How to make a man fat

How to make a man fat

I now weigh 125 pounds, 2 months ago, absolutely true, witnesses and witnesses are my haha.

  Come with me to witness the way men get fat. When I was in college, I was also very thin, and I was very picky, and my lifestyle was not good. I slept very late.

I am a boy, wearing shoes about 175, but only 100 pounds.

Like thin friends, wearing short sleeves in summer is really inferior. I try to buy a shirt to wear.

  An internship after the end of the semester found that a colleague was physically strong.

He often goes to the gym, he also eats very much, and often eats lean meat and eggs during work hours.

I also learned him, and I also had something to eat during lunch time.

I summed up the experience, that is, when I have nothing to eat, I can’t let myself be hungry.

  But thin people have a bad appetite, and the digestive system is definitely worse than people who exercise regularly. What should I do?

I secretly do push-ups and do it.

Sure enough, my stomach is good.

I didn’t go to bed until midnight at night.

(I used to be a night cat) The breakfast has changed now. I used to drink some porridge. Now it is Westernized, it is milk + bread.

Evening snacks are also indispensable.

I feel that learning to eat is the core of a man’s way to gain weight. We have to eat as much snacks as girls.

Eating snacks at night is easy to get fat. In fact, it is true, but not too late. I am eating 1 hour before going to bed.

The thinner the better?

Weighed down to this level, beware of 4 diseases to find the upper body!

The thinner the better?
Weighed down to this level, beware of 4 diseases to find the upper body!

Some time ago, the famous host Li Weijia appeared on a variety show, which caused a lot of netizens to discuss.

The reason is: he is too thin.

Although Li Weijia subsequently responded that he was innocent, the netizens looked distressed.

Compared with the previous name, he can obviously polish his body shape, the facial muscles collapse, and the cheekbones are distinct, turning into a thin “awl face”.

Weight loss is fast, may get sick, and the weight drops rapidly in a short period of time, usually because of illness.

Most diseases consume body energy, and the more serious the disease, the more powerful it consumes.

When we have a fever, we feel thinner. In fact, it is a fever that accelerates the metabolism of our body, which increases the energy consumption of the body and makes it lighter.

How many pounds are you losing? Is it abnormal?

From a nutritional point of view, the weight loss of a person within 1 month is reduced by 1?
About 2 kg is normal.

Unless you are actively losing weight, weight loss is greater than 2 kg, you should be vigilant.

The shorter the weight, the faster the weight loss, and the risk of disease.

These disease specialists “eat meat” make people gluttoned diseases called “consumptive diseases”. From the perspective of energy consumption, they can be divided into four categories: the first one, the nutritional mitigation is seriously insufficient, leading to nutritional deficiencies, causing the body to lose weight quickly.

Such as anorexia, long-term excessive dieting.

Second, it causes malnutrition.

Mainly digestive diseases, such as chronic atrophic gastritis, chronic colitis, chronic hepatitis, or after small bowel resection.

The third type is to increase the body’s nutrient consumption, mainly tuberculosis, tumors, etc., especially malignant tumors.

The first type is a disease with abnormal metabolism, mainly due to abnormal endocrine function, which prevents the human body from normally metabolizing the absorbed nutrients, or automatically over-consumption of body storage, causing weight loss, such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism and the like.

Lose weight, do not pursue “one night violent” speed loss to the human body is very harmful, some damage is even irreversible.

For example, excessive dieting can easily develop into anorexia nervosa.

Types of patients are often accompanied by neurological vomiting. When they eat or see food, they will vomit.

They want to get fat again and restore their health. It is really difficult. This is not just a question of nutrition, but also psychotherapy, behavioral therapy and so on.

For the popular meal replacement diet products, these products usually have high protein content, sufficient vitamins and minerals, and low and small amounts. The main reason for satiety is metabolic fiber.

It is ok to eat for a short period of time. Continuous consumption of this low-level food will cause malnutrition.

