Negative answer。 Those strong people will definitely cultivate,And all have reached a deeper realm。
Because of the later period,Many martial arts、Mys up、Secrets、Or even the trial,Need to be derived from the front。
but,It is the Holy King,Even is the unparalleled power of chaos eight,They also have fewer levels that can reach five high-level levels.。
Frontier,It’s true talent.。
Summer cultivation time is short,It is a deep study on the road.。
From Tiger Leopard,Go to Taiji nine steps,Go to sword light 诀, etc.,Nothing is not in the summer。
Now today,Stimulate the soul of the source,Open your life,Heart transparent。
At this moment, he learned a life.,Thunderization,Maohao pushing the strongest array。
Countless years,No matter what time practice,Will divide a demeanor training。
Today’s pusher,Be unpleasant,Instead, it is much smoldering。
At this day,After his brain, suddenly releases a layer of Mengmeng,It’s like a lot of effort in the soul.。
He feels that he has touched the barrier of the road.,I have seen a new world.。
Unfortunately,This is the scenery of the cloud,Just flickering。
Summer secrets are unfortunately,I did not continue to pursue,Reproduction method。
Time in the field has been over for half a month,He slowly opened his eyes,Take the time field,And then long-faced。
Qing Xuan and Li Chong have been sitting in the cave,On the side of practice。
After listening to the sound at this moment,At the same time,Torp。
Summer nodded,Laugh,“Successful。”
Narrate,Qing Xuan and Li Chong look at it,Surprise,Both people are deep envious。
Free home to create a matrix,Isn’t it possible to create a martial art?、Secrets, etc.?
This is the way out of your own.。
No longer affected by the predecessors。
In the eyes of the two,Take out two blank jashes in the summer,Twinkling,The soul fly freely in the jade order。
Half,Jade information,He handed two people respectively。
“Remove the array,Three people cooperate,Power will be doubled。”
Two people solemnly,After passing through,I can’t immerse it。
Absolutely an instant,Two faces change。
At this level,At a glance, I can identify true and false.。

A road shadow。

Finally only land wind。
He took a bartering,“Situ Masters,Zhan Tai Shi,Let’s go too.。”
“Do not,We go in。”
Situ Mingyue suddenly opened。
Land wind。
Zhantai Xiaoyu is also looking for,Vision。
Situ Mingyue hate,“Summer is too university,How lesson,He doesn’t know anything.,Sister,go,Go in with me。”
“Sister……”“Come with me。”
Situ is not to say,Take the Zhantai Xiaoji to the valley。
See this scene,The bitter laughter on the land wind is even more,Immediately for nine swordsman,“You are waiting outside。”
Say,Make up with it。
……the other side,Summer just entered the Lunar Valley,Just see all the decelerator headed by Wang Hao,Centralized in the valley。
After seeing him,The face is all revealed.。
“You are fine, you are fine.。”
A group of people have surrounded up。
“I am fine.。”
Summer smiles with everyone say hello,Follower,“Wang Wei, you left,Everyone is scattered.。”
“Yeah,Both are scattered。”
Wang Wei also attached loudly,“Grain is nothing happened,Be scattered。”
Everyone has a punch,Going to the people in Gu。
Summer is also going to the right direction,Wang Yizhen followed by。
“Gale,When you fight,We don’t act in my mind.,You don’t know how excited everyone.。”
Summer means deep road,“Yes,Why didn’t I see everyone is happy??”
“Cough……”Wang Haogan cough,Somewhat embarrassing。
After walking more than ten steps,He slowly opened,“Valley is mainly the seventeenth 主,Then our spirit……”There is no left.。
The words are obvious。
Summer laughing,Just talk,Brow,Stop。
Just at this time,The sound of Situ Mingyue came later,“summer,Give me。”

