at《Game time》The second day of the new issue,Many mainstream media have reprinted this article on the watch,And this matter has caused a lot of discussion in the media circle。

Media and media reporters,Should we report anything that has nothing to do with the direction of this journal,But content that has the media’s realistic spirit。About this topic,More and more media and media people are involved,The influence is also growing,Can be called an industry storm。
of course,This is something that even the initiator Lu Menglin did not expect。
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Two Stay out
Wake up,Xu Kaishan looked at the young girl who was still sleeping beside him,I can’t help but think back to when I was young,I’m still old after all!Deal with these young women,It’s getting harder。
I don’t know how that Korean woman would feel in bed!It’s a pity that she was taken by that one,It’s probably not a turn to get involved。Xu Kaishan shook his head,Throw all these unrealistic ideas out of your mind。
The universe is set!Xu Kaishan felt somewhat uninterested,Getting older,Life is getting easier and easier。
at this time,The phone rang on his bedside。
Xu Kaishan presses the phone,Rough voice:“Hey!”
“Xu Ye,Something bad!”The voice of Cheng Yu, the second person of Jinshan Group, came from the phone。
“That was double-regulated by the Commission for Discipline Inspection!Some media broke the news about his watch,Just taken away by the Commission for Discipline Inspection this morning。”Cheng Yu said anxiously。
“what?Watch?What does this have to do with the watch?”Xu Kaishan didn’t understand it for a while,Asked rhetorically。
“The watch he brought is worth several million!Photographed by the media broke the news,The Commission for Discipline Inspection will definitely check the source of his property。We will also have trouble!”Cheng Yu explained。
“How could there be such a thing!Find someone!I’ll call someone to help!You immediately organize a meeting。emergency meeting!and also,Ask the finance side to fix the accounts,Don’t leave a handle。”Xu Kaishan eagerly said。
“it is good!I will convene all high-level meetings now。See you at the company at ten。”Cheng Yu said quickly。
Xu Kaishan hung up the phone,Never mind to stay in bed anymore,But immediately dialed a number。

“Your Royal Highness Huanhai is in trouble now!”The elderly Fu Wang opened his eyes,Said slowly。

King Ning’s eyes are gloomy,Staring at Wu Hao’s figure,The spiteful color in the eyes couldn’t be more obvious。
He has made up his mind,Wait for the game to end,Send someone to take Wu Hao the first time,Must take this artifact。
Wu Hao and Ningwang Mansion Have Enmity,Who dares to stop King Ning from showing off,Who is the life and death enemy of Prince Ning’s Mansion?!King Ning has made up his mind,No matter what the price,Must take this artifact。
not far away,Six Prince Mi Li squinted,Think about it,Commanded to the left and right:“Go and call in the wind。and also,Take my token,Transfer all the elites in the house,Ready to fight with King Ning’s Mansion。”
Princess Huanhai looked at the heroic Wuhao in front of him,The expression on his face is a little complicated。
Wu Hao has this superb white tiger tooth necklace,Has become a shadow over the head of the mage profession,There are such equipment that restrains the legal profession in the world,This is for the entire Fashen City,It’s quite bad news。
Well known,The power of the mage profession,Lies in the powerful magical lethality,And group attack range,Especially for the dark race,Has unparalleled lethality,But in the internal struggle of the gods,The mage profession has natural disadvantages,Neither as flexible as the Taoist profession,Can be suitable for various harsh environments,Not as rough and thick as the warrior profession,A steel body。
As long as you get close by a fighter of the same rank,The mage profession has extremely poor heads-up ability,With magic shield,Can still carry it a few times,If there is no magical position with magic shield,Only for the slaughter。
right now,The appearance of this superb tiger tooth necklace on Wu Hao,For the survival status of the mage profession,It’s just worse,How can Princess Huanhai not worry?!
Just like now,Her magic,For Wu Hao in front of you,Mostly failed,There are only a few specialized magic attacks left,Maybe it will work。
“Mr. Wu,This superb necklace on you,Can you sell it to me?”Princess Huanhai blurted out。
This remark,Her pretty face is reddish,Immediately realized that I was abrupt。
Equipment with such powerful attributes,Who would sell it easily?What’s more, the two are in a battle here,Unless Wu Hao’s head is broken,To do stupid things!
“Sell off?Do not,Do not,I certainly don’t sell!”Lu Menglin smiled。

