What does Fengyoujing do?

Pay attention to these contraindications!

What does Fengyoujing do?

Pay attention to these contraindications!

Fengyoujing is not unfamiliar to everyone. It is an insecticide and a cold over-the-counter medicine, which is generally necessary for summer home travel.

However, the net spread of wind olein goes beyond its efficacy, it seems to be amazing, now let’s talk about the various effects of wind olein.

  First, the main components of Fengyoujing and its relationship with traditional Chinese medicine.

  1. Main ingredients: menthol, methyl salicylate, camphor, eucalyptus oil, eugenol.

  2, wind oil essence and Chinese medicine related ingredients: mint, spicy, cool.

Return to the lung and liver.

It has the functions of evacuation of wind and heat, clearing the heads, clearing the throat, penetrating rash, and clearing the liver and qi.

  Camphor, Weixin, and hot sex.


Return to heart, spleen.

It has the effects of dehumidification and insecticide, Wensan analgesic, and opening up evil spirits.

  Eucalyptus oil, spicy and cool.

It is a colorless or slightly yellow clear liquid with a specific aroma, slightly like camphor.

Eucalyptus oil is a volatile oil obtained from steam eucalyptus of Eucalyptus globulus, Cinnamomum camphora or other plants of the same two families.

It has the effect of removing wind and pain, and can be used for skin itching and neuralgia.

  Methyl salicylate, also known as wintergreen oil, is a colorless or pale yellow liquid with a special smell of herbs, sweet and spicy.

Can promote local blood circulation, with swelling, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipruritic effect.

  Eugenol is also a colorless or slightly yellow liquid in appearance and has a strong aroma of syringa. It can be seen in some daily products we usually use, which has antibacterial and antihypertensive effects.

  Second, the effect of wind oil essence.

  Indications: Swelling, analgesic, cool, itching, expelling wind.

It is used for headaches, dizziness, and joint pain, toothache, abdominal pain, mosquito bites, and motion sickness caused by colds and colds.

In addition, it has the following effects: 1. Treating sore throat: Taking a few drops orally and drinking five times a day can effectively treat sore throat, and it also has anti-inflammatory effects.

  2, prevent athlete’s foot, athlete’s foot odor: the sterilization and anti-inflammatory effect of wind oil essence can effectively inhibit the occurrence of athlete’s foot, can help deodorization, after daily foot washing, rub the affected part of the foot with an appropriate amount of wind oil essence, which has a good effect.

  3, treatment of mild burns and scalds: Apply wind oil essence to the burns and scalds, once a day, and use it for several days to see the effect.

However, it should be noted that if you have a burn of more than 2 degrees deep, you must not use wind oil.

  4, cure abdominal pain: a few drops of wind oil essence in the navel eye position, and then covered with adhesive tape, can improve the effect of removing cold and relieve pain, effectively treat abdominal pain.

This method is effective in treating abdominal pain caused by coldness of the body and excessive eating of cold food.

  5. Treat rotten feet: Soak your feet with warm water every night before going to bed, wipe them dry, apply wind oil essence to the rotten feet, apply it once a day, and use it for five consecutive nights will have a certain effect.

  Tips: 1. Local burns above Ⅱ degree, because the blister is prone to irritation and pain.

  2. Use with caution for pregnant women and children under three.

  3, those who are allergic to this product supplement, those with allergies should be used with caution.

Honeysuckle is needed to clear heat and detoxify

Honeysuckle is needed to clear heat and detoxify

Honeysuckle, also known as double flower, honeysuckle flower, coriander flower, Erbao flower, is a vine plant that can be potted.

In the spring and summer flowering time, two small white flowers were born from the axils of the leaves. After blooming for a week, the flower color changed from white to yellow, and the white and yellow contrasted with each other. It was pleasing to the eye, its faint fragrance and refreshing, can beautify and green the environment, it is a veryGood ornamental plants.

