“Dream Promise”Desperately absorbing this power,Can be said to be fatal。

The original clear and bright Linghai is different because of the injection,The calm and spiritual sea is overturned,This manic and aggressive murderous aura makes his aura more domineering。
There are blood spirit balls pouring into Xia Chenglong’s body all the time,And he didn’t refuse。
This time it’s not the Blue Nightmare Sword,It’s not Zanglong,It’s the Blood Fiendish Howl Sky Sword。
Numb thoughts,Even when the blood in the hand easily melts the sword mark,Still didn’t care。
Xia Chenglong now is completely different from before,From a distance,The whole body is covered with blood,It’s not blood light accurately,But kill all。
Murderousness is intangible,In Xia Chenglong’s body,Present in a real state at a certain moment,Just like the artistic conception of Hemo and the original artistic conception of sword。
A person can only have one artistic conception,This is a universally accepted truth,But this accepted truth completely subverted the man in front of him。
How about a thousand troops,The hand glowing red directly lifted a soldier next to him from his neck,Expressionlessly twisted off,Throw it out at will。
The original golden eyes are also red now,This is totally killing god。
Three different rays of light surround Xia Chenglong’s side,A clearing appeared within three feet of a radius,As long as the guy who stepped into this area,Will instantly turn into blood mist。
Those blood mists were automatically transformed into blood spirit balls after Xia Chenglong passed,Submerged in him。
Do not refuse,All the various forces poured into his body,So that Xia Chenglong’s meridians feel like cracking。
He wants to fight,To release the power in the body,The evil smile from the corner of the mouth is like Shura,Become the god of death in this world。
Arrogant and unbridled roar,Like a monster。
“One sword!”
Bloody Howl Sky Sword,Plus the violent and uncontrollable killing mood inside,The sword being used at this moment is much stronger than when I was fighting against Zhu Wushuang.。
When the blood-red sword light arcs toward the front,The place where the end is not visible seems to be directly transformed by sword light。
Everything was wiped out with this sword,Those mighty warriors all fall,They no longer have the qualifications to live。

The boss nodded quickly:“can,can!Nothing wrong!”

Chapter Five Hundred and Eighth Zhong Wenqiu’s harvest
Boronite is too hard to find,perhaps,It will be difficult for everyone to meet again,Its output is too scarce。Not like a diamond,There are not as few diamonds on the earth as everyone thinks,The price can be so high,It’s completely fried。
While eating,Everyone come to Zhong Wenqiu’s home。His parents are very happy about the arrival of Populus,Very enthusiastic。They don’t know the situation,I mistakenly regarded Jiezi as Hu Yang’s girlfriend,Zhong Wenqiu quickly explained。
“Ouch!Such a good girl,Pity,Is a Japanese。”Aunt said。
indeed,柰子 looks really beautiful,Almost all male viewers like it,Not even disgusted by her nationality。
Recently,The behavior of 柰子,Also got everyone’s approval。
Hate the Japanese is our daily emotion,But good things,Does not prevent everyone from admiring and loving it。Not to mention,Jiezi is still a fan of Chinese culture,Pro-China。
While eating,Everyone just pulls homework,Talk about some relaxing topics。Zhong Wenqiu’s parents learned that morning,Brother Hu picked up treasures for his children again,More happy。
The young man from Zhong’s family got close to Xu Hong,They are interested in big stars,Hu Yang and the others are no longer surprised。
For this meal,Zhong Wenqiu’s parents have been busy since the morning,Buy the freshest dishes etc.,They cook home cooking that is popular in their area。
After eating,Zhong Wenqiu got it these days“baby”,Take it out and give Brother Hu the appraisal。

“but,do not worry,I will never let them go easily,I will let them apologize to you,I’m absolutely satisfied!”