Important,There is a thing to make him in mind。

A certain time,He visits small ice and snow,When you leave,Criminal Niu suddenly said two words inexplicable words。
“You know the gentle family.?”
This is the first sentence。
Summer is very surprised at the time。
He naturally knows that the Ye gentle family,Just in Beijing a three-flow family,Is a pure business family。
“Gentle is a poor child……”This is the second sentence。
Then there is no story below。
afterwards,Summer tricks。
Consideration of criminal nine hints yourself,Let him investigate the leaves,Or Ye’s house is soft and very bad。
At that time, he didn’t know that the Ye is gentle mother.,His father is actually getting,And all year round。
So in the summer,Ye is gently adopted a child,Ye’s family will definitely make a big harmony?。
Later, I thought I didn’t feel it.。
Ye is gentle oriented is a member of Nine,After being transferred to the tiara……These are not important,Important,She is the apprentice of crime!Criminal nine,Summer Sword,Cumper,Almost a moon in the moon。
Ye is gentle and how to become her apprentice?
At that time, the end of them was perceived.。
Just later happened too much.,Let this matter。
I want to come now.……Drunk is indeed hint。
But this hint,Not Ye Home,Not Ye Lightly。
But……Leaf gentle father!He succeeded,Affirmation,Be can’t afford to be,After the leaves of the leaves,Seeking medical treatment with leaf……How can I find a crime??
This is almost the wind and horses.。
Just now, the leaves are gentle.,I feel that her father is very familiar.。
I also asked some relevant information.。
Thus,Ye is gentle is his father,I sent it to the crime.,And she took her.。
She also said a word inadvertently.,Let summer surprises。
“You know that there is a bamboo house not far away.,There is a bliss woman in the bamboo house.,When I was young,My illness is cured by her.,Later, I listened to the master.,Originally my father wants to make her teacher,But she is not willing……”Leaf gentle message occlusion,I don’t know the identity of Ji Bao Bottles.。
But this sentence is in the summer ear,It is another layer of meaning.。
Leaf gentle father,Ji Bao bottle,Also know crimes。
And yourself within half a year,Solenity。
Summer hard thinking halfway,Finally grinned,Have to give up。
I really can’t think of it.。
I will ask when I have the opportunity to see the Ji Bao bottle.。

Pan Wenyue couldn’t help but look up at Wang Yufei,Then log in to the official website of Changxiang Technology and click on the video。

Video starts playing。
A young woman trot into the office with the Xin System Software Center,Anxiously yelled at the busy group of programmers sitting in front of the workstation。
“Damn,Oh no,Oh no,Microsoft has banned almost all industrial software,It’s illegal to run Super Xun virtual machine with Xin system,Industrial software is no longer available to us!PSWe won’t use it anymore!”
The programmers in front of the workstation looked up at the woman blankly,Then continue to work。
The woman is a little confused,Looked back at the glasses lens,I looked at the indifferent technicians again,Angry。
Rush to a separate station,Growl:“Wang Gong,Did you hear what i just said?”
Wang Gong raised his head blankly,Standard facial expression,With a sound beam without ups and downs:“heard it。”
“I heard you guys don’t worry?Our user dads won’t be able to use foreign industrial software in a week!”The woman reiterated word by word。
Wang Gong answered calmly:“What does that have to do with me。Our team is responsibleBmscofdeveloping,Can’t usematlabCan use ourBmscof,We have compiled a total of two hundred research cases,look by youself,Our calculation result ismatlabNo difference,Even higher precision。And it’s more operational thanmatlabsimpler,will usematlabIt only takes one to two days to useBmscof。Doesn’t it smell?”
Woman froze,Disgusting“spit”Take this Wang Gong,And then ran to another office,Continue to question:“Li Gong,Industrial software can no longer be used!Did you hear?”
Li Gong raised his head,Show aunty smile,Said:“If you can’t use it, you can’t use it,No hurries?”
“In no hurry?Our user father said to use!”
Li Gong said kindly:“Don’t panic,What you need mostPSsoftware,Our team will be able to develop successfully,And the level of learning is better than the latest versionAdobe photoshopAll easy to use,Very complete function,Especially after matching with the brain-computer chip,Simplified most operations,Special equipment assistance will also be introduced,look,look,How easy to use。”
Switch the video to the computer,as expected,Is running a followerphotoshopSimilar software,The interface looks likephotoshopLittle difference,Li Gong performs several common operations,Very convenient。

Two steps after retreating,This is clear,The black robe has come to him.。

“This master,I saw it as just as justice.,There is a dishwasher door inconvenience,Don’t give them to remove them。”
Black Robe invited:“This moment is obstacted,I should worry about it.,Cut the head of the old lady,Removing this Lang Lang Qiankun。”
“Who,Who said is not?!”
Long light and still shake,Heart, meditation, Amitabha,Recruitment, member of other major associations……
Gone,Turning,These people are snooked,There is only a back。
Is this realistic??
See this scene,Long lights and still cry,I don’t want to be in my heart.,Double-handed:“Donor,Poor does not dare to refuse,Let’s see Chen Gonggong together.。”
“Such very well,Drive master delay,I will save the baby first.。”Black robe person,Tip gently,Returning into the court Zhumen。
The long lamp is shaken and shakes his head.,A whole body,Face downs to the court。
Distant stone pillar,Chen Dong and Chen Qi Gongmen floated a series of question marks。
what happened,what happened,Where is they??
“I am not wrong, right,The guy who sent the baby back to the hospital is so powerful.?”
Chen Qi blinks,Discovering questioning,Change:“I am not wrong, right,That can also call humanity?”
Chen Dong silent,Worlds, full of wonders,perhaps,possible,Probably there is such humans。
Just when the two are awkward,Hand Island Wushu Association, which was previously determined to die,At this moment, I mournfully climbed.,唧哼,It is a semi-dead look.。
“it hurts,I have to crack.!”
“I have split……and many more,The poison in my body is unspeakable.!Flying needle!!”
“True,Be broken。”
“Have this matter,Who is the person?,Benevolence!” “Not,Is our eagle。”
“Pooh,Less to your face,吔吔 啦!”
Square is messy,Chen Dongyi grabbed Chen Qi’s hand,Running towards the latter in the latter。
Shuishui,This is the best time to enter the gate of the court.。
“I really want to go.?I did not mean,I am not afraid.,It is feeling……Let’s take a look。”
The two haven’t run for a while,I saw a black shadow fly.,After landing, the meter is killed.。
Long lamp monk。