The most healthy way to lose weight is to “hold your mouth, take your legs off”, properly control the conversion of intake, and exercise more.

Autumn stomaching is a good time to teach you how to maintain your stomach

Autumn stomaching is a good time to teach you how to maintain your stomach

Forming a good eating habits The symptoms of stomach pain often have a lot to do with eating habits. Many friends may not eat on time due to work reasons. It is easy to hurt the stomach after a long time. It is also a matter of morning and evening when stomach pain is present, so usuallyBe sure to develop good eating habits and eat on time.

Controlling the amount of drinking Many friends need to participate in various entertainments due to their work needs. In the process of socializing, it is inevitable to drink alcohol. If you drink too much alcohol, it will easily lead to stomach pain, especially in the case of fasting drinking, the degree of damage to the stomach, soIn the process of entertainment, you must control the amount of drinking, and it is not advisable to give up your life with the gentleman. If conditions permit, try to eat something to drink before you drink.

Standing Jianweixiaoshi tablets For some food lovers, it is very difficult to resist when the food is placed in front of them. The end result is overeating, causing stomach pain and bloating and other symptoms.Try to take Jianweixiaoshi tablets. Jianweixiaoshi tablets mainly use hawthorn, malt, and ginseng as main components, which help digestion and greatly relieve stomach pressure.

Eat more stomach food is the so-called medicine supplement is not as good as food supplement, is a drug three-point poison, so you can solve the problem through diet to try not to take medicine to solve.

Usually you can eat more fungus, radish, soybeans, hawthorn, millet porridge and other stomach food.

Sticking to it for a long time will definitely benefit the stomach.

Spicy should not digest food to eat less Since there is food to nourish the stomach, then there must be food that hurts the stomach, for the stomach is not good, always friends with stomach pain symptoms instead, try to eat less spicy food, a small amount of garlic,Chili, greasy food, etc.

The last thing to pay attention to in time for medical examination is that if the pain in the stomach is strong, you must not feel that you can endure it. You must seek medical advice in time to avoid stomach pain and timely cure, and cause gastritis and even stomach cancer.And other diseases.

Look at the body parts of the acne area, and then touch these foods!

Look at the body parts of the acne area, and then touch these foods!

God is always fair. When you created you, I gave you a face. On the shoulder, you have a “pox” like a pancake. It’s done evenly. A sesame green onion is wrapped in acne.How to do long acne don’t touch these things ↓ acne grows out to be alert to physical illness 1 forehead acne, pay attention to the acne of the liver forehead has indicated that it has accumulated too much toxin, irregular life, upside down, repeatedThe next night will make the liver not in normal time (10 o’clock in the night?
12 o’clock) work.

Sleeping on time can help the liver to detoxify.

2 Nasal acne, indicating that the secretion of oil in the stomach is reduced, but it is also a manifestation of excessive stomach fire and indigestion.

If there is a slight peeling of the nose, it indicates that the blood circulation is not very good.

In addition, people who often have constipation and stomach bloating are prone to long nosepox.

Eat less meat, decline hot pot, cold food and spicy food, food and water should be warm.

3 lip circumference acne, poor bowel function If you do not solve constipation, eat too much spicy, fried food, there will be acne around the lips, if you use too much fluoride toothpaste will also appear lip acne.

4 Yintang acne, care for the heart part of the patient in the middle of the eyebrows acne can not be underestimated, recall whether the recent palpitations, chest tightness symptoms, when the heart is weakened here will be acne.

It is recommended to stay away from vein movements, increase sleep, stay away from tobacco, alcohol and irritation.

5 hair acne, cleaning pores is mainly cleansing makeup is not unclean, resulting in too thick keratin, pores blocked, clean the face should pay attention to the clean edges of the hair, after washing your face to see if there is excess foam.

6 left cheek acne, conditioning blood circulation showed reduced detoxification ability, may be poor liver, or blood circulation problems.

Don’t let your body be stuffy, wear less clothes, but don’t let yourself freeze, go outdoors.

