Melasma is not just a problem for black people. TCM teaches you what to do.

Melasma is not just a problem for black people. TCM teaches you what to do.

Melasma is a major skin problem that invades many middle-aged women.

Due to the increase of melanin in the skin, the pale skin is no longer rich in luster in the past. Instead, the melasma spotted itself and crawled up our face quietly.

The best way to deal with melasma is to use internal conditioning.

Here are a few examples of melasma diets and treatments for you under different circumstances, so that you can potentially get chloasma and not be a yellow-faced woman!

  Melasma is a skin disease with localized hazel or brown pigmentation on the face.

It is characterized by symmetrical distribution of skin lesions, variable shape and size, and no subjective symptoms. It can occur in both men and women. It is more common in pregnant women or women with menstrual disorders, and some patients with chronic diseases. The skin lesions become worse after sun exposure.


Liver depression and qi stagnation[Clinical manifestations]The skin lesions are light brown to dark brown patches, of varying size, irregular edges, pattern or butterfly shape, symmetrically distributed around the eyes, face, and may be accompanied by flank, chest, irritability and irritability, Nagu is not fragrant, women’s irregular menstruation, premenstrual spots deepen, two breasts swell, thin white tongue coating, slippery pulse strings.

  [Therapeutic medicated diet]Xiaoban soup: 10 grams of loofah, 10 grams of white poria, 10 grams of dead silkworm, 10 grams of white chrysanthemum, 20 grams of mother-of-pearl, 3 roses and 10 red dates.

Soak fry sauce.

  Betel nut liqueur: betel nut, 20 grams each of tangerine peel, green peel, 10 grams each of rose, 5 grams of amomum, moderate sugar, 1500 ml of rice wine.

Put all the medicines in the same pot as the wine, cover tightly, and steam for 20?
After 30 minutes, the residue was filtered and stored for future use.


Liver and spleen discord[Clinical manifestations]Skin lesions are mostly chestnut skin, map-like patches, irregular edges, symmetrically distributed on both sides, at present, around the nose, around the mouth, with chest tightness, pain in both sides, abdominal distension, Women’s menstrual irregularities, white tongue coating, slippery pulse strings.

  [Dietary medicated diet]Chicken with Poria cocos fragrant: 15 grams of Cocos fragrant, 15 grams of Poria, 10 grams of coriander shell, 20 grams of kumquat cake, 1 chicken.

After the chicken is washed, remove the dirt and impurities. Add Xiangfu to the chicken belly, steam it over water, and remove the residue.


Spleen soil due to strain[Clinical manifestations]The skin lesions are gray-black patches, shaped like butterflies, symmetrically distributed on the nose, forehead, around the mouth, with blurred edges, gradually deepening from the edges to the center, accompanied by shortness of breath, and poor abdominal distension.Or known as phlegm drink stop, pale tongue, greasy tongue, slippery pulse strings.

  [Dietary medicine]Red face wine: 120 grams of red dates, 120 grams of walnut meat, 30 grams of almonds, 100 grams of honey, 70 grams of ghee, 1000 grams of white wine.

Peel the almonds, peel and sharpen them, boil them for four or five times, and mash them with walnut meat and red dates. Use honey to dissolve the honey and oil into the bottle. Soak the first three medicines in the wine for 7 days and then take them out.

  Dihuang Linggui wine: dried rehmannia glutinosa, Poria, Guixin, dried ginger, Alisma orientalis, Sichuan pepper 100 grams each, white wine 3000 ml.

Put all the medicines and wine into the pot together, cook until boiling, remove and let cool.

Or put the medicine in the wine and soak it in a sealed container for 15?
20 days.

  Five white cakes: 50 grams of white lentils, 50 grams of white lotus seeds, 50 grams of white poria, 15 grams of white chrysanthemums, 50 grams of white yam, 100 grams of flour, 100 grams of sugar.

Wash the first 5 flavors, dry, grind them into a fine noodle, mix with flour, add water and noodles, or add fresh yeast to ferment, knead into white sugar after steaming, steam for 30 minutes in a basket and cut into piecesshape.


Inadequate kidney water[Clinical manifestations]The skin lesions are dark brown patches with irregular size, irregular shapes, clear edges, mostly centered on the nose, symmetrically distributed on the face, accompanied by dizziness and tinnitus, soft waist and legs, five upset fever, male nocturnal emission, Woman infertility, red tongue, less moss, pulse count.