Even if Lin Yang said such low-level words to Lin Yang,Don’t forget to show his flattering smile in front of Qiao Ming。
Lin Yang’s performance,In Lin Feng’s view,Actually feel so dirty。
He obviously lost the backbone of a businessman,From a public perspective,The Lin family can be regarded as a big family with a head and a face,But Lin Yang can still ask for forgiveness,To do such a shameful thing。
Privately,This Qiao Ming is Lin Yang’s daughter Lin Yu’s boyfriend,If you get along well,Qiao Ming is even more likely to become Lin Yang’s son-in-law。
If you look at it from this level,Lin Yang will become the old man of Qiao Ming。
But now look at Lin Yang,What has he done now?
Not big or small,Let Lin Feng see,I feel very sick。
and so,After Lin Feng heard Lin Yang asked Liu Chunlan to apologize to Qiao Ming,All kinds of disdain and contempt also appeared on his face。
Where’s Lin Yang over there?
After saying that to Qiao Ming,Lin Yang still didn’t see Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan wanting to apologize at all。
and so,Immediately stood up from Qiao Ming’s side,Continue to roar at Lin Feng:“Lin Feng,I talk,Don’t you understand?Let your wife roll over and apologize to Qiao Ming。”
Lin Feng heard Lin Yang speak now,I’m already so open,Also in anger。
and so,Lin Feng also shouted to Lin Yang without any fear:“Big brother,Chunlan is your younger sibling anyhow,And from the beginning,This is your good daughter and good son-in-law who are always provoking us。”
“But you?As the patriarch of the Lin family,If you didn’t help us with a word, it’s fine,right now,Even asked us to apologize to him。”
“I just want to ask Big Brother,What did we guys do wrong?。Dad’s death day,Our family will come to participate in previous years,But you just won’t let。This year we are coming,But that’s the one you invited us to, isn’t it?”

I heard Chen Geng say that,Ding Haijun’s expression immediately became serious:“Brother,What do you say?”

He is sensitive to,Chen Geng’s next remarks may be the most rewarding part of his trip to Detroit.。
Chen Geng was not polite to him:“I think you are too isolated on this matter,I think this is a manufacturing base used to make foreign money,If you cannot earn foreign exchange from foreigners,This project has no meaning,In fact, this view has a big problem,in my opinion,Even if a car is not exported after the base is built,If it works well,But it also has great significance for China。
The first point you can definitely think of,Is through this project,Learn how to be scientific from foreigners、Reasonably manage a super large manufacturing group——honestly,in my opinion,The management methods of domestic enterprises are too extensive,This cooperation is a good learning opportunity。”
“Makes sense。”Ding Haijun thinks a little,Eyes suddenly light up,Nodded quickly,I couldn’t wait to ask:“What about the second?”
Yes,There is a first there is a second,Since the first one,What about the second?
Chen Geng did not deliberately sell guanzi,Then said:“second,Although the final designed annual production capacity of this project may only be 20,000 to 30,000 vehicles、Thirty or forty thousand,You can take this opportunity to realize the localization of the imported model。”
“Ok,”Chen Geng nodded and said:“The purpose of localization is of course not to be able to make the car you introduced in China,But to take this opportunity of localization,Let China establish a perfect car parts supply system and parts development system,This way,Not only can you fully introduce this car domestically,Also developed for the future、Laid the foundation for the production of other parts……”
Before Chen Geng finished,Ding Haijun’s eyes lit up suddenly:“Although we cannot earn foreign exchange by exporting whole vehicles,But we can earn foreign exchange by exporting parts。Thus,The original purpose of earning foreign exchange has also been achieved……Brother,thank you,Really thank you very much。”
Daigo empowerment!
Ding Haijun felt more and more that he came to Detroit to meet Chen Geng this time,It’s really a correct decision,When everyone just regards the waiting project of Magic Capital and Wolf Castle Group as an image project,Some people even rate this project as“Face engineering”when,Who would have thought if this project could be successful,Importance to China?

“I don’t know if this guy did his homework before crossing?Still the fact is,Anyway, the first emperor Yingzheng Longyan Joye,There are still so many territories in the world waiting for him to conquer the Great Qin Empire,Can Emperor Yingzheng be unhappy??Then the Great Qin Empire began to prepare to continue the war。”

