Even is Xu Tianci,It was also scared by Li Shouying’s words.,Someone else said this,He can’t go to your heart,But the old people like Li Shouying said such a word.,That must be said that you can do it.。

Li Hui also didn’t expect one day, his old man has such a fierce side.。
Just today,He is not allowed to implicate your family,He wants to give Xu Tiancheng to Xu Lai Fu.,Let the two will provoke him,Otherwise, there will be a lot of things in the village.。
“Lee,Don’t run today,I want you to know the consequences of my Xu Tianci.。”
Xu Tianci was shocked by Li Shouren.,But I saw Li Hui.,He still can’t help but threaten。
“Hey-hey,fine,I am waiting here today.,I have to go back with you to find the village head and talk about other things.,I hope you will be so arrogant now.。”
He suddenly finished this,Xu Jiafu hurriedly rushed over。
After all, my son was gave.,He is this as a natural thing to be solved.。
Although he said that he said not to let the village are used to Xu Tianci.,But there are several people who are true.?
Because there are not a few people dare to be true,He is relieved to say this。
No matter the son and daughter,He is not boring.,Especially for your son,He is not a favorite。
Looking at Xu Tianci, it was held,Formation of wrist,Xu Jiafu immediately anger。
Just when you look around so much lively villagers,He can’t take care of Li Hui’s。
“Xiao Li,How is this going?”
Li Hui Feng saw Xu Laifu’s face,Especially the eyes of the eyes, the anger, which makes him sure Xu Laofu is coming to him.,Instead of solving things。
“Hey-hey,village head,You have to ask Xu Tianci.,He wants to play my friend in my face.,And I used my hand with my hand.,If I escape time,I am lying in front of you today.。”
He moved to you,Hello,He was hurt?”
For Li Hui’s words,Xu Laifu is not believed,He is aware of his son.,That is the little babitude,The things that fight fight are already practiced.,I didn’t expect that today, I was actually returned by Li Hui Feng.。
“Hey-hey,village head,His injury is already in my hand.,And look at your face,Otherwise, he hasn’t sent it to prison today.,Do you believe?”
Looking at Xu Laifu wants to dig the trap to make yourself jump,Li Huiqiao is directly challenged by the face of the surrounding folks.。
For Xu Tianzhi’s work,He also learned a lot,And he has enough evidence to let Xu Tian give it。
Because he just smelled a different unusual taste on Xu Tianci.,That is the taste of poppy。
Plus,Xu Tianci is a lot more than before.,Eye bag,Bienie,Simply look at him from face, it feels that the other party should be in contact with the country.。
Xu Laifu is also asked by Li Hui’s words.。
“hehe,breeze,You are going to have a grandfather.,it is good,Do you talk about what this child is committed?,I have to see if you can send him.。”
Chapter 44
When you say this, Xu Laofu is also constantly playing.。
After all, Xu Tianci has no less dry in the next day.。
“uncle,Do you sure let me say it directly in the face of so many people??
If you are involved” After the following words, Li Pei’s wind does not say much.,But Xu Laifu has already understood that Li Hui’s meaning is.。
I am afraid that he will follow him.,Just in front of him, he doesn’t want to bow.。

Looking at Li Hui’s uncomfortable look,Han Shanshan is also a bit speechless,She is all of why said that each other,But Li Hui is actually notasting.。

