Zhang Song, who had just been resurrected from the birthplace, asked。

I saw Shunzi return to the game from the game,He sits on the battle bench,Close your eyes,Adjust breathing,He tried to recall“street fighting”Architectural geometric arrangement of the map,Through the bullet’s shooting track,Inferred the approximate location of the enemy……
“percent60Probability,Is it here??Try it and you’ll know!”I saw Shunzi operating charactersShunziXiang Xian deliberately put one leg out of the cover,Then he retracted his legs and ran to the opposite direction of the bunker,What he needs is to draw a time difference between the enemy’s reaction!
“Even if……if there is1Seconds!”Shunzi runs at full strength,Even though Sniper’s initial passive talent“As quiet as water”inside“reduce10%Moving speed,Promote15%Shooting accuracy”Speed cutBUFF,But he still ran the fastest speed since he came into contact with the game。
Straight outDWhile clicking the other side bunker,Roll and raise the gun,The whole action was done in one go,He pointed the gun in the predicted direction and fired。
Between the sparks,Two gunshots in the game。Shunzi’s whole body was lifted by dragon fruit bullets,Finally fell on a broken mound。
Announcement from the system:“Team Oscar Pitaya‘Kill’Flower teamShunzi!”
“Obviously,The game of two snipers,Dragon fruit is still superior!”Sakata-kun explained。
“I thinkShunziThe player’s judgment and decision-making are already perfect,However, the marksmanship is not more accurate than the opponent!”Miss Jiangdao。
“Just this minute,It’s the distance that a mortal and a genius can’t surpass in a lifetime!”Sakata-kun smiled and told this cruel fact,If Poison Tongue also has a training level,Probably he has already cultivated to the land of transformation。
“This rubbish rookie can actually hurt me?!”
Pitaya although useAWPSuccessfully killed Shunzi,But I was also guessed by Shunzi,A bullet hit his shoulder first,Dragon fruitHPgoing down67point!The dragon fruit counterattacked and took the Shunzi with one shot。
When no one is nearby,Pitaya jumped off the roof of a private house,Appeared at the street。He dragged his injured body,Carry the sniper rifle behind you,Walked in slowlyDstronghold,While grabbing points,He searched the bag of supplies left on Shunzi’s body,Used one of the blue medical boxes directly……
“unfortunately!I am dead and nothing,Actually lost the supplies,The two of usDPoint white……”Shunzi is counting down on the gray screen,Clasped his hands and blamed himself。
Zhang Song patted Shunzi on the shoulder,Comfort road:“Nothing!You can take back the lost things!I found a car,After you resurrected, walk to the east lane,I’ll drive to pick you up!”
At this time, an announcement came from the system:“Oscars-Dragon fruit has been occupiedDstronghold。”

Suddenly a strange call came in,Wang Youcai’s heart trembled,I thought about it and got connected。One call,A man’s voice came from inside。

