161chapter drink wine
“Su Lao Ge, you can,Things really find?You didn’t lie to me?”
Returning to the door of Linjiamen,Looking http://www.yiefa.cn at the Wu Yan, a group of people came up and hurried,I don’t know if he invited people to eat together.!
“This is a good deceived,Something is on my home house.!rest assured,This time!I can lock the door lock.,Who can’t take it?!”
“OK!OK!I will know that there is no way to come.!Fortunately, you have to find it.,I still think about it.!I am still”
“Things are coming back,I don’t use so much.,Then don’t think!”
“All came?Come in and sit.,Not spacious in the room,Let’s take a look at the hall today.!Just,It’s still on this day.!”
Let’s move out of the table from the house,The latter is sloppy with a chair with a chair.,
“Why don’t you come in??Come in and sit.!Hadron,You are very strong,Help to take a handle!Help this plate to unload this board,Posten on a chair!”
“okay,This is coming!”
http://www.yjhsuji.cn Both people don’t have a good meant.。
Su Qiang found a place to help the things first helped。
“I will not eat it.,I am mainly to ask questions.,My wife is still waiting for me to eat together.!”
How can I feel like a rice?,It’s anxious.,I am very angry.。
“Go back to eat?I didn’t say it asked you to let you come to eat??I still have my me.?”
River this old head,I only listened half of the time.,The next step is dropped.。
Obviously, he came from home to eat.,Look at this,It’s completely throwing behind the brain.。I am afraid I just remember that I said that the ginger is found.?
“Have you said?”
“Told!Iron said!”
“Come in and come in,Let’s work.!You are going today.,Just give me an old forest!The nephew went to say a message.!”
“Yes,Let’s take it together.!Seeing that I have a good http://www.szroom8.cn thing.!”
Ye Yawa swayed something,A face proud。
“That takes two?”
The tone of the tone is sluggling,The eyes are staring at the hand of Su Yeng。
My wife is strict,I haven’t been drinking two for a long time.。
And this wine,It should be that Su Dado has a good wine.!
“exactly,Eating two,Eating two ports!”
that’s it,Eating two ports quickly evolved
“We are not drunk tonight.!Not in return!happy,I’m happy”
“Let’s go back.!”
The wife is reminded。
“go back?Go back to dry.?You will go back.,I haven’t drank it yet.,How can I go back??not going back,I don’t go back.!”
“Who will let me go back, who is urgent?,Old forest,Do you let me go??Old forest!”
“you’re drunk!”
“I am not drunk,Who said that I am drunk??Come,A bit of a pot,I will not be drunk again.”

certainly,If some people don’t open your eyes,He doesn’t mind giving them a deep memory。

“it is good,Ha ha,That’s good。”
The father is obviously very happy.,But the next sentence in summer,But let him smile on his face。
“Grandfather,My uncle, uncle, university,What is the eight big aunt?,Will http://www.mjmp88.cn not mart me??”
Summer is a wine,I have a dish again,“I heard that I heard,They can not welcome me.。”
Side next to Liu Qingqing face is worried about the color,Under the incident, touch the summer。
Summer is like I haven’t felt,Continue to say,“Grandfather,We are all soldiers,What is wrong?,I will give you a greet forward in advance.,If they are for me,Just not,I all endured。”
Paused,Swift,“but,If they dare to provoke clear words,Don’t blame, I don’t give you face.,I said in advance.,I am out of my person.,Don’t blame me, don’t blame me.。”
Liu Qingqing’s heart mentioned his eyes,The expression on the pretty face is also touched and worried.。
But she quickly discovered,The old man not only didn’t be angry,The smile on the face is more。
“Stinky boy,Are you talking to me??”
The old man is not very angry.,“You have just hit people just,Who dares to provoke you。”
There are some things,The old man did not explain to the summer.。
He has already steadyed the Diaoyutai,Have everything。
Mei family boss and the old two refers to the summer of Qin Zhenjun,Master is really not knowing??
the answer is negative。
But he did not stop。
Because he believes that the summer will not let him down.。
The final result is also the same as expected,Qin Weijun was abolished,Mei family boss and the old two are more confirmed by Qin.。
And the old man is just this as an excuse.,狠 狠 他们 他们。
As a result,Summer returns to the list,Who can’t say anything?,Even if they are dissatisfied,It can only be dark,Endure。
Not long ago,In the summer, I will mad all the people ‘s own disciples.。
As a result,From top to bottom,Who dares to find a summer trouble。
So in fact。
Summer will mad a meal news in the summer,Always spread throughout the family at this moment。
Not exaggerated,When you know this news,The whole http://www.ihumor.cn family fooled。
But people are strange,Meijia boss and the second have chosen silence。
In the room。
Mei family boss,Rely on the sofa,The eyebrows have been completely condensed together.,The face is unprecedented。
The atmosphere is suppressed。
for a long time。
He lifted his eyes,Looking at the opposite nose,Fragment anger Minghexuan,The sound is slightly slow,“This matter is,Don’t mention later,Small crane,Don’t think about retaliation,do you know?”
Ming Hutuan stood up,Glance,Queer,“Why!”

