This is still his first time in this school.。

Immediately climb up,Push up。
“Your grandfather,Bros,Copy!”
Luzi said one side,On the side of the stool, I went to Li’s head.。
Good student who plays with land on weekdays,Also put together the stool to join the war group。
Just Li Hui’s next thing,Let the people have a fierce breath。
I saw him in a punch.,At the same time, a throat of land repairs is one hand.。
“Do you dare to say anything about your name??”
“My grandfather!”
啪啪!A series of slaps directly let the land of the land are hot and swollen。
“Say it again!”
Just this time land repair is can’t say,Because he has been gasped by Li with the wind.。
See the other party,Li Hui is also a release of each other.。
Facing such students,He really doesn’t want to shoot,But it is too hot.。
Looking at the land that poured on the ground,Li Hui has no ignive。
But go to the podium,Faint road:“Today I am just a simple to inform you, I am your class teacher.,Ascending to teach you,Schools have not appointed,But what I want to say is,I hope everyone will study hard.,Even if you don’t study well,Give me a good man。”
“Of course, you can choose not to make people.,But I hope that when you don’t make people, don’t take others.,If I found it,I have any background behind you.,It is the background of Kao Laozi, I will let you get out of school.,Or more punishment。”
When I said this,Li Hui, looked at the girl near the window.,He suddenly understood why each other is like Qin Su.。
He looks like,appearance,Temperament is very like,But the black sputum on the earlobe is let him know that the root is not alone.。
However, as long as I can find Qin Su Ya’s clues from the other side.,He feels worth it.。
“okay,This door is today,Whoever wants to be a whole teacher?,Then the broken door is taken by the students of the whole teacher.。”
Say,Li Hui Li took the Yuan Dream to go out.。
When Yuan Meng did not expect that Li Hui Hui has just had such a brave scene.。
A punch to break the stool,This is only what you see on the TV,I didn’t expect to see in reality.。
“Teacher Yuan,What is the name of the student??
I see you before you seem to be yours.!”
“what!His name is Lu Zi,His father is a investor in our school.,And there is a pivotal position in the catering industry in Huashan City.,So the general teacher does not dare to sin him.。”
I heard this,Li Hui Feng is also thinking about thinking。
“I just made him apologize.,As long as you stand there, you will do it.,Why not let me do it??”
“Teacher Li,You don’t understand these children,They may serve as your face,But behind you will give you more demise.。”

Secretary Wang said with a smile:“stop looking,I don’t know what happened again,She drove away without even saying hello。Seems to be summoned by the mayor again!“When Secretary Wang said this,,A weird smile on his face。

Mayor Chen Jiang’s office,Ma Xiaofeng sitting on the sofa,Her face is also very ugly。And Chen Jiang is also angry,He lowered his voice and said:“Mayor Ma!I stand against the crowd,Transferred you to the most promising town of Pingyang,I didn’t expect your ability to do things really made me doubt“
“Mayor Chen!I just do not understand。This project of Zhangyang Village is a good project recognized by everyone,You got stuck here on the approval,The next five million loan,I can’t approve it when I get to the market。Xia Jian now raises his own funds,Set up this flower planting base,I don’t know why you are still upset?“Ma Xiaofeng gathers courage,Speak her heart。
Chen Jiangyi listen,Slammed the table and roared:“Ma Xiaofeng!Are you so savvy?All right,This thing ends here,But what I want to tell you is that the loan has nothing to do with me。Go back and be your mayor!“
Chen Jiang finished,Turned his face aside。The sigh of breath in his heart hasn’t finished,But Ma Xiaofeng pretended to be deaf and stupid,I’m not one with him anymore。
Ma Xiaofeng from the city government,The whole person looks listless。She doesn’t understand,Such a good project in Zhangyang Village,Why did Chen Jiang do this??Is it because his brother and Xia Jian have a holiday,He is going to burn the flames of war on the people?This person’s mind is too small。
When Ma Xiaofeng worked in the township government,Always average staff。A chance,She met Chen Jiang,Since,She was promoted very quickly。From Deputy Mayor,To the mayor,Was transferred to Pingyang Town。This is something ordinary people can’t do。
Ma Xiaofeng is not a fool,So she worked hard with Chen Jiang,What did she do?,She always tried to obey。But when she got in touch with Xia Jian,She felt that the justice of Xia Jian,Often shame her。
Contest many times,She was convinced to lose。Especially her husband ran to Pingyang Town to make trouble,Xia Jian not only did not stand by,But to help,This made her thank Xia Jian from the bottom of her heart。
But Chen Jiang refused to let Xia Jian do something in Pingyang Town,He face to face,Set behind,I wish Xia Jian made a big somersault on the Zhangyang Village project。But his wishful thinking was wrong,Save more than 5 million interest-free loans,I got stuck when I got to Chen Jiang。
Ma Xiaofeng was for this,I even had a red face with Chen Jiang,Where did their relationship start,There is a crack。What annoyed Chen Jiang,Even if the five million loan is blocked by him,But Xia Jian made another five million from other places,And also held a ribbon cutting ceremony。
When Chen Jiang heard that he went to many journalists,Blame him for not getting angry,So I immediately called Ma Xiaofeng back,He wanted to use this,Give Ma Xiaofeng a good reprimand,So she can stand in line,But Ma Xiaofeng’s performance disappointed him。
Standing on the side of the road,Ma Xiaofeng glanced back at the municipal government building,She said silently in her heart“Ma Xiaofeng!I’m afraid you will never come to this place again“
Early next morning,Xia Jian, who was sleeping in bed, was quarreled by footsteps,Just listen to my father Xia Zecheng shouting in the yard:“Get up soon!You bastard in the newspaper,Or provincial newspaper“
Actually, I don’t need my dad to come and tell him,Xia Jian knows too。So many reporters came to interview yesterday,No matter what,There should always be a small headline report!
Get dressed and walk out of the room,Xia Jian saw that his father was standing at the door waiting for him with a newspaper。He took the newspaper a little guilty and asked while reading it:“Who gave you this newspaper?”
“Who else?Zhao Hongbai!“Xia Zecheng gave the newspaper to Xia Jian,And then the little jogger left。He should go to his canteen again。

