How is your social image?

How is your social image?

Translation: When you find that your friend has forgotten something in your home, which of the following methods do you think are the most suitable?

  A, send it to your friends immediately.

  B, by phone or budget, ask him to meet at the cafe, and then give things to friends.

  C, trustee to bring to friends.

  D, leave it at home temporarily and consider what to do later.

  Analysis of results: A, send it to friends immediately.

You are a person with both boldness and calmness. You can focus on the overall interests in everything, and you won’t be tempted by the small profits in front of you.

  B, by phone or budget, ask him to meet at the cafe, and then give things to friends.

You are a person with a very positive attitude. You have a bright mind and a strong ability to work, but you have a small disadvantage-overconfidence.

  C, trustee to bring to friends.

You are an optimist and like to help others, but once others ask you, it is difficult to refuse even if you cannot do it.

  D, leave it at home temporarily and consider what to do later.

You are a cautious person, you will never act recklessly, you have a strong sense of responsibility, and you have some pressure because of a strong sense of responsibility, please pay special attention

Water spinach contains a lot of cellulose to relieve constipation

Water spinach contains a lot of cellulose to relieve constipation

For constipation, water spinach is a good laxative detox, and regular consumption can effectively relieve constipation.

  Water spinach contains a large amount of cellulose and hemicellulose, pulp, pectin and other edible cellulose, which can promote peristalsis and facilitate food digestion. For constipation, it can effectively defecate.

  In addition to laxatives, spinach has a detoxifying effect.

According to a reporter’s review of relevant papers in China Periodicals, it was found that lignin contained in water spinach can increase the vigor of swallowing bacteria by macrophages and can kill bacteria and reduce inflammation; pectin can accelerate the excretion of toxic substances in the body.

  From a nutritional point of view, water spinach generally contains 4% sugar and 2 protein.

8%, aunt 0.


More sugary and more alkaline than tomatoes and 4 higher in protein.

7 times, 12 higher calcium content.

5 times; the protein content is double that of Chinese cabbage, slightly 3 times for this, and the sugar content is 1 higher.

5 times; water spinach contains many vitamins, taking carotene as an example, it is 19 times that of Chinese cabbage.

5 times.

Convolvulus is no longer on the menu and is included in the pharmacopoeia.

It is recorded in the “Chinese Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine” that: water spinach contains insulin-like residue, which is also targeted for patients with diabetes.

  As a reminder, although water spinach is a good vegetable for preventing and curing diseases, its nature is cold and slippery, so its constitution is weak, spleen and stomach are cold, and those with diarrhea should be used with caution.

Keep your heart healthy and live longer

Keep your heart healthy and live longer

People who often maintain psychological balance have thick internal organs, uniform qi and blood, and yin and yang secrets, so they can live long and healthy.

  ”Psychological balance” is the cornerstone of healthy longevity.

For modern urbanites, whoever has the psychological balance has health and longevity.

“Cultivation of the mind” is an important way to have psychological balance.

  What is “raising the heart”?

The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic is considered to be “nothingness”, that is, a state of calmness, optimism, and self-entertainment.

  The moral person cultivates his heart to “build good and become good.” The core of virtue is to do good.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that those with high morality have good internal organs, qi and blood are even, and yin and yang are secret, so they can live long and healthy.

Zhuangzi said that a person who is educated “is easy to be calm, but ca n’t get into trouble, and evil cannot attack.” Guan Zi said: “A man can be calm, his skin is broad, his ears and eyes are smart, he is trustworthy and strong.”Music can last long, “said Confucius brilliantly,” Dade will have its life. ”

The Tang dynasty doctor Sun Simiao believed that “ethics are not allowed to be defeated, and the jade liquid Jindan is replaced by prolongation.” “Ethical integrity, blessing without praying for goodness, and self-extension without longevity are also the main purpose of this health.”
On the contrary, those who are inferior are often more sick and short lived.

After 30 years of research, a Brazilian scholar found that the incidence of cancer, heart disease, and cerebral hemorrhage in people who have committed corruption and bribery far exceeds the normal population.