7 right face retinal acne, pay attention to the lungs is a reflection of inflammation in the lungs.

If your lungs rise, your throat is dry, cough and cough, pay attention to your right face and chest acne.

Eat less allergic foods, stop eating seafood and mangoes, alcoholic foods and other sensitive foods, causing allergies to your trachea, bronchi, and lungs.

8 temple acne, clean up the gallbladder to eat too much fast food will appear.

If the acne around the temple is acne, it is your lack of bile secretion, because the excessive consumption of oil and fat burden on the gallbladder.

9 ears, neck, acne acne, lymphatic circulation blocked, long-term kidney burden increased, will produce acne at the ear, neck and face junction, repeated outbreaks in the same position, rising to poor lymphatic circulation.

Do not work hard, moderately increase sleep time, let a large supply to the brain, the blood of the stomach has sufficient time to supply liver and gallbladder detoxification.

In particular, it is necessary to reduce the habit of eating before going to bed, without increasing the burden on the stomach.

Do not touch this basic food 1 high-sugar food ice cream, dessert, candy, etc. These sugar-rich foods are the favorite of many people, but these high-sugar foods are very hot and eat too much.Will cause the growth of acne!

It is recommended to eat less food with high sugar content!

2 irritating food scales, the length of the body suddenly acne is due to the absorption of too much irritating food in the body, stimulating food everywhere in life, want onions, ginger, garlic, pepperThese are easy to stimulate the body to lose weight, it is estimated that people who are prone to acne should try not to eat.

3 tobacco, alcohol, food, tobacco and alcohol not only contain a lot of factors that harm the human body, but also long-term smoking and drinking, it is easy to cause the detoxification ability of the internal organs of the human body to decline, leading to long-term accumulation of toxins in the body, easy to cause acne, spots and other skin diseases, it is recommendedAmateurs who smoke and drink should try to quit!

4 high-fat foods Many people like fritters, fried bread, French fries, etc. These high-fat foods contain high levels of food, especially for those who love acne.Foods are taboos. These kinds of foods are easy to burden the human body. Because the amount of oil is too high, it is not easy to digest, and it is easy to form acne!

Let you build muscles through the soup

Let you build muscles through the soup

补汤-味美强 Many fitness enthusiasts often take nutritional supplements as a “prescription” to promote muscle growth.

These supplements are indeed convenient to eat, fast in effect, and supported by a wealth of medical research data.

However, practice has proved that Chinese medicine can also enhance the recovery of human muscle strength and accelerate the recovery.

Chinese people are known for their “simmering soup” to regulate their body’s habits. Western supplements have their own effects, but traditional Chinese medicine diets also have many unique advantages.

  In fact, before the emergence of Western medicine research, athletes from China, South Korea and the former Soviet Union had been taking traditional medicines such as ginseng and velvet blood to strengthen the body.

Of course, we can’t drink soup every day, but occasionally, it is also a good supplement for strengthening the body.

  The efficacy of ginseng-healthy ginseng is believed to be familiar to everyone, but how much is the magical effect of ginseng that has been circulating since ancient times?

Ginseng may be a traditional Chinese medicine that was initially concerned by the West, and related research has never stopped.

The researchers found that ginseng removes antibodies from white mice that have cancer, accelerates recovery, and also strengthens the hematopoietic function of bone marrow.

Therefore, 30 athletes from Switzerland performed an 8-minute designated exercise and recorded it.

When the athletes took ginseng, their maximum heart rate was replaced by 155. After exercise, the time required for the heart rate to return to 100 was changed from 5 minutes to 3 minutes; the concentration of lactic acid in the blood was also 10.

5 units dropped to 6.

2 units.

  Another study in Switzerland pointed out that ginseng can both enhance heart and lung function, accelerate response, gradually fatigue, and reduce muscle glycogen consumption.

