education and rectification and purification political ecology, strengthen the "furnace" quenching, inheriting red genes, strict discipline rules, profoundly drawing on Liu Xinyun, violation of law, especially serious violations of political discipline and political rules, consciously do political understanding People, old people. It is necessary to adhere to the Germans and both, with morality first, choose cadres, deepen the source, Han Dynasty, raise gas, solid, and play the leading role of the organism belt system, so that the province’s political and legal system is More fill, politics is more clear.

  Five must catch the "key minority" to further strengthen the supervision and constraints of "one hand" and leadership.

Conscientiously implement the party and the party "on strengthening the opinions of" a hand "and leadership supervision", continuously improve the discovery and solving the ability of the team construction, leading the cadres’ own issues, staring at all aspects, hosted the key people, manage the crucial At the critical, strengthen the management of human belongings, strictly enforce the three provisions of the intervention judicial ", standardize individual matter reports and family employment behavior, adhere to the supervision and inspection of normalization, analyze the normalization, rectification, implementation, and implementation Do it in daily, strict. It is necessary to keep in mind that the power is given by the party and the people, take the initiative to accept supervision, correct use of power, and ensure the right to use public rights, use the right to legal according to law and integrity. Lin Wu emphasizes that the task of maintenance and stability is difficult, and the political and legal organs at all levels must conscientiously perform their duties, adhere to the responsibility of the defender, defend the soil, defend the risk awareness and bottom line thinking, and resolutely hold the safe and stable bottom line, build a private line The capital is safe and stable, "protecting the city", to protect the performance of safety, and stability to inspect the results of education and rectification, to promote high-quality development of high-quality development in our province, a stable social environment, justice environment and quality service surroundings.

  The Provincial Party Political and Legal Committee, the Provincial Court, Provincial Procuratorate, Provincial Public Security Department, Provincial Justice Department, and Provincial Prison Administration leadership team members participated in collective conversations. (Reporter Yang Wen).

Shenyang Museum opened countdown series reports 2 to see these two Shenyang Forbidden City Exhibition

Exhibition Hall of "Unconventional Seiko – Shenyang Forward Palace Tibetan Qing Dynasty Court Furniture Exhibition".

Dong Li Ming took a large deposit of Shenyang Forbidden City to Tibetan Palace, the furniture will be exhibited, and most of them are exhibited for the first time. The Shenyang Museum will be opened on December 21, and the first floor is set as the Qing culture theme exhibition, which will exhibit two Shenyang Palace Exhibition.

  Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of the Shenyang Museum and revealed the key cultural relics and exhibition highlights of these two exhibition halls. The relevant person in charge of the Shenyang Museum introduced that the Shenyang Museum, which is about to meet Shenyang, is set as the theme exhibition of Qing Culture. It has two Shenyang Forbidden City exhibition, including "Miyan Bai Shi Hui Jingxiang – Shenyang Forbidden City Tibetan Qing Palace珐 展 "" Seiko – Shenyang Forbidden City Tibetan Qing Dynasty Court Furniture Exhibition ", highlights the gorgeous richness of Shengjing Court Treasure.

  Among them, "Universal Seiko – Shenyang Forbidden Palace Tibet Qing Dynasty Court Furniture Exhibition" will include five units, divided into emperor symbols – sitting, different style – carved – storage equipment, gorgeous Colorful – screen, scene recovery, show 51 pieces of Qing Palace furniture in the Forbidden Palace of Shenyang, most of which met the audience for the first time. In the exhibition, the key cultural relics include the red lacquer dragon circulating chair, Qingzi sandalwood embarrassing cloud dragon small cabinet, Qing Zi Tan Carving Yunlong, Hongli, Book, etc.

  The Shenyang Forbidden City is one of the main museums of the Qing palace furniture. Most of the furniture that is exhibited here is the original material, the material is excellent, the production is exquisite, and the decoration is characterized, and the rules of the grade are extremely characteristic. These furniture, mostly made in the Qing Palace’s creation, and some are bought by the government or from local officials, which not only reflects the aesthetics of the emperor, but also the national gift system, the intuitive show of royal luxury life.