  [Dietary medicated diet]Porcine kidney yam porridge: 1 pair of pig kidneys (fascia, glandular, chopped), 200 grams of rice, 100 grams of yam (peeled and chopped), 50 grams of barley kernels, salt, MSG amount.

After the minced pork kidney is scalded to remove blood water, it is mixed with yam and barley kernels, and the previous amount of water is added, and the low heat is simmered into porridge. Add the appropriate amount of salt and monosodium glutamate.

  Walnut soy milk: 30 grams of walnut kernels, 200 grams of milk, 200 grams of soy milk, 20 grams of black sesame, and moderate sugar.

Put walnut kernels and sesame seeds in a small stone mill, and pour and grind them. After grinding, evenly pour in a pan and cook, then add milk, soy milk, and add a small amount of sugar after boiling.

  Guben wine: raw rehmannia glutinosa, cooked rehmannia glutinosa, Ophiopogon, Asparagus, Poria, 30 grams of ginseng, 1600 ml of white wine.

Put all the medicines in the pot with the wine, cover tightly, steam gently for 20?
After 30 minutes, filter off the residue for later use.

The full text of this article, “Chinese Dietetics” (published by China Traditional Chinese Medicine Press, Zuo Yunyun and other editors), the final interpretation right belongs to the original author.

Jogging is especially beneficial to the human body

Jogging is especially beneficial to the human body

Running is a fitness method that many people choose, but there is good news for jogging enthusiasts. Recently experts have pointed out that jogging can prevent and control cancer.

Let ‘s take a look at how jogging prevents and controls cancer?

  1. Running can make people inhale several times to dozens of times more oxygen than usual.

Dr. Arkans found that inhaling 8 more oxygen during jogging than when sitting?
12 times.

If a person gets 8 times more oxygen every day, he can prevent cancer, and even if he has cancer, it can delay the life process.

  2. Jogging can consume excess traces of the body and promote the conversion of proteins stored in the body into glucocorticoids.

Kinds of hormones have anti-cancer effects.

  3. Jogging can speed up blood circulation and make the blood “purified”.

Sweating during exercise can excrete carcinogens in the body, such as nitrous acid, acetic acid, aluminum, etc., thereby preventing cancer.

  4. Jogging can enhance physical fitness, improve immunity, and significantly increase white blood cells, macrophages, and lymphocytes in the blood. They can use phagocytosis to make it impossible for cells in the human body to escape the fate of being swallowed.

  5. Jogging enhances the metabolism of substances in the body, promotes the function of the digestive system, improves appetite, and prevents or reduces the occurrence of gastric and bowel cancer.

  6. Jogging can increase the level of endorphins and cause a series of benign changes in the endocrine system, which is also a favorable factor for anti-cancer.

  7, jogging can improve people’s mood, eliminate depression and worry, thereby reducing the causative factors of cancer.

  8. Jogging can exercise one’s will and improve confidence and perseverance in fighting cancer.

  Jogging is an exercise method chosen by many people. Experts believe that jogging can prevent and control cancer. This is a method that has been studied from two aspects of physical health and mental health. It has great significance for future cancer prevention and effective treatment.

Woman eats more broccoli

Woman eats more broccoli

According to the American Cancer Society website, American nutritionists call for more broccoli in the fall, because broccoli’s flower stems have the highest nutrition content at this time.

  Some people call broccoli a “celestial medicine” and “the doctor of the poor.” This is because eating broccoli often has refreshing, open-mouth, lungs, and cough relief effects. Long-term consumption can reduce cancers such as cancer, rectal cancer and stomach cancerChance of onset.

  Broccoli has a magical effect on killing Helicobacter pylori, which causes gastric cancer.

  Broccoli is one of the foods that contain the most flavonoids. In addition to preventing infections, flavonoids are also the best blood vessel scavengers. They can prevent oxidation and prevent platelet clotting, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular and stroke.

  Some people’s skin becomes bluish and bruised upon minor collisions and injuries. This is due to a lack of vitamin K in the body.

  The best way to supplement is to eat more broccoli.

The principle of acupuncture and weight loss is good. 5 precautions

The principle of acupuncture and weight loss is good. 5 precautions

The principle and effect of acupuncture and weight loss have not yet found obvious alternatives.