“As a result, Emperor Yingzheng curiously asked how many generations the Great Qin Empire passed down.?Are there any changes in the Great Qin Empire thousands of years later??This guy bluntly said that the second generation died,Then directly explained how the Great Qin Empire died。”
“Liu Bang,Xiang Yu,And Chen Sheng,Wu Guangcheng is wanted,And then be directly beheaded,As for the survivors of the Six Kingdoms who were originally set aside by the First Emperor Yingzheng, they are also implicated.,Was directly assigned to make a living outside the Great Wall。”
“And Zhao Gao,Was beaten to death directly above the court,As for Hu Hai,Although not dead,But it’s probably enough to live a few years,The eldest son Fusu was established as the prince of the Great Qin Empire。”
Li Qing remembered the fellow traveler I saw yesterday,Qin Shihuang Yingzheng does not know how many generations of descendants,Said with a smile,His daily fun is to listen to these strange traversers telling their legendary experiences。
He always thought,The first emperor Yingzheng is Mingjun,Destroy the Six Nations,Book with text,Car on track,Unified text,Unified measurement,I also think that the fellow traveler did the right thing。
At least a map of the world,Let everyone know that there is so much land outside the Central Plains,Those ambitious heroes will not work hard for the land of Kyushu, Central Plains.。
If according to history,Li Qing remembered that the other side of the mainland seemed to be the period when Alexander was invincible.,Li Qing is very curious how long Alexander can resist the Great Qin Empire?
“Qin Shihuang Yingzheng?That fellow is quite good at playing。”
Jingtian heard Li Qing, the lord of the taverns in front of him, said that the starting emperor Yingzheng,Said quietly,It seems that the world that the foreigner visits is mostly a parallel world,I don’t know what Yingzheng members will look like when they know this。
“Who said no,Qin Shihuang’s Yingzheng ended the troubled times of the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period,Unified the overlord of the Central Plains,It’s a pity that this fellow stayed in that world for a short time,Before the Great Qin Empire set off,This fellow left that world。”
“Then after coming to the tavern of the heavens,Tell us about his legendary experience,It’s a pity that I can’t travel to other worlds like those fellow travellers,Otherwise, I will directly report the thigh to Tang Taizong Li Shimin。”

Qin Feng touched his nose,This issue,It should have nothing to do with him?

“How i feel,This should be specifically for the airport to retaliate?You really offended people at the airport!”At this time, Qin Feng pulled the Mediterranean manager to make all kinds of mockery。
The latter’s face was red and white,But he was really angry with Qin Feng。Because I never thought that this kind of thing would really happen to him。
To know,China is now known as one of the safest countries。At least there won’t be too many thugs,Even the case resolution rate is extremely high。So compared to other countries,Hua Guo is a relatively safe place。
In recent years, such riots have rarely occurred in these public places。
“and so?”
Qin Feng feels,The matter should be over?Then he can leave and go to Beijing?But it doesn’t seem right to think about it,Didn’t he find the trouble of the person in charge of the airport to seek justice for Yang Xi??Now suddenly something like this happened,Did you run away??
This seems unreasonable!
“Qin Feng, don’t leave, kid,Help me investigate this case!”Jiang Hao knew Qin Feng had oneaCity newspaper system。Qin Feng should know a lot of news,And they are even better than the detective
Edge faster。
so,It is definitely the wisest choice to let Qin Feng stay and help。
“Not bad!”

Xia Chenglong didn’t want to provoke these guys,But don’t get rid of these annoying flies,It seems there is no way to concentrate on the next thing。

So tonight,This old man Lin must die。
“Do not,Do not kill me,I’ll give you whatever you want。”
Lin Laosan rolled off the bed,Kneeling on the ground and kowtowing。
He found that he provokes someone he shouldn’t provoke。
Beg for mercy now,It seems a bit late。
For this guy,He doesn’t even want the strength to talk nonsense。
The white flame of the forest beats in the palm of your hand,next moment,The guy on the ground has turned into black powder。
Fortunately, this wall has good sound insulation,People outside didn’t notice,Otherwise, there will be a lot of trouble。
Chapter six hundred and twenty six Trade union events
He damn!
This kind of scum is not worthy to exist in the world,So Xia Chenglong didn’t have any burden in his heart。
The figure disappeared in place,Calm here。
After a while, a charming and colorful woman came in,She has heard of Lin’s reputation,Don’t treat women as humans at all。
Although I gave a lot of money,But many sisters are unwilling to associate with him。
Destined to be tossed tonight,The woman came to the room cautiously,But didn’t see anyone。

“Don’t step on that finger,What I need is a complete human bone specimen。”

Xiang Chen said lightly。
Han Genji subconsciously looked down at the two fingers that he almost stepped on.,There was also a chill in my heart。
Retreat quietly,Based on Han Genji’s personal guess,At this moment, Xiang Chen should be less interested in the data in his hands。
&; He Hongyuan made a whining sound in his mouth,The eyes are also looking at Xiang Chen urgently。
“Do you have any comments?”
Xiang Chen pulled out the mouse stuffed in He Hongyuan’s mouth,Asked with disgust。
“Are you the devil?”
He Hongyuan stares at Xiang Chen,There is only a sorrowful smile on my face。
“wrong answer!”
Talking,Xiang Chen actually picked up the keyboard,Suck He Hongyuan’s mouth inside。
It took He Hongyuan a lot of effort to stop Xiang Chen,Looking at Xiang Chen deeply,Then slowly said:“I served,what do you wish to ask,Speak!I will tell you what I know!”
He Hongyuan, who has no way to control the expression on his face, looked at Xiang Chen,most of the time,The principle of the regular army is not clear to Ye Luzi。
Facing the threat of Xiang Chen,He Hongyuan completely convinced,Otherwise, I might really be killed by this guy。

