Special items such as blood samples are followed, and Beijing Customs fully supports the test of Winter Olympics.

On December 8, Beijing Customs released the news, recently the acceleration of the acceleration of the Beijing Diping Testing Laboratory. It is understood that this is the first time the test sample taken before the Winter Olympics in the laboratory.

The imported test urine sample is the first interview sample before the Beijing Diping Test Laboratory Winter Olympics. The sample test results will directly affect whether our laboratory Winter Olympics stimulant can be carried out smoothly. Mr. Sun, Beijing Diping Detection Laboratory, said.

As the only laboratories approved by the World Anti-Dresser Agency (WADA), Beijing Diping was undertaken by the world’s anti-doping institution (WADA), while shouldering the heavy responsibility of the Beijing Winter Olympics. In addition, the laboratory also accepted the test sample from the World Anti-Doping Institution (WADA) to assess its detection capabilities, testing levels, and related services involved the import and export of samples such as athletes, urine samples.

Photography: Beijing News Group Reporter Liu Pingduo is understood that the Customs of Beijing Customs is also a special item in accordance with special items, and has developed a number of measures such as special items and integration, and the eligible goods will be taken. With the check, it is accompanied that the entry and exit green channels of special items are settled, and the customs clearance efficiency is improved while making supervision.

Since the first half of the year, Yizhuang Customs took the initiative to visit the Beijing Diping Testing Laboratory, quickly formulate inspection programs and emergency plans according to the specific circumstances of the laboratory to ensure that the sample samples came to seek. Beijing Customs Health and Quarantine Department Rui said that Beijing Customs has always supported national anti-doping work, ensuring electition of winter, to help pure sports. On the basis of risk analysis and evaluation of the stimulant test sample, we have developed a management approach to develop blood samples related to stimulant testing, and the urine entry and exit is developing strict and efficient approval. In addition to opening up an approval of the green channel, Beijing Customs also optimizes special item inspection processes while also supporting international anti-eager institutions to sampling at any time to my country athletes. The inspection of the international anti-residence mechanism has a temporary, uncertainty, and the high-efficiency requirements of customs clearance requirements are high. In order to maintain our reputation, we give this kind of test sample with the approved service to ensure the smoothness of the test.

Tian Rui said.

(Original title: Beijing Customs Fully supports the winter Olympics stimulant to test special items such as diaper to follow the test) Source: Beijing Daily reporter Yuan Yu process Editor: U028 Copyright Notice: Text copyright is owned by Beijing News Group, unauthorized Do not reprint or adapt.

The legacy of the Party "three kinds of kung fu" to create a trust, relying on the political and legal iron army who can rest

Doing a good job in political and legal work, in order to open a belief, law enforcement is the people, dare to take care of the unified political and legal team, the construction of strong political and legal teams are inseparable from strict treatment from severe parties in the whole, see it.

Beichen District Committee is "source power" with the leadership of the party on the political and legal work, and the activities of political and legal team education, party history learning education, etc., to promote the important project of political and legal projects "to do practical things" The advanced experience is "big stage", which effectively transforms the pressure of strict treatment into team construction into the strength of the team, and constantly grinding the hard ridges, iron shoulders, and spirit of the people. First, practice the "hard work", and the iron military spine, which is a tribute to the loyalty, and the political and religious political intensiveness of the Political Law, which must be completed. Political tasks.

The Beichen District Committee adheres to the "strict" main basetm, with the above rate, and pressurize, ensuring that education rectification is far-reaching. First, adhere to the "Cleaning, Cleaning Secretary", to strengthen political awareness.

Give full play to the episode of the party organization secretary, innovate and carry out major leaders to talk about party class series activities. The secretary of the district committee, the secretary of the District Committee, took the lead in teaching the political and legal police officers in the district, driving the party’s parties at all levels of the District Party Class 192, organized political circles, study and discuss 993 times, education political and legal police officers continue to improve Political stations, take the initiative to cultivate party spirit, and stay absolutely loyal and political. The second is to adhere to the "thinking, re-practices", and learn the combination of rectification. Innovative "Six Class" model to conduct learning education, namely: "preheating lessons", political construction, "leadership class", theoretical armed "charging class", warning education "prevention class", English model "demonstration class" For the "practice lessons", the service is a "night reading class", "the" The Night Reading "" "Communication" "Theoretical Gas Station" "and" Question "and Guide Political and Legal. The police continued to promote thinking, deeply intertwing, and consciously planting the people. The third is to adhere to "excavation issues, strict changes", and do the effect of effectively reflect the wind. According to the "four comparishes, four" four comparishesions ", the public security Beichen Branch" portrait three check ", the district people’s court" four words ", the district People’s Procuratorate" Five Inspection Work Law ", District Justice Bureau" Three Twelve First Measures "and other specialty methods, supervise more than 1600 political and legal police in the whole district, 677 political and legal police in the whole district, have completed the completion of the intensive, synchronous construction of the arrest system, tightly strictly control the party’s system" cage " . In order to inspect the results of education, formulate the political and legal system, I have a list of 50 key tasks for the masses, organize the political and legal police officers in the region to solve 2358 difficulties around the people, and satisfied with the masses as the fundamental scale.

