Anti-epidemic program This is us, this is light, Yi Xi Qianxi dances with the medical cabin

Anti-epidemic program “This is us, this is light”, Yi Xi Qianxi dances with the medical cabin
At 21:00 on April 25, Youku, Beijing Satellite TV, and Oriental Satellite TV jointly presented, Xinhua News Agency “Sound is in China,” and the special program “This Is Us, This Is Light”, jointly organized by Xinhua Video, will officially broadcast.First-line medical and health workers and people in the entertainment industry gathered to pay tribute to each anti-epidemic struggle.On the show, Academician Li Lanjuan will talk about the “most beautiful smile” under the indentation, “Glass Kiss” nurse Chen Ying, Huang Qianrui and his wife romantically propose on the spot, Yi Xi Qianxi will join the medical cabin and dance the red dance “The Fiery Saday””Lang”.Yi Xi Qianxi is on the show.The picture comes from the network “This is us, this is light” will be composed of three chapters in series, moving together to write a poem against the epidemic: the first chapter “fire-raiser” is the hymn of the doctor’s heart, pays homage to the epidemic and emits heat to save the deadMedical staff; Chapter 2 “What is a Hero” will set its sights on the heroic city of Wuhan, focusing on the moments of ordinary people’s dedicated dedication and mutual help; Chapter 3 “The Four Seas at Home” shows China’s role as a global war epidemic,The great love that interprets the community of human destiny is boundless.People in the entertainment industry will also gather in “This Is Us, This Is Light” to bring rich programs such as literary performances, speeches, and casual talks.Gao Xiaosong talked about the humanistic style of Wuhan’s junior hero city; Liu Yun, Niu Junfeng, Zhang Guoli, Zhang Tielin gave a speech on “Your Name Our Glory”, and mourned the war epidemic martyrs who will always stay in spring.Yi Xi Qianxi himself made a special appearance in the video connection, and joined three medical cabin doctors to jump up the “Flaming Saario” that screened the Internet during the epidemic.Speaking of the dance of hope and optimism of the medical staff, Yi Xi Qianxi sighed: “This special moment, a little happiness can make everyone particularly moved.”In addition, the medical” Tiantuan “-Academician Li Lanjuan, Vice President Tong Zhaohui, Academician Zhang Boli and Dean Zhang Dingyu will appear on the show and connect the host of the Beijing and Shanghai conference venues in the form of” cloud interaction “.Academician Li Lanjuan’s indentation on the face without reducing the beautiful smile has become the “most beautiful smile in 2020” in the minds of many netizens.Academician Li responded humbly on the show: “This is not my mark, I can only say that as a representative I reflected the hard work of medical staff.”The president of Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital Zhang Dingyu fought side by side with his lover on the front line of the epidemic. His wife was infected and he chose to continue to fight.”Talking about this experience, Dean Zhang said with emotion: “After retiring, she will be her own dean .” Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He, editor of Tong Na, proofreading Li Xiangling

Woods led the United States team Jedi to overtake, proud to win eight consecutive championship cup

Woods led the United States team Jedi to overtake, proud to win eight consecutive championship cup
Woods became the player with the most wins in the history of the President’s Cup.Photo / Sports The 13th Golf President ‘s Cup ended today at the Royal Melbourne Stadium in Australia.The United States team, which has been lagging behind in the first three rounds, staged a counterattack on the last day of the individual game. It won 6 games, 4 draws and 2 losses in 12 games, and finally won the Presidents Cup 16-14.This is the 11th time in the history of the 13th President’s Cup, the US team won the championship for the 11th time. The US team also achieved eight consecutive championships in Royal Melbourne. It has been a long time since golf fans have seen such a scene at the President ‘s Cup.There are 3 holes left and the last player left on the field. The ownership of the President’s Cup is still suspenseful.Until the penultimate group set off, Kuchar trailed all the way and pushed a 5-foot birdie push on the 17th hole.He ensures that he can win at least 0.5 points, also announced the victory of the US team’s overtaking. “We won together, my teammates and the boys played well.”For the first time, Captain America, including Tiger Woods, one of which was awarded by Captain Wildcard, said,” Everyone believes in each other, and we all depend on each other. This is a collective victory. Woods had three wins on Wednesday, with a total of 27 wins, surpassing Mickelson and becoming the player with the most wins in the history of the Presidents Cup. Although the international team regretted the defeat, the captain Ernie Els still paid tribute to each player.”I want to salute everyone in our team, there are a lot of young players, there are a lot of players in the world who have not heard the name, you will see them often in the future.Said Ernie Els. The international team has 7 new players this week, more than half of the total team, including Chinese player Li Haotong.”I actually feel pretty good today, especially in the back holes.Li Haotong concluded, “It’s just that I made a lot of mistakes in the front and made a few bogeys.”But match play is like this. If the putter is not good, it will be difficult to win the game.”Johnson finally defeated Li Haotong. Li Haotong is also the first Chinese player to participate in the President’s Cup in history.At the age of 24, although he lost two battles, he was still full of confidence in his future in the President’s Cup.”It was a good experience and it felt great.I look forward to the next presidential cup.He said, “I am very young now and have a long time. I don’t know how many presidential cups will be played in the future.”This is just the beginning.”