“Wang Ge!I am Niu Xiaohu,Brother Wu was taken away by the police,He left the phone to me when he left,I didn’t receive it just now”Niu Xiaohu’s voice is very low。
Wang Youcai listened,Head buzzing,I didn’t expect this to come so soon。He asked in a daze:“Where are you?I want to see you”
“Wang Ge!I’m in Zhangjiacun,Come here if you are convenient!I am waiting for you at the entrance of the village”Niu Xiaohu whispered。Wang Youcai responded,Hung up。
Really missed a hundred secrets,Why did he forget this Niu Xiaohu,Except for Wu Wu,The one who knows them the most。If you don’t seal his mouth,This person is a*。
Zhangjiacun has reached the edge of the city,It seems that this guy is also a little scared,I should have hid outside。Wang Youcai drove the car,Took more than ten minutes,He has reached the entrance of Zhangjia Village。Under the dim street lamp,Wang Youcai saw someone standing far away。
He just drove the car over,The man walked over,Wang Youcai took a look,The person here is Niu Xiaohu。Wang Youcai said coldly:“Get in the car!”Niu Xiaohu did not speak either,Pulled the car door and got in。
Wang Youcai parked the car in a safer place,Then asked softly:“Why are you here?”
“This place is where Brother Wu recently moved,I lived with him recently。Today we saw the police coming,Brother Wu put the phone in my hand,Took the initiative to go out,Unexpectedly, people only asked a few words,Took him away”Niu Xiaohu lowered his voice and said。It seems he still has some lingering fears。
Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:”Turn off Wu Wu’s phone,Remove the card and throw it away“Wang Youcai whispered。
Niu Xiaohu nodded silently,I immediately turned off Wu Wu’s phone,Removed the phone card in front of Wang Youcai,Thrown out of the car window。
“You can’t stay in this place,It’s best to hide somewhere else。This time,Catch everyone。Wait for the wind to pass,You come back again“Wang Youcai whispered,Secretly glanced at Niu Xiaohu’s face。
I saw Niu Xiaohu breathe out:“Actually I wanted to leave the other day,But i…“Niu Xiaohu suddenly stopped as he said,A look of embarrassment。
Wang Youcai is the one who came here,He didn’t speak anymore,But took out the wallet,I took out all the money in it and counted it:“This is three thousand five hundred yuan,You buy a ticket to go south,The rest can be used for a while。You have to find something to do,Understand?”
Wang Youcai said,Stuffed the money into Niu Xiaohu’s hands。This twenties gangster,I was moved by Wang Youcai’s actions,He choked and said:“Thank you brother Wang!Brother will remember you in this life。I’m leaving tonight,Brother Wang, take care”Little Brother Niu said,Pull the car door and prepare to get off。
“slow!Don’t go back where you live。Go directly to Bucheon by car,And then go south from the train,do you understand me?”Wang Youcai said softly。

“Became!”Face‘pale’The world beast Mohe sneered,But didn’t hunt down。

Cast the Sixth Law of the Beast,The consumption to him is also great,Now he doesn’t have much energy left in his main battle deity,Even a Tier 6 world beast can’t completely suppress。
Naturally not effective,He intends to dissipate this deity directly,Then other clones absorb energy。
After all, if you kill the Infinite Hall Master,Those enslaved world beasts naturally fall beasts,He can directly become the Beast King。
Even if you didn’t directly kill the Infinite Hall Master,His attack power can also tear a crack in the Void True God armor,As long as the ultimate light of destruction penetrates,Can continue to expand the damage in a long time—Until fall。
of course,Infinite Palace Lord can also suppress damage by transforming into a world beast form—The issue is,The infinite hall master in the form of a world beast is weaker,It is equivalent to transforming into the self before the seventh step under the operation of the rules。
As for the Infinite Palace Master completely blocked this blow—He is going to run,But he doesn’t believe in this possibility!
But then,Smile on the face。
Chapter Forty-Five The birth of the Beast King
The world beast Mohe wants to dissipate the deity,But found myself not only unable to dissipate,Even countless clones dissipated under the guidance of some kind of force。
of course,The energy dissipated by the clone is all concentrated in the body,It made him recover about 30% of his strength。
“The sixth iron is at work,I must kill the world beasts of the primitive universe!The Lord of Infinite Palace did not directly fall?”
“wrong,The Lord of Infinite Palace did not bring the Beast in his most precious palace.,Otherwise I must have sensed it before!”
“what is the problem!”The world beast Mohe has a hideous face,Look back,What he saw made its heart sink。

In fact, he still doesn’t know much about the difference between the antique shop and the pawn shop he used to work.。

