At that time he might talk to Qin Feng for business,It’s impossible to sell this video to Qin Feng for several thousand yuan。

“Is there a way to support your economy??”Qin Feng also looked at Xie Zhiwei curiously,Although these things are not much,But if you add up scatteredly, it would cost a few thousand to tens of thousands a month.?
“There is a way to support it,I also set up a small farm with Huang Longwen,Although I dare not say how much,But one month is also 10,000 to 20,000 income,Plus other scattered things at home,I also have some small money。”
Xie Zhiwei’s words shocked Qin Feng,He really didn’t expect,This guy has so much money。
This really confirms that sentence,People can’t look,Unmatchable sea water。
Qin Feng is also calculating,Is there a way to build my own intelligence network?。
If you can sell vegetables, you can supply them,But now he is still fighting with people outside,This matter is a bit unclear。
Xie Zhiwei watched Qin Feng’s expression keep changing,His mood is constantly changing,He really wants to know Qin Feng’s arrival
What are you thinking about。
Thought for a long time,Qin Feng looked at Xie Zhiwei and said:“these things,You temporarily supply,correct,News from outside the village,Can you get it?”
Qin Feng feels like a blind man,Don’t know anything now。
If he can control everything in the village,You don’t need to worry about outside matters,But the village is also messed up,He can only grit his teeth and keep going。
Qin Feng also has plans,He is going to farm first,After these vegetables go wrong,He only came back to grasp the situation a little bit。
It’s not what Qin Feng likes to use,But if he doesn’t do that,That would definitely be miserable。
“I can know some simple news at once,For example, today those vegetable vendors can let our people sell vegetables。”Xie Zhiwei also immediately reported a message to Qin Feng。
(End of this chapter)

“The way you strike up is really……”

Xiang Yang sighed and shook his head,But still standing between Zheng Ziling and Ling Yun。
It is undeniable that what Zheng Ziling said to him was a provocation for some purpose.,But this is not unreasonable,But Zheng Ziling didn’t know,The friendship we met in Wei Mo,Sometimes it is very reliable。
Zheng Ziling simply dropped two words,Turned away。
The owner of the private kitchen is standing at the door,Someone had notified him before,All compensation will be doubled,So at this time his face is not too ugly。
The protagonists in conflict all want to calm down,But there are still people in the crowd who are not afraid of big things。
“boss,The tables and chairs here have been smashed anyway,Why don’t I pay you some money later,Let me do something more with your venue。”
After Zheng Ziling’s follower,Huang Zetao also handed a credit card to the owner of the private chef,The evil smile on his face is unabated,His appearance undoubtedly makes Zheng Ziling and Ling Yun very uncomfortable。
“I said,Forget this!This is the third time I repeat!”
Zheng Ziling stared at Huang Zetao,Suddenly I feel that the genius is on the left and the lunatic is on the right makes sense,I can’t guess Huang Zetao’s path。
Blocked half of Huang Zetao’s body,Zheng Ziling stood motionless。The grudge between Huang Zetao and Xiangyang,Zheng Ziling also heard a little during military training,Now Huang Zetao intervenes,It’s hard to say that he didn’t run towards Xiangyang,After all, the turbulent military training incident,Even after returning to Wanghai University, there is still residual heat。
“Ling Shao,This is not for you,It’s purely a personal grievance between me and Ling Yun,It’s just that Ling Yun’s luck is good,Met you first。”
Huang Zetao smiled and explained to Zheng Ziling。
Zheng Ziling is more certain this time,Huang Zetao is a genius with a madman personality。
I believe Huang Zetao has seen his intentions towards Xiangyang,Point the finger directly at Lingyun,I don’t have any excuses to intervene,But judging from the friendship between Xiangyang and Lingyun,It’s hard to guarantee that Xiangyang won’t get involved。
Finding a famous excuse is always the most troublesome thing,At the same time Zheng Ziling couldn’t help being curious,What kind of friendship is it,A girl from Xiangyang can participate in a boy’s fight recklessly。
Huang Zetao took a step back,After bypassing Zheng Ziling,Go straight to Lingyun。