It can be seen that moral cultivation is not a requirement of quality, but a means of health.

  Benevolence is the core of Confucius’ thought.

Its basic ideas are “to build one’s own desires, to achieve one’s own desires” and “do not want others to do one’s favor”, which can be summarized as respectful, generous, trustworthy, sensitive, beneficial, intelligent, courageous, and loyal., Shu, Xiao, brother and so on.

“Gong” has the meaning of humility and respect; “Tolerance” has the meaning of tolerance and generosity; “Letter” has the meaning of integrity and credit; “Min” has the meaning of diligence; “Hui” has the meaning of obedience; “Wisdom”The meaning of wisdom and ingenuity; “brave” is the meaning of courage; “loyal” is the meaning of loyalty and dedication; “forgiveness” is the meaning of benevolence and generosity; “filial piety” is kind to parents;Respect your brother’s righteousness.

If a person can be like this, his state of mind must be comforting and relaxed, rather than annoyed, resentful, and the fear of committing a crime as a criminal.

The kind person can get the inner warmth and relieve the inner anxiety, so he has fewer diseases. The malicious person is in the calculation and the calculation all day, the Qi and the Qi are in disorder, the yin and yang are out of balance, so he is sick and short-lived.

It is no wonder that “The Elderly Man in Penmanship” records that “a person who takes a subject is not right, but he associates with a right person. Although his appearance is magnificent, but his heart is so quiet, he died after a while.”

  The “Chinese and Foreign Health Essentials” holds: “People who observe the world often live with the gentleness of qi; the kindness with the good; the life with the generous amount; the longevity with the simple.

The cover of all four is also the same.

“The Investigation and Research Center of the University of Michigan has conducted a follow-up survey of 2,700 people and found that good and evil will affect the length of a person’s life.

People who help others and get along well with others have a significantly longer lifespan; while those who are malicious, harm others and benefit themselves, and who don’t get along well with others, death is normal.

5 times.

Dr. Williams, an American cardiovascular expert, started a follow-up survey of 225 medical university students in 1958 and found that the number of wicked people is five times that of good people.

The so-called “gentleman is open-minded, villains are often indifferent.”

  Yi Xinyang always smiles, and youth is always there.

However, life is alive, there is no guarantee of worry, the key is not to go too far, not to stay too long.

Traditional Chinese medicine’s method of raising heart is a recipe for “symptoms”.

The so-called easyness, that is, the method of excluding sadness, grief, grief, and other emotions through learning, entertainment, and conversation.

The specific method varies from person to person, such as “taking music from the piano and recuperating divinity”, or “reading the book to relieve boredom, listening to the music and disappointing, is better than taking medicine”, or “annoying Moruo poetry, worrying about Moruo Le” or”Lao Ze is dying, so he should ride by car or horse”, or “Emotionally inconvenient . you can laugh and laugh”.

In fact, books, music, theater, dance, calligraphy, painting, poetry, writing, sculpture, flower planting, fishing, etc. can all reconstruct the nurturing fun, cultivate the emotional preventive and curative effects, and have essential health.,longevity.
  Philosophical health is mainly to grasp the viewpoint of unity of opposites and splitting into two.

The summary of the famous philosopher Wang Fu in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties and the “Liu Ran” and the “Four Looks” that can be implemented can be connected in series.

The so-called “Liu Ran” means “being aloof from others”, that is, being extraordinarily refined and detached from the world; “treat people as being”, that is, being good to others, and being a blind date;”” Means not to be discouraged and enter the battlefield lightly; “to do things decisively” means to be indecisive; “to be proud and indifferent” means to be proud of yourself and forget about it.

The so-called “Four Looks” means “looking at big things and difficult things” and can afford them; “adversity and adversity look at people” and can withstand; “Lin Xilin Rage to see conservation” can be flattered and shameless;Can go and stay unintentionally.

Only in this way can we “satisfy, dissatisfaction with knowledge, shame when we do, and only when we stop.”