Don’t look at me, no need to adjust,But I am also a big man of the Knight of Fiore.。”

In fact, there is another reason,That is the mission of the night itself.,So many factors,I don’t have to be a blind eye to Eddari.。
“Compared with your heroes like this,My sinner is really self-defeating.。”Geral heard the night,Self-whey laughter。
“I don’t dare to claim heroes.,Everything I have done is based on your own interests.。”The night is also awkward,He is really not a pure hero,Because he does not match。
“Do not,in my opinion,Dare to ask for friends,Go face that,This is a hero。”
“That is in my opinion,Dare to make a decision to sacrifice,And plan to make up your fault,Not a sinner。”
Chapter 559 See also the turtle
“Ha ha,If this time you can live,Feeling that we can become a good friend?。”
Gerar reveals a heartless smile,Then I entered the huge magic crystal.,I plan to change with my own magic.“Eddi Europe”Attack direction。
And the night looks at Geral’s Back,Say“my pleasure”Four words,Also began to fill your body full body。
The night will stabilize the body.,White air flame is like a flame that suddenly rises,Started to rise in his body!
Because of the cause of the world,The gas on the night is all transformed into the corresponding magic.。
“Ah ah ah ah ah!”
The tower of the entire paradise began to shake dramatically.,Seawater began to dramatically tap,A unmanified magic,Wan as an invisible pressure instantly shrouded the audience。
Land Magic Conduction,Under this horrible magic,Start bursting into fragments,The magic inside also begins to volatilize around。
Geral in the magic crystal,On the one hand, use its own magic to change the direction of the attack of Adellio.,On the one hand, it is also shocked to the strength of the night.!
No wonder the other party has courage to say to stop“Eddi Europe”Such words,This horror magic,Even if it is a dragon, it’s better than it.。
It is clearly that small body,How is it stored such a strong magic??Even if the body consists of pure high purity magic crystals,I can’t store so many magic.。
The body’s gas has arrived in the limit,Night hands on the waist position,Blue gas power began to gather。
Until capturing a white beam falling in the air,Night, the same is to make the sky,Push out the qigong waves in your hands。
http://www.sdassd.cn “coming,Turtle——Wave!”
Blue light column,And the wind rises,Until the collision with white light falling in the air。
A huge sound between the heavens and the earth,Originally sea the sea, the sea is no longer calm,Huge storm has set off huge waves in the sea。
The sky becomes the black and scary,Turtle sent aerobics with Eidiro collided over,It is a variety of electric flash thunders.。
Ice into the tower of the park from the night, Ilisa et al.,At this time, it is stationed on the sea that is covered with ice.,Looking at this, it is like destroying the scene of the earth.。
“Who is fighting now??Geral?Why is he not here??”
Airewa looks at the two light columns in the distant air collision,That specification magic,Already completely exceeded their imagination。
But the night is now here.,So Gerar?
http://www.ccxingxing.cn “Night,It’s you dizzy.,You shouldn’t let Gerar bear all this,He is only used.……”
Ai Laha is sitting on the ice,She doesn’t blame the night to leave her.,After all, the night is also for your companions.。
Ai Laha is just a self-blame,She abandoned Gerar to escape the second time.。
“Not need to urgently,Gerar is now dead now,I am just a thoughts.,Did you see the blue light column that is the sky??
That is my magic.,Is it very powerful??”
The ice of the night smiles a big white tooth,Facial expression。