  At the same time, honeysuckle is a chronic ancient and commonly used medicine. Its original plant is honeysuckle, and its medicinal parts are mainly flower buds and first blooms. Its cane is also medicinal (for honeysuckle vine).

Honeysuckle began to appear in the “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” and is classified as top grade. It is cold and sweet, has functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, and evacuating wind-heat. It is often used clinically to treat respiratory infections, influenza, tonsillitis, acute mastitis, and lobar pneumonia, Bacterial diseases, crest abscesses, erysipelas, trauma infections and uterine erosions.

Modern research has proven that honeysuckle has a recognized antibacterial effect against streptococcus, staphylococcus, pneumococcus, pertussis, meningococcus, etc.

According to statistics, honeysuckle is used in one-third of the traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions in the country. In 2003, honeysuckle was also used in the prescription of Chinese medicine against SARS.

  Shandong and Henan are the main cultivation areas of honeysuckle.

The honeysuckle produced in Pingyi, Shandong, Fei County is called “Dongyinhua”, the dense county in Henan, Gong County, and Rongyang is called “Dense Silver Flower”.

“Dense Silver Flower” is of high quality and is well-known both at home and abroad.

  There are many prescriptions that contain honeysuckle. Here are some simple and effective small prescriptions and usages that can be used in daily life for your reference.

  Making tea: 1.

Honeysuckle tea: 20 grams of honeysuckle, Jianshui instead of tea or tea, to treat sore throat and prevent upper respiratory infections.


Three flower tea: honeysuckle, chrysanthemum 10 grams each, jasmine 3 grams, add boiling water to make tea.

Can clear heat and detoxify, treat headache, thirst, sore throat.

This tea decoction, external washing, also treats dermatitis.


Three-flower sea tea: 4 grams of chrysanthemum, 3 grams of honeysuckle, 3 grams of camellia, 3 capsules of fat sea, 10 grams of rock sugar, brewed in boiling water for 5 minutes, drink, 1 dose a day, even drink for 3 days, can clear heat and detoxify, and relieve throatSoothes throat, treats influenza, dry throat and pain.


Honeysuckle rhubarb tea: 10 grams of honeysuckle and 3 grams of rhubarb, combined with tea, and flavored with an appropriate amount of honey, has the effect of clearing heat and purging water, moisturizing intestines and laxative, and is used to treat habitual constipation.


Honeysuckle mint tea: honeysuckle and mint 10 grams each, brew with boiling water, cover with stuffy 15 minutes, add an appropriate amount of honey and drink.

In summer, it is used for clearing heat and clearing heat and clearing cripples.


Golden licorice tea: 15 grams of honeysuckle, 3 grams of raw licorice, blended with boiling water tea, used in summer to prevent heatstroke, reduce heat and quench thirst.

This tea decoction gargle can also treat sore throat and oral ulcers.


Honeysuckle drink: Honeysuckle, hawthorn in the right amount, brew with boiling water, substitute tea.

For appetizers, digestion.

  Decoction (decoction): 1.

Treatment of hot and toxic bloated wounds: 20 grams of honeysuckle, wild chrysanthemum, dandelion, safflower, 15 grams each of purple sunflower seeds. After decoction, add appropriate amount of wine and mix with medicine residue to apply to the affected area.

(Five flavor disinfection drink from “Yizong Jinjian”) 2.

Prevention of meningoencephalitis, Japanese encephalitis: Honeysuckle, Forsythia, Daqingye, Reed Root, Licorice 9g each, decoction, 1 dose daily, 3 servings?
5 days.


Treatment of mumps: honeysuckle, dandelion 25 grams each, licorice 15 grams, 1 dose daily, decoction.


Urinary tract infections: 15 grams of honeysuckle, plantain, echinacea, and 30 grams of motherwort, 1 dose daily, decoction.

  5, cure heat and diarrhea: honeysuckle 20 grams, roasted ground, sugar or honey.

Large leaf pneumonia: 100 grams of honeysuckle, 50 grams of forsythia, 50 grams of habitat, 30 grams each of Ophiopogon, Asparagus and Scrophulariae, 1 dose daily, decoction, 3?
5 days is a course of treatment.