Lu Menglin was silent,He also wanted to hear his father’s evaluation of Zhao Yuanchao。

Lu Youshan frowned slightly,I said after thinking about it:“Lao Zhao,Ability is very strong,Keep things tight,And the heart is too cruel,I’m not surprised that he will have an accident。”
“but,I asked him not to have been planted at this time,At least another three to five years。This time I heard that I was reported to the capital,That’s what happened to the working group。”
I heard what my father said about Zhao Yuanchao,Lu Menglin was surprised。
Because my father predicted too accurately,If it wasn’t for my own birth,Layout in advance for Zhao Yuanchao,Zhao Yuanchao in the last life,The incident happened only five years later。
It seems that although my father is loyal and honest,But not without wisdom,It’s just that I didn’t have a chance to use it in the past.。
“Mr. Lu,Zhao Yuanchao went in,Will it affect us??”Another salesman is more sophisticated,I’ve been thinking about this these days,Finally by the opportunity of drinking,Asked the worries in my heart。
Lu Youshan shook his head firmly,Smiled:“Then i’m going to ask,We are working for the Liufang Mill,Or for Zhao Yuanchao?”
Xiao Li and Lao Zhang answered in unison at the same time:“Of course it’s for the factory。”
“That’s it!Let’s do things steadily,Open up sales for our factory,Sell more cotton yarn,Don’t care about other things。”Lu Youshan said solemnly。
“but,If Zhao Yuanchao is down,,Our business department was also proposed by him,Will there be changes?”Lao Zhang asked carefully again,He thinks that since Lu Youshan is the manager,Maybe you know something you don’t know。
Lu Youshan took a sip of wine,Let the wine flow down the throat into the belly,I just feel a rush of heat rushing to my face,This is the voice:“Will not change!If there is a change,I didn’t want to call your sister-in-law over。”
Lu Menglin heard this,finally understood,Dare to love the father to call his son and wife over,Not here to play,I’m here to help him stabilize his army!
“I don’t know who was behind Zhao Yuanchao,Don’t be the emperor and the courtier。It would be bad if the newly appointed factory director treated us as Zhao Yuanchao’s gang。”Lao Zhang said with lingering fear on his face。
Xiao Li yelled through Jiu Jin:“That’s not。Isn’t the one that didn’t come belong to the old Zhao group,The master capsized,He will be as anxious as an ant on a hot pot,No time to bother us。”
text Chapter One Hundred and Twelve Point pawn
? The one in Xiao Li’s mouth,Huang Yuanshun, the financial manager of the business department who didn’t come。
Huang Yuanshun is a close friend of Zhao Yuanchao,It is said to be a distant cousin of Zhao Yuanchao,In the past, the financial office of the factory,Engage in the business department this time,He was transferred。

Lu Menglin looked at this old face,I remember clearly before rebirth,Those news reports about him。

After my brother-in-law Du Shaoping buried the outspoken teacher Deng alive,Just this old thing,Personally take the workers the next day,Supervise workers using bulldozers and forklifts to fill in large mud pits in the playground,Bury Deng Ping’s wispy soul forever。
But this person can enjoy his old age,After retiring, he settled in the deep city,Singing,Lead a respectable old life everywhere。
“Du Shaoping has hired,Burying Teacher Deng alive is your idea!I’m giving you the stolen money from the project!”Lu Menglin said lightly,But this voice made everyone present clearly hear。
Principal Huang’s face suddenly became gloomy,He frowned,Staring at the boy in front of you,Seems to be judging the truth of what the other party said。
And those who came with Principal Huang,Then they showed quite playful expressions。
“Yes!Du Shaoping gave me the money!I will withdraw the money!”I didn’t expect Principal Huang to admit it in public,Didn’t mean to deny at all。
“and,When I drank last time,Also said something angry,I said Deng Ping doesn’t eat hard or soft things,If it’s anxious, I’m not welcome。”
Principal Huang’s second sentence,Actually also very frank,It is equivalent to indirectly admitting that Deng Ping was buried alive,He also has a share。
“but,I was angry then,I didn’t know Du Shaoping would really do it。He studies less,Bad brains,Did not educate him,It’s my responsibility。”Principal Huang’s words are somewhat sincere,It’s hard to doubt。
sound,He carried all the crimes on himself,Is this a confession??
Even Wang Xiaomei and Deng Jiajia behind Lu Menglin were stunned.,They faintly feel something is wrong,But I can’t tell where there is a problem。
Lu Menglin nodded,It seems to make sense。
“Thank god,Fortunately, Teacher Deng Ping is fine,Then this matter is much easier。This friend,Give Du Shaoping to the police!He should be punished for whatever crime!this is necessary!”Principal Huang said plausibly。
Good guy,Three or five words from this old man,I picked myself out and picked it very clean,But also make things smaller,Trivial,Trying to get Du Shaoping back。
And what he said seems to make sense,Since Teacher Deng is alive,Then the case did not happen,Or it’s not serious enough,So everything can follow the legal system。