The Journey is just talking before Lu Haocheng doesn’t speak.:“lady,Lu is a very important dining center tonight.,The European secretary is not,Non-land。”

Lu Haocheng looked at the teeth http://www.shzhabeiqulvshi.cn of his teeth。
The power chapter smiles low,It is also no way to use this trick.。
Blue Xin looked back at Lu Hao Cheng,“Right,Ah Cheng,You today and Li Pei’s dinner,It’s still early,You take a break。”
Lu Haocheng went to her,Nothing,I went to the office with her hand.。
“Yeah!”The power transmission should have a victory gesture。
Joe Yiyi has not returned to God from two of Lu Haocheng.,Right the journey“Yeah”I pulled back her god。
She instantly envied the good luck of Blue Xin.。
“Assistant,President generally listening to ginger, Blue Xin,?”Some of her words asked。
Looking at her,Serious tone:“Qiao Association,Lu Jia is the first family in Jiangyou,Lady’s identity,You better still call a lady.。”
Qiao Yi smiled:“what!I and Jiang Sanxin are classmates.,She will not care about these。”
NS1272chapter:Wen http://www.cyber-dj.com.cn Qi is pregnant
NS1272chapter:Wen Qi is pregnant
The Journey is laughing,“I wish you good luck.,But are your workflows understand??I will start some simple work tomorrow.,There is absolutely no mistake in the internship period.,Tell you again,The attitude of the lady is sometimes strict than the president.,When you are going to get off work,I will give you the information that finished today.。”
Yourn,Turning back to your office。
How do he feel this Qiao helping that he recruited so??
Qiao helps lips slightly,She is busy calling to share my own work.,I haven’t seen it yet.?
But she is not a vase,I can’t let the Lu Lanxin who have been bullied by her.。
She looked at Lu Hao Cheng’s office,I have a touch of embarrassment,She struggled for so long,I didn’t even have a boyfriend who opened a baby.,And Jiang Lan Xin is already the lady of the first family in Jiangyou.。
Such a significant gap,Let her feel unbalanced,But she is more beautiful than Jiang Lanxin.,The location of this first lady,How long can she do??
She laughed,Turned back to your office。
Lu Haocheng is still not good at the mood of Blue Xin,I have been following her。
Blue Xin sits on the sofa,Low head to boot。
Lu Hao accredited that she looked at her.。
After the start,Look at two missed calls,One is Lu Haozheng,One is the right game,I am afraid that she just goes out.,He is looking for her。
Blue Xin put the phone on a coffee table,On the side, I looked at Lu Hao Cheng’s worries.,She laughed:“You don’t have to worry about me.,I’m ok。I just saw Joe Yiyi.,I remembered some things in high school.。”
“Don’t think,Not allowed to think,If she is here, it is here,I am calling her now.。”Lu Hao Cheng reached out。
Blue Xin laughs,Slightly shaking head:“That is not necessary,Take a look at the internship period.,Thing of the past,In my life, I can’t get it.,Always facing the past,And I think today.,Today,I don’t have much impact on me.。You go to entertainment,Not allowed to drink,I am ready for pregnancy.。” She feels good for this time.,How do you have a child before your thirty years old?。
Thirty years old, I am only afraid that she is not willing to be born.。
“hehe……”Lu Haocheng listened to this,Happy。
“Wife,I started tonight,Will work very hard。”
Why don’t you know that he is careful?,She glared in his eyes.。
She loves him.,Talents want to have children。