Second, the iron army of "True Skill" will be practiced, and the iron army of winning and winning is to prevent the political risks to build the Practice path of the Political Army, which is the first main business that must be supported. Beichen District Committee adheres to the positioning from the overall situation, innovating from practice, focusing hard, and often vigorously stabilize the safety and stabilizing steel line.

Beichen District "Ping An Tianjin" construction assessment has ranked first echelon in the top three in the city in the whole city, and the city’s three-year special struggle comprehensive achievement is leading the city. One is to win the stable and hard fight, build a political moat of the capital. Hit a big warner with major peacekeeping security, in accordance with the "The War District System, the Officer" "Strengthening the Addition," Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Subject ", in the major period, sensitive nodes to start the battle mechanism and super Conventional working mode, promote the improvement of the stability information management system to improve the transformation, implement the joint adjustment of the joint, realize the hidden dangers, all clear, win the national "two sessions", build the party, the 19th Plenary Session, etc. . The second is to deepen the anti-black and evil, and high standards create a "no black" city.

According to the normalization, mechanism, the "Six Construction" work is derived, and 318 criminal cases involving nine types of criminal cases were cracked in the whole district. In the special struggle of sweeping, the political and legal system in the district showed the "special to suffer, especially able to fight, especially to dedicate", and the public security Beichen Branch won the national anti-black special struggle for advanced collectives. District leader, Director of the Public Security Bureau was interviewed by General Secretary Xi Jinping; all political and legal units were all three-priced collectors of the city, and 6 advanced workers. The third is to prevent major risks, high quality construction rule of law Beichen.

Innovation of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office, and the regularization of the rule of law, and incorporate the rule of law into performance evaluation. Vigorously crack the "one high and low" problem of administrative litigation, 2021 cases of challenges are zero, and the chart rate rises to 100%. The second place in the construction of a third-party professional assessment in the rule of law of the city, successfully created the "2021 City Rule of Law Government Construction Demonstration Zone" and has been declared in the city’s only candidate government construction demonstration zone.

Third, practice "Software", the wear of the Range Range, the Iron Army Huaran, the people’s field, and the important starting of the Creating Political Army is a beneficial man who must be effective.

The Beichen District Committee insisted on asking the masses, to break through the mechanism, and promoted the efficient and transparent and transparency of political and legal work.

First, enhance public service efficiency and enhance the masses’ sense.

Combined with "I do practical things for the masses", organize the leading cadres of the District Political and Legal Systems in the town street, villages and law firms, with the masses, lawyers, collect 47 advice, and organize 20 job tasks. , The "Beichen District Political and Legal Team" is called, I must "accurately" accurately remove the mysterious action plan ", lead the political and legal police officers in the region to change the style, improve the work, and earnestly provide more fair and public, simple and efficient. Judicial service. The second is to innovate the municipal governance mechanism and enhance the sense of happiness in the masses.

In the course of the establishment of a national social governance modernization pilot, it is the first to develop the information system using the municipal social governance assessment evaluation information system, and 48 member units participate in social governance.

Carry out two rounds of key projects to cultivate hatching, launching the new rural governance, the first product "new model of the new rural governance, the national rule of law of the national rule of law of Dazhuang Village, forming" seven-color people’s vital map "" Street Flaw "" Street Place "and other special brands 40 .

Invested more than 1,000 million yuan to build a comprehensive management center, a grid center, an convenience service center, a command dispatch center, a security experience center, which is equal to the city’s first municipal social governance practice center. Deepen the "War District System, Principal Administrative Officer, Right", leads the grassroots governance, and mobilize the power of the parties. The third is to standardize law enforcement judicial activities and enhance the sense of security.

Promote the public security bureau to implement the law enforcement problem as the entry point, create a political inspectoric data application platform "law enforcement early warning module", strengthen the "case where the case is not standing", "the case does not check", "drop processing", etc. Source supervision . Focus on the risk of safety and integrity in the property coverage, and build the city’s first district-level property management center to achieve the separation of management, standardization.