Li Nan stared at him。
Zhang Haomer is very straightforward:“Be right!Wu Yuanliang worried about Zhou Zhou,Call me to ask questions,He said that I will go online next week.,Bacing and nightingale。”
Li Nan expression is very exciting:“What are you thinking about this day??”
Then she has some heartache,She is obviously asking them as the younger brother。
Zhang Hao wondered Li Nan’s mystery,I am relieved.,At least explains that Nan Ge has no idea to Zhou。
“Nan Ge, you are right,I also think Wu Yuanliang is too magical.,How is this possible?,Yet,Little boys are less than IQ at this time.,You don’t blame him from Nan Ge.。”Zhang Hao, who is going to go to help Wu Yuanliang, said a few good words.,“do not worry,I am back to my home and call to education.,Do not make him alive before!”
“wait!”Li Nan shouted Zhang Hao to speed up the footsteps.,“You have to look at me.,Don’t let him find someone from others.,Last month,Delaying people can lose money!”
“Do not worry,This is impossible!”
“Go back!”
Li Nan sighed in his heart。
There are a lot of vendors in the school gate.,Light illuminates,A variety of fragrances together,The students surrounded by another floor.,Occasionally, the teacher’s figure is mixed,Like a small night city。
Nan Ge sucks tone,Good incense。
She still keeps the posture of their hands,The empty feeling in the pocket urged her to go forward.。
There are several fruit trees in the lush small leaf in the community.,There are two three trees and alfalfa respectively,There is also a pomegranate in the middle.。
Zhou looks for the two demon。
枇杷 is the earth,Great,Foliage,The fruit of the knot is very small but sweet,Zhouzhi remembers that there is a lot of grandfather’s house.。Just in the community, these demon demon,Every year is very good,Many golden reds are hidden near mature,Can always feel almost,I want to pick it out.,I found that there were no fruits.。
‘The big appreciate is finished by the bird.?’
Everyone is not very much。
Pomegranate will wait until the second half of the year、It will be mature in autumn.,Also missing。
The fruit period of several early peaches is coming.,However, they are mainly used as viewing,Flowering well every year,The fruit of the knot is small,No one eats,Only some children will pick up。
Zhouzhi found two demon under the peach tree。
There are several old porcelain pots under the peach tree,Inside the cheap cat food,Gray cat is sitting in a porcelain basin,Chat with the round mouse around you,Outstretch the paw into the porcelain basin from time to time.,Grab a cat food into your mouth。
There is also a black cat next to it.,Although it can’t see two demon,But I can’t see the food and disappear.。
“He often came over these days,Don’t give us greetings,Too polite, it’s too polite.!”
“Be right,This is our site。”
“It’s a big monster.,Also too much。”
“Do you dare to find him??”
“Not dare……”
“Say this peach is going to be familiar.,We have to keep these peaches,So causing the bird to succeed,Very busy。”
Two demon tacit looks at the top of the head——
Peach tree is not high,Sparse branches hang some small group of small groups,Only a little bigger than the thumb,Looks like malnutrition。
They quickly discovered the vicinity。
The round mouse refers to the circumference:“Did that only human beings have forgotten??”
“Throw three four。”Gray cat is very dislike。

“This gentleman,The master of the meditation room has agreed to enter。”A staff member said to Li Ming who was waiting,“I will lead you。”

