And besides,And people from the Explosive Mercenary Group joined in。The members of this mercenary group are basically crazy!Play blasting like a drug,Like to create large-scale bombings!”

Speaking of the blasting mercenary group,Tokugawa’s mouth twitches,Because what everyone doesn’t know is,There was actually a blast near a small villa of the Tokugawa family.,His mistress and an illegitimate child died in the bombing。Just as the head of the Tokugawa family,He used his own strength to suppress this matter,So even the people present,Maybe it’s not clear that the Explosive Mercenary Group has done such a thing。
“Ok,Our official patrol has already sent additional manpower to catch people from this mercenary organization。only,They seem to be taking drugs。Many of our patrols died。”
Say here,Kurosawa Jiro couldn’t help shaking his head,The situation in the island country has been a bit tense recently。There are even some citizens who can’t stand the official inaction,So they all stood up and demonstrated。
The only thing the government can do now is to appease the citizens,At the same time, finish the prime minister election as soon as possible。Only then can everything be calmed down。
This is the reason why everyone came to the meeting this time。
“All right,Closer to home。This time I’m looking for three families,That’s because you all have the right to vote。This is the rules and tacit understanding formed over the decades。So this time I hope you all put out the candidates quickly。Then the canvassing time is shortened,Quell this unrest as soon as possible。”
Finished,Kurosawa Jiro looked at everyone present。
Of course he knows,These people at the scene are the real power figures in the family,He also did a data survey。Therefore,So it’s impossible for the real powerists to stand up as candidates。And my proposal one
When coming out,Just waiting for the two big families to call,Let them bring the candidates。
“Minister,It means we are going to bring the candidates over now。After confirming,Just push up,Then we started canvassing for votes, right??”
Because this is the rule,Hasn’t changed in years,So Oda Muzuo asked seriously,It’s a final confirmation。
“Yes,That’s what I mean,After the candidate comes out,Hand in information,Then after shooting a simple promotional video, throw it online to let the public know。So as to stabilize the situation and people,Stop making trouble,do you know?Otherwise, the island council will be messy。This is not good for everyone here!”
(End of this chapter)

Twenty-four hours is very short for those cultivators,But it’s enough for Qin Feng as an ordinary person。

Before Qin Feng entered Qingyunzhu,He can
I searched the house once。
When nothing happened,He went straight inside。
Qin Feng did not notice that someone not far away was monitoring his room with something。
Those people can’t see the situation of Qin Feng’s house clearly,But I probably know where he is,Qin Feng’s heat suddenly disappeared,They were also taken aback。
“What happened to Qin Feng?,Why did he suddenly disappear without a trace?”
Many people have been watching Qin Feng’s family,That was the first time I found out that Qin Feng had disappeared。
Less than ten seconds,Qin Feng’s thermal energy appears again,They thought they were hallucinations,How else could this be the case?
“The situation just now,Did you see it?”
“I saw,Did that guy really disappear for a while??”
“do not know,Is this our things broken,This has led to such a situation?”
People outside the five buildings diagonally across from Qin Feng’s house,That’s a little irritable。
They wanted to monitor Qin Feng,So they also used the means to find a relationship to buy this family,Then they eat, drink and sleep in this room,They wanted to monitor Qin Feng for the first time。

The property staff finished,Go straight down the stairs。

Qin Feng gave two men in suits a wink,Man in suit knows,Raised the pipe。
Same as Wang Yong,Head with a stick,Then the limbs are abolished。
Poor boss Ge,Gagged by a towel,I can’t scream even if I whimper,Finally fainted。
morning,Xu Fang is her bag.In the apartment that the little boy bought,I wake up naturally when I fall asleep。
He digs black material,Complete evidence of blackmailing rich people and stars has been sentrCity Law Enforcement Office。
Because the objects of her crime include celebrities,She is now,Hotter than any first-line female celebrity,Sweeping the top three in the thousand-degree search,And it is absolutely guaranteed,No moisture。
Facing surging public opinion,rCity law enforcement agencies act quickly,Closed her public relations company,Control related persons involved,And apply to the superior,A national wanted order was issued against her。
After Xu Fang left the house of Mr. Zhou,,Just here,After waking up,She read the news,I found myself nowhSuperstar。
But she didn’t panic,Instead, he smiled triumphantly。
these years,She made a lot of money,Because they are doing wicked things,She also left a way for herself。
She has $200 million in a Swiss bank account,And she also hooked up with an employee of immigration,For the purpose of running away after the accident。
This channel,Can send her directly to South America,And get a local account。
And that two hundred million dollars,Enough for her to live the rest of her life。
After getting up in the morning,She wraps.The little white face raised was very considerate and bought back soy milk fritters for her。
People who don’t know the situation,I would think they are a loving couple。

How great is the energy contained in the secret medicine,Chew and swallow like Chekhov,The chance of death from a body explosion is too high,Even the Secret Medicine Venerable would not dare to go crazy like this!