There is only greatly improved the efficiency of handling, ensuring the safety of property involving the property, and significantly reduces the opportunity to directly contact the article involvement. From the system to prevent violations of violations, the political and legal system is constantly cultivating the wind.

Package positive for more detail! Many express companies respond

  Under the epidemic, the security of express parcels is the focus of public attention.

  According to the official government of Beijing Zhongguancun Street, "Lohas Zhongguancun" news, on November 15th, Beijing Zhongguancun Street received the Haidian Disease Control Center, and the resident of the Shuyuan community residents, the Xilin Gol League issued by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is positive.

Zhongguancun Street immediately launched an emergency response, and the first time the relevant personnel and environmental nucleic acid detection were carried out.

Currently, it is negative involving adhesion personnel and environmental nucleic acid detection.

  Today, the Beijing Daily reporter learned about the details of this matter – 18:51 on October 31st, No. 11, No. 11, Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, received a resident of SF Express, the package is a non-woven bag. After the packing is unpacked, you will be discarded. On November 13th, the resident received a telephone call from Inner Mongolia Xilin Gol Police, saying that local successfully detected the positive package. On the morning of November 14, the residents notified the Coordinated Community Neighborhood Committee and community level to the Haidian District CDC.

On the afternoon of November 14, Haidian District CDC took three three mean swabs and 10 external environments, and non-woven bag test results were positive, and the rest were negative. At 4 o’clock on November 15, Zhongguancun Street received a notice of Haidian CDC. At 4:30 in the morning, Zhongguancun Street and Keyuan Community Neighborhood Committee launched emergency response, to take closed measures on the 11th floor, and 4 people involved in 4 people take centralized isolation measure. At 5 o’clock in the morning of November 15, the Boyuan Community Neighborhood Committee notified the residents to prepare for nucleic acid testing. At 8:30, the nucleic acid detection and external environment nucleic acid detection were conducted on the 11th building.

After the sampling is completed, the whole community will launch a large area.

  After the test, the 1, 3, 4 units 11, 1, 3, 4 units were released, and the 2 unit temporarily took closed measures, waiting for nucleic acid detection results.

  A number of express delivery companies expressed in an interview in the news that it would be adjusted according to the requirements of the local epidemic prevention and control center for the inclusion.

Usually, the parcel will be killed in multiple links. If the special parcel will be intercepted in advance and report to the relevant department, but also remind the user to understand the route of the transportation process of each package.

  Express company: Users need to take the initiative to pay attention to the route Shentong Express. Relevant personnel said to the 新 记 报者, "In the safeguards of the package security, the links involved in the courier company are more in advance to the incomplete control of the pastoral express delivery, through disinfection, even Destruction and other operations block the source virus to avoid couriers that may involve viral entering the propagation channel.

Express parcels which need professional institutions to detect and confirm the presence of the new virus crown.

More importantly, based on these aspects of the existing prevention and control, prevention and control when users do charge a courier.

"STO officer also said that conventional disinfection is mainly operated by the courier company, for a special package handling, courier companies will be based on the development of the epidemic, the initiative to report to the authorities express abnormal immune-related areas and to take relevant measures, or the relevant departments to obtain timely information may be more actively involved, courier companies support and cooperation.

For the region involved in the epidemic can send parcels, needs to be adjusted according to the requirements of the local epidemic prevention and control center.

  Through courier officer, told news reporters surging current CDC each region will send personnel to the relevant local express courier packaging transit center to do sampling.

Once the parcel if the test result is positive, it will quickly form a national linkage.

In addition, the epidemic involving express courier company received notice higher-level units, where the center will express to intercept, disinfection and store it separately, to the local Authority and epidemic prevention departments filing, nucleic acid for immune-related shipments by the epidemic prevention department detection. Yuantong Shanghai provinces and the person in charge of security surveillance Muhai Wei said: "After all arriving vehicles will come in a full range of disinfection, the car to the unloading area, arrange shipment carried out disinfection by-vote, be hundred percent vaccination.

Express shipped out from the transit center, and then sent to the secondary disinfection will be before the business outlets.

"For express delivery package of specific sterilization procedures, through courier, said the officer, sorting center in Qingpu, full shipment of vehicles traveling to the unloading port, the staff will be thoroughly disinfected vehicles. In the sorting operation area, the message is placed after the conveyor belt, the staff will use molecular atomizer sterilizer disinfection messages one by one, to ensure full disinfection of the mail at the same time, avoid the message is wet.