The most convincing example is that after the weightlifting athletes exercise, the heart rate will still improve after the next day, and once the ginseng is taken, the heart rate will return to normal the next day.

  It can be found from numerous experiments that ginseng can significantly enhance physical strength and accelerate recovery after exercise.

For all bodybuilders, ginseng is a rare “magic bullet”.

  Deer antler – the source of growth In addition to ginseng, antler can be described as another trump card for traditional Chinese medicine nutritional supplements.

The growth rate of antler is amazing. The antler contains egg fragile hormone, estrone.

These are chemicals that stimulate growth and are also very helpful for the growth and recovery of the human body.

A study in New Mexico, USA, shows that taking antlers can speed up muscle, bone and soft tissue recovery.

In addition, antler can also increase appetite, enhance physical strength, improve mood and reduce pain and injury.

A study in South Korea found that antler can enhance immunity and delay fatigue.

  The muscle-enhancing recipe – the surge of retinal pillone has been studied in China and Italy.

The results show that the two interactions will cause a great change in the secretion of hormones.

One of the hormones for LH luteinizing hormone increased by a factor of 10, while LH stimulated the secretion of androgen (ie, acetate acetate) by nearly a factor of two.

This response can directly contribute to the growth of athletes’ muscles.

While thyroid ketone hormone increases secretion, the secretion of adrenaline also increases, thus allowing physical fitness to reach its limit.

  The two kinds of soups, which are mainly ginseng and velvet antler, alternate alternately, which will have a large depression on the body, but not at the same time.

What are the common eye diseases in the elderly?

3 elderly eye protection tips

What are the common eye diseases in the elderly?
3 elderly eye protection tips

In modern society, due to the extensive use of electronic devices and unhealthy eye habits, the phenomenon of eye diseases is increasing: while middle-aged and old people are beginning to degrade due to eye muscle regulation and eye function, leading to computers, mobile phones, chess and so on.Coupled with some bad habits, the disease, the possibility of causing eye diseases has greatly increased.

At the same time, for these reasons, it is also very easy to cause damage to the wrist, neck and shoulders.

So, what are the common eye diseases in the elderly?

How should we protect our eyes?

Here are some of the most common eye diseases and old eye care tips. Let’s take a look.

  Common eye diseases in the elderly 1, eye problems caused by infection, the elderly will often have tears, there are many reasons for these conditions, often common conjunctival relaxation, chronic dacryocystitis, chronic conjunctivitis and other eye inflammation.

  We should pay attention to observe some daily performances. If you find that you often have tears, wipe your eyes, and wind and tears, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible to prevent long-term damage and lead to deterioration of vision and deterioration of function.

  2, cataract cataract, is a common eye disease, most of the patients are elderly.

It is because the elderly are older, the lens is turbid, and the crystal metabolism is abnormal, resulting in decreased vision.

  In daily life, we must pay more attention to the changes in vision of parents. Before the cataract is discovered, it is usually painless and gradual. Many people suddenly find it invisible one day, especially if there are elderly people at home who have myopia or hyperopia.The original glasses have become unclear. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to whether it is a symptom of cataract development. If problems are found, they should be diagnosed in time.

  3, presbyopia many older friends, there will be presbyopia, this is due to the hardening or partial hardening of the lens in the old man’s eyes, the body’s original ability to adjust the light is reduced, causing the focus of light to fall behind the retina, there is no wayAs before, it gathers on the retina, so when you look at nearby objects, there will be ambiguity.

  The problem of this eye deterioration will start around 40 years old, but the degree will vary from person to person.

  Elderly eye protection tips 1, do not regard the eye-catching in the daily life to pay attention to protect the eyes, the eyes are the body’s fragile organs, do not look directly at the glare, to avoid the glare of the eyes, such as not direct sunlight, welding light, strongLightning, lasers in the disco, etc., should be worn in the snow, desert, and ocean to prevent electro-optic ophthalmia.