Treatment of acute bacillary dysentery: 300 grams of honeysuckle, 90 grams of Coptis chinensis and 90 grams of Cotinus coggygria, decoction with water, take 1000 ml of medicine solution, take 30 ml each time, 4 times daily.

  Medicated Diet: 1.

Honeysuckle lotus seed soup: Honeysuckle 30 grams, lotus seed (without core) 50 grams.

Boil the honeysuckle and remove the residue to cook the lotus seeds.

Add some rock sugar when eating.

Can clear heat and detoxify, spleen and relieve diarrhea.

Any diarrhea, dysentery caused by heat and internal disturbances in the large intestine, irritated and severely mixed with fever, burning nose, and upset, can be eaten.


Honeysuckle: Honeysuckle, honey, 30 grams each.

Honeysuckle with decoction, slag removal, and honey-made beverages have a good effect on preventing flu and treating lung cough.


Double flower drink: silver flower, chrysanthemum, hawthorn each 50 grams, honey 500 grams.

Fry honeysuckle, chrysanthemum and hawthorn into a thick sauce and add honey.

It is not only a refreshing drink in summer, but also a health drink for the symptoms of body heat, thirst, dizziness, sore throat, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, and suppurative infection.


Silver flower dandelion porridge: honeysuckle 30 g, dandelion 60 g, previous rice 100 g.

Boil honeysuckle and dandelion in water, remove the dregs and extract the juice.

Suffering from acute mastitis.


Red honeysuckle eggs: 1 egg, beat into a bowl.

Add 15ml of honeysuckle, add 200ml of water, boil for 5 minutes, remove the residue and extract the juice.

Very convenient to take at the beginning of wind-heat cough.

  Others: Detoxification: take appropriate amount of honeysuckle stems, leaves and flowers, wash them with cold water, chew them down, and detoxify mushrooms and mercury.

  Honeysuckle is not for everyone and can be used every day.

Honeysuckle is cold in nature, not suitable for long-term continuous, only suitable for temporary temporary in hot summer.

In particular, it is necessary to remind that those with weak spleen and stomach or weak qi and women with menstrual interference cannot place them.

  There is such a story about honeysuckle in folk.

  Once upon a time, there was a village with a kind couple in the village.

This couple has a pair of beautiful twin daughters, one is called Jinhua and the other is Yinhua.

The two sisters not only look exactly the same, but also have a deep affection for each other.

Both parents and folks love and love this beautiful, kind and diligent sister.

  The sisters are 16 years old.

Suddenly, one day, Jinhua became ill and became feverish and erythematous. When she lay down on the bed, she couldn’t get up.

Mom and dad invited the doctor to see Jinhua.

When Jinhua got the fever poison, and there was no cure for this disease since ancient times, she had to wait for death. Yinhua kept her sister all day and cried to death.

Jinhua keeps Yinhua away from herself to prevent infection, but Yinhua accompanies her sister with the vow of “living in bed, dying with burial”.
Within a few days, Jinhua’s disease became more severe, and Yinhua was bedridden.
The sisters said to their parents, “After we die, we must turn into herbs that treat this feverish disease. People who have this disease cannot wait to die like us!

“The sisters really died together.

The folks helped their parents bury them in the same grave.

  The following spring, Baicao sprouts.

The sisters’ graves did not grow any grass and gave birth to a small vine.

Three years later, this little vine grew very lush.

When it blooms in summer, it turns white and yellow, and yellow and white are the same.

People are very surprised. When thinking of the death of the two sisters Jinhua and Yinhua, they took flowers and used them to treat fever, and it worked.

  Since then, people have called this kind of vine “honeysuckle”.

Five advantages for girls to choose a career

Five advantages for girls to choose a career

In particular, female college students have the following professional competence advantages.

  1.Advantages of language skills.

Women use language vocabulary better than men, and they are better at grammar, sentence making, and reading skills.