Grandma is already in a coma,The uncle’s family standing beside her。

When I saw my sister,,Brother-in-law,Immediately it felt like a backbone,Step forward quickly,I told the whole story。
original,The doctor in town just said,The equipment in the town hospital is too backward,Can only stabilize the condition temporarily,It is recommended to transfer grandma to the hospital in the provincial capital for treatment。
And the doctor also said that family members should be mentally prepared,This disease is difficult to treat,It is estimated that the cost is relatively large,Plus the elderly are getting older,In short, everything sounds like a disadvantage。
Lu Menglin across the glass window,Looking at the unconscious grandma,That old but kind face,Makes him heartache。
The tree wants to be quiet but the wind keeps on,The son wants to support but the relative is away。This is one of the greatest sorrows in the world。
Lu Menglin in his previous life has already experienced the pain of losing a loved one,This time,As a rebirth,Never let this tragedy and pain happen again。
text Chapter One Hundred and Forty Million dollars
? Facing the embarrassment of uncle,Lu Youshan showed the courage of the head of the family without hesitation。
“Save lives,Don’t worry about money or money!I borrowed a car,You clean up,Let’s take mom to the provincial hospital now。”Lu Youshan has a voice。
Mother Lu always listens to her husband,Mother’s life is hanging by a thread now,Of course it is sent to the provincial hospital for treatment。
Several adults together,Contact the provincial hospital immediately,Then I rented an ambulance from the town hospital,I was sent to the provincial hospital that night。
Wee hours,Grandma was placed in the inpatient department of the provincial hospital,Expert consultation on the second day。

But beside him,The whole teahouse hall is empty,Everyone can’t sit still,Rushed to the street one after another,Rushed into the hot crowd。

Even those family children,They are not thinking about family interests at the moment,But myself,If I can get Qin’s treasure,How good would that be!
The crowd on the street is gathering,I’m afraid that half of the people from Hongliu City are here,And the other half is on the way。
It’s almost time!Lu Menglin slowly got up,He Bu, who is still sitting opposite him, is a little dazed,He immediately stood up with a panic look。
What Wei Xiaoxing said outside,He Bu heard it all,He doesn’t understand,Why did Teacher Lu ask Wei Xiaoxing to incite everyone,He feels very upset,Because he knows,The foundation of the entire Red Willow City has begun to shake,This huge city of gods,It’s no longer as majestic as they were when they first arrived,But under the influence of Teacher Lu,Become precarious,In danger。
“He Bu,do not worry,Believe me is enough!I will make their lives better。”Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Strode out of the teahouse。
Wei Xiaoxing, surrounded by the crowd, suddenly felt lighter,Must be god,I found myself being lifted in midair。
Father Mu lifted Wei Xiaoxing up again,Flew into the air,This combination of old and young,Successfully attracted everyone’s attention,This is truly eye-catching。
“The people of Red Willow City,Please listen to the old man。”Father Mu sighed softly in his heart,Finally still relying on the sound transmission by the ear,Say word by word。
Every word he said at the moment,It’s all secretly transmitted by someone,And he has no choice,Because that person has secretly controlled everything,Today’s situation,It was actually caused by that person alone。And more terrifying is,Mr. Mu didn’t think he was doing something wrong!
Maybe,The order in Hongliu City that has always been ruled by a powerful family,It’s time to change!
The changes in the past few days are so fast,But it doesn’t mean that Mr. Mu can’t think,He knows Mu’s shortcomings,As long as the great mage is dead,Not only can the Mu family not retain the status of the four major families,It will fall apart faster than those small families,Because this is a rule of the game。
And the appearance of Master Lu,Prying open a seam to the iron curtain shrouded in the head of the gods,Let wise people see a ray of light。
For this ray of light,Father Mu would rather bet on his remaining time,Even bet on the Mu clan,To fight for this great change in the era that dare to call the sun and the moon change the sky。
“The old man was attacked a few days ago,Self-defeating,Figured out some truth。I want to tell everyone today。”Mr. Mu said slowly。