Acupuncture weight loss mainly through the stimulation of acupuncture points on the human body, thereby promoting metabolism, regulating body functions, and achieving effective weight loss.

In addition to the role of weight loss, acupuncture is very helpful for irregular menstruation, insomnia, poor stomach and infertility.

Why is acupuncture weight loss effective?

Regulating gastrointestinal function: The comprehensive effect of gastrointestinal conditioning is reflected in the two changes of appetite loss and smooth stool. We know that many obesity causes too much, so the regulation of gastrointestinal function has a great effect on weight loss.

I don’t want to eat anything like this. This is a phenomenon that many people who can accept weight loss can observe. Because acupuncture can prolong the time of gastric emptying, it can suppress or even reduce the original appetite.

In addition, it can improve the function of the intermediate.

For example, some people with constipation are in the process of needle weight loss, while the peristalsis is strengthened, and the excretion is also enhanced. This is the result of the interaction of the needle.

Improve the body’s metabolism: the metabolism of the needle to lose weight, including sugar metabolism, metabolism and so on.

Needles can increase the speed of metabolism, so that the body burns slightly increased, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss, in addition to the extra people have metabolic function disorders, some are mild metabolic disorders, and some are glucose metabolism disorders, in the process of needles, you can see metabolismImprovements, such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia patients, often can be adjusted during the needle process.

Improve endocrine system function: Excessive excess occurs in these stages of puberty, postpartum, and menopause, especially women, which are very short periods of endocrine changes.

In the process of needle weight loss, a large number of women with irregular menstruation, amenorrhea and other symptoms, did not treat these symptoms during the weight loss process, but often through the needle, can improve the original symptoms, which are the result of improved endocrine.

Acupuncture Weight Loss Precautions Acupuncture weight loss is a gradual process.

It is unrealistic to expect to be able to become a stature if you count on a few stitches.

At the same time as acupuncture, develop a good living habit to effectively prevent rebound.

In the course of acupuncture weight loss treatment, there may be anorexia, thirst, increased frequency of bowel movements, fatigue and other reactions, which are normal.

Through acupuncture treatment, the internal function of the body is constantly adjusted, and the metabolism is gradually accelerated, and the energy is continuously consumed.

These symptoms disappear when the body re-establishes balance.

If a patient suffers from dizziness, pain, nausea or other symptoms in acupuncture, it is an adverse reaction to acupuncture, and treatment should be interrupted immediately to prevent accidents.

Increasing adult consumption is a necessary condition for weight loss treatment.

But do not advocate a campaign to promote endurance and lasting exercise.

For patients with abdominal obesity, abdominal breathing and abdominal activities for about 20 minutes before going to bed are good for reducing abdominal abdomen and laxation.

Acupuncture weight loss should also pay attention to control diet, overeating during acupuncture, casually eating, can not achieve the purpose of weight loss.

But controlling diet is by no means equal to “kidney therapy” and does not advocate excessive dieting.

Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture is a profound science. Patients can only achieve the goal of losing weight if they receive a treatment without any side effects and overall adjustment and treatment.

Acupuncture weight loss is actually helping us to get rid of some bad eating habits and treat some body diseases that cause obesity.

Weight loss treatment must be combined with treatment, exercise, and diet in order to be effective.

Do you think you are old with wrinkles?

Actually you are sick

Do you think you are old with wrinkles?
Actually you are sick

Wrinkles that grow on human skin are not necessarily a sign of aging. Wrinkles can also predict the occurrence of health and diseases, because the formation of different wrinkles can reflect different health conditions. How do you look at the physical condition from the wrinkles?

  1. Eye-shaped wrinkles: The wrinkles are usually called smile wrinkles or emotional wrinkles. This kind of wrinkles is the weak range of connective tissue in the muscles and the possible decrease in hearing. It may be hemorrhoids. You should control your emotions and relax yourself.

  2. Half-moon wrinkles under the eyes: The wrinkles under the eyes are a sign of the kidneys and bladder’s ability to remove toxins from the body, or symptoms of kidney, bladder and heart disease. You should eat alkaline foods and drink plenty of water.
  3. Wrinkles between the eyebrows: The wrinkles between the two eyebrows are commonly known as angry wrinkles. When people are concentrating or angry, the so-called angry wrinkles appear between the two eyebrows, which may be that the sinuses are not very good.