  In through courier Beijing transit center and south of Beijing Transit Center, each unloading platform are equipped with electric sprayer, manual workers bear spray tank on a conveyor belt express focus disinfection.

Further, after reaching the express network, network staff disinfected prior to discharge; if directed end, the end of the shelf express staff for spraying disinfectant. Of parcels through courier disinfection disinfection in addition to express, in terms of sales and places there are specific prevention measures, through courier officials said, after going out to embrace parts salesman out to return to the car, tricycle , a vehicle such as a motorcycle disinfection; alcohol before entering the spray chamber and sterilization of the laundry articles exposed. Send out pieces of the courier, good personal protection requirements, as far as possible the implementation of non-contact distribution, and minimize contact between consumers and security. In place of business, disposal sites and other places, the daily morning and evening to the central operating space, office buildings, dormitories, canteens and other areas as a whole disinfection.

  How to receive the parcel recipient know whether the epidemic area or via related issue involving immune from the region? A number of courier company officials told news reporters surging, there is no prompt each parcel is operational risk exists, the user needs to know their own route via the process of each parcel shipping in the software. In addition, countries need to focus on disease prevention and control real-time information related to public opinion. How to determine whether involving plague? Express delivery industry insiders told news reporters emotion, "if users buy something from abroad, and then send express mail, postal Authority will detect this information and will communicate the risk of epidemic situation may exist to the transit center sender places, this transit center would express a number of additional disinfection.

"For the prevention of cross-border express delivery, DHL officials said the surging News reporter, prevention of cross-border express two main dimensions. On the one hand accordance with the provisions and requirements of the relevant departments to do import shipment disinfection work.

On the other hand, the company also developed and published epidemic normalization of production safety guidelines for each port hub and service center in importing aviation ULDs, import trucks and disinfection of imported goods, but also on aspects of prevention worker protection measures made specific provisions but the provisions of which will differ depending on the region.

  Expert: as long as good protection, can send and receive normal reception express courier if the risk of spreading the virus exist new crown? How consumers should guard against such risks? Chinese Center for Disease Control of Disinfection, chief expert of the current wave on November 13 by the State Council defense news conference and control mechanism was held, said the courier dissemination of new crown virus should be met when new crown virus contaminated during collection, transportation and delivery of close Express courier at the same time the above article new virus also survived crown, new crown virus contamination of these three conditions is received courier. In the prevention courier dissemination of new crown virus, Zhang stream Bo said, trying to avoid contamination, such as in high-risk areas to suspend delivery business, they will not charge high-risk groups, patients with fever posted as courier; courier in transit should protect the packaging is not directly exposed . After concentration and collection and delivery sorting express links to sterilize the surface of the express delivery company.

When receiving good moderate protection express, express surface of the packaging requirements are not brought into a room, it can be used to determine when brought disinfectant wipes or wipe disinfection spray disinfection.

In addition, after processing must be done courier players health. Shun Feng Group, said the officer surging to news reporters, for reducing the risk of spread of the epidemic, it is recommended to charge the customer first shipment after dismantling the external packaging disinfection, to minimize risk. "Short contact with the courier, the probability is very low crown spread of new viruses. As long as good protection, this basically does not happen. Completely normal delivery can be received.

But in dealing with the courier and express parcel delivery process, to wear a full face masks and gloves to keep the package clean, especially to avoid artificially contaminated respiratory secretions.

"CDC deputy director of the Nanjing Branch Prevention of acute infectious disease physician Dingsong Ning said at the twenty-fourth press conference held on August 13 in Nanjing.

Struggling a hundred years of road to settle the new journey · The spiritual score of the Chinese Communists is hard to fight for the people – the spirit of the people

  On June 13, visitors visited the Juveni New Plenary Session of the Seventh Central Committee of the Seventh Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party of Pingshan County, Hebei Province. Xinhua News Agency, NETT, Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 21: Hard and struggle for the people – Xi Barah’s spiritual comment Xinhua News Agency Version Xiang, Yan Qi Lei Xi Baho, a spiritual landmark for the history of the party. More than 70 years ago, New China came from here – May 1948 to March 1949, the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee depicts the grand blueprint of New China in Pingshan County, Hebei Province, here is the "final" "Final" A rural command office. After more than 70 years, the road to "catching the exam" is still continuing – "All Party comrades must continue to learn about the deep thoughts of the two must", always do modest and cautious, hard struggle, seeking truth from facts, one heart ", time and space resounded Slope spirit, Incentive us to rush up in the new journey of the second hundred years of struggle. This is a Memorial Tower (drone photo), Xibo (drone photo), Pingshan County, Hebei Province, taken on June 13. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yan Yu took a long time March 1949, the Party’s seventh secondary meeting was held in Xibo.