In the design of the exhibition, the Chinese in the exhibition hall is the Qing Dynasty furniture, and the sandalwood is mainly, and the court blue is the background, and the Royal Treasure is in the royal treasure. "Miyan Baiji Hui Jingxiang-Shenyang Forbidden City Tibetan Palace 珐 珐" is divided into four parts: the country’s chapter, noble furnishings, luxury in the palace, secret temple.

The different categories and uses of Shenyang Palace Collection are selected 101 pieces, most of which are first debut.

These collections are elegant and elegant, crystal and gorgeous, both court furnishings and practicals, and religious ritual supplies; there are both exquisite levels of Qing Dynasty, and also express the artistic idea of ??Chinese traditional cultural products.

Key cultural relics include 蟠 蟠 透 透 宝 花 花 兽 耳 冰 冰, 甪 甪 香 香 香.. 香 甪 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香

  In the exhibition design, the cultural relics in the exhibition hall are more diversified, and the background color is used to use the golden amber, which can use color contrast to set up the cultural relics, and emphasize the exquisite exhibits of the court.

Liaoshen Evening News reporter Zhu Bai Ling Editor: Feng Qingyang.

The first report constructs the Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Destiny Community President to clarify the key points

MoreTwenty-eight-leaders’ informal meeting (November 12, 2021) President Xi Jinping, Chairman of the People’s Republic of China, respected Adene, colleagues: I am very happy to meet you.

First of all, I appreciate the efforts made by the Prime Minister and the Government of New Zealand A Deen for this meeting. The meeting to "promote economic recovery after the epidemic and achieve common prosperity of the Asia-Pacific people and future generations" as its theme, is of great importance.

  This year is the 30th anniversary of China’s accession to APEC.

30 years, China is deepening reform and opening up 30 years, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation is expanding for 30 years.

Asia has become the world’s most dynamic growth and development potential of the region, has always been at the forefront of world economic development has made positive contributions to world economic growth and the well-being of the people of the region.

  Last year, we achieved a preliminary basis Bogor goals, adopted in 2040 布特拉加亚 vision, reaffirm the benefit of early heart the people of the Asia-Pacific, proposed to build an open, dynamic, robust, Asia-Pacific community goal of peace. This year, we jointly developed a plan to implement the vision.

We want to promote the implementation of Vision 2040, to build open and inclusive, innovative growth, interoperability, cooperation and win-win Asia-Pacific community of destiny.

We will work on a few things. First, to promote cooperation in the fight against SARS and economic recovery. Currently, the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation is still grim, the fragile world economic recovery difficult.

As soon as possible to overcome the epidemic and restore economic growth, is the most important task of the current members of the Asia-Pacific. To the scientific response to the outbreak, deepen international cooperation and promote vaccine research and development, production, equitable distribution, to ensure the availability and affordability of vaccines in developing countries, bridging the "immunity gap." China announced that the year will strive to provide 2 billion of foreign vaccine, has so far provided more than 1.7 billion, including the provision of grants to more than 110 countries.

Not long ago, I proposed a global vaccine initiatives on behalf of Chinese cooperation on the G20 leaders Sixteenth Summit.

China has clearly provided $ 3 billion in the next three years to support developing countries to develop drugs and resume economic and social development. China welcomed the APEC key to promoting exchanges of commodities and personnel safety initiative, will continue to provide support to "respond to the epidemic and economic recovery," sub-funds, the members help economic recovery and development.

  Second, the Asia-Pacific to build an open economy. Asia-Pacific is the lifeblood of open cooperation. To adhere to open regionalism, with 2040 vision as a guide, promote regional economic integration, early completion of the high-level Asia-Pacific free trade zone. To practice genuine multilateralism, adhere to dialogue and not confrontation, inclusive rather than exclusive, integration without decoupling, in order to firmly maintain the core of the WTO multilateral trading system. China supports the implementation of the APEC "to strengthen the structural reform agenda" and "service industry competitiveness roadmap."

We look forward to "Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement area" scheduled to take effect next year, has applied to join "a comprehensive agreement with the progress of the Trans-Pacific Partnership."

  Third, promote innovation and growth in the digital economy.