  4. The wrinkles on the forehead are incoherent and wavy: the horizontal wrinkles on the forehead are a sign of whether a person is diligent in thinking, and the small wrinkles represent whether its owner has a keen observation and a positive thinking attitude.
Such people will experience restlessness, may suffer depression, and need nourishment on their diet.

  5. Cross-shaped wrinkles of the bridge of the nose: It is not ruled out that the spine or kidney may be severely twisted. The spine of people with such wrinkles usually deforms.

  6, wrinkles on the forehead on the bridge of the nose: This person probably presumes that the army is the mental work that often requires meditation, and people with such wrinkles are prone to migraines.

  7. There are obvious cross-shaped wrinkles on the forehead next to the bridge of the nose: this kind of people are very healthy and rarely get sick.

  8. The right face has deeper wrinkles than the left face: The cheek is a place where the skin is more fragile, and it is easy to trim blood vessel problems. If the right face has deeper wrinkles than the left face, it may be that the liver is not good.

For facial skin itself, attention should be paid to moisturizing and exfoliating.

  9, sickle-shaped wrinkles appear on the cheekbones: there may be diseases on the feet, pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables in the diet, you can often engage in some moderate exercise.

  10. The long wrinkles that appear from the nose to the lips are oblique: Nasal wrinkles are inherited wrinkles that become more noticeable as you age.

The organ represented by nasal wrinkles is the heart, so the heart may not be good.

Can take a small amount of red wine daily to enhance heart function.

  11. There are wrinkles above the mouth and below the nose: after menopause and menopause, when the human body lacks estrogen, small vertical wrinkles will appear on the mouth, so it marks a decrease in hormone levels, in which case hormone activity is weak.
Soy, wheat, and many vegetables (such as broccoli, gourd, etc.) have the effect of improving hormonal balance.

  12. There are small wrinkles at the corners of the mouth: they are characteristic of stomach problems.

  13, “cat claw-shaped” wrinkles under the chin: the aunt under the skin is damaged, which can supplement some collagen residue food.

  14. Wrinkles appear between chin and lower lip: there may be hemorrhoids.

  15. There are small wrinkles at the corners of the mouth: Wrinkles start at the side of the lips and tilt downward.

The wrinkles on the right are overburdened by the liver and gallbladder, while the wrinkles on the left signal a problem with the spleen, which may be characteristic of stomach problems. In terms of diet, chestnuts have a nourishing effect on the liver and spleen.

  16. There are diagonal lines on the vertical side, which are low and short: this condition may cause stomach upset.

What’s the benefit of an apple a day?

What’s the benefit of an apple a day?

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

“In fact, this is not true. Apple is easy to buy and inexpensive, and Apple also has good health care functions.

Let ‘s follow Xiaobian to see the effect of a daily apple!

  What does Apple do?

  1. Antidiarrheal because apples are rich in metabolic acids, malic acid, organic acids, pectin and cellulose and other substances have astringent effect, and the pectin and cellulose have the function of absorbing bacteria and toxins in the body, soCan help intestines and diarrhea.

Just eat 1 apple each morning and evening on an empty stomach to see the effect. For the treatment of watery diarrhea, use an appropriate amount of semi-mature apples and boil them, even with soup.

  2. Organic acids and cellulose in laxative apples can promote bowel movements, make the stool soft and facilitate excretion, so eating apples can promote laxative and treat dry stools.

The apples should be cooked and eaten.

  3, weight loss Because of the large number of vitamins and malic acid contained in apples, it can promote the slight decomposition that accumulates in the human body. Regular consumption of apples can prevent obesity.

Too many aunts need to eat some sour apples.

  Weight loss for obese people, according to foreign studies, each apple day reduces weight by 0.

5 kg?
1 kg.

During Apple Day, 1500 grams of fresh apples are eaten in 6 portions, that is, 250 grams each time. A course of treatment is 18 apple days.

  4, supplementary anemia, often eat apples can also increase hemoglobin, so that the skin becomes white and tender, so for patients with anemia, eating apples can play a certain adjuvant treatment.

Apples can be used to treat anemia either raw or cooked.

  5, prevent aging The calcium and vitamin E contained in apples have a diuretic effect and can help prevent aging.

  6, anti-stroke apple is good for health, it is the patron saint of women’s health.