  A long strip-shaped housing is the venue of the Seventh Plenary Session of the Seventh Plenary Session. Although the venue is simple, the spirit is immortal. In the face of the party’s work, the center of gravity will be transferred from the country to new historical conditions. Mao Zedong puts forward "two benchmarks" on the meeting "Be sure to keep comrades to maintain modest, cautious, not arrogant, unauthorized style, be sure Make comrades to continue the style of hard work.

"Two Be sure", will always be 40 words, which is the condensed foot of the Chinese Communists.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping has pointed out that Comrade Mao Zedong proposed "two sneakers" in Xibai, including the deep reference to the law of thousands of years of history, including the deep summary of our party’s hard work, including victory The political parties will always be advanced and pure, and the upcoming people’s political power is deeply embarrassed, including the profound understanding of our party, adherence to our party, the fundamental purpose of the people, the ideological significance and historical significance is very far-reaching. This is the exterior of the West Biari Memorial Memorial (June 13, drone photos). Xinhua News Agency reporter Mushu Yuxi Luo Road, with Qihali Lin. 100 years ago, our party was born in the old China in patients. Modesty and cautious, hard work, our party has come, united the various risks and challenges of the people to defeat the top road, constantly moving from victory to new victories. The times are transform, and the spirit of spirit is always stunning. Epastation in the red fertilestist, such as alarm bell, like a heavy drum, constantly leading, inspiring a generation of Chinese Communists to stay with glorious tradition, adhering to the ideal belief, hitting struggles, forever. "Study in the liberation area, grow in the new era in the tide of reform and opening up, in the tide of reform and opening up.

"The 76-year-old party member of this year is a famous obligation to speak Xibo.

阎 Qinghai said that he has experienced the great process of the Chinese people to stand up and rich.

Although he is old, he "I don’t want to be lazy" for a lifetime. I have to play the remaining heat of an old party member and adhere to the spirit of Xibo.

  The spirit of revolution, the view, enlighten the future.

  In the future, no matter which step in our career, how much achievements, revisit the spirit of Xibo, always provide us with spiritual support, adheres to our belief, ideal, let us continue to move towards victory.

  This is a photo taken at the Westbai Memorial Memorial, which is reflected in the mid-to-middle peasants held the conference of the Land Reform Sports (April 9, 2019).

Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhu Xudong photo the people’s feelings of the never fading in the West Boiphe Memorial Hall, a few black and white pictures recorded history. In 1947, the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee held a national land work meeting in Xibo, adopted the "China Land Law Outline".

"The cultivat has its own field", igniting the enthusiasm of the Chinese people "turning over the family".

After the announcement, the Liberation Area quickly formed a lifetime of land reform, which provided a solid substance and mass base for our party leading the people to win the War of the Liberation War.

  At the beginning of the birth of the Communist Party of China, they always breathe with the people, and live together. Everything is for the people, and everything rely on the people.

  "The last bowl of rice sent to the military food, the last feet sent to make military uniforms, the last old cotton jacket is on the stretcher, the last bone meat sent to the battlefield …" A hand in the memorial hall The interpretator sang this war in this war.

  The victory of Huaihai Battle is the promotion of the people in the people; the victory of the battle of the river, is the use of small people to use the small boat; the socialist construction of the world is the people who have dried the sleeves; the history of reform and opening up It is a hundred millions of people who have created blood and passion … For 100 years, the Chinese Communist Party has always stabilized the people’s position, winning the most powerful support of the most broadest people; The flesh and blood of the masses. In July 2013, General Secretary Xi Jinping held the county rural cadres, old party members and the masses of the county in September 201., every time, every time, it is more likely to be attached to the vivid education of the nature and purpose of the party. Strengthened our public servant awareness and for the people.阎 Qinghai (middle) gives the children a story of struggle (photographs on April 8, 2019).

Yan Qinghai once served as the party members of Xiboho received comrades from the Central Leading Comrade. Xinhua News Agency (Liang Zimin Photo) from the party’s mass line education practice activities to "two students" learning education, from "unforgettable, remember the mission" theme education to party history, our party is the people-centered development Thoughts, the people’s supreme ruling concept is a console inheritance. Deversion of poverty, more than 1,800 party members sacrifice in poverty alleviation first line; fighting out of the epidemic, more than 10,000 medical staff have retrograde, sacrifice the party members of the medical staff account for more than 70% … for the people, because of the people, always people Together, struggle for the benefits of the people is the fundamental starting point and foothold of our party to the party. Only in this way can we condense to defeat all difficulties and obstacles.