“Lord Qiao,You can just say that seriously,The two of us came to this monitoring room together,And the monitoring is also adjusted under your nose,Just ask,What do we do,It’s hard to pass your eyes?”The dean said word by word。

“you,you,you guys……”Qiao Shan can’t think of anything to refute the dean。
The dean is right,Surveillance is called under my nose,And the reason why I am here,Isn’t it because they’re afraid of doing tricks behind their backs??
But how do you explain the humiliation??
The dean saw that Qiao Shan stopped talking,I know that Qiao Shan has listened to his words at this moment,It’s not that strong anymore。
He said calmly:“Lord Qiao,Look at our monitoring,This matter is indeed not in our hospital,You just think about it again,Did your arm hurt before it was sent?,You just didn’t feel the pain at that time,and so,and so……”
Dean said that,Suddenly I can’t continue,He himself thinks this is impossible,How could someone not know after being injured??
Not to mention that Qiao Shan is not an ordinary injury,But a broken arm!
really,When the dean’s voice just fell,Just listen to Qiao Shan cursing:“You fart,You don’t know if your arm is broken?If you don’t give me a perfect explanation for this matter today,Just wait and see for me!”
After speaking,Qiao Shan said angrily to the nurse who pushed him over:“Push me back!”
The nurse glanced at the dean embarrassedly,The dean waved helplessly,The nurse pushed Qiaoshan out with a furious look。
The people in the monitoring room are behind Qiaoshan,Ask the dean:“Dean,Look at this……”
At this time, the dean also because of Qiao Shan’s words before leaving,And extremely depressed,Ignore the question from the monitoring room staff,Just walked out。
He needs to think about it,What should I do next?
After all, Qiao Shan is the son of Jiangnan Qiao family,I can’t afford it!
And the other side,Xiao Fan has sent Qiao An’an downstairs,Xiao Fan said:“Go up,Go back and think about it,What do you want Qiao’s to do?”