It is best to eat apples together with the skin, because the proportion of flavonoids in apple skin is higher than that of apple flesh, antioxidant activity is also possible, and it can prevent strokes in middle-aged and elderly women.

However, because apples may use pesticides during the planting process, if they are not carefully washed when eating apples, the fertilizers and pesticides that are trapped in the apple ‘s epidermis may cause a variety of diseases such as leukemia.Wash well and peel.

  7. Relieve fatigue. Apples contain a large amount of cellulose. This substance can help maintain blood sugar levels in the body. Therefore, just eating an apple can make you feel full, which is the best food in fatigue.

And when you feel tired, you can eat apples in moderation, which has a very good effect in preventing and restoring fatigue.

Skin care every day


Skin care every day

Did you discover it?

The skin is always good and bad in a month. Each time I can only repeat “I have had a lot of acne recently”, but I cannot solve it.

In fact, there is a signal to the skin becoming ugly, and the closest MC is the basis for maintenance.

Master your physiological cycle, skin can be moving every day!

(Note: MC = monthcatamenia, ie vacation) On the first day, the physiological period begins (MC visit). Skin condition: dry skin + acne that was long before the physiological period remain until now + dull, dark circles are obvious.

  Beauty Week: It is a week that requires more rest. The stomach feels sore and the feet are especially swollen. The face is very dull in the morning.

  Maintenance point: exfoliation + maintenance that is not too moisturizing I should: not eat too cold or too salty food, try and warm and blood circulation drinks (such as ginger tea), let the skin rest, choose low stimulation and lowSkincare products that burden and replenish moisture!

  On the seventh day, the state of the skin during the oocyte stage (MC has just left): This is the most beautiful period of the skin. The skin is shiny, fine to the touch, and the makeup effect is beautiful.

  Beauty Week: A week of trying out new products.

  Maintenance point: the best time to try new products or change skin care products + use mask, massage skin care products I should: boldly try new products, because the skin condition is good enough not to be afraid of allergies, such as masks, essences and other high-concentration products try to use, the effectIt will be even more obvious, it is a good time to quickly date your admirers or have a class reunion!

  The fourteenth day, the pre-luteal phase skin condition: easy to grow dark spots + skin began to oil beauty weekly note: a week of concentrated whitening.

MC left for a week and began to enter the ovulation period. His body temperature increased and it was easy to produce dark spots due to ultraviolet rays.

  Maintenance point: strengthen whitening + pay attention to sun protection. I should: no matter how quickly you go out, you must not forget the sun protection, apply a fresh whitening product at night to prevent dark spots!

  On the 21st day, the post-luteal phase (MC is coming to me) Skin condition: The worst time of the skin in a month, oily, acne, enlarged pores, allergies, will like to appear at this time.

  Beauty Week: A week to deal with acne.

  Care point: observe the face wash and let the skin rest, control the secretion of oil.

  I should: Without dating and staying up late, it is better to go to bed earlier, at least the skin will not get worse, and try to choose products with strong effects, oil control and moisturizing!

  After editing: Every girl will encounter the destruction of “big aunt” every month, but since it can not be avoided, it is better to face it actively.

How to maintain good popularity

How to maintain good popularity

Factors Affecting Interpersonal Communication and Interpersonal Relationship Generally speaking, the factors affecting interpersonal communication and interpersonal relationship have the following aspects: 1. Cultural background.

It mainly includes communication language, semantic differences, communication attitude differences, as well as differences in education level, cultural quality and civilization level.

These factors cause communication obstacles.

The inability of foreign immigrants who have no language to make new friends all at once is a slight example of this.

  2. Social background.

It mainly includes the Social Democratic Party, social roles, personal identity and age, gender and other aspects.

At that time, Mr. Lu Xun pointed out that the American oil king had never known the bitterness of China’s old lady who picked up cinder, and Jiao Jiao would never fall in love with sister Lin.

It can be seen that disparate social differences will inevitably affect interpersonal communication.

  3, ideas.

It mainly includes the cognitive, emotional, behavioral and personal characteristics of both parties.

Specifically, the thinking set, opinions, emotions, temperament, personality, interests, variables, conduct, ability, and perspective of the two sides can affect the depth and level of interaction between the two parties.