Philosophical health is a high-level health care, which complements morality and benevolence, and works in different ways. It can only be achieved through repeated practice in practice. It is a concentrated expression of moral quality, temperament cultivation, cultural level, and experience.In fact, to treat others properly, to love your own job, and to pay attention to the quality of life, this is only the basis for doing things and is a substitute for health and disease prevention.

The weakest transitions and areas for sun protection

The weakest transitions and areas for sun protection

The sun is shining brightly, and your skin temperature rises at the same time. Under the hot sun, you want to let the beautiful skin retreat from the body. You must do the sun protection work thoroughly.

In summer, it is sometimes necessary to exit the door, so the first thing you need to pay attention to is the parts that are most vulnerable to sunburn. Protect these parts.

  The most vulnerable area to sunburn is the enemy of the skin. Except for the skin, ultraviolet rays can unknowingly injure other parts of your body.

  Eye experts on skin around the eye point out that different eye tissue structures will absorb ultraviolet rays of different wavelengths, causing many acute and chronic eye diseases and injuries, such as solar keratitis and age-related macular degeneration.

Eyes are often exposed to the sun, increasing the risk of cataracts by 10%.

It is recommended to go out and wear brown or brown sunglasses. Good sunglasses can filter out more than 96% of ultraviolet rays, while inferior ones will increase eye damage.

  Hair must be sun-protected. The fragile hair is 3 times as damaging to the sun as the skin!

Experts said: “After sun exposure, the protein in the hair may mutate as a result, resulting in yellowing, split ends, and dryness of the hair. Once damaged, it cannot be repaired.

“You can wash your hair with green tea. Green tea has the effect of repairing after sun exposure. The tea tree oil contained in it can nourish the scalp and hair follicles very well.

  Neck, face, neck and hands are most prone to wrinkles.

Over 80% of skin aging in adults is a consequence of excessive sun exposure before the age of 18.

  Front-end freckles are common on faces and fronts that are exposed to too much sunlight.

  Excessive sunburn on pregnancy spots can aggravate “pregnancy spots”.

  Actinic cheilitis of the lips, also known as “farmer’s lips”.

Patients are mostly men with tight ages and shallower populations, and they are precancerous symptoms of skin cancer.

The disease is more common on the lower lip. Symptoms include scales on the lips and persistent dryness.

  Flowing water and falling flowers can effectively moisturize falling flowers.

Effective moisturizing ingredients-Vitamin E and moisturizing factors can bring skin to the same level of moisturizing and whitening as newborns, leaving the skin always white and round, smooth and fresh like a girl.

  Sun protection term science popular PA index-UVA in the sun can penetrate some obstacles and affect your skin. UVA is also the culprit causing skin aging, and UVA exists in each season.

So scientists have developed sunscreens that specifically resist UVA, and use “PA” to indicate defense strength.

The correct expression of “PA” is “protection of UVA-1”. Its degree is marked by the strength of “+”, “++” and “+++”. The more “+”, the more it can resist UVA.The stronger.

  SPF value-The SPF value is the main content of each bottle of sunscreen. Assuming that the skin can withstand 15 minutes of sunlight without being burned, then using SPF15 UV protection products will have about 225 minutes of sun protection time (15 ×15 = 225).

Objectively speaking, the level of SPF index reflects the ability of sunscreen products to resist UVB in the sun-the SPF index changes, the stronger the ability to resist UVB.

The invisible killer of modern people-mental fatigue

The invisible killer of modern people-mental fatigue

For nearly half a century, hypertension, coronary heart disease and tumors have become serious diseases that threaten human health.

The etiology and pathology of these diseases are extensive and complex, but are generally closely related to factors such as psychology, social environment and lifestyle.

Not long ago, the World Health Organization said in a report: “Work stress is a factor that threatens the health of many employees.”

This indicator clearly points out the dangers of overwork to the human body.

With the rapid development of the economy, the pace of life is constantly accelerating. It is too tired and weary to become a “popular word” often used by people.

Psychological fatigue begins to become the “invisible killer” of modern people.