Qi Er walked out from under the slate covered in dust,This guy is completely different from what he looked like when he first set out.,The original energetic general,Now he has become a sullen dog,The whole person looks listless,Actually this guy didn’t get much harm,But the trauma of the soul is even more painful。

The whole device city is wrong and the rest,Less than 30,000,Except for some advanced warriors,The remaining more than 10,000 people have basically lost their mobility,Completely abolished!
Powerful born under super technology**,Its destructive power is more powerful than in the period without warriors**Even ten times stronger!
This powerful firepower,Not to mention hundreds of thousands of warriors,Even if it’s millions of strong,There is no guarantee that such a devastating blow will be hardened.。
“All,Ready to return to town,Can’t stay in this place,After those guys saw the attack worked,I’ll definitely rush over immediately!”
And then,This guy just finished speaking,The vanguard army rushed over directly!
Vanguard army of five thousand elites,Facing these troops like chickens and dogs,It’s completely God blocking and killing God,Buddha**!
Qi Eryouxin and Zhu Wunian fight this guy,But this guy dare not,The low- and middle-level forces that went out of the entire device city have basically been wiped out.,The rest of these people must not make any mistakes,Since the other party has appeared,Then it means that there are more powerful enemies coming from behind!
Qi Er wants to take these soldiers away directly,But it’s too late,Zhu Wunian rushed over,The long sword in his hand stabbed Qi Er hard,Forced this guy back,Forced to fight Zhu Wunian,The remaining troops were directly charged by the vanguard of the forged sword city and called a smashed one.,Not miserable!
“Qiji,Come to fight!”
Qi Er Randao will kill Zhu Wunian,But a team rushed up from behind,But Zhu Wuxie。
Not tenable,On the other side, Zhu Wushuang has already outflanked their back.!
Chapter nine hundred and sixty six Defeat
“You two!”
Qi Er’s eyes seem to pop out of his own eye sockets,A pair of blood-red eyes looked at the several elders in the sword-forging city in front of them,Facing the cooperation of these guys,I don’t seem to have any resistance anymore!
Unwilling,At this time, Qi Er had only one thought in his mind,why,Why are there weapons of this level in Sword Forge City,Why do you meet someone like Xia Chenglong in Jiancheng,Under the aura of Xia Chenglong,I am like a trash that can’t even be defeated by a small sword forging city!
To know,Before the Lord of the Old City died,In fact, the entire device city has been developed to a terrifying state,And a small sword forging city,I even need to hide in such a corner,The gap between the two,Not to mention ants vs. elephants,At least it should be like a lion and a sheep!
but why?Is it because of my incompetence??Is it because Xia Chenglong is too strong??

“Is quite a lot,So Korea made a joke。They judged that,The tomb owner may have been a senior general,Is a historical figure to admire。

But actually,Five baht money historically,Originated in China。
Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty,The court ordered the abolition of the currencies of the princes,And then cast them into five baht coins,And spread it across the country。later,When Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty sent troops out,Some generals left China with five baht,After several turnovers, a part of the five baht money went to the Korean peninsula where South Korea is located.。
In the impression of Koreans,Five baht has always been a very precious historical relic,In ancient times, only people with relatively noble identities could have,So when I found five baht,Korean archaeologists are so excited。
In fact,in China,At that time, the five baht was the money of ordinary people’s homes,There are a few in the beggar’s pocket。”
After listening to Hu Yang,The audience in the live room burst into laughter:Unexpected?Surprise?
Treat you as treasures,in our country,It’s actually bad street stuff,This is funny。
“Just when they were going to apply for the legacy,We also dug a tomb here in China,Five baht directly reached twelve tons,More than two million,Even the street vendors hate it。
See these,The Koreans gave up the idea of applying for a heritage,Hide the five baht thing,For fear of being jokes。”Talking,Hu Yang couldn’t help but laugh。
Huazai and the others are already in a daze,So funny?
“puff!Damn!Koreans made fun of me。”
“Take five baht to apply for the legacy,It is estimated that their thick-skinned Koreans can do it。”
“Haha!Twelve tons,Are you serious?”
“Give some face!Can you report less?They dig three feet,Only found twenty-six,Your unearthed is twelve tons,Slaps are not like that。”
With this episode that Brother Hu said,Everyone is happy a lot,Can understand,Why are Koreans so nervous now。
Development of Five Baht Money,Can make them ecstatic,Not to mention their serious national treasure——Korean porcelain。