“Put your cool fart!Your people camel,The ear is still not?”Yue Lao San does not usually know what is known。

Wood peak,Looking at Yue Lao Sanyi Yushu,However, Ye Ming Niang and Yuzhong Crane,At this time, I also rely on the three surroundings of Yue Lao.——They have three groups,Wood peak is still not an opponent。
Herring Tree saw Yue Lao 3、Ye Erdiang,After that, the sound of the sound is strange:“Where is the friend?,But you have to visit this general?Please come in.!”
Si fuser has always been arrogant in a dining hall,Duan Yanqing is still there,Some hearing does not listen to the meaning,However, the paragraph of the holiday is big.,Herring Tie Tree also tolerance,However, now Herlian Tree has a three-fierce tolerance.,It is getting down,Especially because of the cause of Yue Lao San last night,I still take rid of the Chu Deirers。
Herring Tie,Chu Deiren heard……
If only“Belly language”Or“Kilometers”if,The sound can be sent very far,However, if you exceed your listening range,But can’t hear the sound of the sound。
楚 人“Sound soul”,But there is a happy party“Emotive”Characteristics,Not only your own voice is far away,In the range of its own sound,Although the meticulous sound is still unable to detect,But just cause too much air vibration,Impact on itself to a certain extent,You can get feedback!
In the original, Li Qiushui is using this trick.,Dragonfly,When a nursery rose,Directly found that nursery and virtual bamboo hide in the ice。
The gap between Chu Deirers and Li Qiushui can not be left.,Other conversations Chu Deirers have not heard,Just can’t hear Yue Lao Sanyang,However, Herlian Tree is deliberately drinking.,The Chu Deiren is heard.,But I didn’t care。
I rang again for a while.,After playing a chapter,Westernxia Strokes defended outside the temple,See a high nose、The bunch of the four-party national character face,There is also a handsome son holding a paper fan,And one is holding……kindness?Hind……Cough,Similar young and handsome son,The big light came over。
“Come、What is the person??”Guarding also knows that the three do not provoke,But still don’t dare to release it directly。
“Northern Joe, with your general,There is also the successor of Dali.,And my passerby came to visit,Quick circulation。”Chu Deirers put out the scene of the first gift。
Although the team with Qiao Feng,Can、Can output,The combat power score is greatly improved,But after all, there is more than two hundred people in the West.,Still first touch it again……
However, the Chu Deirers are not too worried.,After all, the original work is that fake Qiaofeng can,Not to bring Zhen Joe,But turn over?
“North、North Qiaofeng?You are Qiao Feng?”The West Xia Samurai on the door is shocked。
Obviously compared to Duan’s inheritance、And what is the passerby,still is“Qiao Feng”More shocked。
The guards of the door are just one person.,Insidamental report,Other people are more guarded to look at Chu Deirers.……
Qiaofeng did not have a hard time,Soon, the sound of inviting:“Hahaha,Since it is a famous northern Qiaofeng.,How do you have no rules??Not so fast, please come in.!”
Just the West Xia Guard will lead the three people on the road.,It can be seen that the West Xia Guard is a heavy alert.,Never express this fantastic。
Three people in the hall,Qiaofeng looked at the pot of cooking beef,Can’t help but have some frowning——He also likes to eat meat.、Datun,But some feelings on the temple,Seeing that the people in the West。
The Chu Deiren is looking to his face.“Zombie”,There is also a free hand in the rolling water.“Strong man”……
Duan Yanqing heart knotted half、It is not behind a dining hall,These two people should be the highest master of Yipang network。
“Zombie”There are short-lived hands before and Chu Deirers,From the number of roads, Wang Yizhen is recognized as the Xiangxi zidge door.,And inferred that it is probably the martial arts in Xiangxi!
In Chu Deire,This is also reasonable——After all, although the spirit of 湘 湘 子 子,But it is also a child who is interested in,Big old-distance goes to the north to reveal。
Yin Kexi with Persian、Tianzhu Yoga Master Nith,And for the three masters under the bust,The three martial arts in the middle of the top mid-term is second only to the golden wheel,And all in the huff,When I saw three people,Also feel pressure and threat。
Today, this big rivers and lakes,West Summer still exists,Perhaps the price is high、probably is“Ning Meng Chicken”,Xiaoxiang will not be strange in a dining hall。
As for the meat,Chu Deirers are not recognized,There is no amazing momentum,But from the seat,This person and the Xiaoxiangzi are at the left and right hand of the Herlian iron tree, respectively.。
Duan Yu is here to look at Yue Lao, who is hiding behind.……
“Nanhai crocodile,You have seen Master、Uncle、Teacher,Why don’t even say hello??Is the South Sea Part to this rule??”Duan Yu direct opening squeezing。
Yue Lao San see can’t hide,Gas face、A large purple,Stretching the three people screaming,But still squatting,Crushing the powder of two tiles,Then the head is not shouting:“Yue Lao two worships Master!Humph……I am so angry、I am so angry、I am so angry!”
Let’s make a light effort,Want to leave the wooden window on the side of the hall。