Chekhov’s crazy move,It also stunned everyone in the Iron Lion Legion 800 meters away.,I thought that the box was not a secret medicine at all,But cough syrup!
“wrong!The commando is in place immediately,Sniper ready to attack!”Zhang Qingtan has a vague sense of crisis,Order in the communicator。
now,Lu Menglin、Gong Hu and Zhu Jian have held their breath,Quietly touched outside the factory wall,There is only one wall from the people inside。
Instant time,Chekhov raised his neck fiercely,I poured half a bottle of vodka mixed with ten secret medicines into my mouth.。
This medicinal wine enters the throat,Instantly turned into a stream of extremely hot heat,Burning Chekhov to a loud cry。
The strong medicinal power penetrated the whole body of the Russian in an instant。
Chekhov’s skin began to crack,From those terrible cracks faintly glow,His body is like hiding a volcano about to erupt,Magma is his blood。
And his eyes,Also in this heart-piercing howl,First from bright red to cyan,Turn from blue to purple,At the end it showed a strange purple gold。
Gold in the noble purple,Let Chekhov’s eyes turn from violent to a touch of divinity,And his horrible howl gradually subsided。
Liu Niu’er saw this scene,Suddenly shocked,Because this is clearly beyond his cognitive scope。
Swallow ten secret medicines in one breath,Not only did he die without exploding,Can actually control the violent emotions?When did the power of the secret medicine become so controllable?
“call!That person didn’t lie to me!Really succeeded!”Chekhov seemed to be caught in a mumbling。
“Liu Niuer,Even if the Lord is here now,I’m not afraid!I already have the power of the nobleman。Just stay here as a guest!I need more secret medicine,Before I hollow you out,Don’t want to go back。”Chekhov’s eyes flashed with purple and gold,Smiled scornfully。
In an instant,Two large-caliber sniper shells broke through the air,Accurately hit Chekhov’s cheek and chest,Beat his tall and strong body back and forth,Fall to the ground。
boom!boom!Wait until Chekhov fell to the ground,Everyone heard the gunfire,Suddenly like waking up from a dream,Scattered for cover。
Liu Niu’er was shocked,Still not awake from the shock,Suddenly I heard a loud noise from the wall behind me。

“Thanks to David。”Fuld shrugged and said。

“Don’t look at David’s fat pig,No one is invited to see you on weekdays,But he still has a sense of justice。”
“He spares you that you are a rare investment talent,Don’t want to ruin your future,So I flatly rejected Sato Junji’s rude request。”
Qiao Tianyu is scared,Unexpectedly, it was David who saved himself!
“Sato Jun two sees nothing,Back-up plan,He made Linda forge my handwriting,Signed authorization document。”
“Then join forces with the Bank of Bahrain,Use huge trading funds to go crazy short Jonathan Copper,To put David and you to death,This is how the later war!”
“Linda forged your handwriting?”Qiao Tianyu asked in surprise。
“Yes。”Fuld nodded sadly,“Linda has been with me for more than ten years,She imitated my handwriting like a fake!”
“That’s it!”Qiao Tianyu nodded vigorously。
Fuld explained,Most of the problems are solved。
It turns out that the initiator of all this,It turned out to be Sato Junji!
And judging from Sato Junji’s fierce offensive,It is clear,The forces behind this world are not trying to control Qiao Tianyu,It’s going to kill Qiao Tianyu when he comes up!
But this is also good,Since the forces behind the scenes are eager to kill Qiao Tianyu,Then they will not be hidden,Can’t move。
As long as they are willing,Qiao Tianyu has the opportunity to find out their details,And then catch them all!
After Fuld’s explanation,Most of Qiao Tianyu’s questions have been answered,But there is one last question。
Since Fuld was not threatened by the forces behind the scenes three days ago,Qiao Tianyu who just gave up,What about other major investment banks and international banking groups?
Three days ago,They told Qiao Tianyu clearly,They abandoned Qiao Tianyu,Was arranged by their top leader。
“This.”Fuld lowered his head and thought for a while,“Could it be that Sato Junji made a ghost??”