  Medical psychological research shows that the degree of psychological fatigue is formed by long-term stress, repeated psychological stimuli, and complex serious emotions. If it is not timely evacuated and resolved, it will cause psychological obstacles for many years.Loss of control or even a psychological crisis can cause mental malaise, mental discomfort, and even mental disorders, causing a variety of psychosomatic disorders, such as nervousness, dyskinesias, insomnia, dreams, memory loss, significant loss of energy, decreased work efficiency, etc., and causeSome kinds of diseases such as headache, acute measles, hypertension, systolic hypertension, peptic ulcer, bronchial ulcer, menstrual disorders, hyposexuality, etc.

  Psychological fatigue is unknowingly lurking around people. It does not cause death overnight, but when a certain amount of “tiredness” is reached in a certain time, it will only cause illness, so it is often easily ignored by others.

     So how can we effectively eliminate mental fatigue?

The following 8 methods are worth trying: First, healthy laughter is the best way to eliminate fatigue, and it is also a pleasant way to vent; Second, talk about it causes blood pressure to rise, and silence helps lower blood pressure.It is best to keep silent when you have to speak. It is also a comfortable thing to listen to others. Third, slow down the pace of life and allow idle time to be allowed. Fourth, calmly and calmly handle all kinds of complex issues, which helpsRelieve stress and tension; 5. Do something wrong, think of anyone who might make mistakes, and stop worrying and continue to work normally; 6. Don’t be afraid to admit that your ability is limited, learn to say “No at the appropriate timeSeven, when the night is quiet, quietly speak some words just for myself, and then feel like a dream; eight, since yesterday and the past days are passable, then today and the future will surely spend it safelySay “There must be a road to the mountain before the car”.

Tongue lingering can prevent Alzheimer’s

Tongue lingering can prevent Alzheimer’s

“Tongue exercises” can help relieve hypertension, cerebral infarction, asthma, myopia, presbyopia, tinnitus, sore throat, periarthritis, insomnia, constipation, and prevent Alzheimer’s.
The training methods are as follows: 1. After washing the face in the morning and facing the mirror, the tongue is extended and retracted 10 times each, and then the tongue is swung 5 times to the left and right outside the mouth.
  2. Sit on a chair with your fingers spread out, put them on your knees, and lean your upper body slightly forward.
First, inhale through the nostrils, then open your mouth wide, stick out your tongue and exhale, open your eyes at the same time, look straight ahead, and repeat the exercise 3 to 5 times.
  3. With the mouth open, the tongue extended and retracted, while using your right index finger, middle finger and ring finger fingertips to the throat from the lower left side, rubbing up and down 30 times.
Then, when the tongue is extended and retracted, rub with your fingertips of the left hand and three fingers from the lower right to the throat, rubbing up and down 30 times.
  Fourth, look into the mirror, open your mouth, gently stick out your tongue, stay for 2 to 3 seconds, and repeat the exercise 5 times.
Then head up, chin stretched, mouth wide open, stick out tongue, stay for 2 to 3 seconds, repeatedly drill 5 times.

Easily relieve the unfortunate crisis of white-collar men

Easily relieve the unfortunate crisis of white-collar men

As a man gradually ages, his genes, hormones, and slowed metabolism begin to affect his abdomen.

However, the beer belly is not sustainable. If you remove it, you will look better, you will be more abundant, and you will continue to live.

  Weight loss: moderate exercise, less weight and ease of weight loss is actually to change your exercise and eating habits.

Recall that you will remember that in the slim days than now, you definitely pay more attention to sports than you do now, physical education classes, forced movements on the way to school, and sexual impulses in your teens can consume your energy and make your bodyMore even.

Now, you seem to spend most of your time on resetting or at the computer desk. You don’t have more chances or time to exercise.

But no matter what you do, you still have a convenient way to consume too much.

 Cycling, running, swimming, walking and other aerobic exercises are the most effective ways to consume the body’s transformation. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you can accelerate your heartbeat for at least 20 minutes.

Don’t expect that a certain type of exercise will have a target to lose some of the fat in your body.

Science has proved that weight loss is systemic, it is impossible to lose only part of it, while the other parts remain unchanged.

Therefore, weight loss can not be anxious.