Xia Jian didn’t even read it:“Indicate their job position outside,Bring all to the meeting room to wait for the result。During this time,If someone leaves without authorization,I will increase the punishment。In addition,You call immediately to inform those who have not come to work,The township cadres meeting at 3 pm“

“Not present,I won’t use Donglin Township for work anymore“Xia Jian finished,Turn around and leave。
Feng Xiaowei chased up from behind,Whispered to Xia Jian:“Chief Xia is really thunderous,But what should these people do next?”
“Huang Shigui and the four of them are suspected of gambling,And also doing such ridiculous things in the conference room during work。Do you think Donglin Township can keep them??“Xia Jian asked Feng Xiaowei back。
Feng Xiaowei smiled and said:“I’m afraid of thunder,Rain drops。Snake will never die,But got wounded by a snake“
“Don’t worry,If the market still shows favoritism to Huang Shigui and others this time,Then I’ll leave immediately,Let them manage Donglin Township by themselves“Xia Jian said decisively。
Donglin Township Government Compound,Very clean by Li Manfu。When Xia Jian and Feng Xiaowei came out,Li Manfu is carrying a bucket to sprinkle water into the yard。When Zhao Chunling took Huang Shigui to the police station just now,It happened to be seen by Li Manfu。He is from Huang Shigui,This scared him。
Xia Jian still followed Feng Xiaowei to her office,Because he doesn’t even know,Do you have an office?。Feng Xiaowei is very smart,Her face from Xia Jian,I have seen Xia Jian’s meaning。
She smiled and said:“Chief Xia!You work in my office first,I asked someone to clean up the room for you“Feng Xiaowei greeted Xia Jian to her office,She turned and left。
First1839chapter Stabbed up
? Really funny,As the head of a village,He didn’t even have his own office。Doesn’t this word make people laugh out of their teeth?。
Xia Jian sat on Feng Xiaowei’s chair with cotton cushions,Took a long breath。Calm down,He immediately grabbed the phone on the desk。He wanted to call Qin Xiaomin,But I changed my mind,He called Chen Jiang again。
The phone is connected soon,When Chen Jiang heard this call Xia Jian called him,He asked a little surprised:“What’s the matter, Chief Xia?,You don’t mean you regret it,Don’t want to go to Donglin Township?“
“I have started to work in Donglin Township。I didn’t expect to go to work on the first day,Huang Shigui, director of Donglin Township People’s Congress, led a group of people to play mahjong in the conference room。Mayor Chen!What do you say about this?“Xia Jian on the phone,Said very angry。
Chen Jiangyi listen,Can’t help but curse loudly:“Bastard,Dare to play mahjong in the meeting room of the township government,How do you think about it?“Chen Jiang kicked the ball over soon。
“When we caught this group of people,Secretary to the mayor,And the Minister of Arms,In addition, the newly appointed deputy director of the police station, Zhao Chunling, is also there。It can be said that people get the money,And the amount of money on the table is two thousand four hundred yuan。Bad plot,Very bad influence。I have asked Deputy Director Zhao to detain them to the police station“Xia Jian said very strongly。
Chen Jiang sighed on the phone and said:“Chief Xia!This Huang Shigui is really disgusting。But in dealing with his affairs,Do you think about it?“