Lu Liang is gone,Yang Liu looked at the Ferrari key in his hand,Feel hot。

Don’t need Lu’s money,Is it really wrong?
and also,Lu Liang said something before getting in the car“Sorry。”
To apologize for the embarrassment the Lu family gave tonight,Still apologize for what his mother did?she does not know。
the first time,Yangliu gave birth to a different taste in my heart,Maybe she is really blind,Lu Liang is not as bad as he thought?
Wandering thoughts don’t know where to drift,The confused eyes can no longer see the car taillights,She still stopped there to watch。
Father Lu has been looking forward to it,See the figure of grandson,Beckoned him over。
Lu Liang knows what Grandpa meant,Not waiting to ask,Speak the answer directly,“Yao’er has arrived home safely,Don’t worry。”
Grandson is safe,He is satisfied,Keep nodding,“Yaoer is a girl,It’s not safe to go back alone,You are brother,I should take care of my sister,Worked hard,Sit down and rest。”
The people sitting on the main table are all immediate family members of the Lu family,How did they treat Yangliu just now?,Lu Liang sees it,Keep it in mind。
Today is grandpa’s birthday,Some words are not suitable for speaking in person,It doesn’t mean that the wind passes without a trace。
Even if Lu Yao is a child raised outside,,But it’s also Lu’s child,The broken bones are still connected to the tendons,Why do you mock a junior so much?
Anyway,Lu Yao is not wrong,Should not bear these insults,If really filled with indignation,I should blame my father,Instead of carrying his father to make things difficult for his children。
Don’t say they are helping mother vent their anger,When mother was away,Didn’t you close that mouth??
Grievance is for perfection,What’s wrong with Lu Yao,To be wronged?Whose face has been preserved by seeking completeness??
She came to celebrate grandpa’s birthday,Not from humiliation,Since face is so important,Why can’t you watch it on such a festive day today,Let her go?
Lu Yao’s pale face,And red eyes,Made him understand why she drew a line with the Lu family,If it was him,I won’t beg for mercy。
Grandpa’s birthday today,He doesn’t want to be troublesome,But Lu Yao’s limp body、A languid look,Makes him want to endure,He wants to warn certain people,Granddaughter of Lu Family,Lu Liang’s sister,Not everyone can bully!

Beauties tired,Sit on the bench next to the stadium to rest。

I sit next to her,Sniffing the fragrance from her,Feel particularly comfortable。
“Did i know you before?”
I looked at her curiously,She looks at me,Stars in the eyes。
“I do not know you。”
The beauty shook her head gently,Suddenly added another sentence。
“Even if you know,Must have happened in the previous life。”
I sighed,Lying on her lap。
I thought she would resist,Or give me a big mouth。
But she didn’t do it,But gently touch my face with my hand。
“You look very like my boyfriend,Unfortunately he is dead。”
There is sadness and nostalgia in the beautiful voice,The look in my eyes is very hot。
“Then you can treat me as your boyfriend,Shall we go there to talk about love?”
I took her into the deep forest next to me,Lifted her skirt。
She resisted,Then quiet down……

The latter couldn’t help but speak,“I say Qin Feng,Your authority is a bit big, right?Directly hit the fifty and sixty people?The official almost broke the system!How does this work?”

“I can’t help it,If these people don’t get rid of it, they are all pests。You see this,Obviously you even Jiang Tao was transferred to the Garden Bureau。But you see,The main class is gone,The deputy still has to do something to me。And then united with other departments。This is not the official guardian?”
“okay,I have asked Fang Kai’s angel investment company to be directly sealed,Assets also confiscated。What do you want?”Jiang Chao was a little bit dumbfounded。Because he felt that the three fires of Qin Feng, the new official, had burned a bit too much。
Keep going,AThe city is not functioning properly。
So as a last resort,He can only close the source angel investment company。Otherwise, if this goes on, don’t talk about the construction of Tamron troops,AThe city officials are afraid that everyone is worried!
Qin Feng put down the tea cup in his hand,Shook his head helplessly,“I said Director Jiang Chao,I am doing this to help you。Do you think this angel investment company is simple??I suspect,He is actually a member of the spider。otherwise,How did his funds come from more than ten years ago?”
Qin Feng actually wants to say that Fang Kai is actually from Skynet。But because Jiang Chao said before that we must deal with spiders first,So Qin Feng can only say that Fang Kai is a spider man。
Of course this didn’t wrong him!
Before Qin Feng asked Muzi to investigate the Qin family’s case, it was not nothing。At least so many days have come to a clue,The matchmaker was Long Qianyuan,There is no doubt about this。Besides,The person in charge of fund operation is Fang Kai’s angel investment company。
of course,No more clues。
Qin Fengzhi said that he was not in a hurry to deal with Long Qianyuan because he wanted to put a long line to catch a big fish。At least Muzi has sent someone to follow Long Qianyuan,See who else he is in contact with。
I heard Qin Feng’s words,Jiang Chao was a little stunned。
“This.Are you sure it’s not public revenge?There really is such a thing?”
“I will send you the information later!”Qin Feng just finished,Message from his cell phone,“Oh,No need to wait,Show you now!”
Qin Feng threw the phone to the other party。Of course there are some investigation clues from Muzi。