Xiao Xiao didn’t like Abao at first,I don’t want to say anything directly,Feel boring。

“Are you starting to say bluntly?It seems that we won’t let you earn this benefit。”Chen Wenjin thinks Abao will destroy the impression by himself。
“I’m sorry,I’m afraid you guys think I mentioned this for profit,Actually I think this is really good,The benefits are secondary。”Abao quickly explained。
“Since this is good,You are embarrassed to take advantage of it quietly,It’s not embarrassing to take it honestly?Which one should I be embarrassed about??I really think your idea is very different!”Wang Shuai really wants Abao to disappear from sight,I feel that Leopard is totally affecting the atmosphere。
“Good good,It’s my fault,I’ll take advantage of it in the future,Alright?”Abao finds it too difficult,It is the unspoken rule of tacit understanding that this kind of thing is not said,Just trouble Wang Shuai,Look at Xiao Xiao and understand,Didn’t say anything at all。As for why Chen Wenjin said that,Of course Abao thinks:That is reminding him,I want to explain to this Wang Shuai。
and so,Of course Abao thinks,Wang Shuai is the one who is in trouble。
Finished lunch,Back to the Securities Department,Butterfly changed another CD and continued to watch Ami。
The taste is much heavier this time,Because there is no sound,May also be able to watch with confidence,Just Xiao Xiao……What you see when you move your eyes is unsightly content,She can’t stand it anymore,Just say:“Chen Wenjin,I have something to leave this afternoon,I will send you the account password in a short message,Can you help me buy?”
“no problem。”Chen Wenjin knows that Xiao Xiao can’t stand the movie the butterfly let off,Something else,She should have said in the morning,Not so sudden。
“I’ll go now。”Xiao Xiao greeted everyone in a circle,Withdrawn。
Butterfly and May said goodbye,Keep watching the movie。
Chapter One Hundred and Forty too difficult……
Not yet closed,When Butterfly and May went to the bathroom together,Abao said something:“The butterfly did it on purpose?”
“It’s rare that I and you have the same idea!”Wang Shuai took this sentence。
“……Deliberately not scary,I’m afraid the butterfly didn’t mean it。”Chen Wenjin can’t laugh or cry,He can’t be so sure,because……The butterfly nicknames the color butterfly!
“I think your girlfriend is not easy,Still didn’t expect it……but,You like this type?”Wang Shuai feels surprised,I don’t feel that Chen Wenjin’s attention is always on women,I didn’t hear him talk about it,Why do you like such a bold type??
“Gold likes special,My girlfriends are more special。”Abao thinks this is the truth。
“This sounds interesting。”Wang Shuai thinks this is more convincing,Then said again:“So you can be so calm。”

so,This is really very strange。

anyway,Men want to find out this matter as soon as possible。
“Hurry up and pass the photo。”As soon as entering the room,Even the door hasn’t even had time to close,The man directly told the woman。
“Know it!Really is,Are you so anxious?”Although the woman is complaining with dissatisfaction,But the movement on this hand did not stop。
“Ding Dong!Ding Dong!”
After the phone rang a few times,The man’s phone directly received the photo from the woman。
The man came to the sofa and sat down with excitement,Then I picked up my phone and dialed a call directly。
After the call is connected,The man just couldn’t wait to say to the other end of the phone:“Hey,father,I ask you something。”
“You kid,Didn’t you go on vacation??You are not fun,What call to your dad,How rare this opportunity is,Could it be that you are not clear about yourself?”The man didn’t even have time to speak,I was directly reprimanded by the person on the other end of the phone。
If this is a change from before,Men definitely won’t want。
but,Now it’s extraordinary,He was anxious to obtain the identity of a man from his father,so,For the indiscriminate blame for father,He really doesn’t have any extra thoughts to care about。
So,When Cheng Jianghai’s voice fell,The man said directly:“Damn,dad,Don’t talk about me,Isn’t it the reason why I am anxious to call you??”
“Oh?Then listen to it,What is it like?”Cheng Jianghai asked。
“dad,Do you know someone who is quite young,A person with a very high status?”The man asked quickly。
“You silly boy,You won’t show me what people look like,Where do I know whether I know or don’t know,Moreover,The people I know around with high status,Haven’t I already introduced you?”Cheng Jianghai said。
“That way,I will pass the photo to you now,You see if you know it or not?”Man said。