Li Tianchou looked at the steel ring that originally hung the chandelier on the ceiling,Calculating the length of the cloth strip,“Make no mistake,Just tell me how to kill Zhang Jiming,This experiment will be avoided,it’s actually really easy。”

“I can’t remember who Boss Zhang is……”Shen Mingfang yelled halfway,People have been lifted upside down in the air,Li Tianchou put the cloth strip reserved on the side of his ankle into the steel ring and fastened it,Let go,In this way,Shen Mingfang was hung upside down under the ceiling like a livestock slaughtered in a meat joint factory。
Li Tianchou did not forget to push Shen Mingfang,His body suddenly swayed like a pendulum,“Forgot to tell you,Not enough strips,I only used a single layer hanging on it。Think about it,You will be free tomorrow morning。”
“Hey,My horse!You lunatic,Let me down,Did you hear,Don’t you Zhang Family think about it??”Shen Mingfang was extremely angry,Yelling。
“Snapped”A crisp sound,Li Tianchou gave Shen Ming a big mouth to face him,“You can’t do it when you’re an old man?Still think about whether your Shen family will endure。”
Shen Mingfang was dizzy when he was pumped,Full of anger was forced back,He dare not scold again,The whole face was suffocated into pig liver color。The body shakes violently and becomes irregular,Fear clearly prevailed,He was afraid of breaking the cloth strip by accident,Then everything is over。His eyes can’t see,Can’t figure out the height of the ceiling,I always feel my head is far from the ground,In fact, Li Tianchou has inserted a sofa cushion directly below。
Yuan Hua always looked at with a smile,Don’t say a word,It’s like watching a opera,With relish。The only thing that makes him feel comfortable is the movement of the living room next to him。Actually, the doctor had already been treated,But two Dao brothers are doing errands,He dare not disturb,So I have been sitting in the corner of the living room,Wait quietly。Experience tells him,See nothing,Didn’t hear anything。
Li Tianchou casually wiped his hands to Yuan Huadao:“This guy has to reflect for a while,Let’s look at the other one。”
Two people enter the house,The doctor immediately stood up straight。
“How is this person?”Li Tianchou pointed to the still unconscious man on the sofa and asked。
“Nothing serious。Skull contusion,Stopped bleeding,Also anti-inflammatory。But are there any other questions,I can’t tell,Need to go to the hospital for examination。”The doctor tells the truth,Paused and said:“In addition, that broken leg is not easy to handle,Must go to the hospital for surgery。”
Li Tianchou nodded:“thank you,Life is fine。When will this guy wake up?”
“Easy work,Easy work。”The doctor is obviously flattered,Waved quickly,“This brother is in good health,Wake up when you speak,Three to five minutes。”
“You don’t have to be too polite,I’ll take you back soon。I’ll let Old Zhu pay you for the consultation。”Li Tianchou didn’t delay in the house,For fear of being restrained by the doctor,A stretched hand took Yuan Hua to the yard。
“Let’s talk about the surname Qiu。”Li Tianchou took out a cigarette。

Wright wanted to open his mouth and say something,But seeing Cecilia’s sharp eyes,Decide to obey,At the same time they made a look at each other with Maui。

“Wife control!”
“Eat soft rice!”
Maui is away,The atmosphere of Wright and Cecilia turned into an embarrassing and charming atmosphere.。
Wright as the senior magician of two worlds,Take the initiative to break the embarrassment。
“Cecilia,Be my girlfriend!”
“Ok!”Cecilia blushed。
“I will talk to Uncle Baruch!Rest assured that I will become a sanctuary。”Cecilia’s blush is beautiful。
“I won’t give the gift!”
“you dare!”Cecilia patted Wright’s side with a palm。
“Click!”A large bed made of precious wood from royal tribute,Collapsed!
Because of a lot of noise,The royal guard rushed over quickly,Saw the hard wooden bed broken,The guards looked at each other a little。
Wright thought for a while,Reluctantly give an explanation:“I just woke up,The magic burst,Broke the wooden bed。”
“This one,Do you want to pay??”