Currently,It is one of the few small fresh meats with the highest commercial value,Random endorsement of a product,Just a few million、Tens of millions of income。

have to say,This kind of fresh meat is quite popular,Especially for girls,There is no resistance,Like Fang Rudu,Not to mention other people。
Fang Ru was pulled,Only then came back,Smile at Populus euphratica。
Hu Yang doesn’t think there is anything offending him,Smiled:“Go see if you want!It’s ok!”
Fang Ru saw that Brother Hu was really not angry,Thought for a while,Talk to Brother Hu:“I’ll take a picture,Then come back。”
Talking,Just go inside,Not afraid of those people。There seemed to be screams from the crowd,I can see Lin Shaofen is squeezing sweat for her girlfriend。
at this time,I have to show that the star effect is really strong。
unconsciously,A large number of viewers flooded in the live broadcast room,Encouraging Populus to watch the fun。
Populus just ignored,Tell everyone:“Want to see that star,You can go to Fang Ru’s live room。”
Don’t tell me,Many people actually switch to Fang Ru’s live studio。Watch star,Is the mindset of many people,this is nothing。Especially this kind of small fresh meat that suddenly went on fire,Is very attractive to female audiences。
See a small stall next to Hu Yang,The stall owner also goes inside,Helpless。
These customers,Pity,Are not here for shopping。If you buy something,Then they set up a stall here,How can you make a fortune??
Worthy of being a flea market,Even put out the dolls。
Lin Shaofen picked one up casually,Retro,Looks good workmanship。but,She didn’t like it very much,There are children at home,But if you want to give it to children,Buy new ones too,Who would sell a second-hand rag doll as a gift?Isn’t this Geying??
Just when she was about to let go,Hu Yang suddenly said:“This puppet is good。”
As soon as this word comes out,Not only did Lin Shaofen’s hands tighten,Zhang Qingliang and Hua Zai also looked over。
Brother Hu said good,That’s not perfunctory,Represents valuable!
Lin Shaofen is not stupid,Start asking the stall owner:“boss,How to sell?”
The stall owner is also smart,Haha smile,Extend two fingers。

Next day,Ask Ye Xingkong to visit the sick Chen Limu。

Haven’t waited for Ye Xingkong to answer,Tian Lujiu“overbearing”Holding Ye Xingkong’s arm,Out the door,Stopped“Taxi”,Go straight to the hospital。
“Taxi”on,Tian Lu looks like a“Talk”Mother-in-law,He kept teaching Ye Xingkong how to treat Chen Limu with etiquette after meeting。
Yihai Hospital,in305Room ward door。
The door is slightly hidden,Tian Lu knocked gently on the door,No one answered,After confirming that it is Chen Limu ward,Tian Lu took Ye Xingkong in。
Tian Lu nodded to Chen Limu who was half-sleeping on the bed,Put a mention of fruit on the ward table。
This is a single suite,Very warm decoration。
Tian Lu whispered hello:“Hi Aunt Mu,George said you are sick,Came to visit you specially!”
Chen Limu’s face is not as bad as imagined,It seems,The condition should be almost healed。
A middle-aged man stood beside Chen Limu bed,Over sixty,Body slightly fat,Tough waist,Physical fitness is as good as forty。
Chen Limu looked at the man,Looked at Tian Lu and Ye Xingkong again。
The man glanced at Ye Xingkong inadvertently,I thought my eyes were too bad,Turning his eyes to look at Ye Xingkong。Blurted out:“Colan!”There was a surprise in his eyes。
Chen Limu no longer leans against the back of the bed,Sit back and sit down,Tian Lu hurriedly stepped up and down。
Chen Limu said unhurriedly:“Do not,Even you think he is Ke Lan, right,Zhentian,Let me introduce to you。This Tian Lu,Reporter Tian of New Media,That young man is called Ye Xingkong,Is Tian Lu’s friend。”

If Fernandez wants to cooperate with Wells Fargo,Wells Fargo will definitely welcome with both hands,But it won’t let the general manager come out in person,And the general manager will not come forward to dig people,The reason for this,All thanks to this sudden oil crisis……