Studies on interpersonal attraction have shown that spatial proximity, similarities in personality traits and attitudes, complementarities in needs and expectations, and superior abilities and dashboards all enhance each other.Appeal.

  Popular personality traits People who are willing to accept and associate with others are psychologically referred to as “persons.”

According to foreign studies, popular people usually have the following characteristics: listening is more important than expression, they think that others are proprietary, but not too humble, when they make mistakes, they have the courage to admit and confess their frank regrets.Please court others and cherish your time with others.

  The unpopular personality traits that interfere with interpersonal attractiveness include: disrespect for others, self-centeredness, too utilitarian, overly dependent, and jealous and upset, inferiority, extreme, shrinking, introverted, hostile.

  Interpersonal communication and communication skills and art. Interpersonal communication is often just a science, and it is an art. Only when science and art are combined can the effect of communication be improved and interpersonal relationships improved.

This knowledge includes the norms, etiquette, customs, and habits that must be observed in interpersonal communication, as well as communication skills and personality art. For example, interpersonal addressing should be appropriate, visits should be courteous, festive celebrations must be complimented, and personal attitude must be sincere., Jokes and humor must be measured.

In addition, good communication attitude and psychological preparation are also very important.

  So, from a psychological perspective, what should Xiaoyue do to improve interpersonal relationships?

The answer is four sentences: First, “treat yourself as someone else” (that is, treat your own gains and losses with disregard, and treat your gains and losses as violations that do not affect interpersonal relationships because of changes in your mood)The second is “treat others as themselves” (a person can only empathize with the urgency of others and hate the pain of others) only by setting himself up through role swaps; and the third is “treating others as others” (that is, thinking of others,Do n’t conflict with each other ‘s privacy, be different inside and outside, be different between men and women, and do n’t offend each other ‘s personal space); Fourth, “treat yourself as yourself” (this means to build self-esteem and self-confidence based on self-knowledge, and to avoid weaknessesGet more mature with others).

  A wise man pointed out that it would be easy to conflict the four sentences mentioned above, but as long as you have the intention to do it and do your best, you will get better.

What should I do if the elderly get sick?

What should I do if the elderly get sick?

The disease is a disease in the field of consciousness and movement-perception system disorders.

In old age, typical rickets are too common, with women being the majority.

  Patients generally have certain personality traits, such as mood swings and feelings over reason, and it is easy to shift from one extreme to the other.

Especially when dealing with people, when they are friendly, they have their own hands and feet, and they love their lives. When they are evil, they are like enemies, and they hate to die.

Sensitive to the suggestion, the words or demeanor changes of the surrounding people can play a suggestive role.

I like to be self-centered, I hope to get everyone’s attention, appreciation and sympathy, so I speak, and my actions are artificial and exaggerated.

An imaginative and imaginative person with obvious personality characteristics.

It is easy to attack with certain mental stimulation; the body is weak, long-term tired, and mental depression can also cause the onset of rickets.

  Older people have less ability to adapt, and they are less prone to complications when they are troubled and stimulated.

But it is also in the old age that people will encounter special changes, such as family and friends, family disharmony, neighbors are not jealous, suffering from diseases.

People to the elderly are easy to move feelings, accidentally childish, variable.

Therefore, people often call the old man “old child.”

The old man’s brain is partially degraded, and his ability to control his feelings is poor, so he is prone to rickets.

  The clinical manifestations of the disease are diverse.

People who call rickets are “disease imitators”, that is, the symptoms of various diseases may be imitated by rickets.

According to the symptoms, the disease can be divided into two categories: the main manifestation in the body is called the conversion type, and the performance in the mental aspect is called the separation type.

  The conversion rickets in the elderly are mainly manifested as motor paralysis, such as hemiplegia or paraplegia, loss of sound (caused by vocal cords), and blindness (which can still be felt by ambient light stimulation).

In addition, there are symptoms such as pain.

  According to reports, an elderly woman has a headache and a headache.

I have had several abdominal operations.

When she checked her medical history, she found that she had a vertical abdominal pain with blurred position when she was young from a young age.

And insisted on surgery.

As long as abdominal surgery (no internal organs) is performed, abdominal pain will disappear.

The doctor asked the psychiatrist to consult and diagnosed as a rickety.

  Separated addictions in the elderly, the symptoms of which are often expressed as excitement.

Patients can cry, laugh, sing, and perform a variety of performances, as if they are acting on stage, or like ghosts and spirits, such as the “dancing big rope” witch.