Chapter 535 Invitation from Zhixing Chuanyi

When Zhu Ziqing contacted Xiang Chen crazy,The latter does not know that his phone has been turned off because of no power。
The celebration of the prosperity of the stars has come to an end,Someone is about to usher in a decent life full of themselves,Some people show blessed smiles on the surface,Struggling to be strong inside。
Not surprising,Ye Qing didn’t get any,Even if Li Tianxing is rich,There is no money enough to influence the fairness of a grand event award ceremony。
Watching the votes and blessings of fans all over the world,Xiang Chen and Li Tianxing are convinced。
In those few Li Tianxing familiar,When the host who forgot his name announced the end,Li Tianxing shook his head,Sigh softly。
Every award Ye Qing has nominations,There are dozens of votes behind each award,But it’s just a few dozen votes,But it made Ye lightly pass the awards again and again,Missed the stage。
“It’s good to be nominated!”
Ye Qingqing comforted all the staff around him,Whether it’s her agent or assistant。
After the award ceremony,Ye Qingming’s manager, Sister Hua and assistant Xiaowen, will take the fastest flight back home,Although I don’t know why,But the requirements for Ding Sheng,They have no objection,After so long,They wouldn’t believe that Ding Sheng would have any bad ideas about Ye Qingchun,Not to mention Xiang Chen is present。
“Actually not bad this time,Although not awarded,But the style of Li Gongzi at the charity party,But Ye Zi made a lot of limelight,The business purpose has been achieved!”
Watching sister Hua and Xiaowen leave,Ding Sheng also comforted Li Tianxing and Xiang Chen。
Maybe not on the surface,But Xiang Chen and Li Tianxing have done a lot of hard work,Today’s results are in their opinion,May indeed be unsatisfactory。
Ding Sheng patted Xiang Chen on the shoulder,I saw him still thinking hard,Explained with a smile:“Sister Hua and Xiaowen are really worried about Xiaoyeye,Insist on staying at the end to take care of Xiaoye。”
I thought Xiang Chen was wondering why Sister Erhua and Xiaowen were still there,Ding Sheng also explained the reason。
Xiang Chen Machinery nodded,Then I looked at Ye gently,Just like an old father who saw his children become successful,Kind eyes。

“Call you!Too much nonsense!”Talk about it,The old warrior makes progress,Yaoyao punched out。

This punch,As if the air between the two was sucked into the fists of Old Zhan,Created the illusion that the entire space collapsed inward。
Taoist Li Shixing is worthy of being the heir of Wudang Zhenwu,The reaction is also surprisingly fast,Palms out,Gang Jin burst,Fog on both palms,Facing each other’s fists。
boom!Fists collide,Made a loud noise。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Fifty First in the world
Old Zhan’s fists bulged,There is a faint brilliance flowing in the flesh and blood,An extremely terrifying explosive power appeared in an instant。
Wudang Cotton Palm of Taoist Li Shixing,Specialize in softness,Gang Jin stratified burst,Turn body sweat into mist,Eruption from the pores,Played the effect of unloading。
It’s a pity that Zhan Lao is too powerful,Taoist Li Shixing’s cotton palm is exquisite,But can’t get rid of such a powerful force for a time。
After one punch,The posture of the old man remains unchanged,Sit on your hips,As Arhat,Fist bursts like fried beans。
But Li Shixing Taoist obviously suffered a dark loss,The shoes under my feet squeaked overwhelmedly,A sharp friction with the ground,The upper is twisted,Showing three toes。
And at the moment,Taoist Li Shixing’s feet seem to have an extra Wang Qingquan,The ground becomes wet,And then the right heel suddenly disappeared,Actually fell into the ground。
It can be seen that Old Zhan’s punch is unmatched,The strength is so strong that you can’t resist even the strength and the palms。
Talking late,Then soon!The old war survivors,Foot on the center line,Body like a tiger and leopard,Jumped up,Strong wind blowing,The power of fist claws envelops Li Shixing Taoist person in it。