Innovation is an important driving force leading the world development. To adhere to the general direction of innovation-driven, new engine ignited the digital economy, digital technologies allow more results to benefit the people of the Asia-Pacific region. To fully implement the APEC balance "of the Internet and the digital economy roadmap" to build an open innovation and development of productive forces, fair, equitable, non-discriminatory environment. To strengthen infrastructure digital base, accelerate the digital transformation, and strive to bridge the "digital divide", to promote the comprehensive development of the digital economy.

China put forward the initiative to promote interoperability in the digital age, supported the strengthening of international cooperation in the digital economy, we have applied to join "Partnership Agreement digital economy." Fourth, inclusive and sustainable development. To adhere to the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and actively respond to climate change and promote green low-carbon transition and build a community of life on Earth. China will strive to achieve the 2030 peak of carbon, carbon neutral 2060 and support developing countries in the development of green low-carbon energy. China ready to work with relevant countries to promote high-quality build "along the way."

To fully implement the United Nations sustainable development agenda in 2030, so that the fruits of development more equitable benefit people of all countries.

In September this year, I proposed in the United Nations General Assembly on global development initiative, aimed at promoting global development towards balance and harmony inclusive new phase of great significance to promoting sustainable development in the region.

Economic and technical cooperation is an important area of ??cooperation in APEC, we should devote greater efforts to ensure that developing members benefit, development and prosperity for the Asia-Pacific region continued to inject new momentum.

  Dear Colleagues! This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

Let more than 1.4 billion Chinese people live a better life, the promotion of human peace and development, is the goal of the Communist Party of China vowed.

At present, China has already opened a new journey of building a socialist modern country. China will unswervingly expand opening up, China’s development opportunities to share with the world and members of the Asia-Pacific.

  New Zealand has a Maori proverb: "Success is never a personal virtue, but on the collective.

"China is ready to Asia-Pacific members to actively promote the construction of the Asia-Pacific community of destiny, work together to create a new chapter in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.

  thank you all. Producer: Yan Wenbin planning: Chen Zhi Producer: Pingjun Coordinator: Xie Peng, Qi Zijian, Yan Jun Yan text: ZHAO Jingjing, Tu Yifan Reporter: Wang Fiona, Lu Rui, Dubai Yu, Yu Song, Occurred, Yin Nan, Zhang laughed then, Hao Yalin, Tsai Shu Asia , the Yellow River, Ze Cherenkov, Wu Hao, Zhu Yubo, Lu Huaiqian photography: Huang Jingwen, Li Xiang, Guo Xu Lei, Li Wanli editor: Wang Zhao, Huang Xingwei, Wang Jiansheng, Wang Xiaomei, Zhao Yan, Norman Tong, Chen and Tang have vision: onion painting depending Xinhua News Agency Xinhua News Agency international Department make international communication integration platform produced.

Pollen allergens, Fei Xu disturbing rumors …… Do not let them clogging up!

  "Yang Hua catkins Suifeng Wu, Yusheng hundred valleys summer is approaching." Guyu, the best season of all things grow.

But pollen this time, Yang catkins, flies, and also added a lot to the people "little trouble." Pollen allergy because the flowers? Flying floc hidden bug? Aerial spraying drugs do not go out? …… these troubling rumors are true? Flowers pollen allergy is caused? Flowers: I do not think anyone back this pot of peach, apricot and other colored flowers in full bloom, its pollen is more allergenic culprit is, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. Experts said, peach, apricot and other brightly colored flowers are not prone to allergies, because they are "entomophilous flower", large pollen particles, heavy and sticky, less drift in the air, can only attract pollinating bees, only a very few people would be allergic to them. The tree pollen, grass, small flowers such as "wind-pollinated flowers" category, is the cause of pollen allergy "main culprits." They are invisible to pollen small, very light, and plentiful. Large wind blows floating in the air, the person can easily lead to contact and inhalation allergies. [Tips] on hypo-allergenic allergic people, it should go outside, pay attention to close the window; go out wearing masks, to avoid high pollen concentration areas; Go home note wash your face, especially the nose, eyes, replace James pollen clothing.

  Life, available salt water nasal wash; vitamin C may be appropriate when sneezing or runny nose and other symptoms; if severe allergy symptoms should seek immediate medical attention. Source: CCTV network.