Generally speaking, women’s military writing, editing, translation, broadcasters, education, reception and negotiation work can better display their strengths.

  2.Advantage of thinking ability.

Women’s image thinking ability and detailed thinking generally have advantages, so they are suitable for image design work, such as clothing design, and their works often make people feel harmonious, elegant and beautiful.

In addition, there are also outstanding talents in literary creation and literary performance.

  3.The advantage of communication skills.

Women are generally docile, amiable, easy to get along with others, rich in feelings and good at understanding others. They have demonstrated interpersonal skills in social situations or work collaboration. Therefore, they are suitable for administrative management, office secretaries, public relations, sales, etc.jobs.

  4.Advantages of management capabilities.

Female college students with higher education are well-educated and able to listen to opinions from various quarters. They are good at working with others. Therefore, they have become the management of institutions and enterprises.

  5.The endurance advantage.

The ability to work long and tirelessly under relatively dull conditions is a major feature of women. Most women work with patience, a serious attitude, and an alternative sense of responsibility. Therefore, female college students are engaged in finance and computer operations.Survey and design can give full play to its advantages in the internal affairs, data management, library information and archive management.

Yoga is the mantra of your weight loss

Yoga is the mantra of your weight loss

For both men and women, the abdominal muscles are a symbol of fitness and an armor that protects important body parts.

Weak abdominal muscles can lead to an increase in pelvic anteversion and an increase in the physiological curvature of the lumbar spine, and increase the chance of back pain.

It is necessary to practice abdominal muscles.

Especially for comrades with a small belly, it is more urgent to lose weight. I used to learn yoga. My yoga instructor taught me a set of recipes for slimming and losing weight. I verified it by myself. Below I will introduce this set of simple and easyUsing the line, it can be called a classic abdomen slimming type: Pilates movement is static, pay attention to breathing coordination, you can enter the meditation realm while listening to soft music while exercising, its belly function is also very effective. Pilates collectionBasic movements of the abdomen: 1. Lie flat on the mat, lay it on the side of the body, lift one leg up, stretch the other leg straight or bend on the ground, tighten the abdomen, and lean the waist against the ground.Circle, return to the starting point and stop when exhaling, do 4 in one direction?
6 times, and then go around in the opposite direction 4?
6 times.

  · Note: Do not loop the leg too much. Keep the head vertical and the left and right joints do not move.

  2, the upper body is lifted, the tibia is off the ground, the left leg is straight, the right leg is bent, the outer leg of the right leg is holding the toes, the hands are held to the knees, and the breath is exchanged once. Repeat the above action.
10 times.

  · Caution: Do not relax your upper body.

  3. The upper body is lifted, the knees are received on the chest, the legs are tight, the knees are clasped with both hands, and the entire body is inhaled, and the exhalation is reset to the initial state.

Repeatable 6?
10 times.

  · Note: Keep your upper body still, step off the ground, and when you open your body, some of them will come from the front to the top, and you will receive your knees from the side when you reply.

  4, the position of hands and feet is fixed, legs are bent, left leg is in front, right leg is behind, one arm is supported when inhaling, the body is upright in a line, slowly falling when exhaling, thenChange legs.

  · Note: The movement should be slow, controlled, and difficult to complete. It can be supported on the ground with elbow joints.

  Slimming waist with diet: the best drink for milk slimming waist-only two days for each weight loss.

On the third and fourth day, return to normal diet, and then start two more days.

You can usually see a noticeable effect of weight loss during the first cycle.

If you repeat two to three cycles, the effect is more stable.

  I remember I was stuck for more than half a month, and my pants really loosened a lot. I felt that the waist and abdomen were a lot tighter. I was either very fat, or I had a lot of waist, and it was very loose. After practicing this setSlimming yoga is really effective!

What a magic yoga!

