Look down on someone!!

Zonglin、Clan gate、Holy Palace、Which genius of the Holy See has never been stepped on by himself!
I have stepped on it once as a mortal。
The identity of the dragon shepherd is here again!!
Let them know what God and Mu Shuangquan mean!
“Lingsha girl,I have some doubts,Does Yunzi have any other magical powers?,How else would you know that the Great Court Continent will fall?”Zhu Minglang asked。
Nan Lingsha hesitated,I don’t seem to be going to answer Zhu Minglang’s question。
But after thinking,She still spoke:“Have a girl,Star painting,Her gods are always stargazing prophecies。”
“Foresee……Prophet,I have seen countless mortals,But never heard of stargazing prophecy!”Zhu Minglang feels my sister-in-law is fooling herself。
“You are ignorant。”
“????”Zhu Minglang feels that his previous knowledge of the gods is false。
fortune teller,Zhu Minglang has heard of it,It’s nothing more than a liar who looks at people in the streets。
“Xinghua predicted an approximate time,Others are Li Yunzi’s own inferences。”Nan Lingsha said。

“Yongyun Group!”

Old Jia replied。
He investigated,This company is indeed a pharmaceutical company under the Yongyun Group。
“This kid,Some skill……Let him save Mr. Hu last time,Just meet Hu Yongchang!”Xu Zhilin said coldly。
“so what to do now?”
Lao Jia has no idea。
Fang Yu,Do you still have to deal with it??
First24chapter You have to follow the rules!
“This is our latest biotech drug……Can improve people’s immunity well。As long as Ms. Jiang takes this medicine,Guaranteed no problem!”
Dongyu Private Hospital。
Max,Holding a medicine and introducing them。
After analysis by Max,The reason why Jiang Wan’er is like this,I have a problem with immunity。As long as the immunity is greatly improved,Can return to normal。
“Mr. Michaels……How long will i take this medicine?”
Jiang Wan’er looked at Michaels,Muttered。
She now,Has become weaker!
“Depends on the individual’s physical condition……At least three months!”
Max looked at the report,Sure way。
If Jiang Wan’er doesn’t get better in three months,,Then there is really no way。
“Three months?”

“Also,What Secretary Wang said is right。Where I happened to be passing this afternoon,So I stood down and took a look,People have money,The preparations for this groundbreaking ceremony are particularly adequate”Feng Xiaowei smiled and said。

Xia Jian thought about it to Secretary Wang:“How about this!Here you give Deputy Director Zhao an order,All the members of their police station,Fully armed to the scene tomorrow,Create momentum first”
“Damn!Chief Xia’s mind is flexible,I’ll go to Deputy Director Zhao to arrange”Secretary Wang finished,Get up and go。
Xia Jian took a sip of water,I thought about it and asked Liu Zimin:“How is the job I arranged for you some time ago?”
“Are you talking about running a canteen in our village??”Liu Zimin asked with a smile。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Correct,I said it before,Meng Jiucheng allocates all expenses,This also belongs to the infrastructure construction work in our village。You said everyone doesn’t even have a place to eat,What kind of work are you talking about then”
Liu Zimin smiled and said:“about there,The place is in our backyard,Deputy Director Zhao has ordered the place to be cleaned up,The chef is from Hu Wangzhuang,Waiting for money now”
“how?Is it difficult?”Xia Jian frowned,Asked a little unhappy。
Liu Zimin glanced at Xia Jian,Whispered:“Director Meng has already typed up the report,But the city has not yet approved”
Xia Jian just listened,Stood up immediately。He grabbed the phone on the desk,I called Meng Jiucheng。One call,Xia Jian said to Meng Jiucheng:“Director Meng!If the township government can’t approve the money for building a canteen,,You just pulled a cart of wood and bought it yourself,I’ll take care of it”
“Chief Xia is relieved,I will go to the city again tomorrow。If they don’t approve,I really did it”Meng Jiucheng is also full of fire。
Xia Jian hung up the phone,A little depressed sitting behind the desk,Didn’t say a word。Feng Xiaowei glanced at Xia Jian,Hehe smiled and said:“Do not be mad,It’s really impossible to be angry about this”
“I really can’t figure it out,Our money is used to build the canteen,They still have to do it,What do you say this is?”Xia Jian said grumblingly。
Liu Zimin said coldly:“Or let’s ask for the distributorship of Linzi”
Feng Xiaowei smiled and said:“Easy you said,This forest is on our site in Donglin Township,But it also belongs to the urban management。Does not produce economic benefits,No one can see。Can sell money now,This right anyway,They won’t let go,This is the rule”
“Nothing,I will talk to Mayor Chen tomorrow”Xia Jian said,Took a long breath。
Liu Zimin sat for a while,So I went back early。Feng Xiaowei secretly glanced at Xia Jian who was a little unhappy and said:“I made some supper,Let’s go have some!I guess you are hungry too”
What Feng Xiaowei said,Xia Jian really feels a little hungry,Maybe this is conditioned reflex!Xia Jian hesitated a bit,So followed Feng Xiaowei。