“no need!”Li Ming waved his hand,He hasn’t seen Ming Yu rarely in recent years。
“Da da!”Knocked on the door。
“come in,brat。”The deep voice remembered。
Li Ming opened the door,And in the meditation chamber,Seated a very burly man。
Li Ming walked into this room familiarly,Respectfully:“Master Mingyu!”
“Li Ming,How come you little guy has time to find me!”The burly domain master, Ming Yu, joked,He is very familiar and friendly to Li Ming。
Since eleven years ago,The virtual universe is stationed in the branch of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire‘Lord Man Luo’Reminded of,He absorbed the three little guys including Li Ming into the outside of the virtual universe in the battle space。
The talent and potential of these three little guys really surprised him。
These three little guys,They are only the first-level constant star and the ninth-level travel star,But all realized the domain。
According to the standards of the Black Dragon Mountain Branch of the Virtual Universe。Planetary stars realize that the first level in the field is the second-level genius,Can comprehend triple,Is a super genius。
The requirements for constant star ratings are slightly stricter,A triple level talent in the constant star field,Four-tier talent in the field is considered a super genius。
Both Li Ming and Thor,They are fourfold and threefold,And the ninth-level travel star Hong is also the fourth in the field。
so,Li Ming and Hong are both super elites,And Thor is also an elite。
He also gave these three little guys a small investment。
But the progress of these three little guys made him a little stunned。
He looked at these three little guys almost bit by bit,Three-fourth from the field,Reach the point where the domain is eight or ninefold。And all this is only eleven years。
The strength of Li Ming and the others has far exceeded‘Virtual Universe Black Dragon Mountain Branch’The division of genius。Thor with the lowest understanding of the three,Also fully understand the six domains。Constant star field six,Even if it’s in the virtual universe branch of the Dry Witch universe,Are considered to be super elites。

The moderator discloses the final winner:“After two hours of fierce competition,34The player gives you a wonderful performance.,I just saw it.,Loudly tell me,In your mind,Whoever should win a prize?Needless to say name,Shouting her number。”

Shouting under the stage。
Fang Yuxin:“Xuan Xuan,Al still call you?。”
Shen Yan announced on the stage,I also flashed a touch in my eyes.。
Song Chengzhi、Fan Daofei、靳 骁 三 跟 开始 开始:“27No、27No……”
Moderator laughing:“Shout right,And people are still a lot,It seems that it is also the expectation.,Then we don’t say much.,Direct announcement,After careful selection of the judges,Get this lady contest victory is……27No,Miss Xuan Xuan。
Please come to the stage to receive a bonus belonging to you.。”
“Wow wow,Xuan Xuan,you win,It’s really you win.,congratulations。”Fang Wei instantly ecstatic,Pulling Shenyi Xuanlian,It seems to be excited than her。
“It’s really me.?”Shen Yi Xuan,Surprised eyes。
“It is you,Congratulations,Go to the award。”Fan Dynasty。
Shen Dai Xuan suddenly awake,I jumped up at once.,Happy to run on the table。
靳 骁 一:“I go,I really won。”
Song Chengzhiyo Road:“I am thinking about it.,Do you want me to help her sign up?,She can’t win award.,10,000 blocks,A lot,How to wait for it, I should respect me a cup.?”
“You are also very sight。”Wang Yan looks at him。
Song Chengzhi:“I just opened a joke.,Talk with the mouth。”
“Eh,What is the trouble??”靳 骁 suddenly inserted。
Wang Liu and others have rushed to the stage,Didn’t see people,Find below,Sure enough, I saw the lead award.,The next step is ready to go back to the seat,Ball being stopped。
Song Chengzhi frowned:“Oh shit,Will not want to grab money?。”
Wang traffic shook his head:“impossible,Give a grab,It is impossible to grab this bright and big grab.。”
“Too。”Song Chengzhi nodded,Get up:“What happened to see。”
“Let together。”
骁 范 范 飞 跟 起 起。
Three people went,The king is not good.,Looked at the eyes:“You are waiting here.,We have taken a look。”
Fang Wei nodded:“Be careful。”
“rest assured。”Wang traffic laughs,Got up and followed the past。
Shen Yi Xuan is a bit impatiently looking at the people in front of,road:“I said, I am not interested.,I want toast, let others,I have to go back to seat.,Flash。”
“Don’t give it, don’t give it?,Do you know who makes you toast??That is, I just see that you jump on the stage.,Our boss appreciates you,Otherwise, you can’t see it.。
That is telling you.,Our boss is very energy in the entertainment industry.,Past to respect the wine,Everyone knows,If our boss is happy,Check you as a star.。
This is a chance,Don’t miss it.。”That person is still not dead,Throwing conditions temptation。
If you change your little girl who is not in the world,I heard as a star,I really promised nothing.,But unfortunately,She hit her Shen Yajuan。
Hello is also executive,Now still in progressba,Equal to learning is more unlimited,What he said is really a matter,First of all, she is not interested in when the star is.,Not for the road:
“Who is I am not interested?,Please flash,Otherwise I have to call people.。”
The man immediately sinking his face:“I really don’t give it.?”
Shen Yan Xuanxi,Lazy and then take care of him,I want to walk around。
The man flashed on the face angry,Catch Shen Yajuan,Bite:“Don’t face it, don’t face it??Tell you,Today, this glass of wine, you respect it.,No respect。”
Shen Yan Xuan Daguang,Struggle:“What are you doing,Let go,I shouted people.。”