When Li De is catching up with Mazza,Maza suddenly stopped running,Turn around and show a strange, wry smile at Li De,Become extra calm:“rest assured,Lao Li,I won’t do stupid things,I want to go back to the mansion once it’s quiet,Go back to Aunt Mu first,As for how to do me, just listen to your instructions。”

Maybe,People’s emotions are at their extreme,Will be very calm。
“Tian Lu,You better let me go,Otherwise my wife will blame me。”Li De said fairly,He still considers Maza to be Tian Lu,Because Maza changed to Tian Lu’s appearance。
After a stalemate,Maza honestly followed Li De and went home。According to Mazza’s personality,stubborn、strong、impulse,Since drinking Tian LuxueRear,Thinking becomes rationalxingtoo much。
The words Tian Lu taught her rang in her ears:Everything goes through the brain,That is to think twice before acting。
Maza silently returned to the dormitory in the small building,Sit on a stool,Rolling thoughts。
this time,Chen Limu specially picked up Maza for dinner for the first time,Maza indifferently obeyed the elders to eat。
Experience the warmth of Chen Limu and Ding’s family,But how can Mazza go on eating?,Her soul is lost,The whole person is hollowed out。
Chen Limu sat in front of her,Watch her finish her meal,I feel very sad,I found that young people are now far less capable of resisting blows than their generation,May be related to life experience,Maybe it’s too strong,Instead, Chen Limu wanted to comfort Maza,She always thought Maza was Tian***Near Mazza’s appearance is almost the same as Tian Lu。
“Tian Lu,are you OK,after eating,Li De and I went to the club,To cooperate with law enforcement officers,Stop by to see where the starry sky happened,See the investigation progress,Is it artificial or accidental?。”Chen Limu said in a steady tone。
“I go,I want to see,I never believe it(in)、Starry sky will be so careless,Must be artificial。”Maza answered immediately,Almost telling her real name in a hurry。
Chen Limu knows exactly what happened to Mingye’s starry sky falling from the cliff,Restrain emotions、Keeping a secret is like doing a great thing。
“Ok,We will go after we eat。”Chen Limu Compromise。
Racing club。Law enforcement officers have pulled the cordon,Chen Limu dressed solemnly,Called to the reception room upon arrival。Law enforcement officers informed her about the situation。
In the conversation between Chen Limu and law enforcement officials to understand the situation,Maza did not know when to go out,Run all the way,The road is not brightly lit,Avoid the eyes of the staff,All the way to the top of the three peaks。

PS:Not tomorrow morning5Just get up and go to the driving school,Then take the one-hour shuttle bus to the second exam room,So miserable。