Unable to complete self-redemption, Zhou Qi quietly disappeared around the corner .

Unable to complete self-redemption, Zhou Qi quietly disappeared around the corner .
Zhou Qi still did not play an eye-catching performance.Sauna, night net Wu Jiangshe Chinese men’s basketball team lost to Venezuela 59 to 72, 1 win and 2 losses to end the Basketball World Cup Group A game.After serving errors with the Polish team in the whirlpool of public opinion, Zhou Jin even faced with the difficulties of the opponent’s internal line, his performance is difficult to be called “self-salvation.”On the next day, the hot search responded to the initiative to take responsibility for the gold. The Chinese men’s basketball team played against Poland on the night. “Zhou Qi’s serve error” went on the hot search, and once followed the orange “boil” word to show that the topic is hot.The Chinese men’s basketball team led by 5 points from the last minute of regular time to 3 points in overtime and missed the initiative to advance to the top 16. Zhou Qi also surrounded the vortex of public opinion.At midnight, “big brother” Yi Jianlian said on Weibo: “If you can’t stand together when you fail, I don’t think it will succeed in the future.The picture is a scene of Zhai Xiaochuan and Zhai Xiaochuan pulling Zhou Qi from the ground.After that, Zhai Xiaochuan and others also supported.Less than 14 hours after the game, the Chinese men’s basketball team once again came to the Wukesong Stadium to prepare for a “life-and-death battle” with the Venezuelan team.As the coach Li Nan said, after a highly-regarded defeat, what the team needs most is “turning the page” and highlighting “we trust Zhou Qi”.In the opening time of the last 5 minutes of training for the Chinese team, Zhou Qi has been practicing free throws.After the training, he responded to the mistake.The 23-year-old young insider admitted that he had spent a “very difficult night”.He buckled the hoodie’s hat on his head, “Anyway, the ball is trying to me, and my responsibility is definitely the greatest.”He answered the question with a calm tone, saying that a dramatic game has baptized his mindset and on-the-spot thinking, and will adjust as soon as possible to go all out with the Venezuelan team.”Zhou Qi did not take advantage of the internal confrontation.Sauna, night net Wu Jiang photo-rescue 5 criminals left the field to get 8 splits more than an hour before the match, Zhou Qi is one of the first men’s players in the Chinese men’s basketball team to warm up.When he appeared from the player channel, there was a burst of cheering from the upper and lower stands. Zhou Qi waved his hand and went straight into the field, picked up the ball to practice the free throw and three points.When introducing players on the field, the broadcaster first pronounced “No. 15”, the name had not yet been spoken, and cheers had already sounded.When Zhou Qi’s name was pronounced, Wu Ke Song was higher.He clapped the team one by one and then ran to his place to stand still.Like the previous two games, Zhou Qi continued to start tonight, still getting the ball for the Chinese team in the jump ball.Nearly half of the first quarter, he picked the ball after the three-point line and chose to advance to the basket, and was counterattacked by his opponent.With a pity of regret, Zhou Qi quickly pursued and defended, successfully interfering with the fast break of the Venezuelan team.After receiving the rebound, the audience immediately applauded.In the last three minutes of the second quarter, Zhou Qi played again, less than half a minute later, in the fight for the offensive rebound, causing the opponent to foul and win the free throw opportunity.The first penalty, the ball came out of the basket, the sound of “oops” on the scene was immediately overshadowed by “refueling” and “steady”.Zhou Qi adjusted his breath after catching the ball, made a solid second penalty, and then retreated to the basket, pressing the opponent’s fast break layup on the backboard.The Chinese men’s basketball team had chased by 7 points in the fourth quarter, but Zhou Qi made two free throws at the front of the basket in the last 2 minutes and 55 seconds, and the opponent scored a goal using the offensive and defensive conversion.Immediately afterwards, he wanted to make up for the effort with a single shot from the basket, but failed to take advantage of the confrontation. He hurriedly missed his shot.The defeat of the Chinese team is set, and the cheering sound is replaced by “Li Nan’s class”.Zhou Qi scored three fouls in the last minute and more, and gradually left five fouls. He made 3 of 8 shots out of the night, surrendered 8 points, 7 rebounds, 2 blocks and 1 turnover. 4 free throws only.Hit one.Fans on the scene lost their expressions.Sauna, Yejiang Wujiang photo mixed mining area went blankly and walked away to the final whistle. The host also called on the audience to “send applause for the Chinese men’s basketball team who fought hard.”The brigade “has not ended, they have to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics through qualifying,” but the spectators who backed away from the stadium did not respond.The host’s voice did not fall, Zhou Qi had appeared in the mixed mining area before the head coach Li Nan.He walked past the reporter waiting outside the fence blankly. Someone called him, but he ignored it and disappeared around the corner.Tonight’s match, the Venezuelan team’s teamwork made the Chinese men’s basketball team very uncomfortable. The three major centers scored positively and negatively in the game.Li Nan admitted frankly after the game that he prepared to hit the ball before the game, but the effect of the implementation was not good. The arrow’s “inner dependency” was magnified tonight.In addition to technical and tactical factors, the head coach, known as the “class”, also admitted that the defeat against the Polish team was still brought to this game.”We also did some work for the players and talked to them, hoping that they will cross this threshold, but this time, their confidence in the game still has some influence.Fang Shuo also said that the loss put more or less pressure on the team, and to improve the qualification of the Olympic Games, the burden must be changed.”Sauna, Ye Wang Liu Chen editor Wang Xihuang