“I am worried that your body doesn’t eat.。”
Say this,Han Shanshan is also a face with a slight red。
“Big squad leader is concerned about me?”
Li Hui did not ask this, it’s okay.,Asked this question,Han Shanshan’s face is more red。
“Ghost cares about you?,Remember to come back early,I went to take a shower。”
Han Shanshan said this,I didn’t even see Li Hui, I went straight into the bath.。
Looking at the opposite side of the swaying,And the scenery that walked quickly,Li Hui also can’t help but smile.。
Then directly:“Beauty big squad leader,I let the white protect you,I will come back soon.。”
Han Shanshan heard that Li Hui Feng said this.,Can’t help but stop,Then look back:“knew。”
Look at Han Shanshan into the bathhouse,Li Hui also took the flashlight directly and took out.。
This time he didn’t ride a motorcycle.。
But walking directly toward Zhao Xiaoling’s residence.。
at this time,Zhao Xiaoling has taken a shower with Zhao Xiaoli,The two are just a simple surrounded by a bath towel sitting on the courtyard.。
The middle of the lounger is a small table,The upper table is placed in two glasses of ice drinks.。
Gently suck a siphon,Zhao Xiaoli could not help but send a comfortable voice。
“Little girl,In you living here,I don’t want to go back.,Although my house is also a new house,But it is too much like you.。”
“Sister is willing to live here,I have been living here.iRow,I have no opinions.。”
This is said,Zhao Xiaoling seems to think about what,Some doubts:“It’s hard to be a brother-in-law, don’t want you to come over.?”
“no,He doesn’t have a home every day.,And I haven’t touched me.,Otherwise, you think that I will be so anxious to find a small wind with you.?”
“Forehead,Big sister,Isn’t my brother-in-law??”
I heard Zhao Xiaoling.,Zhao Xiaoli sways the head:“It should be okay.?
Anyway, I will feel more and more, I will continue to go.,Affirmation will have problems。”
“Although our women are not very desirable,More desirable is a man’s care,Care,There is also a man’s pain,But if there is a reason to talk with us,Other aspects of a sufficiently excellent man,There are a few women who don’t move?”
“Plus, you also know,At the beginning, the idea is your brother-in-law.,Now I feel some advanced and retreat.。”
This is entirely true about Zhao Xiaoli.。
If the initial goal is some simple just want a child,So later, together,Zhao Xiaoli’s feelings have changed。
And all this,Liu Dafu is not knowing。
He just considers himself not to be poked behind the ridge.,Just thinking about Zhao Xiaoli will continue to be with him.。
But he forgot woman is an illicity animal.。
Especially each time I follow the wind, it is gentle after the storm.,It is Zhao Xiaoli to experience the body of Liu Dafu.。
That kind of happiness is not empty after the fairy,Instead,Open your eyes in the morning, there is a breakfast prepared by Li.。
If this is the previous with Liu Dafu,I woke up in the morning, Liu Dafu, I want to die than her.,Breakfast is always she is doing。
Compared with Li Hui,She even felt that Liu Dafu was regarded as a toolman.。

Li Huihe listened to the words of these people,It is also a cold eye.。

“Humph,Is it only possible to hit me? I don’t want to hit you.?”
“Still say that only your child will kill,Don’t let others kill your children?
What logic is you all??
This Chinese is your home.?”
“This is a crime and the people of the people in the past.,Your child is more powerful than the emperor?”
“What is your face??”
Faced with Li Hui’s back。
Several parents can’t help but want to continue,But it is pulled by another few.。
They can see that Li Hui is not afraid of them.。
“What are you around you??
You are less in this dog.。”
One of the women who have just been crying is still crying.,I saw a group of men shocked.,I don’t cry this time.,Directly, it is 怼 李 随 风。
Li Hui also didn’t think that the other party said that he didn’t cry.。
At a time, he wrote that the other party is really heartbreaking.,Still crying for money。
Snapped Li Hui’s two words did not say,Directly is a slap in the face。
Because I thought of the lack of things that children did last night.,He feels that these parents are accused.。
Even this time Li Hui Feng felt that the law of the ancient Chinese people is not wrong.。
At least will reduce crime chances。
If these children kill people cannot be sentenced to death because of the cause of the law,But the strain is connected to my parents,So, these children’s parents will not deal with children.。
“How do you still play??”
“Hey-hey,If you want to talk nonsense,Even you play together。”
The ninth eighty-nine chapters need to help?
Li Hui said that this time the eyes of the eyes broke out.,Let a few parents feel cold in the back of the ridge。
“Police comrades,This is playing people.,This is playing people.!”
Faced with the wind,The other party directly called the police。
At this time, several policemen are maintaining the scene.,Strive to persuade these parents going back。
They all came in a morning.,Deeply know how difficult these parents,Now people have educated their hearts, they are also clapping.。
But my face didn’t see anything.。
The most important thing is that they know Li Hui’s,Also know that Li Hui’s relationship with Song Ting,At this time they are too lazy to manage these things。
After all, several parents do have some excessive.。
“You don’t want to make trouble.,Tell people are things that we have seen.,You first got a teacher,Then appear behind the situation,If it is really tuned,You are calm down.。”
See the police intervene,Li Anti-style is also directly no longer taking these idle things.。
Shiyang Tian saw that the group of people came crazy and began to noise.,The feeling of frustration in my heart。
At this moment, he even wanted to resign and worried.,Out of sight out of mind。
“thanks,Just now, if you may be squatted by them.。”
Shiyang looked at Li with the wind,I always feel some of them。
But I can’t think of it.。
“Hey-hey,fine,These parents are actually poor and hateful,Standing on my outsider,The few children died.,Of course, you may not know what their children have done.,If you know,I feel that the people of the country will hope that these children die.。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Shi Yangtian directly held Li Hui’s hand:“Little brother,I can’t see you, you have the right idea.,I know the situation of those children.,I also know the lack of defective things.,But these are all pressed by schools.,After all, the school,It’s all money to earn children.,Really responsible,It’s really getting less and less.。”