In fact, the opportunity to exercise is everywhere: you don’t look for a parking space in a car-filled parking lot like a vulture looking for prey. Keep the car far away, you can enjoy the walk; walk into the building, don’t take the elevator, yourselfClimb upstairs; you can also send documents instead of e-mails; work breaks, don’t hesitate to go for a walk instead of coffee, cola, because walking can make you clearer than any kind of drink.

 Lose weight: just change your eating habits instead of dieting. If I warn all men who want to lose weight: don’t go on a diet, I believe many people will think this is nonsense.

But in fact, dieting is just a short-term change in diet, and it is precisely because it is short-term, so many people who diet and lose weight have not achieved their goals.

On the contrary, there is an end to the beginning. If you start dieting, it means that you will end the diet in the near future.

It will only make you fatter than before.

Therefore, the weight loss method recommended by many medical experts is: pay attention to diet.

That is to say, the amount eaten is the same, but pay attention to what you are eating.

For example, 1 gram of trace contains 9 kcal of instant, and 1 gram of protein is only 4 kcal. If you eat a bunch of fragrant kebabs and you eat two white boiled egg protein ingredients, your stomach increases.The same size, but the former will make you fat.

 Experts believe that the daily absorption from adults should be 30%.

You don’t have to bother to count these numbers, just remember to eat less accidental food.

In addition, don’t be too anxious to eat.

Men always eat as if they don’t eat, and someone will grab them.

This way, when your brain hasn’t reacted, you’re already full, but you won’t stop eating until your brain hasn’t issued a full meal.

In order to coordinate your brain with your stomach, please put down your chopsticks while chewing, until you swallow it and pick it up.

Also, wine is the enemy of men’s weight loss, alcohol will lower blood sugar, increase appetite, so there will be an aperitif.

The workplace must learn to judge the situation

The workplace must learn to judge the situation

Everyone is full of confidence, because once they seize the opportunity, it means a rebirth and a sweep of the haze.

Especially in the workplace, the thirst for opportunity is even written on rookies.

But in fact, the result of “giving me a chance” is not necessarily “a surprise for you”. The possibility of suddenness may be a springboard for professional development, but there is another possibility-a little worse, it bringsFor you, it may be several times the loss of the normal state.

  Just like driving on the road, you may encounter various road conditions at any time.

In the face of a sudden opportunity, stepping on the accelerator or the brakes, sprinting in the low gear or sprinting in the high gear. In addition to relying on the subconscious body response, long-term accumulated experience, judgment of time and situation, and calm and calm attitude,That’s the key to being undefeated.

  Pioneers who “temporarily die” to entice Lao Li’s army are emerging trade.

  As sales, he spends a large portion of it on building his own relationship platform.

Over the past few years, from the supplier to the shipping channel to the customer, a chain of sales relationships has been taken care of by him.

Coupled with the long-standing reputation, Lao Li is doing well in the workplace.

  The opportunity suddenly came to my door, and an old customer with a good relationship sent a big order.

Lao Li knew that if this business was taken down, there would be no work for half a year.

The customer said that things need to be rushed and asked several sales companies that they were out of stock. Knowing that Lao Li has a good relationship with the supplier, come to try his luck.

  Lao Li quickly calculated that the Russian supplier was a long-term partner, and the order limit was completely dissipated, and there would be no problem in the shipping channel.

He immediately responded to the customer, no problem, shipped within a week!

  The customer reported to the leader cheerfully, but Lao Li quickly discovered that things were not as simple as he thought: in the cold winter months, because the temperature could not reach the production conditions, Russian suppliers stopped production.

In those days, Lao Li turned over the resources at hand and found that in any case, he could not make up enough orders for customers.

  Lao Li summed up the lesson afterwards: he was dazzled by the sudden opportunity.

In the face of the huge temptation of success, how to maintain a calm mentality and not lose your sense and judgment for the purpose of “catch desperately” is actually a test of human heart.

  Fortunately, Lao Li and the client only agreed verbally and had not had time to sign the contract, thus avoiding major losses.

Later, he made a special trip to the client company to apologize, and it took too much effort to repair the relationship and rebuild trust.