First182chapter Ten Outstanding Young People in America
“Brother,welcome,Welcome welcome。”See Chen Geng,Ding Haijun smiled like a flower,Holding Chen Geng’s hand swaying constantly,A mess of enthusiasm。
Chen Geng smiled and said to Ding Haijun:“I heard Master Wang said that our embassy has sauerkraut from China,Prepare dumplings with pork and sauerkraut,This comes with a mouth。”
Chen Geng said you’re welcome,Dante did not mind,On the contrary, I am very happy,Chen Gengyue is you’re welcome,The happier he is,Nodded quickly:“Speaking of which, we still follow you brother……Brother, don’t you know,You didn’t come,Lao Wang looked at those sauerkraut like eyeballs,No one is allowed to move,The big guy is gluttonous,Hahaha……”
Eating dumplings is just such a gimmick,No matter how delicious the dumplings are, they are also dumplings,Not elixir,Eat it, you can’t let people take off their mortal womb and soar up in the day.,Chen Geng came to the embassy this time,The main purpose is to communicate with the embassy about this trip to China。
Domestically, Chen Geng’s second investment project has long been eager to see,I have already notified the embassy:Must unconditionally meet all the requirements of Mr. Chen Geng——Based on the understanding of Chen Geng,Everyone knows that Chen Geng will not make any excessive demands。
Everyone who eats dumplings doesn’t matter,After communicating about this trip to China,Chen Geng said:“Ambassador Liam,Mr. Miao,Mr. Ding,I want to ask you what you mean。”
Lian Changheng’s expression became a little serious:“You said。”
He has a hunch,It seems that what Chen Geng wants to say is the focus of his visit to the embassy.。
Chen Geng:“That’s it,I have a friend,Quite famous in the United States,I want to go to China for a few days,At the same time, ask the doctor from the Health Bureau to help him see。”
Lian Changheng subconsciously frowned slightly:Chen Geng wants to ask a doctor from the Central Health Bureau to help his friend see the disease?
Based on the significance of Chen Geng to China、Influence,Don’t just ask a doctor from the Health Bureau for help,Even if you ask a doctor from the Health Bureau to come to America to help his friend see a doctor,This is actually not a big problem,There is no reason to disagree,At the same time, it is not the reason why Chen Geng came to the embassy in person.……

Qin Feng doesn’t know much about this description。But if these so-called Anjin and Cunjin really exist,Then their so-called heaven and earth level personnel can only be regarded as mortals!Or a martial artist!But if you can’t master the dark energy,Don’t even have the qualifications to get started。

At least the ancient world was set like this!
“Our Six Ancients,Although I live in seclusion here,But also to find a descendant,of course,If you have that kind of ability, you can try。Have you heard of the sword in the stone?”
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Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Three Kunlun Dagger
Sword in the Stone?What the hell?
of course,In many movies or animations,There will be a peerless strong man who will leave his weapon in a certain stone,Those who have the ability to pull it out are destined,After getting the blessing of the Excalibur,Will soar all the way to the pinnacle of life。
This is Qin Feng’s understanding of the so-called sword in the stone。
But he doesn’t think there will be this thing in the ancients,This kind of stalk has been broken,Could it be that the ancients existed to protect those divine swords??
“This thing is real?”Qin Feng stared at Yao Wuwei seriously。
“Ha ha,Be it!”
“Come,Come with me and have a look!”Yao Wuwei beckoned。
Qin Feng had to keep up。
But then again,Although Qin Feng had been in Kunlun for a long time before,,But I really haven’t been able to visit the surrounding area。most importantly,There is mist around here,If no one brings it,He was afraid he would get lost。
Before this mist or something,Qin Feng had doubts,I feel that this thing is artificially controlled。But when I thought it was the weather,Once you can control this thing,How strong is that person??

“I just said that my flying suit is designed according to my weight,Can’t bear the weight of two people,and so……When landing,maybe……I think your injury is a bit serious right now!”

Shan and Pidianpidian ran back from a distance,Sighing slightly while watching Long Shi’s state,Don’t seem to remember,Long Shi’s last blow was caused by himself.。
Look up and down Long Shi’s injury,Some first aid supplies are still available,But how to use,This is a learning!
“Someone commented on me just now,You don’t have to hit me again!”
Long Shihan’s face,Some words are not clear,But his eyes are already telling Shan You,Can heal me!
Shan and awkwardly began to heal her injuries under Long Shi’s guidance,In terms of thinking, there are ten thousand people willing to save the dragon,But I still feel a little troublesome in my heart,After all, the concept of intimacy between men and women still has a certain place in Shan You’s heart.。
“Are you really willing to face those people again?”
Long Shi looked at Shan You,Believe in your injury,He already has some knowledge of Lagong or Jingwei,Is it possible to fight against the enemy?。
Shanyou,If at this time he chooses to recognize the facts and avoid the edge temporarily,Long Shi also fully understands。
Shan cocked his head again,Looking at Long Shi curiously,Asked:“Didn’t I just tell you?I need some help,My power alone is limited after all,Moreover, Lagon and the person next to him are masters,I am not very confident。”
be honest,Openly admit in front of Long Shi,Shan doesn’t feel ashamed。
“Count me at that time,Even if it’s bait,I am willing!”
Long Shi stared at Shan You,Every word is serious。