I didn’t expect to use it.。

Now,He quickly opened the phone book,Then I dialed a number.。
Summer is 嗡 鸣,Let him be a little surprised,Spirate。
Thunder naturally heard http://www.puhuisl.cn the sound,Finally determined the summer identity,Interrupt communication now,Face with an exciting smile。
“Summer brother,I didn’t expect you to see you.。When I came to Xia Yiwei,My brother will give me your contact.”
He briefly said,Follow-up,“Yesterday morning,My brother is indeed coming.,But he did not say anything.,Just talking with me a few words。”
Toned,He is surprised to see summer,“He said that Xia Yiwei is watching your summer brother.”
Summer frown,Some disappointed。
But still asked,“Is he a person??”
“A person。”
Thunder nod,Immediately asked,“Summer brother,Is it what happened??My brother”
Summer is faint,Say a good lie,“He does say to see me.,But I have been in the country recently.,Yesterday just came back,After I came back, I didn’t contact him.,Telephone is also unable。”
“This http://www.honghuibz.cn way.。”
Thunder is also frowning,“He will not have any other urgent matter,At that time, I feel that he is a bit wrong.,It was already noon.,I want to have a meal with him.,But he hurriedly left。”
Toned,He thoughtfully thoughtfully,And what did you think of,“He seems to say a sentence,Waiting after waiting for you,Also go to a place,It seems to be called。Summer brother,Island?I have never heard of it.。”
Summer did not answer。
But his eyes are slightly inability to check。
Black isna,Not a place name,Ni Name。
Exactly,Is a very special organization。
This organization is a bit similar to the mercenary group。
But this organization is also a training camp as long as there is money.,You can enter the training inside。
And not http://www.lude77.cn a year,Can make an ordinary person have very powerful strength。
Want to enter the training,Need to pay great price。
This is not the most important。
The important thing is that the Thunder is not before,I have trained in it.。
What do he want to do it??
Summer caught in summer。
Another point that cannot be determined。
That is the state of the Thunder.,It’s my active,Still?
At this time,Summer mobile phone is rumming。
See the above number,His eyes are bright,Immediately。
“Boss,I have found some interesting information.,Do you want to listen??”
The voice of Maji in the phone。

Li Shi Tan asked with Gao Baoyi’s arm,The two people wrapped a blanket。Tonight Gao Biyi is also very much,So the two people crazy intake vent,It seems that I will lose the same thing if I don’t have it.。

“Start tomorrow,Yucheng did not have a mountain palace.。”
Gao Bi suddenly said something to talk about love with the two.。
“This is……Loser’s lower court?”
Li Zhin muttered。
“Correct,Escape to Zhou Guo,Lady becomes an enemy’s play,The child was detained,嫔 嫔 嫔 品,The house was destroyed,Nothing。If it failed,Enemy is kind,This is this next place.。
If the enemy is cruel,Nothing。”
Listening http://www.zolcorp.cn to Gao Baoyi,Li Shini recalled,This suddenly realized,It turned out that the seemingly gambling,It seems inadvertent choice……Actually affect your life,Not subordinate in the second time!
And the person she has to marry,Derogatory,Now the grave is growing.。
“turn out to be,The loser is so miserable.。”
“Yup,so,I definitely can’t fail.,I haven’t returned to the road now.。”
Gao Bao is touched by Li Shi Tanang.:“Otherwise you have such a little fairy,It is necessary to turn into a miserable degrade and dead demon.。”
NS1084chapter The hostile helplessness(Finish)
Overnight,Zihuangshan Wangfu,Burning ash。Official statement,It was robbed by the mountain,I burned a fire.。The wife and wife of the high performance were taken away.,Only a hundred years, I am lucky to escape.。
Then“Good people”Send it to the princess of his aunt。
certainly,This official statement,Only fool will believe!People who can live in Yucheng,How can I don’t understand what I don’t understand??
There is a quite credible statement.,Gyeonggi Dandu Gogao Bo Yi dominates this game“catastrophe”。In fact,Where is there?,Mountain can also run in the city?The sergeant who is responsible for the city defense is clean.?
but,What do they want to be not important?,What is important is how Gao Boyi will say,Who let him pinch the army in his hand??He said that the person who burned the Queen is a hill.,That is the mountain!,There is nothing to doubtful。
This matter is like throwing a stone on the raging sea.,Not aroused any wave。
after a few days,There are a lot of straw sheds on the original site of the mountain.,For those who are homeless, they are here.。The government will regularly send people to guide these people to work in the workshop of the West City.,Behind,Here is a living“Temporary home”。
certainly,This is a later words.。
The court has won the praise of many civilians.,However, it is just this.。People are forgetful,I haven’t been there for half a month.,They have already forgotten the highness of the high performance.,As for the Queen Wangfu,Just like it has never seen it.,It seems that it is just a place where it is only a place to take the South City.。
There is a small town in the northwest corner of Luoyang.,Name“Jin Yucheng”,It is the change of the river.,Luoyang City Military Command Center。
Why do you say this way,Because I have been very early,Luoyang’s wall has been named!
Northern Wei Xiaoyi took the Wei Guojialin, the Wei Guo, the Datong, Chaosheng, Luoyang,Fresh Help Wei is crazy to build this city。Modern Luoyang old city area is not108Square mile,However, according to the professional regeneration,Northern Wei Luoyang and nearby attire are mainly Buddha’s temples,Actually reached a horrible180Square mile!
without any exaggeration,Even if it is a later Tang Dynasty, Chang’an and Luoyang,It is also far from this scale.。
Such big city,The length of the wall must be very long。If the Northern Wei is still,That is nothing,But after the change of Heyin,The Northern Wei Empire encountered,Even the money of the construction wall can’t get it.。
As for the back,Yucheng became an economic capital,Jin Yang became a military core,At all, it is not concerned about Luoyang.,So Luoyang City, the huge wall system,Continue to become a thousand holes,I forgotten by the rulers。
after all,Vulnerabilities have been more embarrassing,Even if you have a good fortune?。
So the people behind also learn to be smart.,Luoyang is too big,No matter,But the martial wall is unable to stay,What to do?
So they are the core as the northwest of Luoyang City.,Arrangement of golden city,As for other troops and weak defense,Just gave up。
This defense system,I have been going to Wang Jun mainly Luoyang.,Get ease and improve。Wang http://www.mamorux.cn Jun’s way is simpler and rude,That is to set the whistle in Luoyang and the surrounding area,Excavate trench。
Chengcheng Wall?That is impossible,This huge and durable Luoyang City,It is never possible to fix it.。