Others seem to be demented, letting the nose.

She pointed her eyes and let her right hand stretch her left hand.

Even so, patients are more clear about dealing with critical and complex issues.

  The course of the disease is generally short, and most of them suddenly appear and suddenly disappear. Only a few of them are significant.

After a sudden termination, the patient cannot recall the state at the time of the attack.

  A person with a paralyzed patient is a person who has had a rickets.

Should pay attention to controlling their own feelings and anticipation of reason, can not let freedom of feelings vent, and can not be used as a way to blame others.

The means of tormenting loved ones.

  Some people in the family are suffering from rickets. They should give more comfort. Don’t use the words and actions when they hit them as jokes.

Inevitably, it is impossible to move in all kinds.

Nor can it be too cold.

When it encounters a dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction, it can neither be accompanied by sound and help.Can’t send a rumor.

It is to help patients calm down and analyze things objectively in life.

Avoid being caressed.

However, people who are ill are very sensitive and very fond of face, and must pay attention to the proportion when accompanying personality.

Lose weight eight hours a day

Lose weight eight hours a day

Today I will introduce a set of weight loss exercises, which can be easily completed with just one fitness ball.

Sisters who want to be thin follow along!

First warm up for 1 minute. Take a short break between each set of exercises. Do exercises at the end of each group and slowly calm down. For beginners: 15 to 30 seconds for each group of exercises. For intermediate and advanced practitioners:More than 1 minute.


One-leg squat exercise stands with dumbbells in front of the arms, and uses the lower half of the hips to press the fitness ball on a wooden board.

Lift your left foot off the ground and hold it while flexing your right knee to a squatting position.

Then restart the heel and start again.

If you don’t have an exercise ball, don’t use dumbbells.

(You may need to lean on a chair to keep balance.


Push-ups on your side, lie down, hold your palms and toes, support your abdomen, and straighten your back.

After using a piece of support, put the body’s center of gravity to the left hand side, raise the right arm to point to the ceiling, and press down on the left arm.

Then lower the right arm to recover, support the baseline, and lift the left arm again.

Repeat this from left to right.


Lung forward kicking step forward to take a lunge posture, abdomen, straight upper body.

Then quickly lift it up, lift the leg behind and kick forward.

Immediately after kicking, make a lunge and then kick.

Repeat this process from side to side.


Squat your chest and squeeze your hands to hold a fitness ball (or another ball), with your feet apart and shoulder width.

Squeeze the ball with both hands, while squatting, you must keep behind your toes.

Continue squeezing the ball, stand up, pull the ball to your chest, and keep the ball under pressure.


Bend over with one leg and take a fitness ball with both hands, extend one foot, extend the foot to bend slightly, and lift the other foot off the ground.

Close your abdomen, bend your upper body while keeping your hips straight, and lower the ball until your footwell feels rigid.

Raise your waist, and do it a second time, do one more time on the same foot and change the other foot to protrude.


At the beginning of the bending and squeezing shoulder movement, the upper body leans forward parallel to the ground, keeping the abdomen and back flat.

Raise your arms to your shoulders with your thumbs pointing to the ceiling.

Keep your thumb up and squeeze the scapula inward.

Repeat for a specified period of time.


Sitting down on the chair with your legs down, with your hands on your thighs.

Keep relaxing forward, bend your elbows, and lean your back up so that your elbows are 90 degrees, then straighten your right leg forward.

Then resume the right leg and straight up.

This is repeated from left to right within the prescribed ends.

Squat movement initially, with feet wider than shoulders, hands on thighs.
Raise your toes, bend, tilt, and press, keeping them aligned with your toes, and then straighten up.

Pay attention to squatting and closing as quickly as possible.


Before squatting, send a sports hand holding a fitness ball (dumbbells also work).

Pull the ball to the belly button and contract the hip muscles.

Stand up with the ball, then quickly squat, while aligning the ball with your shoulders.


Lie down on the ground, shrink and bend, put your back on the ground, place the solid ball on your chest.

Shrink your abdomen and do a sit-up with the ball to lift your shoulders off the ground.

After lying down, throw the ball straight up a few inches in front of your chest, carefully throw the ball and make sure you can catch it.

If you are uncomfortable with throwing the ball, this swap can be skipped without throwing.