Xia Jian couldn’t help asking:“All right at home!”

“Okay,The water in the village has run out,It’s muddy everywhere。Uncle Xia and Auntie have not slept,Don’t worry about them,Hurry to the next door to change your clothes”Zhao Hong said,He handed the clean pants and shoes to Xia Jian’s hands。
Ma Yan smiled and said:“Where to go next door most of the night,Convert it right here,I won’t peek anyway”
Since other girls have said that,Xia Jian didn’t feel embarrassed,But when he opened the folded pants,I found that the careful Zhao Hong put a pair of panties inside for him。Not to mention,It’s really uncomfortable to wear this thing wet。
Xia Jian put on his pants and walked into the house next to him in the dark,Fortunately, the door is not locked。When Xia Jian comes out after getting dressed,Found that Zhao Hong and Ma Yan in the office were asleep on the table。
The burning candle is about to burn out,Make a flapping sound。Xia Jian glanced at his watch,It’s more than three in the middle of the night。Only the roaring Xichuan River outside the window,Besides,The whole Xiping Village is quiet。It seems everyone is tired from tossing。
Take a look at the sky full of Minxing,Xia Jian shook his head helplessly。It seems that God is just like people,This temper is good and bad。He thought about these questions,Down on the sofa,Fell asleep without knowing it。
A voice of speaking,Wake up Xia Jian。He opened his eyes and took a look,Zhao Hongzheng and Chen Erniu are discussing what。Ma Yan on the side is gone。
“wake up!Get up quickly,Let’s go see by the river”Zhao Hong said,Gave a long yawn。
Chen Erniu, who put on clean clothes, looks refreshed。He laughed and said:“I thought we would never see you again,Don’t you know,How high was the head of the river when Xichuan River came down last night?”
“So heavy rain,Can the head of the river be lowered??”Xia Jian moved around,Turned around and walked outside。
Zhao Hong and Chen Erniu hurriedly followed from behind。Chen Erniu took a breath and said:“As high as an eaves,With a rush, the waterproof embankment we pierced was gone.。Water recedes and knows,This waterproof dike with a length of more than ten meters was rushed into the village”
“what!It’s incredible!”Zhao Hong said silently。
Chen Erniu sighed and said:“We are indeed a little lucky。If this waterproof embankment ran into someone’s house,,The house will be knocked down。If you run into someone,Can that person live?So we are still a little lucky”
Sounds really scary,But Xia Jian still glared at Chen Erniu and said:“Not so much if。If I were the rain god,I will go to the island country in this crazy rainstorm”
Xia Jian’s joke is very good,Zhao Hong and Chen Erniu all laughed。
Xichuan River is like a wild horse running away,Has rushed out of the original river。Ramming wanton on the river bank,It looked a little shocking。The village head of Xiping Village,Because it’s closer to Xichuan River,The whole road is full of river water。
Xia Jian watched for a while,So he took off his shoes and put them aside,Then went barefoot into the cold water。Zhao Hong and Chen Erniu also imitated him,The two also took off their shoes,Caught up from behind。

Even eat leaves!