Not only does Wells Fargo have a hard time,It’s not easy for everyone,Thanks to what some scholars have called the second oil crisis,The U.S. economy continues to decline,In addition to the emerging computer industry,All other industries、Especially oil、Chemical industry、Heavy industries such as steel are even more frustrated,As a financial industry dependent on the industrial industry to exist,Life is naturally more difficult。
Chen Geng never read Wells Fargo’s financial report,But when I was chatting with Ji Shengcheng, Ji Shengcheng once gloated and said that,In the six months since the economic crisis broke out,The U.S. goes bankrupt2000Bank,U.S. banks have exceeded14400Home suddenly fell to its current shortcomings12000Home,And in the top ranking in the United States100Name of the bank,United Community Bank is the only company that has achieved an increase in profits,Other banks,Even the top ranked Citi、Mellon、Chase and Wells Fargo,Life is miserable,Especially Wells Fargo,It was the first time that there was a quarterly loss……
In a fall,The only United Community Bank that has achieved profit growth is naturally particularly eye-catching,Everyone is naturally curious,Why don’t we have to live our lives anymore,Your kid can still eat meat now?
As a listed company,Just analyze the financial report released by United Community Bank to know what happened:same time last year,The total amount of auto finance loans issued by United Community Bank is less than3000Ten thousand U.S. dollars,And this year it’s only three quarters,The total amount of auto loans issued by United Community Bank has exceeded2One hundred million U.S. dollars——So many auto finance loan business,It’s a hell if the profits of the small and medium-sized bank of United Community Bank do not increase in price.。
Even more hell,So many auto finance loans,They all come from the same company!
You said,After Wells Fargo knew this,Will you drool wildly??
that’s for sure;
Will you have the thought of digging?
It’s hell without that。
But since it is going to dig a corner,Then show enough sincerity。
What is sincerity?
General Manager John·Tostedt is sincere to come out in person,Jean Alex·Goodrich to John·Tostedt’s introducer is also sincere。
“Talk about it,”Chen Geng said:“Wells Fargo wants me to give them the auto loan business,What advantage can they give me?”
Want to dig a corner,It’s definitely impossible without paying a higher price。Chen Geng didn’t believe that the general manager of Wells Fargo would not know this.,He doesn’t believe in this John·Tostedt would not reveal anything to Alex·Goodrich。
Alex·Goodrich really knows something:“Mr. Tostedt said,If you choose Wells Fargo,Wells Fargo Bank will fully support the expansion of your used car business,And guarantee,The profit you make from the auto loan business,Higher than in United Community Bank10%。”
“10%what,This is not a small amount……”Chen Geng murmured。
“Yes,10%Not a small number,At least millions of dollars a year……”
Alex·Goodrich nodded subconsciously,Just the next moment,Alex·Goodrich’s words come to an abrupt end,Because he found that Chen Gengzheng was looking at him with a smile.,Alex who realized he had leaked·Goodrich,Suddenly a little embarrassed。
“This john·Mr. Tostedt gave you a clear calculation。”Chen Geng’s way of smiling but not smiling。

“I know,I have this mental preparation,”Chen Geng nodded:“Besides, rest assured,I don’t need a penny less,Won’t let you pay out of your pocket。”

That’s good,That’s good。
Ivan·Caruso breathed a sigh of relief。
He was really afraid that Chen Geng would let himself pay for it、Bring your own dry food to help him do things,Since Fernandez is willing to fund the corresponding activities,Then things will be easier。
Gritted his teeth,Ivan·Caluso started to figure it out:6000A personal computer,Fernandez can probably make700Ten thousand dollars to800Ten thousand U.S. dollars,If he asks himself to help him with three things to this degree,He can probably earn2200Wanzhi2500Ten thousand U.S. dollars……Is it adding interest?,Not excessive。
PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
“Don’t worry about compensation,”Chen Geng Shen said:“Why did GM deal with me?”
“You don’t know?”Chen Geng frowned。
“I really don’t know,”Ivan·Caruso smiled bitterly:“General people come to me,Time to start with you,I only have room to agree or refuse,As for the reason,Can i ask?”
Chen Geng:“……”
This is the truth!
The broker circle has the rules of the broker circle,One of the biggest rules is not to inquire into the secrets of customers,Customers come,Tell me how much money I am going to do,Brokers can judge whether to accept the business based on their energy and relationship,But never inquire into the secrets of customers。
It’s just that,Chen Geng’s brows still frowned。

Suspicious of life,Qin Feng couldn’t give an answer at all。The students around me are very depressed。

See this scene,Qin Feng took a deep breath and said slowly,“See it,It’s so tragic。If anyone wants to quit at this time,I won’t stop。Ready to leave!”
I heard Qin Feng’s words,And the stimulus of companion death,After all, one-third of the students could not bear the pressure and plan to leave。
As for what lifestyle I will choose in the future,This is not what Qin Feng could predict。Even if they are leaving,Qin Feng didn’t want them to return empty-handed,Do not
Only gave them two months of internship fees,At the same time, I gave them a regular salary。
In other words,Every member who left,There are more than 100,000 in hand。Such a sum of money,Should at least be able to change their lifestyle。
As for the people who stayed,Of course Qin Feng will have other rewards。It’s just that there are too many things to deal with now,Can only postpone the remaining members。
Because the two sacrificed were bombed directly in the air by a fighter plane,So the two can be said to have no bones。In this way, even if you want to bring their remains back to China, it will be difficult to do so。
When Qin Feng is embarrassed,While thinking about what to do,Satellite phone rang。The person looking for him is the chief!
“Hey chief?”Qin Feng’s tone at this time is a bit low,Because he feels uncomfortable,At the same time, I don’t know how to face this chief。
Fortunately, the other side is not angry,But said in a very plain tone,“I know everything。Now you are coming to the capital。Must come,Understand?”
“I know!”
Qin Feng didn’t refute this time,Because the sacrificed coaches were sent by the chief executive。Even if I didn’t deal with the big chief,Now he must give the other party an explanation。
So this time he cannot refuse,And will arrive at the scene。
“But I have to deal with a certain student’s housework。”
“it is good,You can arrive in three days!”