CICC back to A start-up to issue no more than 4.5.9 billion shares

CICC back to A start: planned to issue no more than 4.5.9 billion shares
On May 15th, the China Securities Regulatory Commission announced the China International Capital Corporation (“CICC”) initial public offering of stock prospectus, CICC plans to issue no more than 4.5.9 billion shares (not more than 9 of the total share capital after this issuance and listing50%) A shares.CICC said that after deducting the issuance expenses, the funds raised from this A-share IPO will be used to increase the company’s capital, supplement the company’s working capital, and support the company’s internal and external business development.At the same time, the company will use the raised funds to further strengthen its investment in financial technology, internationalization and other strategic areas, and grasp strategic merger and acquisition opportunities in due course.According to the data, the issuer was formerly known as CICC Limited. It was established in July 1995 by the original People’s Construction Bank of China (later renamed “China Construction Bank”), Morgan Stanley, China Insurance, New Deal Investment and Mingli Group.As of December 31, 2019, the company’s top ten shareholders were Central Huijin, HKSCC Nominees Limited (Hong Kong Central Clearing (Agent) Co., Ltd.), Haier Financial Holdings, Tencent Mobile, Defu Investment Co., Ltd., China Insurance, andGroup, Invesco Advisor Inc, China Construction Investment, Construction Investment, Investment Consulting.On the signing date of the final prospectus, CICC’s shareholding structure and control relationship.(From the prospectus of CICC) According to the prospectus of CICC, the total assets of CICC in 2019 reached 3449.7 trillion yuan, an increase of 25 compared with the end of 2018.3%; net assets reached 482.9 trillion yuan, an increase of 14 from the end of 2018.5%; total income and other income 227.8 trillion yuan, an annual increase of 22.9%; achieved a net profit of 42.400 million yuan, an annual increase of 21.4%; estimated average return on equity of 9.6%.  From the perspective of income structure, the data released by CICC shows that CICC’s net income in 2019 (note: reference to index expenditure) 168.8.7 billion yuan, an increase of 24% over the previous year.Among them, wealth management income accounted for the highest proportion, 23%, investment banking business accounted for the second, accounting for 22%, stock business income accounted for 21%, fixed income income accounted for 16%, investment management income accounted for 12%, other incomeIt accounts for 7%.  From the perspective of domestic and foreign net income, the proportion of overseas net income increased in 2019, achieving overseas net income41.2.4 billion yuan, accounting for 24%, a year-on-year increase of 42%; the net income in the mainland is still the main source of income for CICC, and the net income in the mainland will be 127 in 2019.6.3 billion yuan, an annual increase of 19%.Whether it is at the performance briefing of the Democratic CICC or the latest IPO prospectus, it shows CICC’s urgent desire for scale development.CICC frankly accepted the competitive pressure of domestic securities companies in its prospectus.Compared with other large domestic comprehensive securities companies, even the company has established certain advantages in terms of brand, customers and comprehensive financial service capabilities, but it still has certain disadvantages in terms of capital scale and geographical coverage.In the future, the company will continue to face competitive pressures from other large domestic comprehensive securities companies and some specialized securities companies.At the same time, the entry of foreign brokers into China has also put pressure on the development of CICC.The competitive advantages of foreign financial institutions in international networks, capital strength, etc. are expected to enter the Chinese market and will compete fiercely with domestic securities companies in high-end business areas such as cross-border business, institutional transactions and derivatives, wealth management and investment management.CICC said that if the company fails to replenish its capital strength in a timely manner, maintain and further consolidate its capabilities and advantages in related business areas, it will bring the risk of losing customers and declining market share.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang Siyuan Editor Chen Li proofreading Yang Xuli