It seems that this jade mulberry leaf is really nutritious,In the taste of dragon。
“Look at it,Like a new life just hatched,And have you noticed,Its flaws,Also completely disappeared!”Mr. Koi suddenly said in surprise。
Zhu Minglang is also observing seriously。
As Mr. Koi said,The huge trauma Qingzhuo suffered when he was young is gone。
Its bones,Internal organs,Many important bloodlines,All intact!
The Shenmu Qingshenglong itself is a very superior dragon species,If it’s not because of the residual dragon,May even surpass the growth of Bingchen and Bailong。
And now Xiao Qingzhuo has the Azure Phoenix bloodline,Become the Cangluan Qing Sacred Dragon,Noble lineage,Even the remnant dragon characteristics that will accompany it forever are healed!
The biggest problem with Xiao Qingzhuo is the broken dragon。
Perfect solution now,Its potential is even more immeasurable!
Zhu Minglang also showed a smile on his face,The little guy is too bitter and happy,Finally get rid of the huge trauma of young,Nothing can stop it from flying for nine days!
Xiaoqing Shenglong grows very fast,Just finished eating jade mulberry leaves,You can see its feathers growing from its plump and smooth skin,Especially the pair of Cangluan wings,Every feather is like a perfect work of art,When fully grown and plump,This luxuriant plumage will make it extraordinary,Like the darling of the creator!
“Go get some phoenix tree spirit dew,It should soon control some powerful racial abilities。”Mr. Koi said。

Wang Lin took a long breath and said:“I think this matter should be handled by the police,It’s too dangerous for you to participate,The group really cannot do without you”

Xia Jianzheng wants to talk,Suddenly remembered something,He made a gesture to Wang Lin,And went straight out of the office,Walk towards the reception room,Wang Lin followed him with a puzzled look。
Close the door of the reception room,Xia Jian said to Wang Ling:“I’m afraid that Li Xiaolu will do tricks around us,So be careful when speaking“
“If this is the case,It’s a bit terrible,I’ll ask someone to check your office right away“Wang Lin said,Get up to go。
Xia established a horse stop road:“Don’t worry,You let Fang Fang come,Let me explain to her,Don’t let too many people know about this“Xia Jian said very seriously。
Wang Lin took out her mobile phone,So I called Fang Fang,In a while,Fang Fang walked in quickly,She glanced at Xia Jian,Lowered his voice and asked:“President Xia!Is there any new discovery?“
“The other party is already bubbling,But I’m afraid Li Xiaolu will do something to us,Like installing a bug or something,So i ask you,Hurry up and buy an instrument to check this stuff,Check my office and all rooms in Beishan,I can’t even let go of the yard,Especially all the clothes I wear“That’s it for Xia Jian,I hurriedly touched myself。
Fang Fang nodded and said:“I’ll do it right away,But your Beishan residence has this possibility,Your office should not be a big problem,And you,Absolutely no problem,I wear these two clothes in summer,Moreover,I still don’t believe they have such a great ability“
“No problem best,You should do it quickly!“Wang Lin looked very anxious。
Wait for Fang Fang to leave,Xia Jian suddenly asked Wang Lin:“Didn’t we say that our company needs to install a camera??Why hasn’t this done??You have to catch it yourself“
“You may have forgotten about it,I told you before,We can settle in the office building in the financial center after the Chinese New Year,Waiting to move into the new building,We will install a set of more advanced monitoring equipment,I won’t use it temporarily,You agreed to this”Wang Lin smiled slightly。
There seems to be such a thing,What Xia Jianjing and Wang Lin said,He just remembered。at this time,Suddenly someone knocks on the door,Wang Lin stood up busy,She opened the door gently,Just listen to the female clerk outside the door:“President Wang,A guest wants to see Mr. Xia,He said he is Mr. Xia’s old friend”
Wang Lin looked back at Xia Jian with soliciting eyes,Xia Jian hesitated and said:“Bring it over!”
A top hat,A man with big sunglasses on his face walked in,When he saw Xia Jian,Then he laughed and said:“Mr. Xia!I am coming again”
Xia Jian asked confusedly:“Who are you?”

Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。

Zhou Li scolded with a cold smile:“Xia Jian!Don’t pretend to be upright here。No one will gossip when you go out now?You better sit down,Otherwise, Zhou Li will go crazy,I’m afraid you haven’t seen it before”
Seeing Zhou Li look a little crazy,Xia Jian had to sit back again。In case this woman’s brain gets water,Yelling,Then he jumped into the Yellow River and couldn’t clean it。
Zhou Li saw that Xia Jian was suppressed by her,She just walked over gently,I don’t know where I brought a bottle of red wine,She also held two red wine glasses in one hand。
“Foreign goods,I heard the price is not low,Let’s chat,Drink two glasses”
“No need to,I can’t get used to this stuff,You still drink it alone!I can drink if I have alcohol”
Xia Jian rejected Zhou Li in a cold voice。In fact, over the past few years,He slowly accepted the wine,On some occasions,He can still drink a few drinks。
Zhou Li has no Li Xia Jian,But put the red wine glass on the coffee table,Then open the wine bottle,Pour a little into two cups separately。
“Drink it!If you really can’t drink,Then I’ll let someone get a bottle of white wine,You drink white,How about i drink red with you?”
Zhou Li smiles at Xia Jian, who is so charming,Push the glass with red wine in front of him。Xia Jian hesitated,But still served。He understands Zhou Li’s character,She is a master who does what she says。In case the whole bottle comes up white,Wouldn’t he be worse。
“Ok!Then I will drink less,It’s ten thirty now,Eleven o’clock at the latest,I have to leave here”
Xia Jian said,Raised the red wine glass and took a sip。But to be honest,This red wine tastes really good。All these years,He also knows a little about red wine。
Zhou Li looked at Xia Jian,Suddenly burst into laughter:“Xia Jian!You just pretend in front of me!These years,You still drink less of this red wine?Woman you still sleep less?”
“Zhou Li!If you want to talk like this,Then we really have nothing to talk about”
Xia Jian said,Stand up again。
Zhou Li rushed over,She pushed Xia Jian back。She choked up and said:“Xia Jian!I didn’t expect you to be so ruthless,Anyway,We also had a happy time,Did you forget?”
“I forgot,But you changed。What do you mean by what you have done all these years?You are playing with fire!do you know?”

Ah Mao took three bullock carts to go down,Ah Chong brought three bullock carts over again,Chen Xiu thought:“This time it should be Hu Li giving the gift。”

As expected,Sure enough, Hu Li sent someone to send a car of copper coins、A cart of medicinal herbs、In the last car are eight beautiful female slaves。
“This Hu Li is really an old fox,Hu Mazi、Guo Baojun is two savvy men,He knows Longxi Village is an Orion family,It is inevitable to get hurt when hunting up the mountain,What is more needed is medicinal materials;Sent a few more beauties,It’s both wealth and color。”Chen Xiu looked at Hu Li again。
“Achung,Bring Mr. Hu’s gift to everyone.。”
Ah Chong is excited to go down with three bullock carts,Ran back again,Rao Tou said:“master,Money and medicine are well divided,can……But eight of them are not enough,There are dozens of bachelors in our village!”
Chen Xiu slapped his head,I forgot this,Women are not as good as bacon,Said with a smile:“Achung,How about leaving all eight of them to you as a wife!”
Ah Chong quickly waved his hand and said:“master,This can prevent。Women are tigers,My dad is just my mom,Already miserable,If I had eight wives, it would be better to die!”
1127 Six Doors Xiao Bing
I heard a little kid talking about his wife,Everyone was laughing,Even the eight singers can’t help but laugh。
At this time, Daniel has also sent the first batch of ox cart gifts back,Kicked Ah Chong’s ass,Smiled:“You little kid,Know what a wife is!”
A Chong holding his butt with both hands,Whispered:“Speak as if you understand,You are not a bachelor!”
Everyone laughed happier now,Daniel has to kick his ass again,A Chong parades among the crowd like a loach,Daniel is the last one。
“okay,Take it if you have enough trouble,The coins and medicinal materials are distributed to everyone,Eight singers will be handed over to the village chief!”

Senior people sit down,Liao Jubi on a pot of tea,Then remove two gorgeous wooden boxes from the cabinet,Put in front of the static circle and Zhang Lihua。