  Poplar, willow catkins will? Flying floc will be hidden bug? Not accurate! Some people think that as long as poplar, willow catkins it will, even saying that "flying floc hidden bug", these claims are true? In fact, not all poplar, willow catkins will have.

Fei Xu filled mainly from poplar, willow female plants, they desperately "sun Doll" by spreading Fei Xu way, the spread of offspring, Yang Liu Shuxiong strain is no Fei Xu’s. On "flying floc hidden bugs," saying that currently only Nanjing, Wuxi, Zhengzhou, Chongqing and other places there have been bugs, the rest of the city are mostly ordinary Yang catkins. The legendary French network worms (ie elm – pulse aphid) is only a grain of rice, and most of them fly alone; and catkins, Yang Xu is usually "hold together" floating in the air. [Tips] when they go out anti-Fei Xu, like Less masks, glasses and jacket, fully "armed" and then go out. If there is "hairy" accidentally drill into his eyes, you can rinse with water, remember do not knead by hand, it will easily scratched cornea, increasing the risk of infection, symptoms severe enough to seek immediate medical attention.

Of course, we also pay attention to fire safety, do not throw cigarette butts, beware ignition Fei Xu accidents.

  Aircraft spring season spilled medicine can not go out? Old Ballad "demon as" nothing more! Every spring season, there is always "Do not go out aerial spraying of drugs," the Tips come and go in a circle of friends, makes it difficult to distinguish between true and false, you believe it? Joint platform database to verify the rumor, from the beginning of 2016, every spring, have similar rumors via the Internet in China. Previously, there Dalian, Hefei and other places forestry department, said the aerial spraying of drugs this approach, only a large area of ??forest pests for when it is used, and will be controlled within a range not to cause harm to life, not in urban areas We use this method of pest control.

  In addition, the forestry sector such messages to forestry quarantine approval, advance announcement and implementation process is very strict, is not published online mass way. At the same time, whether spraying aircraft for aerial work or ground forest pesticides, people will choose pesticides on livestock and poultry safety, we do not panic. In fact, in March and April each year, "aircraft spraying of" rumors circle of friends will come alive as the "season ballad" painted a sense of presence.

Please pay attention to science to identify, let the "aircraft spraying of the" old rumor beyond the truth.

Responsible Editor: Dianyi Festival.

Taiyuan: Ensure that the senior high school sports exam is fair

  Original title: Ensuring the fairness of the senior high school entrance examination, May 25, the city’s senior high school entrance examination project entered the third day, the Minister of the Municipal Party Committee, the Minister of Propaganda, and Yang Ji Chengxuan went to Xiaodian District to inspect and guide the senior high school entrance examination work test.In the small shop area, Yang Jijun is detailed in detail the examination management and security work, as well as the examination requirements of each project, the test scores, etc., the humanized service to build a sun visor is fully affirmed.

  Yang Ji Cheng emphasized that the education bureau of counties (cities, districts) should strictly organize the implementation of sports exams in accordance with the principles of "belonging to management, division of labor, responsibility to people, violations".The examination staff must strictly master the standards, strictly abide by work discipline, prevent safety accidents, implement good emergency measures, provide all-round, full-time service, create fair, fair, safe, and orderly test environment, let candidates peace of mind,Parents are relieved, social satisfaction.

(Bow Fengfei).

Pingguo City Health Bureau carries out basic public health service project supervision work

Recently, the Pingguo Municipal Health Bureau went to the town to treasure towns, and the basic public health service project and 2021 to consolidate the effectiveness of the effective cohesive work in the second half of 2021.

The supervision team deep into the center of the slope, listening to report, on-site consultation, telephone verification, etc. And the 12-class national health public service projects such as infectious diseases and sudden public health emergencies, the implementation of health supervision and other implementations, especially the normative, authenticity and comprehensive satisfaction of patients with chronic diseases.

Introduction to the village to take off the poor, monitoring households, rural low-income population, and the "first diagnosis and payment" policy implementation and guidance work in 30 major diseases.

Through a series of in-depth and meticulous tests, the supervision team is fully affirmed by the results of the basic public health service project work in Slope Town, and some issues, the issuance group puts forward guidance, further enhances the health of rural health. Service capabilities and the health level of the masses.

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