  On February 9, the secretary of the Party Branch of Beizhuang Village, Xibohe Town, Pingshan County, Hebei Province, was interviewed in the media.

Xinhua News Agency, Yang Shi, Yang Shizhen, "Take Examination" on March 23, 1949, Mao Zedong led the central government to the Beiping to Beiping.

Before leaving, Mao Zedong said Zhou Enlai. Today is the days to enter Beijing, and enter Beijing "take the exam".

Zhou Enlai said that we should take the exam and do not return.

Mao Zedong said that it failed back. We will decide Li Zicheng, we all want to test a good grade. History proves that our party has achieved excellent results in the overall entrance after more than 70 years after entering Beijing "Test".

Today, we have achieved the first hundred years of struggle, and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation entered the historical process of irreversible.

  But the "Test" faced by the party is far from ending. Country revitalization, high quality development, common prosperity … Today, our party group leads the people to continue to go on the road. "The History of Communist Party of China is a history of unity leading the people to work together for a good life. The cadres in Xibohe have a deeper, on the eve of this Spring Festival, and General Secretary Xi Jinping recruits all Party members of Beizhuang Village, Xibo Town, Pingshan County, Get the folks better and unite, so that the days are getting more and more red. On September 2, in the "Unity Beizhuang Handmade Square" in Beizhuang Village, Pingshan County, Hebei Province, local women in sewing handmade shoes. Xinhua News Agency (Zhang Xiaofeng) "these years, we improve the village of the village, realize the poverty poverty, but to achieve the revitalization of rural villages, but also accelerate the red tourism and development of mountain distinctive ecological agriculture.

"Speaking of the development plan of the village in the past, the secretary of the party branch of Beizhuang Village, Xibohe Town is clear. Today, Xibohe’s cadres are based on the bottom, and strive for a new era with the spirit of" catching ". "Take a test" is not stopped, struggle is not stopped. Once, starting from here, a brand new China is going to the world;

  September 2nd shot of Beizhuang Village (drone photos) in Pingshan County, Hebei Province.

Xinhua News Agency (Zhang Xiaofeng photo).

Today, Chinese casual tangible culture

Today’s Chinese constantly pay attention to life quality, happy work, healthy and casual.

Watching movies, visiting bookstores, views, travel museums, listening to concerts, strolling Cultural Street … Multi-line offline cultural leisure has become a necessity in many Chinese people’s lives.Every weekend and holidays, urban and rural residents’ cultural life sent a red fire scene.

The upper rate of the cinema continued to rebound, people watching enthusiasm; rushing to the Museum, the whole family is harmonious; the theater is full, the concert concert will be staged; all kinds of cultural festivals are moving, visiting the experience gameplay …China Tourism Research Institute recently released "China Leisure Development Annual Report (2021)" (hereinafter referred to as "report") pointed out that the Chinese constantly pays attention to the improvement of life quality, leisurely become a resilient activity, work or paid family production operationsImportant choices, leisure time average daily average.

The current leisure time has increased more than the epidemic, compared with 2019, this year’s urban residents’ work days, weekend, and holiday leisure time have different magnitude growth, and the weekend has increased, an hour. "Every weekend, I have to take out their own spiritual life, visit the bookstores and museums, watch movies and various exhibitions. This weekend, I plan to see two expected exhibitions’ meet Dunhuang · Light and shadow art The world’s first exhibition ‘and’ met the ancient Egyptian gold mouse Id ‘. "" After 90 "Beijing office workers Xiao Xia like this cultural infiltration.

Cultural and leisure has become an important daily life option for urban and rural residents.

The "Report" shows that from the overall structure of leisure activities, in addition to consumer shopping, cultural and casual is ranking second. People’s cultural leisure awareness is increasing, and the increase in consumer shopping is narrowed, and the increase in cultural leisure is expanded. 65% of urban and rural residents like to watch the cultural experience of movies, visit museums, exhibition halls and choose to come to the theater, concert hall and other places to participate in leisure activities. Recently, people’s interest in the museum is getting thinner, and precious cultural relics are active in the field of view. This year, Sanxingdui, Sichuan Province once again unearthed many shocking.

These styles are magnificent, cultural relics in craftsmanship, the fineness of production, the styling of shape, the number of quantities, which is shocking, and there are many attention.

Samsung Pile Museum has also become one of the hottest cultural casual destinations this year. National Day holiday, the Samsungdu Museum received 10,000 visitors, realizing ticket income million, with an increase of 415%, 316% from 2019, and increased by 588%, 378% in the same period in 2020.