Chu Deirers are also speechless,What about this,It seems that I have grabbed their Lingbi Palace.?
“Confused!can not tell,I am doing help you find a top beam post??Dodge a decade,I do this again, this is the land.!”Seat of a nursery rhyme,It’s really good,Actually explained a sentence。
“Teacher,I am still here.。”Chu Debans said that there is no expression。
You have to cross the river,Also carrying someone me??
When there is something,Lingbi Palace is my home,Nothing……“Are you a Lingbi Palace is your home?”?
“so what?Actually, it is not a responsibility.,But you want them to call you.‘Owner’?”Triants curiously ask。
Suddenly, Chu Deirers harvest a few days and ridicule。
“Do not,If the teacher is just worried about the security of the palace,In fact, I still have an idea.!I believe that the teacher is also known.,If the door is open today,Less than a year,There are two masters of the Tianmenmen.,In the future, the rivers and lakes are in place or have a large change,Teacher taking the liberty,I want to pick my head to set up a righteousness……”
The direction of the laughter comes,However, the four swords and others are innocent and looked at themselves.。
“We can set up a righteousness,Lingbi Palace can be one of the founders,At the time of alliances, the big truth is watching each other.,Both self-insurance,Also in the safe、Harmonious martial arts!”Chu Deirers are very powerful prospects。
“Zhengxia Mengyi?In addition to Lingbi Palace……There are also 36 holes、Those waste of seventy-two islands,Is there anyone else??”Nursery 不。
“Teacher is only this idea,But believe in the people of the teacher,At least the moon, god, and the floral hall,Should not refuse……Including those martial arts that are attached to the day and moon,Also antichel。Oh,correct,There is also the Murong Shi in Jiangnan that is likely to join.。”Chu Deirers are very confident.。
Does Murong Shi join,I want to see what Murongjiu is preparing to flicker God.。
As for the atriots,Temples are afraid to see。
Triary rhymes have a little quirky,Chu Deirers still think is not enough,So supplemented a sentence:“This time, the Emei is a harmonious situation.,Ming education is probably difficult to cope,If we can use to help,I believe that Mingjiao will also join!”
kindness,Don’t say something really,Listen to these names,A shaft is rushing。
“Then you have to be the respect of the Lingbi Palace.!Otherwise, I will send it now that the cat is three or two.,What is the use?What is the alliance of the righteousness,If there is no hand,Can they take gas??”The nursery rhymes agrees that the Chu Deirers’,But there is another plan。
“Neither,Teacher,He Die can do alliance,The teacher is planning to go to Wudang, ask Zhang Zhen people to host the situation.。”Chu Deiren said quickly。
“you……And Zhang Zhen people mentioned?”Trifami Rong Lift Zhang Zhen,Still very polite,After all, theory,When Zhang Zhen people became famous,She just born,When Zhang Zhen is defeated,,She will be introduced soon.。
“That is not yet,The teacher wants to coordinate all sent,A general shelf,Please ask Zhang Zhen people。”Chu Deirers are still very reliable,No, eight words, no one,Let people make white workers。
Triany shake:“I think……Zhang Zhen people should not agree。”
And not to say that Zhang Zhen is older,I didn’t want to involve this kind of thing.,and……Take these people you are looking for!
Chu Deiren heard,I also think of this possible,Some are somewhat hard in your heart.。
If Zhang Zhen does not want to go out,That’s a righteousness,I am afraid to build it all.、Or don’t be built。
After all, you can teach in the sun and moon.、Transfusion、Ming teacher、Murong Shijia, etc.,Call a sound“Degrees”,And it will not be too suspicious of seniors.,In addition to Zhang Zhen people,Chu Deirers also can’t think of the second person!
Zhang Zhen people do not do alliance,Who can anyone who can take advantage of??Just to teach the master and invite the moon,He can’t stand!
Although the main sister and yourself are a brother,Inviting the moon and secretly secretly,But the Chu Deirers feel that they have their character,Will not be too moved,Not don’t say, even if you are teaching、Murongjiu,Even if you don’t play,Also still uncomfortable。
See the Chu Deirent,The nursery rhymes are forcibly to jump up and play his head.,Remind:“No, there is you??”
“Neither,Where did I do the alliance?,I can only handle my own things.。”Chu Deiren shook his head,After all, it is so big.,He didn’t even have a small group.。
“When all the allies don’t need you to do?,Everyone can take advantage of you.!”Try rim is very experienced。
Chu Deirers thought about it.,seem……Nothing?It is not darent,At least everyone will not be too uncomfortable.?
And the alliance organized by the rivers and lakes,Not the alliance of the 18th road princes——Not see,In the original, Zhang Wuji did Mingjiao、Righteous spirit leader,Yuan Chengzhi did the seven provinces of martial arts……Can also not delay them everywhere。
Tany rhyme is the largest“Lambus”Hand a look,Although I am not willing,But since the nursery rhymes have been said,So……
“Meet the honor!”
Yu Po is a head,The leader of the other departments,Also worshiped:“Meet the honor……”
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake

I heard this,Ye Yao is very straightforward:“Because the family is not so red,And my cashier is busy with a good job.,Even some reasons,But the people who collect money have soft。”

Ye Yao does not say this is okay,Say this,Ye Tiancheng feels that if you can’t work with Li Hui,So, you have to destroy each other in the first time.,Resolutely can’t let the other person take root in Guangdong Province。
He feels that this is history,Test the most tested once。
Although he did not taste the food of the food, the food is taste.,But can be so red,And there are so many people who queue in the next day.,I don’t want to come to the taste.。
“If I introduce you to Li Hui,Do you want to?”
Ye Tiancheng has no way to let Ye Yao first a glimpse,Then a beautiful pretty face is red。
“dad,What do you say??
I am still working hard.!”
See Ye Yeno this pair,Ye Tiancheng also sighed in his heart.,How can he not understand his own?。
Just Li Hui’s little child,It is obvious that it is not a provincial oil lamp.。
“alright,Since you are not willing,Then when I didn’t say it.。”
dad,I don’t want to say it.!”
This is the final saying,The sound is like a mosquito.。
But Ye Tiancheng still heard。
“I know you willing,I have to ask people if I have a girlfriend.!After all, it is so young.,The probability of no girlfriend can be very low,Even girlfriends are not only one。”
“And you should not love your mind now.,Just have a good sense,So you have died early or dead.,Of course, the other party is no girlfriend,When Dad, I will definitely work together.。”
Finish,Ye Tiancheng also said that she is a housem friend.,Several people have been sent in。
As for the three black people,It is interrupted,Then repatriate。
Originally he didn’t want three blacks to leave.,Because there is a lot of ways to make each other disappeared on this land.。
However, the things that the three blacks made are really very bad.。
Official request repatriation,He is in the case of no way,Looking for someone to pack each other。
Ye Yeno has no big response to these,It’s just a little bit.,Say that。
“sure!You are not surprised now.,Do not stop!”
“Why do I organize??
They are all taken,And their heart is broken.,This kind of person is actually dead.,Live or bad people。”
This exit,Ye Tiancheng suddenly felt that Ye Yao was a little different from before.。
I used to be very unfortunate that I was very unfortunate.。
But now not only no objection,Instead, faintly say that he is not in place.。
Heard this,Ye Tiancheng also suddenly has a bold decision。
“Hairie,If I have given you the industry now??
Always give people a cashier!”