“Little meaning,Not interest,Please also ask two not to disappear。”
look familiar,Material is not bad,Inside is definitely a money sword。
“Ager,So goodwant,I am a family,All over the sky,How can I collect your things??”
Static round,Declined by Liao Jun,Young people roots,Not cultivate,But the secular gas is too heavy,I don’t have any big achievements.,Pity。
“Ager,These thirty-six copper money are extraordinary,You really plan to give us?”
Zhang Lihua pushes the wooden box cover,Wrapped in the red cloth, a money sword,She reads the copper,Suddenly facing the color。
Be too expensive.,Cannot receive。
“certainly,Uncle is talking to me.,I am because I am a friend.,Caused people in the same way to avoid me,Two willing to succeed,I naturally prepare a thin and talking。”
Zhang Lihua refused to be very hesitant,Although her family is big,Lack of demon demon,But the innate copper is very rare,Even if used to collect,It is also a symbol of the idea of the home.。
“Not,Baojian gift hero,I sincerely,Do not push。”
“Be ashamed,I can’t find the reasons for rejection.!”
Zhang Lihua shook his head and rushed,Watches the wooden box:“Ager,I am receiving this news.,Curse,I know from the uncle there.,do not worry,I must have a whole effort。”
“Lawa’s nature,Why is it?,I think is a female Zhonghao.。”
“Ager,You are good at talking,No wonder your boss is relieved to give you such a big family to manage。”
look familiar,He also lost his heart,Take the chest and recognize Liao Jie to be friends.。
“Congenital copper,Shout”
Static round corner pumping push open wooden box,Whispering。Dark blame your mouth too fast,Look at people Zhang Lihua,Look at things and talk first,young,It can be more stable than him.。
Liao Jie launched:“Static,Generous affection,This is the limit of my strength.。You are a predecessor,Please accept it quickly.,Don’t bury me。”
“Ah this year”
Quietly bite one foot:“it is good,I have something to find me in the future.,Never resolve。”
“Embarrass,Be ashamed。”
Static round,Rising the sensory line of Liao Jie,Young people roots,Not cultivate,And talk about the dripping water,I am definitely a person。
Uncle is very speechless:“You a monk,What is the money sword?,Not afraid of being joke??”
Static eyebrows:“what happened,Can’t use money swords with monk,I just like it.!You talk to yin and yang.,Is it not good to see me??”
“Humph,I just help some monk recall.,He is all empty,Don’t collect someone else。”
Uncle is ridiculous,Quiet round,Teeth,Slaid sleeves。
“One said one,Bystander,impartial,Whenever the uncle is lost。”
Liao Jie Kai Road:“Quiet Master Leading Money Sword,Furnish,The purpose is to demon demon,This is a good lift,What is wrong??”
“That is,Still Ajie speaks,Unlike who,I will squeeze people。”
Static round,Serious suspicion, uncle, he has money sword,So it is across the block。
Unfold,Scene is not familiar,People are not familiar,He could not be stunned so no face.。
See the two people to receive the money sword,Liao Jie Dark the two friends are basically not running.,Just want to say something,Quiet round suddenly reached,Remove a string black bead bracelet from the pool。