The business of the pawn shop is naturally more lively,After all, most people have time when money is tight,As for antiques,This is similar to a coffin shop。
Not open for three years,Open for three years。
Like the Xuande furnace he picked up yesterday,Made more than six million in one go,It’s really enough for three years。
of course,There are so many opportunities and the probability is similar to the rehearsal。
Antique shop anyway,Especially the new opening of Chen Xiu,Poor business is the norm when the industry is still unpopular and famous。
Can’t sit still in the shop,Chen Xiu directly gave the key to the store to Song Shi and Fang Qiong,Let them close the shop at night,I’m back to the rental house。
I was a bit sleepy watching the live broadcast too late last night。
When I walked to the corridor on the third floor, I saw my room door open,Rush in and take a look,I saw a wolf in my room,Suitcase winter clothes、The quilt was turned over,The mattress was also turned over,The cardboard boxes in the bathroom were turned over。
“my God,What a dumb thief is this……Knowing this is the village in the city, he came here to steal something,Visitors in the whole building are stolen by you without much money,I deserve to be a thief all my life。”
Chen Xiu doesn’t have any valuables in his rental house,The most valuable is the air conditioner that I don’t know how many hands。
obviously,The stupid thief is not interested in his own air conditioner。
“what happened,Thief。”
At this time, a middle-aged woman also flashed in outside the door,Round face,Round bucket waist,Except for the curls on the head,That image is exactly the same as the chartered wife in the Star Master movie。
of course,She is really a charter wife。
“Yes,I didn’t expect that I would still be patronized by thieves。”Chen Xiu said helplessly with the chartered wife。
The charter lady looked at Chen Xiu in confusion and then at the lock of the opposite door.,Then he frowned and said:“Xiao Chen,I also made you owe two weeks of rent because you are a college student……Don’t think you’re acting and directing yourself as a thief,I don’t have to pay this month’s rent。”
“Self-directed?”Chen Xiu’s confusion。
“You still pretend,If it wasn’t for you to act and direct,That stupid thief would leave someone else’s house not to steal,I just stole your bachelor’s room。”
This is really the confusion in Chen Xiu’s heart,Facing the question of the charterer, he couldn’t refute it。

Qu Anlie originally wanted to go out,But after calming down,I feel where I heard this voice!

“broken,It’s that kid!”
Qu Anlie’s eyes widened,I remembered that Lingxi was in the room at this time,Must have heard!
“Fucking,Is this guy crazy,I’m not afraid of Elder Qu coming out and killing him!”
“This guy is absolutely crazy!”
Everyone looked at Fuming’s eyes as if they looked at a fool。
Lingxi heard a voice in the room,A look of surprise appeared in his eyes,Just open the door and run outside。
Qu Anlie is late,I only saw a red shadow ran out,The kind that can’t be stopped!
“This is something bad!”
Qu Anlie’s face is full of helplessness,Can only catch up。
Everyone outside felt an incredibly hot breath approaching,You can guess it must be Lingxi。
“Out,Out,This kid is done!Hahaha”
“It’s so exciting!”
Lingxi ran to the door,Saw Fuming,Rushed straight,Fuming smiled and opened his arms。
Everyone is looking forward to being hammered out by Ling Xi,But they are destined to be disappointed!
Lingxi saved his life,Tears in the eyes,I see pity。
“OK OK,I’m back,do not Cry”
Fuming stretched out his hand to wipe away the tears from Ling Xi’s eyes,Comforted softly。

Imperial City Avenue in the Imperial City of Water Drop Lake,In fact, it’s just outside the prosperous road outside the court of Zhumen。

Zhu Minglang originally wanted to fly directly into the Imperial Capital Yangcheng on the Shenmu Qingshenglong,But considering the imperial capital Yangcheng is not the site of Zhumen,It’s not allowed to fly a dragon。
It’s still early,Aunt Bai Xin makes people wish bright、Nan Lingsha prepared a luxurious carriage,Let them go slowly,By the way, you can also take a look at the prosperity of Water Drop Imperial City and Central Imperial City。
Slowly to the Central Imperial City,The ground is already covered with big bronze stones,These boulders are neatly cut,Polished smooth,Sun shining on it,Like a place of gold and copper。
“many people。”Nan Lingsha sees that such a spacious road has become somewhat congested,Speak softly。
“Let’s go over,I don’t know when this carriage will arrive。”Zhu Minglang said。
Power Big Ratio uses a very open approach,Five Imperial City Avenues,As long as you think you can,Just walk in the brass battlefield,As long as it can last for the specified time,Even selected。
and so,Power ratio,Basically, I didn’t sign up in advance.,Even if you are not a member of the forces,You can also enter the battlefield,Wait for you to last several rounds in a row,Naturally there will be forces that will want you。
Zhu Minglang、When Nan Lingsha arrived at this brass battlefield,,There have been a lot of people around,As if to celebrate some holiday。
As for those driving around the brass battlefield,Restaurant with excellent view,Business is booming,For some people,Drinking while sitting in a restaurant,While watching the chaotic competition in the bronze battlefield,Is also an ultimate enjoyment。
So,Some prestigious people in these restaurants,They set up a gambling game,Before the competition,Just choose the number of disciples,Survive every round,Even if you win。
Zhu Minglang and Nan Lingsha walked into the brass battlefield,Qin Yang has arranged a seat for them to avoid being crowded with the crowd。
The Brass Battlefield is an epic arena left behind during the reign of the Holy See,Big enough to hold nearly 10,000 people to train together here。
There is no wall around the battlefield,Only the moon-shaped pond river,Divide the crowded city streets。
So the people in the imperial capital only need to come early,You can take a good position on the other side of Chihe,Watch the thrilling fight in the brass battlefield directly。
same,Those restaurants built around the brass battlefield,Better vision。
to be honest,Just anyone can see,Not even charge for tickets,Come early,Don’t be squeezed behind the crowd。
And on the surface of the moon arc pond river,There are also some white big stone pavilion seats,It’s prepared for the noble people of the major forces。