She really is really together with the other party.,Will only harm each other。

The most critical thing is that she really didn’t feel a little bit of Liu Mountain.。
Liu Yanfeng looked at Liu Mountain that lost the soul。
Although she has already done Liu Mushan, I have been disappointed.,But when you see Liu Mountain, the appearance of the appearance,She is still shocked。
“Hill,What’s wrong with you?
It’s not like this to be rejected.!”
Looking at Liu Yufeng’s concern,Think of your own sister’s unusual thing。
He is not helpful to see your own sister.。
“sister,I am fine.,After Sun Yaru left,I am ready to contract her Lotang.,By the way, I want to open a small restaurant.。”
You still want to open a hotel?”
I heard the plan of Liu Youshan,Liu Yanfeng has some hair time,She thought that Liu Mountain was rejected.,Will deprecate for a while。
But I didn’t expect Liu Yosheng still have a long time.。
“Yup,I am not a one course.,Sister, you said,I shouldn’t want to eat swan meat at first.,People say flying,How can I touch it?。”
“She is only a short stay now,I thought she would not fly.,In fact, people have always been able to fly.,Just don’t want to fly,Or do you have any people who are putting down here?。”
“Now she is dead,So I have to fly away.。”
Liu Mountain said this,Although it is some distant soul,But Liu Yufeng heard it out,Liu Mountain did not have any blow。
Even the heads of Liu Mountain also analyzed the head。
This is a rare place。
“Hill,Is she telling you??”
Liu Yanfeng does not believe that Liu Mountain can think of so much。
“sister,These also use her pro-person??
So many pursuits have no success,I don’t care about it.,Not successful,Coupled with her relationship with Li Hui,Not very hard to think about it.?”
“exactly,Not very hard to think。”
Liu Yanfeng has a tear in the eyes of a time.。
First, she feels that this younger brother grows up.。
“Row,Waiting for her,You go to the laundry,If you want to do a hotel,My sister accompany you,As long as you can do it,Not married a woman。”
Liu Mountain heard this,It’s also laughing.。
“sister,Before doing,I am going to learn the hotel for Li Hui Feng.,I don’t know if I can tell him.?”
I listened to Liu Youshan.,Liu Yanfeng also understands that this brother is meaning.。
“You want to go to steal your teacher?”
“sister,Don’t say that it is so ugly,If you can make a teacher,But don’t teach me,I just learned a few pieces of dishes.,After all, the tourist season,We can be cheaper than this small hotel.,Then the whole open-air meal is also good。”

“Long pool,There are a lot of work,I still want to ask you some views.,Because your eyes are very unique。”