TCM experts teach you to see the truth

TCM experts teach you to “see the truth”

Chinese medicine believes that the five senses are closely related to the health of the five internal organs of the body.
Therefore, as long as you are good at observing some changes in the face every morning while looking in the mirror, and then comprehensively comprehend the symptoms, the health status of the internal organs can be roughly grasped, and you can seek medical treatment in time.
  Face complexion: Whether Qi and Blood are smooth? The color of the face is manifested by Qi and Blood being injected into the face through the meridians. The ups and downs of Qi and blood and the operating conditions will definitely be reflected in the complexion.
  脸色潮红:心脏可能有问题  脸色常常像婴儿一样经常红扑扑的人,并非是好事,尤其需要注意心脏方面的健康状况,比如患有狭心症、心肌梗塞的人,或是有这些疾病潜在病因的Most people have a red face.
When the body’s blood circulation is poor, it will make the heat in the body unbalanced, causing the upper body to be hot and the lower body to be cold. At the same time, the legs are prone to accumulate excessive water and show swelling symptoms.
If the heart is not functioning properly, it will cause uneven heat distribution in the body and make your face prone to flushing.
  脸上长斑:警惕妇科疾病  脸上长了斑,除了妊娠期和口服避孕药外,更多时候,反映出一些女性内分泌失调性疾病,诸如月经不调、痛经、子宫附件炎、不孕症Wait.
Traditional Chinese medicine refers to adult women’s facial stains as “liver spots”, and believes that people with liver stagnation and stagnation are prone to facial stains, that is, emotional abnormalities are directly related to the formation and aggravation of facial stains.
Therefore, regulating your emotions is the key to preventing and treating facial stains.
  Doctor reminds: yellowing of the face is a symptom of spleen deficiency. If the yellowing of the face suddenly occurs, it may be a sign of poor liver and gallbladder function. Patients with acute jaundice hepatitis, gallstones, acute cholecystitis, liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, etc. often issue the above”Yellow alert”; blackened face is a manifestation of kidney deficiency, should eat more kidney tonic foods, such as walnuts, black sesame, wolfberry and so on.
  When the liver has a problem, the face and eyes usually change.
  Eyes: reflect liver problems. When the liver has a problem, usually the face and eyes will change. For example, the face becomes blue, the eyes are prone to fatigue, vision loss, the white part of the eyes becomes yellow, and tears are easy to fall.
  Yellowing of the whites of the eyes: It indicates that the liver and gallbladder are sick. If too much bile is secreted from the blood, the yellowing of the eyes will appear.
This is because bile itself is a yellow-green liquid that is secreted by liver cells and stored in the gallbladder, which has the effect of helping to break down excess fat in the body.
When the gallbladder or liver does not function well, it will cause bile obstruction and retention, so that the bile, which should have been sent from the liver to the gallbladder through the bile duct, leaks out of it and flows into the blood, causing yellowing of the eyes.
This is why the eyes and skin of people with hepatitis become yellow.

Just doing crunches

Just doing crunches

Some young men and women, middle-aged people, and some industry workers, the main purpose of exercising is to lose weight, especially want to reduce the lifted belly, slim and slim, and have a shapely body.

  Some people also set up a “belly weight loss” plan for themselves, insisting on doing sit-ups every day, divided into multiple groups at a time, a group of 20 or 30, repeatedly doing sit-ups.

  In the gym it is often you who gets up and he falls down, doing repetitive moves one by one.

Many people are sweating profusely and have a sore belly, which does not stop until they are exhausted.

Some fitness coaches told reporters that just training the abdominal muscles does not consume a small amount and cannot achieve the purpose of losing weight in the stomach. Instead, it will cause the stomach to increase due to muscle gain.

  There is no scientific basis for the local weight loss method that only exercises the abdominal muscles. This idea of ordinary people seems to see a doctor and mistakenly believes that “headaches cure the head and feet hurt the feet” can cure the disease.

  From a sports perspective, weight loss requires holistic and systemic consumption, and light-enhanced abdominal exercise cannot be used for weight loss. Slimmers should adhere to whole-body exercise and increase abdominal exercise on this basis to achieve reduction.The purpose of the belly.