San Sheng III Pillow Book Wang Xiao talks about Siming like Feng Jiu: restraint is a good thing

“San Sheng III Pillow Book” Wang Xiao talks about Siming like Feng Jiu: restraint is a good thing
In addition to starring Dili Reba and Gao Weiguang, “Sanshin III Pillow Book”, which was broadcast during the Spring Festival, Wang Xiao, who returned to starring in the “Pillow Book”, appeared in the play, and the barrage was brushed up.It ‘s him again, ”and“ Si Ming is back ”.On February 19th, Wang Xiao accepted an online interview with the media, and played the fate of his life three years later. Wang Xiao said that he wanted to make up for the shortcomings of this character.”To be honest, the acting” San Sheng San Shi Shi Li Tao Hua “was pulled in by the staff. At the beginning, I really felt that I couldn’t do the job of acting Xian Lian, but this time I continued to play Si Ming, partly to make up for the last time.The shortcomings of character handling.I also worry about the repetition of the characters, so I need to find a balance between continuation and adjustment. The life is still that life, but it will increase the concentration of the character a little more. “In The Pillow Book Wang Xiao plays Si Ming.The picture comes from the Internet. Since the opening of “Pillow Book”, Wang Xiao played the role of “The Complete Book of the Eight Diagrams of the Nine Chongtian Walking”, and “The First Screenplay of the First Dog’s Blood of the Eight Wastelands” contracted most of the laughing points in the script and enriched the expressiveness. “”Bagua Face” was also inserted into the emoji package by netizens, and he correctly thought about the character of Si Ming’s Bagua, but Wang Xiao named him: “Si Ming’s job is to write everyone’s fate, how to complete it without communication and reserveWhat about this job?So here we are gossip, where he is the accumulation of work.”In the” Pillow Book “, Si Ming, who loves to write dog blood words, still has no clear emotional line, but because of Si Ming ‘s meticulous care and spoils for Feng Jiu, many viewers are two personal groupsThe “Nine Life” unpopular CP came up. Some original fans said that the feeling was indeed buried in the novel. Some netizens turned over the interview of “Three Life, Three Life, Ten Miles, and Peach Blossoms” three years ago.Even more because “His Royal Highness” is Shi Ming’s exclusive title to Feng Jiu, and loyal fans have carefully counted that in the first 30 episodes, Shi Ming actually called 78 “His Royal Highness”, which was warm and warm to Feng Jiu.The pet’s performance made the audience give him the title of “daddy boyfriend”.Mentioning Si Ming’s feelings for Feng Jiu, Wang Xiao has his own understanding.”He is still restrained, restraint is a good thing.司命的克制应该源于那句‘勿动俗念’的台词,这个好比是你喜欢这块蛋糕,但你自知承受不起,可你看见那块蛋糕的时候,那种喜爱的眼神是Can’t lie to anyone.Wang Xiao laughed and said that he did not expect the audience to form such an upset CP. For the first time, he saw the word “daddy boyfriend” on the Internet. It felt quite funny, but the message that impressed him most, butMany netizens left a message on his Weibo private message: “I will kill the emperor for you!”.Sauna, night net editor Liu Wei Tong Na proofreading Lu Qian