“John President,I know that there is no uncomfortable!”
“Now that our big Japanese Emperor’s battle seems to fight intentions,Many generals believe that waiting for the hinterland of Wuhan.,Chongqing government will certainly surrender,What do you think??”
“Songben President,I said last time.,Even the Chongqing government surrender,Chinese people will not surrender。”
“Yes,This is the most worried,Because once the capture of the Wuhan Chongqing government is still not surrendered,Then we will fight the military and the cabinet in the next step.,What kind of situation will you do when you feel??”
“I think it may be that we have a stable occupation area.。”
“Long Chiko is really talent.,This is indeed the idea of most people,That’s in our intelligence work, it has become the top priority.,Therefore, the Navit Prime Minister has developed a Northern Star Lobby Plan in advance.。”
“Arctic star?”
“Correct,We have to go to Chongqing,Chengdu,Xi’an,Send a batch of agents in southwestern Changsha,If you capture Wuhan Chongqing still not surrendering,In order to destroy their resistance,We will strategically bombard these heavy towns,At that time, these latent people can fully play.。”
“This plan is good,It is now mid-April,I expect to force the Wuhan to capture Wuhan according to our big Japanese Emperor’s force.,We have three months of preparation time is very pressing.!”
Rui Rui will show some military talents in front of these big people.,For example, precise prediction,Judgment on the overall situation,War of the battle, etc.,It’s so letting them commit a heavy responsibility。
“Very correct,So this Arctic Star Program,Near-guard prostitute hopes that you can be responsible!That is, from planning,Preparing to the last implementation is responsible for you,Actors must use our own agents,Can’t use Chinese。”
“We find there are so many Chinese Tong?”
“Long pool,Do you forget that you have a group of agents who have a black plan??They are all old China。”
“The teacher means that they all transfer them to the latent?”
“Yes,China’s many places we have surveyed,The information that is getting has already gotten,So this batch is going to more need them.,But before they need to be sent to a rigorous training,These are mainly done to you。”
“I will spare no effort to complete the task!”
“Then you put these people immediately recall,Black gold plan can only continue to continue in the needs of several needs.,Others all entered the Arctic Star Program。”
“Long pool,After you go back to work out a complete outline of the latent and training programs,This plan is a close-up prime minister.,This is also a good opportunity to prove your ability.!You have to work hard。”
“Hayi,I will go back to develop immediately.,President,Those agents who stayed in Shanghai can also make the Arctic Star latent plan.?”
“Yes,You only need to leave two or three people to be responsible for contacting the remaining black gold group.。”
“All funds from the Arctic Star Program are provided by the cabinet,You personally control!”
“First plan drawn up,Recall some people as soon as possible!You said just now.,Time is running out,So you have to hurry.。”
“Songben President,I’ll go back to the development plan!”
NS256chapter Shadow Zuo Zhen Zhao personally inspected
Rui Rui Leaves the Union News Agency is excited,The Arctic Star latent plan is prepared for future bombing,The task of these special sites is to investigate important military facilities in the local area.,National institutions, etc., bombarded the will。
But the arrogant little devil never knows the Chinese nation to be more and more brave.,Qi Rui knows that this plan is definitely to be formulated according to the level of long pooliness,Otherwise how to control these specials and this plan。
The purpose of the Arctic Star Lacy Plan is very clear,So developing the training plan and the latent plan is simple.,Rui Rui, I have already thought about some dark language。
Qi Rui afraid to design the perfect plan,Because the perfect plan of the plan knows that there is no role,Instead, the other party will arrange for the plan to defense。

“Two shots in the body must be raised for a while,You don’t have to worry about this,See what activities have you been recently?,I promise you will definitely。”