  Whole body exercise is best run, this simple exercise can be very good for weight loss.

Liu Ye is particularly outstanding. Running moderately, neither fast nor slow speed can achieve the effect of scientific weight loss.

  The correct way to do sit-ups is to lift your body 10 to 20 cm off the ground, tighten your abdominal muscles and pause a bit, then slowly lower your body back to its original position.

When the front landed, you can start the next cycle.

In the process of sit-ups, the abdominal muscles are actually only engaged in the initial stage, and then the flexor muscles of the waist are used to perform the task.

In the same way, turning your body in the final stage of sit-ups (right elbow touching your left knee, left elbow touching your right knee, etc.) will not only help to strengthen your muscles, it will even make it above theOppression leads to trauma.

Acne Food Recipe One

Acne Food Recipe One


For those who have acne on the face and flushed skin, take 1 bowl of strawberries, wash them, and eat one bowl a day for 7 days.


For those with acne and constipation, use 500 grams of celery, stir-fry as usual, eat 3 times a day, and even eat for 10-14 days, with a heat-clearing laxative effect.


For those with acne and yellow urine, use 100 grams of raw barley kernels, 25 grams of mung beans and add 3 bowls of water, first boil with Wuhuo, and then burn to a porridge with gentle fire, add appropriate amount of sugar.

Once a day for 7 days, it has the effect of clearing away heat and dampness.


Acne face has greasy skin and constipation, use hawthorn, peach kernel (pounded mud) 9 grams each, decoction to take juice, frequently drink and drink, with digestion and stagnation laxative effect.


Female acne with dysmenorrhea or irregular menstruation, decoction with 15 grams of tannin, motherwort, bupleurum, and boil all the rice for porridge.

Take 1 dose daily, in the morning and evening, and even for 1 month.


For those with redness and pain around acne skin lesions, 5 grams each of green tea and honeysuckle are brewed as tea with boiling water, which has the effect of clearing heat and reducing inflammation.


Acne tea: 30 grams of honeysuckle, 5 grams of licorice, boil with an appropriate amount of water, remove the residue, and serve as tea.


Acne diet: mung bean 1 two, lily 1 two, eat after cooking, there is a certain effect.


Acne prescription: loquat leaves, mulberry bark, nepeta, silver flower, forsythia, yellow census, red scallion, habitat, three dollars each of licorice, one dollar of licorice, decoction with water, one dose daily.

Why can not immediately drink water after exercise


Why can not immediately drink water after exercise

Excessive sweating during exercise causes people to feel thirsty, and it is necessary to add water at this time.

However, if you drink a lot of water in one breath regardless of the three or seventy-one, it will lead to a decrease in body fluids, a sudden increase in blood volume, and an increased burden on the heart.

In addition, a large amount of water is stored in the stomach, which not only affects the lifting of the diaphragm, obstructs breathing, but also makes people feel uncomfortable and reduces exercise capacity.

If you drink too much water for a short time, although it can suppress the thirst, it will also increase the body’s urine output and sweat volume.Affect the body’s athletic ability.

So you can wait 10 minutes after exercise before drinking water.

What family education should single-parent children give?

What family education should single-parent children give?

The single parent phenomenon has long attracted the attention of marriage scientists, sociologists and psychologists.

However, the question of how single parents can educate their children about gender roles is still a blank issue.

  Too many parents are confused about sex education, because they simply think that the content of sex education is the content and skills of husband and wife sex life, which is a wrong concept.

For different age groups, the specific content of sex education varies.

Sex education for young children is mainly the identification of gender roles and the formation of scientific and healthy concepts.

  A single mother’s family is a family consisting of a single mother and son due to divorce, widowed or other reasons.

In such a family, the image of the civilian father and the education from him make it difficult for a single mother to properly educate her son.

In a normal parental family, sons have their own gender role identification objects, that is, male parents, and lay the foundation for future interpersonal relationships in the relationship with heterosexual parents, and gradually form appropriate gender roles in the subtle influence.