  This story was told to me by my friend Xiaoxue. In the past few days, she was facing a situation similar to Lao Li’s at the time-a big order at her fingertips.

Xiaoxue knows that when selling, the action will be slower, and the variable will be three points more-the order is dropped or the customer temporarily changes the hexagram. As long as there is no signature on the contract, everything is possible.

  If it had been before, she would have been patting her breasts: no problem, I made your list!

But because of the lessons from Lao Li, Xiaoxue took a lot of caution this time, and her response to the customer was positive but there was room for it: it should be possible, I need to confirm other alternatives and give you a reply as soon as possible.

  The slow beat did not affect Xiaoxue’s taking this order, but to the greatest extent avoided possible risks, which ensured that she turned opportunities into gains and steadily held it in her pocket.

  Indeed, some possibilities are fleeting, so many people will stare at it for fear of missing something.

But opportunity is just a possibility and does not necessarily point to success.

So at the moment it suddenly came, don’t prevent a short pause, observe if you are ready and have enough ability to catch it.

  It takes more courage to give up opportunities than to create opportunities. Some people suffer from lack of opportunities, while others worry about too many opportunities.

  You know that there is such a person. They have the enlightened minds that some people envy. No matter what industry they work in, the military can always discover and master the rules more than most people.

Because of this, they always get more opportunities than others.

  Classmate Xiaofeng is such a person.

With the background and outstanding achievements of prestigious schools all the way, she graduated into the “Big Four” without any doubt after graduating from the economic major, and her future is bright.

It ‘s only two years later, when peers are working in the workplace, Xiao Feng is tired of it: “I ‘ve done all these things, and I have learned almost everything, so I just have to repeat it.Very bored.

“Sometimes, she suddenly became interested in the fashion industry and began to look for related study abroad opportunities.

After passing a series of language exams, although the interviewer was amazed at why such a person with no relevant professional background had this unexpected idea, Xiao Feng’s sincerity and smartness gave her the opportunity to study in Italy.

It is said that in the fashion field, that school is one of the best in the world, and there are only a handful of Chinese students who can get an offer.

  Two years later, Xiaofeng returned from studying abroad.Before she had time to do anything in the fashion industry, the original company’s colleagues threw an olive branch-it was a global Fortune 500 company, and the company’s financial department was hiring the middle.

Xiaofeng hesitated before agreeing. First, she did need a certain fixed income at that time, and more importantly, she felt that “people in the fashion industry have relatively simple brains, and they still like to deal with people in finance”.

  In the days when he returned to the financial circle, Xiaofeng was not happy.

She also couldn’t explain why, work was always uninteresting, “probably interest is not here.”

Within a year, she resigned, and this time she made up her mind to leave, it was still an “opportunity”.

  Xiaofeng occasionally heard someone mentioning a top British fashion design academy, and she longed for it, although she knew that the school “has very high application conditions and more students from Europe and the United States, only 50 people in Asia.

Xiaofeng has no art skills. When we met a year ago, she was still learning about the sketch and the relationship between light and dark of the cube, but she died for four months, handed over three sets of design works, and miraculously received admissionNotice.

  In recent years, Xiaofeng has lived like a legend, and every change has no symptoms and no fixed path to follow.

She is like a particle suspended in a fluid, constantly performing irregular movements-perhaps, her motivation comes from trying to grasp the opportunities that appear again and again in life.

  That time we talked about the topic of “Hui is bound to hurt”.

She admits that if she were awkward, there would not be so many opportunities, she might still be doing the first job, and she would be promoted to a good position, with a stable and comfortable life.

  If only from the perspective of professional development, Xiaofeng does not look like a case worth inheriting.

For most people, if you compare your career to a road, you must first know where your destination is.

Opportunities are like forks that keep appearing during the journey. They may be shortcuts or they may make you date astray.

It is not necessary to make a turn at the intersection, but only to clarify the goal, to find the general direction of the journey, and even to detour the road for a while, but it is not always possible to go around in the same place, or even go south.