“this matter,Not that scary at all,It’s nothing more than the Zhao family,Just come to us!”

When Wang Teng was talking here,Those around,I even looked in front of my eyes。
what,The Zhao family came to them?
but,do not know why,The more these people think so。
They feel more and more,Next,There is still a need to do something first to be king。
“Lord,Since this is the case,Then let’s clean up,Settle accounts with them!”
“Is this still necessary?,Actually we should have dealt with this a long time ago。”
“have to say,everything,In fact, it was already in our expectation,So it’s really processed,It’s not a problem at all!”
slowly,With these people,One after another you say me,Don’t forget to say here。
The more so,Actually these things look,It feels quite tricky。
And looking at it all,Actually put it here,For Wang Teng,Start now,These things,Actually,Nothing at all。
And seeing these,at this time,Wang Teng is very calm:“It’s ok,Even if they really come here,In fact, it has no effect at all。”
“Now words,Let them continue to toss。”
Anyway,Looks at Wang Teng,Such a thing,Actually it’s almost processed。
So start now,The more so,In fact, Wang Teng’s heart,I feel more and more,Actually start now,No need to deal with this way。

“Forget it,Go straight ahead。”

“If you can solve the other party,That’s best,If not,They also scrapped at least half!”
Looks at Wang Teng,Actually such a thing,It is very important。
So other questions,Actually, I don’t need to consider too much for the time being。
But at least here,Actually these things,But there is a great need to deal with it.。
I just looked in front of my eyes subconsciously,The more so,Actually from now on,What should we do about these problems,Actually it has become obvious。
And the more so,In fact, while Wang Teng was looking at these。
at this time,Wang Teng itself,It doesn’t feel much at all。
But just like this,In fact, in Wang Teng’s heart,An idea suddenly popped up。
“Since they are willing to consume,Then start now,I can fulfill them。”
“but,Other things actually,There is nothing to say,Just look at them,Can it be resisted?!”
When Wang Teng saw this,In fact, for such things,From the current point of view,It gives people a very good feeling。
slowly,See these,Wang Teng at this time,Actually, I don’t think,What will look like this。
And see here,Actually here,The more Wang Teng thought about it,The more I will feel,It looks good like this。
slowly,I swept in front of my eyes subconsciously。
The more so,Actually here,Wang Teng himself,No feeling at all。
in fact,Wang Teng has already planned。
And it looks like Wang Teng,Actually such a thing,Almost processed。
right now,It depends on what Hong Deshao should do。

The old horse shows me to bed with the bed.,At this time, the old age of the urology is already watching the patient.。