Such as: how to bear the responsibility of the family, how to deal with the same sex and the opposite sex, how to resolve the conflict between social needs and family needs, and so on.

  For a son who lacks the image of a father in his early life, if the mother does not have the corresponding attention, the result will be that it is difficult and alternative for the child to confirm the role of gender. This will show the value of “male feminization” and will show in character.Sensitive, suspicious, low self-esteem, timidity, narrow-minded, strong distortion, etc., this will have an adverse impact on his personality and future social and family life.

In order for the child’s sexual psychology to develop healthily, single mothers should pay attention to the following points in education for boys.

  First, pay attention to the cultivation of the son’s male character. Some mothers, when educating their sons, treat themselves as their own children first, then consider them as independent men, and never even consider them as independent men.

Over-allocation and protection of children, contentment with son’s obedience, dependence, cowardice, and carefulness, are extremely detrimental to the formation of children’s healthy personality.

For example, the boy is always very naughty, and he is not afraid of fear, but his mother asks him to be hygienic, not to get his clothes dirty, not to run around, not to be like this, and then the child becomes cautious and shrinks.

After adulthood, the mother’s character of her son is of course “hate iron and steel”, but it is unknown that this is mainly the result of the mother’s own education.

  Parents are children’s enlightenment teachers and role models. If you want to cultivate your children’s decisive, confident, bold, open-minded personality, you must consciously adopt a meticulous and meticulous approach to boys. The content of education must be consistent with the characteristics of male characters.Don’t cultivate “fat powder gas”.

  Second, to create an appropriate social environment for children. Because most fathers in the family, sons naturally spend more time with their mothers.

Some mothers believe that playing with girls is safe, civilized, and hygienic, while playing with boys is prone to chaos.

In fact, in this way, some children have obstacles in interpersonal communication after adulthood. They only feel safe to some people, but show timidity, shrinking and sensitivity to others.

Therefore, mothers should arrange more children to interact with grandpa, grandma, male colleagues, etc., to compensate for the gaps in same-sex relationships caused by the lack of fathers.

In addition, in this process of interaction, they also unknowingly imitated the behavior of other men, which is not available to the mother.

  Third, give the child moderate motherhood. Single mothers often treat their sons as the sole sustenance of their lives and pour all their love and affection on their children.

For example, some mothers inappropriately prolong the feeding time; allow the son to sleep with him all the time; excessive care and caressing for the son, etc. As a result, the child has an “eclectic complex” and is accustomed to relying on the mother, andDo not want to be independent, unless something will cause abnormal psychology and behavior.

  Studies by psychologists have shown that it is best for sons to rest in separate rooms with their parents after the age of seven. If the family conditions do not permit, at least they should also get a bed.

In foreign countries, children are separated from their parents as soon as they are born.

Due to conditions and traditions, Chinese families have not created an environment in which children can live alone.

And single mothers’ excessive love for their children has led some people to be unable to distinguish the boundaries between motherly love and love under certain conditions, and they have no idea that their children can never be “weaned” psychologically.

  Fourth, mothers must have their own life arrangements. Children will instinctively possess possessiveness throughout their lives. They suck on the mother’s nutrition, occupy the mother’s arms and eyes, and become the center of mother’s life.

As the child grows up, the mother should slowly pay attention to leaving the child. However, many single mothers give the child full time without their own private life, which is actually not beneficial to the development of the son’s sexual psychology.

The mother should regularly arrange time for herself to deal with personal matters, including intercourse with the opposite sex, so that the child understands that the mother loves him, but he cannot occupy all the emotional space of the mother.

Otherwise, the child will become unruly, disobedient, or imposing orders on his mother, selfishly opposing his remarriage, and so on.

When the mother gives her time, she also gives her child a chance to mature.

  Fifth, allow children to accept a sound view of marriage and sexual attitude. Some single mothers suffered wounds in previous marriages or sexual experiences that made them have a certain prejudice against marriage and the opposite sex, and instilled this prejudice in their children.