Flat-headed brother flatly pushed the AG super game, completely messing up the Western Division

“Flat-headed brother” flatly pushed the AG super game, completely messing up the Western Division
YTG ranks more than Chongqing QGhappy.Network screenshot Yesterday, the King of Glory Professional League regular season, the penultimate YTG in the west swept the first AG super game in the west with a 3-1, the Western Division advanced to the steep and suspenseful.The YTG team’s air force has lost five straight games, and almost every game has been completely exploded by opponents. The ranking has been at the bottom of the list.The AG Super Play Club did not top the Western Conference with 10 wins, and it has been a winning streak recently.Before the start of the game, everyone speculated that YTG would be swept by AG Super Play, but the results were shocking.Known as the “flat-headed brother”, YTG relied on his fiercely playing Falic opponents, just like the team said before the game, “I want to be a fader fine, push away the crystal on the opposite side and also flatten their hair.”In this game, the problems of the AG Super Club will be exposed.The first game was originally a superior game, but YTG seized the opportunity to reverse the wind.Even when YTG won two games, the AG Super Play did not allow Xu Bicheng (ID: Yinuo) to return to the shooter position.Xu Bicheng has lived in the jungle position since he came to the AG Super Game, and he rarely takes out shooters. Even Xu Bicheng’s shooter is the top league shooter recognized.After the game ended, the owner of the AG Super Game Club, Feifei, said, “Go back and make a good review, summarize the problems and mistakes, and constantly improve yourself to prepare for the next game.”The YTG victory completely messed up the Western Division.In the winner group, the AG Super Play will have the same points as DYG, with a net difference of only 1 point. In the next two games, both teams will go all out to compete for the first in the West.Who can pull away the opponent, who has the possibility to avoid the big devil LGD goose in the playoffs this season.In the loser group, YTG squeezed Chongqing QGhappy into a favorable position to advance to the playoffs.At present, GK, TYG and Chongqing QGhappy are all 6 points, and there are still two games.The five-point RW Man ranked eighth, but they still have three games.The four teams will compete for the final two playoff seats.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Shujun Han Shuangming Proofreading Lu Qian

Icardi wears a hat and assists, 19 games and 17 goals are amazing

Icardi wears a hat and assists, 19 games and 17 goals are amazing
Parisians will celebrate the goal.Figure / Osports French League Cup quarter-finals continue this morning, Paris Saint-Germain took home 6-1 victory over Saint-Etienne.For the start of the campaign, Paris played the main force, Neymar, Mbappe led, Icardi, Di Maria played.The full main axis allows Paris to achieve a dream start in just 2 minutes.Icardi smashed the door and Paris was the first to win.Then Saint Etienne centre-back Fofana was sent off, Neymar single-pointed a goal, Di Maria caused the goalkeeper Oolong, Paris lead 3-0 in the first half.In the second half, Icardi took Mbappe with two consecutive assists to complete the hat-trick, and then peached Lee to assist Mbappe to complete the goal.In the end, Paris won 6 to 1.Icardi, who completed the hat trick in this campaign, once again showed outstanding efficiency. A total of 4 shots in the game, 3 shots are being converted into 3 goals, and there are 1 assists.This was also his first hat-trick since Inter Milan against Sampdoria in March 2018, when Icardi was a big fourth.”This game is perfect for me and the team and I am very happy to be able to perform a hat trick.I have a good relationship with other forwards. Everyone can change the game and make an effort, but we are a team, not an individual.”Icardi said after the game.Regarding his future, Icardi expressed his willingness to stay in Paris.”I am very happy in Paris and I am willing to stay with the team to continue playing.But I will decide the future after the season.”After this campaign, Icardi has already scored 17 goals in 19 games this season, and there are 3 assists. The efficiency is quite amazing.After the game, Paris coach Tuchel also noticed the cooperation of the four on the court.”They are not selfish. They reset the ball and pass it to the better player.I believe this is the team’s hard work to make the striker stand out.”Tuchel said,” We are a very dangerous team, whether in the offense or defense, we are a real team.”