Patient is a24Youth year,I have just been graduated.,Working around here。I have healthy,First, I found my kidney stones.,Nautical,Annossible。
Her boyfriend accompanied by the patient,Old horse,They are preparing to marry this month.,I didn’t expect this happening.,It seems that the marriage is delayed.。
You know this as well,I asked the old horse whisper.。
The old horse said that the high-thin and thin boys outside the rescue room is her boyfriend.,When he just signed, he told me.。
Sign a word,I ask。
SignICUTreatment,Old horse glances。Blood pressure is like this,look,A rescue room,Blood pressure is only90/50Hgabout,I consider her infectious shock.,Support a lot of liquid,I didn’t rose the pressure.。
I will notice the patient’s situation at this time.。
Patient side lying on the bed,Curl with body,It is estimated that it is low back pain.,Face is a little pale,Frowning,Expression pain。But people are still clear,I have been listening to us talking.。
ECG monitoring suggest blood pressure90/50Hg,Heart rate119Second-rate/Minute,Blood oxygen saturation is still normal。Breathing is basically normal。The patient’s heart rate is so fast,Blood pressure is low,It is estimated that it is shock.。
After reading the patient,We are stationed in bed at the bed to disclose patients.。
Master of Horses,Do you want surgery right away?,Do not dare to make a leather kidney fistula drainage。
Dr. Sun is a bit hesophiliated,Say,Such kidney stones、Ureteral stones and with water、Infect,It is definitely not good to use antibiotics effect.,Because the stone has been blocking,You don’t dred ureteral,Let the urine come out,Infection is definitely controlled,But if you pull it directly to the operating table, you will not reality.,Because the patient is currently inappropriate to make gravel surgery,Risk,And there is no need to be able tolerate。
I agree with the old horse.。
Can consider making prolsum kidney puncture,Just like a doctor said,Temporarily lead the water,No matter the stone,Waiting for infection control,Take the second gravel tapestone surgery。Dr. Sun added。
Then go to your department to do surgery.,If the situation is not good to arrangeICUalso。The old horse smiled and said。
Dr. Sun did not immediately promise,But said,Patients currently have low blood pressure,Heart rate fast,Skin is also cold,Consider a shock,At this time, even if you make a fistula, I am afraid that the risk is quite high.,Don’t go firstICU,Use powerful antibiotics to see if you can slightly control the infection,At the same time anti-shock treatment,Look at the life of life can not be further stable,At that time, the fistula may be safer.。
We understand what Dr. Sun is thinking。
But this is risky.,In case of antibiotics、Anti-shock is not good,That is still hard to make kidney fistula、Drainage、Pus。and,Infected stoves have been present,Antibiotics are not effective。Very likely to antibiotics no effect。
We told the treatment plan with the patient’s boyfriend.,This high child is still more,Speaking of the doctor’s practice,But I am signed enough alone.,Is it going to call my girlfriend’s parents?,But they are all in the old family,I am afraid I have to go to the hospital tomorrow morning.。
I saw him a little panic.,But panic,The concern for his girlfriend is also a vision.。
I said to my old horse.,The patient is still awake,Let her also sign。TonightICUBar,See how tomorrow is how。
goICUBefore,Can be a bellyCTan examination,See some,It is convenient to surgery。Dr. Sun suggested。
That night,The old horse pushed the patient.CTroom,Fortunately, the process is going smoothly。
I have been getting near zero,The patient came.ICU。
CTThe result is also shown to have left kidney stones.、Ureteral stones and water infection,During renal circumference。I haven’t seen other problems.,Pancreatic is good,Gallbladder no stone,Appendix is also the end of the end,Patient diagnosed kidney stones、Urinary tract infection、Infectious shock is still clear。
InsertICUWe are nervous.,After all, it is such a young patient.。
I have left blood to cultivate the patient.、Urine culture(There is still a little urine),Simultaneous use of imine culture anti-infective treatment,Imaly culture is very advanced antibiotics,Strive for the control of infection as soon as possible。
The patient is still awake,CorrectICUSome fear,Ask me that her boyfriend can’t come in with her.。I said sorry,Here is closed management,Your boyfriend can’t come,You own strong。Do you have anything to tell him?,I can help you.。
She thought about it.,Shake the shaking head,Say nothing special,It is a little scared。I see her face is pale.,But the painful expression seems to be a bit better before。
You will treat it here.,You will get better,We have handled a lot of cases.,do not worry,That isICUA bit hard。I comforted her.。
,So tell him,Generally,Antibiotic treatment,There is also a later thorns,There are more conditions.
52Years old woman。
That is2During the Spring Festival before the year ago,At the time, she found me.,I am uncomfortable with me.,Especially often dizzy,Chest tightness。
How is a chest tightness??I ask her。
Just think that the chest is uncomfortable,I often feel that it is not enough.。She frowning。Our song and dance team(The song and dance team in the village)I haven’t participated in the event.,Physical strength。
I can see her very passionate dance.(Square dance),Trend is also more fashionable,Lipstick。

Qin Hao took a look,Immediately returned to Wang Lei。

“Just protect him?”Qin Hao thinks this task is not that difficult。
“You think it’s very simple?”Wang Lei asked。
See Wang Lei saying this,No joking expression,Qin Hao didn’t say a word。
If it is really simple,And will not be included in the mission。
All tasks included in the plan of excellence,Both are the most difficult。
“Tell you the truth,Mr. Liu Shiqiang is a member of the Talent Project,And ranked third。”
“Do you know his status now??”
Qin Hao didn’t speak immediately,There was a stormy sea in my heart。
Elite Program third place,That’s a national treasure level figure。
Travel anytime,The people who protect him are definitely among the elite。
Simultaneously,This also corresponds to their safety hazards at any time。