For example, telling your child that Dad does n’t want them, that men are bad, how unfortunate they are, etc. It makes children feel hostile, distrustful, and also insecure and abandoned.

Other mothers like to say to their children over and over again: “I work so hard for you, I would be much better without you.

They thought that by saying this, the child would not forget the mother’s upbringing, but in fact it caused the child’s depression, sentimentality, inferiority and self-blame, and cast a heavy shadow on the future life.

The “psychogenic impotence” that some adult men suffer from is caused by abnormal mother-child relationships.

They always have the subconscious mind that “women are painful and they are guilty.” Therefore, they cannot have a sense of equality and sharing in sex.This leads to sexual dysfunction.

  Six, remarriage is conducive to the son’s sex education. In many cases, single mothers choose not to marry because their children are not suffering, which is not good for the child’s sexual psychological development.

Due to the lack of a male image in the family, the implementation of many details in sex education is limited, and even with the help of other male relatives, it is difficult to replace the impact of fatherly love on children.

And the handling of children’s relationship with stepfather, and mother’s handling skills in life.

Moreover, remarriage is also beneficial to the emotional and physical needs of a single mother. If the mother’s emotions and desires are suppressed, it will also affect the child’s emotional and personality development.

Of course, whether the mother remarries is her personal choice, but if it is for the growth of the child, it is necessary to change the traditional concept.

  In general, single mothers’ gender role education for their sons is a complex thesis, and there are many specific differences from the general content and methods of sex education, which need to be explored further.

With the continuous development of social and economic life, the phenomenon of divorce is more and more understood by the public, but we hope that children will be less and less adversely affected.

How to eat rheumatoid arthritis is better

How to eat rheumatoid arthritis is better

Rheumatoid arthritis is a common chronic disease, so do you know how to treat it?

The best way to treat arthritis is through conditioning.

So do you know how to eat and supplement rheumatoid arthritis?

Let’s take a look together.

  Rheumatoid arthritis dietary supplement 1, Fuzi chicken broth composition: 90 grams of chicken, 10 grams of cooked slices, ginger, red dates.

  Method: Put all the ingredients together in a clay pot, add the right amount of water, and cook for 2?
3 hours until the soup has no spicy sensation.

  Efficacy: warm the kidneys by cold, dispel dampness and relieve pain.

Suitable for rheumatoid arthritis, benign knee pain, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

  2, Chuanwu black bean chicken soup composition: 90 grams of chicken, 6 grams of Chuanwu, 60 grams of black beans, red dates.

  Method: Put all the ingredients together in a clay pot, add the right amount of water, and cook for 2?
For 3 hours, the taste is mild.

Inject with volume.

  Efficacy: expelling wind and dampness, dispersing cold and relieving pain.

Applicable to rheumatoid arthritis, gouty arthritis, etc. who are rheumatoid arthritis.

  3. The composition of Fangzhi Mulberry Porridge: 12g of Fangzhi, 30g of Mulberry, 60g of Coix Seed, 60g of Red Bean.

  Method: Wash all the ingredients, put them in a clay pot together, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook for 2?
3 hours, you can make porridge.

  Efficacy: Clearing away dampness and heat, promoting meridian.

For rheumatoid arthritis who belong to damp heat paralysis.

  4. Composition of Honeysuckle Vine and Coix Seed Porridge: 60g of Honeysuckle Vine, 9g of grass, 9g of windproof, 90g of coix seed.

  Method: Wash all the ingredients, put them in a clay pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook for 2?
3 hours, ready to serve.

  Efficacy: Qingli damp-heat, Xuanbi analgesic.

Suitable for rheumatoid arthritis who are hot and humid.

  5. Composition of papaya soup: 4 papaya, 1kg white honey.

  Method: Steam and peel the papaya, grind it like mud, and refine 1kg of white honey.

Mix the two things and add them to the net porcelain.

Use boiling water to make 1 every morning?
2 spoons per second.

  Efficacy: Tongbi analgesic.