“And the people who joined,Including the former slaves and two forces,There are a total of 1,743 people,Plus the original number of people in our chamber of commerce,Now our Chamber of Commerce has 2,462 people!”

Leo pursed his lips,Unexpectedly, the team expanded so much.,From six to seven hundred people to more than two thousand four hundred people。
And most of them are average,30 or so levels。
“Among them, there are 92 people with ordinary school-level strength,There are 13 elite school-level talents,As for the general level personnel, there are three。”
The strength of an ordinary school is roughly 50 to 59,And the elite school level is 60 to 69,As for the general level, it is naturally a person above level 70。
“Ok?How can there be three,Isn’t it two??”Leo wondered。
General strength,It’s also a leader of the second-level power here,Not easy to find。
Heard Leo’s question,Tlangote is strange,Leo found them by himself,Why don’t you know?
“Leo boss,Did you not calculate yourself?”
“Forget it!”Leo is even stranger。
“This is not right,Si Keen and Seun, plus you, boss Leo,Aren’t these three?”
Leo was taken aback,Didn’t Si Keen escape?。
“Si Keen did not run away?”
“No!”Mentioned West Cohen,Trang is also a little funny。
“I found him for a long time,I heard that he has been lying motionless in the dungeon,Then I kept talking about something‘Really perverted like this tune’!”
Leo waved his hand,Si Keen’s brain is not normal,It’s not strange to talk about anything,So too lazy to study。
“The truth surprised me,Didn’t run away!”

To know,Zhang Chong shows this talent,It was shown long before Nirvana,There were news reports when I was over four years old。Say there is a child‘Worm God Reincarnation’,Many butterflies, bees and ants like to play with this kid。

And Li Ming’s investigation5Ancient Civilization Remains,When passing through the base city of Cloud City,I specifically probed this young man。
The result surprised him,The talent of this boy is very special,Very suitable for taming animals。Although in1Look at the information recorded in the light brain,The method of taming beasts is relatively partial in the universe,It’s better to control the mind-power weapon‘controller’And specializing in soul‘Illusionist’。But there are special circumstances on earth,The earth is full of monsters suitable for tame。
My current strength is only the pinnacle warrior of elementary warriors,Spiritual teacher,But Zhang Chong can already command the beast(ELevel toCMonster)Class bug monster。
Personal force is only the middle and low end of warriors,But in fact, Zhang Chong always carries a small army of insect monsters.。
About the size of a human fist,Flap the wings extremely fastHMonster‘Thorn wasp’Fifteen。
Have adult arm length,Can’t fly but has sharp mouthparts,Solid carapaceFMonster‘Iron Ant’Twenty one。
One meter tall at both ends,With a pair of big swordsEMonster‘Flying Man with Iron Sword’。
There is also a body that is three meters long,Head shell is lavender,Has thousands of pairs of sharp limbs,Extremely toxicCMonster‘Titan Giant Centipede’。
Of course these monsters are usually acquainted with Zhang Chong,Very harmonious。It’s not that any worm monster Zhang Chong can instigate,At best he will not attack him actively。But even so,This little army of insect monsters,It can crush almost all warriors below the god of war,Or a spiritual teacher below the high general level。
After mentioning Zhang Chong’s spiritual power and martial arts practice,Li Ming let him practice。After all, Zhang Chong is still in the early stages of cultivation,Rapid progress。Don’t look at the strength of these monsters,Maybe it will have no effect on Zhang Chong after one or two years。
Of course the stronger Zhang Chong,Naturally, we can also find a way to conquer stronger insect monsters。
“Say,My big disciple is going to become the Pokemon King of the insect system.。”Li Ming thought of a chronological stalk,Then lay down on my own bed and fell asleep deeply。