  2, look at the eye When you feel the eyes are sore, please go to the mirror to see the distant peaks, roof, spires, etc., can adjust the eye muscles and lens, reduce eye fatigue, reduce the incidence of eye diseases.

  3, regular exercise should be in the wake of the waking, natural sitting, body relaxation, intention to defend Dantian, lightly closed eyes, eyeballs smooth, counterclockwise turn 18 laps, the action should be slow, and then tightly closedSuddenly widened his eyes.

Eat a bowl of oats every day to inhibit plasma absorption

Eat a bowl of oats every day to inhibit plasma absorption

“For heart health, we are always focused on eating less healthy foods.

In fact, it is not easy to control your mouth.

On the contrary, it is easier to eat more healthy foods, and it is easier for everyone to stick to it.

Professor Hu Dayi, chairman of the Chinese Medical Association Cardiovascular Society, told the Life Times reporter that, for example, oatmeal can inhibit the body’s absorption of cholesterol, and the fullness of oatmeal can make usEating a lot of unhealthy foods can have a multiplier effect on protecting the heart.

  Professor Hu Dayi said that dyslipidemia is an important risk factor for cardiovascular disease. In any way, as long as the reduction can be reduced by 1%, the mortality rate of coronary heart disease will decrease by 2%.

Epidemiological data show that eating whole-grain foods, total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein plasma (Editor’s note: “bad cholesterol”) will decline, of which people are most concerned about oats.

  In 2009, the Center for Nutrition and Food Safety of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention completed the first large-scale trial in China.

The project leader, Professor Zhang Jian from the Center for Nutrition and Food Safety of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that they divided the middle-aged and elderly women with hypercholesterolemia into two groups. The “oat group” took 100 grams of oatmeal per person per day.”Relative” gives the same amount of ordinary noodles.

After 6 weeks, the waist circumference, total plasma, and low-density lipoprotein plasma of the oat group were significantly reduced.

A bowl of oatmeal every day is simple and easy, but it can bring great help to health.

Therefore, both experts have suggested that people who are prepared to be implanted with high cholesterol do not hinder the consumption of a certain amount of oatmeal in the surrounding area, replacing some of the refined rice and noodles to lower cholesterol.

  In fact, in addition to oatmeal, coarse rice, whole grain barley, millet, whole rye, whole wheat bread or biscuits, whole corn is a healthy whole grain food.

How to easily separate these healthy foods into our daily diet?

Experts have recommended several methods for you.

Replace rice with flour rice.

Change the white bread to whole grain bread.

When eating snacks, choose whole grain biscuits or whole grain bread.

Change the noodles made from fine flour into whole grain flour.

When making pasta, blend whole wheat or oatmeal flour into the flour, up to half the ratio.

When grilling fish or roast chicken, sprinkle with thick oatmeal or ground whole grain instead of bread flour.

  In this way, it is very easy to implement the “Guidelines for the Retirement of Chinese Residents”, “Adults ingesting 50-100 grams of coarse grains per day”.

  Measuring plasma to avoid menstrual period In order to accurately grasp the plasma level of women, it is important to choose the measurement time.

A study in the new issue of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism in the United States points out that women who are pregnant during pregnancy are affected by estrogen levels.

  Enrique Schuesman of the Eunice Children’s Health and Growth Research Institute in the United States compared estrogen levels and plasma levels in 259 healthy women.

These women are between the ages of 18 and 44, mainly exercising regularly and have no history of smoking.

  The study found that “good” cholesterol rises through estrogen levels and peaks on ovulation day, after which total cholesterol, “bad” cholesterol and triglycerides are converted to estrogen levels that rise.

In addition, at the beginning of women’s menstruation, total cholesterol, “bad” cholesterol and triglyceride levels are the lowest.

In addition, obese women over the age of 40 have excessive accumulation of plasma levels.

  Experts suggest that women in the growth period should avoid menstrual periods when measuring blood lipids. At this time, the blood lipids will be low. This kind of illusion will be misleading for people with abnormal blood lipids.