  Opportunity suddenly comes and tests one’s judgment and stability.

Sometimes it takes courage to give up opportunities rather than create them.

  How should we face the opportunity? I have heard that too many people repeat without opportunities, and I have seen too many people rushing to “make opportunities”. That is the desire for success.

  Indeed, maybe you work overtime every day until late at night, and the long-term hard work is not as impressive as a certain threatened death.

Everyone knows what opportunities mean in the workplace, but this does not mean that you can skip the period of hard work and wait for the luck to come.

A correct attitude may be that you do n’t demand when the opportunity is not yet, and do every little thing that seems to be inconspicuously. When the opportunity comes, you can see it clearly with a calm mind, and grasp or decisivelygive up.

  No matter Xiaoxue, Lao Li or anyone else, they laid a solid foundation before the opportunity came.

In the workplace, the accumulation of contacts, the building of channels, the maintenance of customer relationships, and the continuous updating of professional knowledge, these seem to be worthless details, but you don’t know which of them will bring unexpected opportunities.It is also impossible to predict that the opportunities that are near us will be ruined by one of the small negligence.

  Every successful person is playing the essence of outstanding opportunity, which is in itself beyond reproach, because such highlight moments are indeed an important turning point in personal career.

But as listeners, if we only see the coincident side A in the success story and ignore its ordinary, trivial, common, or even difficult side B, it is likely to block a dangerous situation-too much emphasis on opportunity, Quick success and even profit, and even become speculators.

  Success is a matter of course.

Do one thing with no enthusiasm and perseverance, and opportunities will naturally come to you.

Similarly, if you focus your energy on things rather than thinking about success, fame, and self-proven, when the opportunity comes, you will not be too hard to catch it, which is counterproductive.

White radish, lungs, antipyretic, autumn stew, is suitable

White radish, lungs, antipyretic, autumn stew, is suitable

Dry weather in autumn, it is easy to have symptoms of lung heat cough due to lung yin deficiency, what kind of soup is there for lung heat cough?

White radish belongs to the lung and spleen, can remove lungs, detoxification and fluid, and treat lung and lung heat. If you feel lung disease, autumn does not hinder the use of white radish to swallow the soup water, which can have good therapeutic effect.

Ham mushroom white radish soup ingredients: 150 grams of ham, 50 grams of mushrooms, 250 grams of white radish, ginger, onions, salt, cooking oil, water, sesame oil, the right amount: 1, cut the ham, the mushrooms are washed, after washingUmbrella cut cross flower knife, white radish washed and peeled, hob cut and spare, ginger sliced, green onion chopped green onion spare; 2, a small amount of edible oil into the wok, oily hot into the ginger and ham slices quicklyStir fry until sautéed, add a bowl to a bowl of half-water; 3, boil the mushrooms and white radish after boiling, boil over low heat and cook for a quarter of an hour, add a small amount of salt and sesame oil according to taste preferenceAfter the fire is extinguished, sprinkle a small amount of chopped green onion to eat.

First, eating white radish in the autumn, clearing the lungs and moistening the lungs, white radish is a cruciferous vegetable, and is one of the most common root vegetables in people.

It has been planted for thousands of years and has a wide range of applications in the fields of diet and Chinese medicine.

Chinese medicine believes that white radish white gold, corresponding to the lungs of the five internal organs, its sweet and fragrant taste, return to the lung and spleen, with qi, digestion, in addition to disease and lungs, detoxification and fluid, diuretic and laxative effect, attending the lungs, lung heat, constipation, vomiting blood, bloating, food stagnation, indigestion, phlegm, poor urine and so on.

White radish is also eaten very much. It can be used not only for cold salad, stew, etc., but also with lotus root or Sydney, etc. It can also be mixed with houttuynia and rock sugar to make sugar water soaking.Very good effect, but also lungs and cough.

If you have symptoms of sore throat and sore throat, you can also mash it and mix it with ginger juice, which can effectively relieve laryngitis, tonsillitis, hoarseness and so on.

From the perspective of Western nutrition, white radish is rich in vitamin C.