“Whee,Waiting for me to listen to your office, do you call your office??”Zhuang Xiaoman asked with the soul of the soul,
“Row!I still have to go in advance.。”
Zhuang Xiaoman 下:“I scared you,Just with me, I will eat you.!”
Rui Rui came to the car,Su Wenqian is helping Tang Lingji account,See no other person,Rui Rui said the black planned plan,Say:“Wen Qian,This time I don’t kill people,We only want money!”After the rumor, I gave Su Wenqian three fascinating.。
Tang Ling asked:“boss,Is this task nothing??”
“Yes, I have,Get the money box, you need a yellow palm to pick them back.,Especially money boxes,I calculated,They are buying the money of the poppies if they can at least three boxes with cash.,Gold bars and oceans have two boxes,So you need someone to act in someone。”
“Big brother,Where is the money come back??”Su Wenqian asked,
“First hide,Don’t move these money。”Rude,
NS246chapter Two tasks
I will follow the first two long pools, the first two times of the transaction.,These two days of Zhang Xiaolin and golden prost are all in the money,Money is ready,It also takes a long time poolicun auxiliary connection time。
Rui Rui and Tang Ling also have Su Wenqian’s explanation, and drove to the home of Golden Rongrong.,The fastest money is him.,Because Zhang Xiaolin spent a lot recently,The light is to rushed four hundred small yellow fish.,Donate money for the devil。
“Long pool class!Have no dinner?”Golden Gong Greeted came out and asked,
“Not at the master,Just just passing through and see。”
“Long pool class,Buy soil(opium)The money is ready,When will we go to trade??”
“master,No need to be so anxious,I have heard that this cargo is still going to two days.,Moreover, we haven’t inspected yet.,Iranian opium is good, don’t know.。”
“Long pool class,Let you worry!”
“master,Since there is me two to worry, it should be。”
“Yes,Say something wrong,That time, please ask for a long time to help us do good inspection.。”
“I am just supervising next to it.,I don’t understand opium。”
Knowing a family has already gotting money,These two days should be traded,It is now unable to do three things to go.,But it is best to be the same day.,Time open a little,So let Su Wenqian have time action。
Rui Rui back to special qualifications,I have already come back,Qi Rui asked the same as it.,It is a few people in Ding Mun Village and Li Shixun.,Although it is a bit wrong,People who don’t die in this world can kill,There is no strange thing when some is wrong.。
come back to the office,Song Jian and Tang Rui knocked in to report:“Class long,We have finished finishing the information。”
“So fast!Is there any finding??”The information of the special lesson can be a few years.,They used them for less than two days.,Rui Rui looked at their micro-face, knowing that these two don’t like to do this,
“Nothing special discovery,Class long,Can you let us do something else??”Song Jian asked,
“You are just two,I really have a task to give you to do it.,But this is a top secret,Can’t let the other party discover。”
“Class long,What task?”
“Waiting, I will go to the special service headquarters,Give me a staring behind them after it is observed.,Any action must be recorded in detail to me.。”
“Is the unit headquarters that Wang Munchun and Blue Kwa??”
“Correct,It is there。”
“Are they not our subordinate unit??”
“Because it is the subordinate unit you have to stare,Because these people are all known to the Huajun and the Tielan betray,They betrayed once,Can betray the second time,the third time!So I want to know that they are really effective for the empire.。”
“Yes!Class long!”
Qi Rui gave them a special high school certificate.:“Go with a certificate,If you encounter trouble, you can highlight it.。”
Two people open the document,Seeing your own Japanese name written,Very happy salute:“Yes!Class long,We guarantee completed tasks。”
The two can be happy with the Japanese name.,Qi Rui said that you will die in this attitude.,I want to kill you.。

“Then I will prepare,Set off right away,”Qin Hao said。

“five minutes later,”Qin Hao disappeared from everyone’s sight。
He didn’t bring Huang Xiaoding,Because he himself can’t guarantee that he can come back alive。
Naturally it is impossible to bring Huang Xiaoding,This is undoubtedly pushing Huang Xiaoding to the top of the road。
Qin Hao follow the map,Found the Brooke Center,This used to be the central bank。
Later, the central bank was moved out,The underground base was originally this vault。
Was converted from a vault,So it’s very defensive。
Even with a large-caliber rocket,The cannon came to hit the walls here,Can’t penetrate。
In other words, the high explosives he carries,Ray is of little use here。
But Qin Hao still has a nirvana,Fire Bomb。
Three destruction bombs,Enough to destroy the entire base。
Because their combined power is not as simple as stacking。
This is Qin Hao’s confidence,But now is not the time to use this destruction fire bomb。
Because he has more important things to do,Is to find the specific locations of these scientists。
So that we can make a rescue plan,He came here on this trip to explore the way。
Qin Hao can see from the drawings,This underground base has a total ofABCDFour entrances。
But his exit is only one。
Four entrances,The closest to his location isAEntrance。