Zhu Yi shook his head,“No,I have taken over for a while,I haven’t seen this person yet。”

“Don’t go shopping outside,Care about your dad。”Zhang Siwei reminded。
A bottle of beer,Zhu Yi finished it in a few sips,Asked for another bottle,“I know,He is my dad,Of course I will care。”
Zhang Siwei’s phone rang,Is from the company,She stood up,“You drink slowly,I have something to do with my company,Have to go first。”
“You have to buy the order,Give me 300 yuan,I am a big man,What if you don’t have a penny?。”Zhu Yi said。
Zhang Siwei returned Zhu Yi’s money,Originally just joking,“My new beverage factory,New products just launched,I just came here to give Uncle Zhu some drinks,You can’t help but tease,Really give money,Hahaha,Next time,Remember to bring more money,Don’t let me invite you every time you eat。”
Zhu Yi rolled his eyes,“Know you are kidding,not for you,Don’t take your hand back,Embarrassed to say,Whole person。”
158 Find someone
After Zhang Siwei left,Zhu Yi is still drinking beer slowly,Looking out the window,You Zai Zai。
“Yo,Isn’t this our Mayo brother??What a coincidence,I can meet you after a meal。”Wang San and Er Mao observed Zhu Yi downstairs for a long time,Always looking for opportunities to get closer。
“Two,Also a coincidence,You guys come to eat too?”Zhu Yi greeted them warmly。
“I saw you as soon as I came in,Haven’t ordered yet。”Wang San said。
“Let’s eat together。”Zhu Yi casually invited。
Wang San pretended to look at Er Mao,think about it,nod,“Row,Just have a drink together。”

Cen Cheng is not used to such occasions and such jobs,Movement is a little stiff,I won’t say anything else,See Mr. Mu ignore her,Don’t know what to do,Just laugh。

“Cen Cheng,You want to toast our boss’s wine,Our boss Mu does not drink every toast,You have to have a reason。”Couple of young people booing。
Cen Cheng understands now,Both herself and Lanlan belong to the matchmaker,Had to continue,“I am not very good at talking。”My face flushed after talking。
“Don’t embarrass her,”Lan Lan makes a save for Cencheng,“Our boss feels sick today,I help him drink。”
then,Lan Lan and Cen Cheng had a drink,Cen Cheng breathed a sigh of relief,Finally there is a step down,But I’m still a little nervous,Drunk,Choked,Cough up。
“It looks like,You can’t drink,Don’t drink it,You are from art school,How about giving us all?”Lanlanyuanchang。
The information says Boss Mu likes listening to songs,Also wrote what song he likes,Cen Cheng nodded,Take a sip of tea to moisturize your throat,“Everybody,I’m ugly。”
Driven by Lanlan,Everyone applauded,Nothing else,Singing is Cen Cheng’s strength,She stood up and took a deep breath,Cappella。
Suddenly, everyone here was shocked by the strength,Boss Mu is even more fascinated,Squinting to listen,Fingers on their legs beat the rhythm。
The atmosphere in the room climaxed instantly,Everyone is watching Cen Cheng seriously,Wait for her to sing,Several people continue to applaud。
Someone also followed Cen Cheng and sang a short passage,Everyone still applauds warmly,This meal took almost two hours to end。
Zhao Luo took advantage of everyone listening to Cen Cheng singing,Went out and bought the order,When everyone walks out of the hotel,Zhao Luo’s car is still at the door。
Zhao Luo took out the prepared gifts from the car and gave them to everyone,The eldest person took the gift bag,said laughingly,“Boss Zhao,You have dinner,Give us gifts,How embarrassed we?”
“You’re welcome,It is worthless,Just ordinary tea,Also from my friend,Too much,I can’t finish drinking,You will show kindness,Help me drink a little。”
Everyone is embarrassed to ask,Not familiar after all,And Zhao Luo has already paid,Lanlan was next to help saying,“Nothing,This is my good classmate,Just take things for you,Don’t be polite to him。”Finished,I took a bag first。
Zhao Luo will give you the gift bags one by one,A few people took the tea happily,Smile and say thank you。