Vitamin C prevents the skin from aging, prevents the formation of black spots, and keeps the skin white and tender.

In addition, vitamin A and vitamin C have antioxidant effects, can effectively inhibit cancer, and can also prevent aging and arteriosclerosis.

As a kind of cruciferous vegetables, white radish has clinically proven anti-cancer and anti-cancer functions.

The lignin contained in white radish can increase the vitality of macrophages and engulf debris.

In addition, a variety of enzymes contained in radish can decompose carcinogenic nitrosamines and have anti-cancer effects.

Second, the white radish leaf diet function is also very strong. Many of the higher parts of vegetables are called by others without hesitation. They don’t know, throwing away is actually a very nutritious part, of which radish leaves (also known asRadish 缨 is one of them.

Not only can the radish itself clear the heat and moisten the lungs, the white radish leaves also help to digest the qi, phlegm and cough, and with ginger can stop coughing and relieving cough.

In addition, white radish leaves are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and other vitamins, rich in fiber supplements also help the gastrointestinal motility, eliminate constipation, shift detoxification, thereby improving skin roughness, acne and other conditions.

White radish leaves can be used to cook soup, cold salad, stir-fry, can also be washed and dried, add some honey to taste delicious radish leaf tea.

Recommended foods for warming up in winter

Recommended foods for warming up in winter

Ingredients of Angelica Ginger Lamb Soup: 20 grams of angelica, 30 grams of ginger, 500 grams of mutton, rice wine, seasoning.

  Method: Wash the lamb and cut into pieces.

Put fresh water in the pot and cool the mutton in an underwater pot. Wait for the water to boil, remove the scent of blood foam, and remove it for use.

Add boiled lamb pieces, add angelica, ginger, rice wine and seasonings, and boil for 1?
2 hours, add salt and eat soup.

  Lamb stewed carrot ingredients: mutton, wolfberry, white radish, shallot, ginger, white wine, pepper, salt, coriander.

  Method: Cut mutton, peel and cut white radish, and slice ginger.

Put fresh water in the pot and cool the mutton in an underwater pot. Wait for the water to boil, remove the scent of blood foam, and remove it for use.
Put boiling water in the pot and add the cleaned mutton pieces, spring onions, ginger, boil over high heat and boil the white wine, cover with medium heat and simmer for an hour.

: Add the white radish with water in the pot lid, add a little salt to the white radish to deodorize, change to high heat and cook for 30 minutes, season with salt and pepper. When the white radish becomes soft and transparent, you can get out of the pot, put it in advanceSpread wolfberry in the hot stone pot, and keep the coriander leaves warm.

  Ingredients for glutinous rice with shiitake mushrooms: 400 grams of glutinous rice, 100 grams of pork tenderloin, 70 grams of shiitake mushrooms (fresh), 10 grams of laver (dried), 10 grams of shrimp, 5 grams of ginger, 5 grams of cooking wine, 2 grams of salt, 5 grams of sesame oil, soy sauce5 grams, 20 grams of vegetable oil.

  Method: After washing the glutinous rice, soak it overnight, control the moisture, and steam it in the basket for about 40 minutes. The laver and shrimp are soaked and turned into laver and cut into shreds; shiitake mushrooms are cut into shreds; ginger is cut into shreds.Pork shreds; put oil in the pot to heat, stir-fry ginger and pork shreds; add shrimp, shiitake mushrooms and seaweed, stir-fry, season with cooking wine, soy sauce, salt; finally add glutinous rice and stir well.

  Chenpi beef bone soup ingredients: beef bone, tan peel, shallot, ginger, anise, cinnamon, salt.

  Practice: dissect the bovine bone, wash, and drain.

The peel is soaked in cold water and the white film is removed for later use.

Ginger slices, onion knots, anise, cinnamon a small amount spare.

Stir the beef bones in cold water. After boiling, wash the blood and foam.

Put the beef bone back into the pot, fill it with water, and boil it on high heat.

There is more foam on the bones of the beef, so you have to skim a few more times.

Add rind, ginger, shallot, fennel, cinnamon, and cook over low heat for 3 hours, add salt to the pan.