Behind the high popularity is the attractiveness of culture, it is a desire for people to explore ancient Chinese culture.

Leisure time, people are more willing to achieve mental satisfaction. Including cultural places, including museums, libraries, art gallery, cultural museums, exhibition halls, bookstores, theaters, concert halls, etc., constantly innovating, providing a rich cultural experience in new appearance. "I have dated the girlfriends, often selected in Zhongshuo, a few waiting for fashion bookstore, let’s read books together, drink coffee, listen to lectures, buy woven goods.

"Beijing girl Chen Fang likes to enjoy a good time in the bookstore. Many bookstores in the city are not only selling, but also integrate multi-functionality such as coffee shop, teahouse, literary market, exhibition hall, and become a cultural life. Location. Libraries from all over the world are also active, and the book borrowings, famous activities, cultural salons, and art exhibitions are in the hall, providing a rich cultural nourishing for readers.

Not only online, the cultural leisure on the line is also colorful.

According to the survey data from the China Tourism Research Institute, there is a% of respondents to actively participate in online exhibition.% Is willing to participate in the cultural venues and cloud experience,% is willing to charge, 40% likes online video and video live broadcasts. The office worker Sunling, who loves the literary, tells the reporter: "Since the beginning of the first epidemics last year, I am used to shopping on the house, showing the exhibition, and the civil event on the online activities will accept the cultural influence of the culture. Saturday, I listened to the "Song’s Party History" National Grand Theater Chorus Group, I can also look at it.

"All kinds of cultural venues use modern information technology to continuously enhance the convenience, accessibility of public services, and improve the sense of acquisition and satisfaction of the people. Culture and Tourism Ministry implement digital library promotion projects for the national public library system, As of the end of 2020, digital resources shared in the country more than 145 trillion bytes.

In addition, the national public cultural museum system is promoted to build a public cultural cloud platform, carrying out the pilot of the digital cultural museum, and promote the popularity of national art.

According to statistics, since the launch of the National Public Culture Cloud in 2017, the accumulated visits reached 100 million times.

Leisure has become an important way for the people to achieve self and pursue a better life. The "Report" believes that there is still an emergency rebound in the country in the country, which still has a certain impact on long-distance travel.

In this context, local leisure has become an important alternative after the hustle in the short term, and it is an indispensable role in daily life.

In order to better meet the diversification, personalized demand, all localities promote the construction of cultural venues, realize free openness in public cultural venues, and strive to make people enjoy more enriched and rich spiritual cultural life.

According to the latest statistics in the Department of Culture and Tourism, as of the end of 2020, there were 3,212 public libraries in the country, 618 art gallery, 5,788 museums, 3,327 cultural museums, more than 40,000 cultural stations, 10,000 Village-level Comprehensive Cultural Service Center. All public libraries, cultural museums, cultural stations, art museums and more than 90% museum have been free to open, achieving "accessible, zero threshold". Cultural and leisure pull consumption and help holiday economy.

As the capital, ancient capital and cultural center, Beijing has a rich multi-cultural product, and the cultural and leisure consumption has great potential. Since the 9th Beijing Huimin Cultural Consumption Season, since the "Digital Trendy", "Digital Trendy", "Tongyu", "Single", "Happy Playing", "Playing", "playing" More than 300 activities, lit up the new picture of Beijing culture, a number of new state, new model, and new carrier cultural consumption activities to meet with the public visitors. Recently, Beijing has also released the first batch of 12 "Beijing Municipal Tourism Leisure Blocks", including Baotou Street, Sanlitun Taikuri Leisure Block, Badaling Great Wall Tourism and Leisure Block, Nangong Tourist Leisure Street, etc., becomes a good place to be casual.

(Reporter Zhao Shan).

Shijiazhuang: All-year urban new employment tasks completed in advance

  The reporter learned from the Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau. Since this year, the people at all levels of the city have stabilized, safeguard employment as major political responsibilities and primary tasks, insist on reduce burden, stabilize, and expand industry, focusing on stability, amplification Actively encourage and support multi-channel flexible employment, and do a good job in college graduates, agricultural transfer labor, urban difficult person and other key group employment.

From January to October this year, the city has added 10,000 people, exceeding timing progress, completing the target task of 10,000 people in advance; urban registration of unemployment rate, control in the provincial requirements, the city employment presents overall stability, Steady recovery, steady and gentle.