Xuanci look at the clothes,It is also confused in the eyes……

When he is young,Young,It is indeed a lot of sinners.,But……Can hate him to this extent,There should be no too much.?Especially the martial arts of this person……
And the monk is full of emotional looks at Qiaofeng.,God……Some faces。
“I am with his hatred?Row、Row,How can I?It was that he killed my wife.,Make my child,Cannot gather with me……”
I heard the monks say this.,Everyone is talking about——Originally, someone accuses Xuanci,Everyone may not believe,But now ten eight nine,Will Xuan Chi as a despicable villain。
Qiao Feng listened to him,Some sympathy,Do not know why,I always feel that he looks at his eyes.……Very quirky!
“Mysterious!You said that I said that I have to steal less Lin martial arts.,Dozens of masters in Joint China,Kill my wife who will not martial arts……You have done me.!it is good!Then I love Xinjue Luo Yuanshan,Do not do,Two nonsense!
You are married to me.,I will give you a look.。These thirties,The old man hides in the Shaolin Temple,Borrow your martial arts!Shaolin Temple’s monk,You have the ability to kill the old man.,Otherwise, Shaolin Marthen not only has to flow into my big clear.,And it is necessary to have a part of the rivers and lakes.!
Now, I have already south.,You are just off,Be no longer!Hahaha……You are not worried,Hydrotest dog,Be learned,In the future violations of the Central Plains??Now how?Hahaha……”Bring away from Yuanshan,I will laugh myself to go back.。
Factual prove,All in the south,And there is no Shaolin martial art,It’s really true!
Qiaofeng heard it is already stunned.,Look at this 衣 人:“you、you say……You are……”
Yuanshan took a mask and threw away,I saw him six or seventeen years old.,Spirit Glory is full of dust,Seeing the appearance and Qiao Feng is five or six points。
“You are……I am?You are still alive?”Qiaofeng will go up,Confirmation with the old man。
Chu Deirers secretly sigh,These two pairs of fathers are still recognized,the other side……
In view of this side is too lively,Effectively attract everyone’s attention,Duan Zhengqi finally barely returned to the crowd,At this time, I faced the ridicule and ironic of Li Qingluo.,I have to laugh.。
Duan Yu……
At this time, I have already stood around the sister.,Separate early and he。
“My martial arts,Also Han people teach,Vow to hurt Han people,But you have witnessed your mother by these Central Plains.、Murdered in the carriage,I am already angry.,Halves who will be in the field,I’m going back to God.,Don’t mention it、Jumping directly from the cliff……
Who knows that the sky is not taught me?!An old tree hungs me,After raising the injury,No longer find dead for your father,But hiding less!Peak,You said this enemy,We are not reported?”
“Kill,Do not share the sky!What’s more, I am killing my mother.,It can also be said to be a man.,Can also cover the crime,Kill the master of Zhiguang and my teacher,It is a heart……”
And Xuci heard the other party’s complaint,Also finally understand,Where is this retribution?,However, I said to Qiao Feng.,Handicapped:“Amitabha,In the past,Indeed, the old guilty should be,today……Two must kill,As you wish,However, the master of Zhiguang and the mysterious brother,Never harm。”
Old mountain is not yet,Tangible:“Hahaha,Baby, you are wrong.,Single father and son,Refers to say the behind-the-scenes,Still placing you,For the father to visit them、A fire is burn Single Villa。
Smart light old bald,It was scared by me.,I will drink myself.,This is only in front of you.,As for mysterious baldness……I don’t know why people killed.,But this lesslin,Know the things of the year,I am afraid that the number of hands is not,Just a one, I don’t know,Founded is a bandit,Why is it necessary??”
Chu Deirers wanted at this time,Suddenly understanding that mysterious is not dying from the distance of the mountain——After all, the situation is different from the original,Qiaofeng is the most wolf,Chu Deiren pointing,Dragonfly,When you have a little forest,He still can’t catch back in the north.,Therefore, the mysterious thing is not dead at the time.。
After Juxianzhuang Heroes Conference,Mysteriousness is killing people,Shaolin Lord Questioning Qiaofeng。
And the original Chu deer thought or also a far away old man,But now it seems not to——Think about it,If it is what he did,That’s more, I have to go to the Qiao couple.……
But just as he said,In an rationale,It is also impossible to be a lot of money.,Rate……
Chu Deirers asked when this:“Mysterious masters can die from their own stunt?”
The mystery of the Still Soon:“no!Mysterious brothers are long,But it was killed by it.。”
Ok,Chu Deirers thought it was Murongbo?……
However, at this time, he became more and more hidden, and he looked at Chu Tai and Nan Muro.——Sure enough, these two face!Chu Tai Year is not,Forcibly……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Seventh 183th chapter Habit
Sludious、When Xuan is difficult to go to Chu Deirers,Mysterious is still alive,Later, Chu Deirers saved Murong, who went to the magic.、Prepare when you go to Fuzhou to meet Xiaolin,I heard that my mysterious is dead.、Shaolin suspects Qiao Feng’s news。
But just doubt,Because the Shaolin has been lucky、Sustained very wolf in the public opinion of the rivers and lakes,So don’t do anything。
To say this is still a good luck——Once you have already want to hide,Never want to be discovered、There is still a person in this person.,Listen to Qiao Feng、Chu Deirers and Shaolin confront this matter,After listening to the detailed dangers of mysteriousness,Duan Zhengqi once again……
“Mysterious master is less than half a month,I saw it in Xiaoshu Lake.……kindness,Peak,After the peak and A Zhu accompany me in the small mirror lake for ten days.,In the first few days, Chu Deirers were also!”Duan Zhengqi directly cracked this。
If this is the Chu Deirers,I am afraid that I don’t believe it.。
However, Duan Zhengxi said,Whether it is the reputation of Dali、Or the identity of Nanwang, Dali Town,At this time, no one is questioned.。
Who doesn’t know,Former Song exile forces Mu Wangfu,It is Dali dark funding,What is the motive of Zhennan?,Go to Qiaofeng to do a perfection……