  In the province, the city took the lead in implementing Stable post and "exemption to exclusive," Up to now, a total of Wanjia Jintians who meet the eligible Wanjiajin will pay 10,000 yuan. The stable job is 10,000, and the scale and speed are ranked first in the province. The eighth charter of the State Council is selected as the national advanced typical. The city has also launched the only individual industrial and commercial households in the province to participate in the pilot work of unemployment insurance, and the subsidy policy has expanded to the insurance and unemployed personnel since 2018. As of now, there are 10,000 people through unemployment subsidies and have issued subsidies. Jin Yun, the benefit rate%, and the first of the province.

  In order to promote the employment entrepreneurship of college graduates, the city issued "Shijiazhuang City to promote the employment of college graduates in colleges and universities" "2021 to promote college graduates employment entrepreneurship work program", through the implementation of college graduates "1 + 8 "Action, formation of promoting college graduates’ employment. Up to now, a total of 9.3 million yuan for the distribution of employment.

The city has also established long-term labor cooperation relations with 33 land, including Hangzhou, Zhaotong, Baotou, etc. Transfering employment. The way in the market is in line with online line, organizes special actions such as spring breeze, private enterprises recruitment month, 100-day network recruitment, and actively build "Shijiazhuang City Normalization Talent Recruitment Platform" "100th Network Recruitment" "Zhou Shen University Graduate Recruitment Fair" and other platforms provide full-scale employment supply and demand services to carry out 561 recruitment activities, providing homework, promoting supply and demand effectively docking. At the same time, the classification of key group employment lines such as employment difficult personnel, unemployed personnel, depressed labor, etc., ensuring that urban zero employment homes are zero.

  The city vigorously implemented vocational skills improvement actions, surrounding the market urgently needed occupation, caring for free vocational skills training, promoting new apprenticeships in companies, working hard training, pre-job training and entrepreneurship training.

Up to now, the city has completed a total of vocational training, and the annual task is exceeded in advance. The city has issued the "Implementation Plan on Promoting Vocational Colleges and Technical College Integration and Improved Vocational Skills Training", actively promoting the integration development of vocational colleges and technical colleges, and earnestly enhances the quality of vocational skills training.

At the first selection of three high-level high-skilled talent bases and skills masters, in order to cultivate high-skilled talents and skills and skills play an important role.

  In supporting entrepreneurs, the city actively carried out the optimization of entrepreneurial incubation bases in accordance with highlighted features, expansion, innovation and upgrading, and update the model, and optimized 13 entrepreneurial incubation bases. Construction completed the first new retail in our province. E-commerce live incubation base. At the same time, further increase the efforts of entrepreneurial guarantee loans, expand the loan coverage, the city issued an entrepreneurial guarantee loan of 70.95 million yuan, directly supporting 465 people, indirectly drive more than 1,000 employment.

(Reporter Wang Jing).

The nuclear submarine hits a month, and the United States should give a statement.

US Navy Nuclear Submarine "Connecticut" hits unknown objects when he seas out in the South China Sea, and the submarine is damaged.

The United States has been covering covered in the past month, and there is no clear explanation to the world. Why does the US nuclear submarine collide in the sea from local? The US will send a nuclear submarine quietly sneak in the South China Sea. What tasks are to do? What happened this time? Why hit it? Whether it causes nuclear leaks to bring nuclear pollution to the ocean environment … The United States owes a description.

For a long time, the United States has "sailing and flying over the freedom" flag, frequently dispatched aircraft carrier, strategic bomber, nuclear submarine, etc., the weapon platform, showing off the force in the South China Sea, and hurts the waves. In just half a year of this year, the US has nearly 2000 times to China’s sea air, and there are nearly 2000 times to China’s large-scale maritime military exercises over 20 times.

These dangerous moves themselves in the risk of derailment, seriously threatening international route safety, this submarine accident is a alarm.

Nuclear submarines are damaged, and they must not be seen as "voyeurity" hit the head after the head, I can’t do it.

Previously, the US military deliberately concealed, and after 5 days of collision accident, I only published an unknown short statement, follow-up to continue to cover up.

Such a way of handling is a visual reflection of the lack of transparency in military information communication in the United States, further solidifying extreme irresponsible national images. South China Sea is part of the Guangyan Pacific, "Connecticut" nuclear submarine collision is a serious incident that threatens the safety of the entire region.

The US must conduct a thorough and open investigation, and take a statement to respond to the concerns and doubts of relevant regional countries and the international community.

The US nuclear submarine has hit the international ancents and justice. In recent month, the United States has spent the truth of hiding the submarine accident, but regardless of the beauty of the United States, the fact that the United States has always been unreliable, untrusted, is the largest risks of international nuclear safety. It is the biggest scourge source in the South China Sea and the largest destruction of world peace and regional safety.