Man standing on the side,Signature,When I saw Lu Hao Cheng,A face is afraid。

“Continental,why you?”
Lu Haocheng glanced http://www.tutechangdaogou.cn at the man,I don’t know him.。
Lu Haocheng looked at the daughter,Whisper:“Kiki,You are fine?”
Blue Qiqi saw his mother,I suddenly poured a grievance from my heart.,“Mother,Qin Sweet, I am a wild girl,I don’t have Dad.,I am a wild species.,I can’t hear it.,I have a meal.,Not what I am in trouble,It is she first says me.。”
Blue Xin listen this,Heartbreaking。
This child,How can I know that Kiki has no father?,Lu Hao Cheng has been in the group。
Lu Haocheng listened to the wild species,Burn in the heart of anger。
“Humph!My father said that you didn’t have a father.,You are a wild species,You are still very embarrassed to come here,My father said,Come here to study,It’s all in your mother with an improper means.,so,I am wrong.。”
Qin Tiantian crying and complaining。
“Sweet,Shut up。”
Man standing not far away,Looking nervously looking at Lu Haozheng,The http://www.yifanhuashi.cn whole person shakes like a screen,Leaching sweat on the forehead。
Class teacher,Watching Qin Sweet Mom and Dad,“Sweet father,The child is still small,How can I say this in front of my child??”
Qin Huai listened,The intestines that regret it in my heart are blue.,He doesn’t know that the child will say this.,I usually have a few words in the dinner table.,How can this child be remembered?。
“teacher,sorry!Is my education problem,I will strictly correct this problem.。”
Qin Huai said,Look at Lu Hao Cheng。
Sweet mother listens,Looking at Blue Xinye,“It turned out to be like this,Here is the noble school,Not ordinary people can get up,Not everyone can come。
teacher,There is such a parent,Students don’t want to learn is difficult,I recommend removing her child.。”
“you shut up。”
Qinhuai whatever his wife。
Who is the person in front of me?,The Lu Hao Cheng, http://www.wqserv.cn who aunt must bear。
The status of Jiangyou is a lightweight。
Blue Xin listen this,Anger,Be as you like。
Lu Haocheng is gently holding her hand,Watching cold looking at sweet mom,“Extend my Lu Hao Cheng’s child,You are gallbling。”
“No no no no,Continental,She a woman,do not understand anything,You don’t want to see him.。
”Qin Huai apologizes。
“Qinhuai,What are you afraid of what he did??
We have a aunt,Still it, is it afraid of him??”
Sweet mother is arrogant,That to have someone else in front of her.。
“I let you shut up!”
Qinhua is anxious。
Lu Haocheng looked at Qinhuai,It turned out that he is Qinhuai。
Qin Ning’s money from the company,Most of the account called Qin Huai。
He looked at Qinhuai,Soundly ask:“Qin Ning is you??”
Qin Huai has not spoken yet,On the side of the Qin, Mrs. Qin is proud to look at Lu Haozheng.,“She is my aunt,how?
I am afraid.?”
Lu Haocheng did not see her,But in front of her daughter,“Kiki,Dad,Not afraid。
You do it,Next to this mouthful,You should fight in the dead。”

“call,Ghost,I finally put me out.。”

The fans of the flag wrought around Han Jiang.,Then I looked at the scenery below the cliff like him.:“Is this the owner you said??”
Chapter 186 Hard to do it.
“no。”Han Jiang shook his head。
The flag of the flag falls from the air.,Sitting around Hanjiang,The little hand holds the cheese and says it.:“Actually not。”
“Why don’t you collect this world??”Fans and wings。
Han Jiang referred to the distance:“From the girl in the room,This world has only a nearby water,The rest has been collapsed。”
“So I http://www.zolcorp.cn want to collect information,Maybe you can’t walk far。”
“What is the specific situation?,Waiting for the girl to ask.。”
One person is armed, and I have been waiting for half an hour on the cliff.,The girl is grateful from the room.。
“You are really not the arms of the inflammation.?”The girl is still someone who is not trust to Hanjiang.。
Han Jiang sighed,Standing up and turning out a hand:“My name is Hanjiang,From elsewhere,First of all, thank you for saving me back.。”
The girl holds Hanjiang’s hand.:“Cheng Lixue。”
These three words are like a sunny day to ring in Hanjiang Ear.,Is Cheng Li Xue who did not die when he was in the second crash??
wrong,At that time, the warfare law was saved.。
Later, in order to let the Fuhua safety retreat,This is war。
Han Jiang swayed his head,The same name is a lot of things,Maybe I have heard it wrong or not。
So Han Jiang asked again:“what’s your name?”
Cheng Li, I looked at Hanjiang.,Reply:“Shenzhou Taifu Mountain,Currently, the highest steady commander,Cheng Lixue!”
This time this time,Cheng Li Xue plus his own official position。
Hanjiang deep breath,According to his memory,When the Snow Wolf team, the rain wandered in the world of the quantum.。
It’s still when you are in the family.,To Cheng Lixue here,How to be destroyed in the world?
Is this world formed according to Cheng Lixue’s heart?
Parallel world,Be unfortunate,What happens?。
Maybe it’s so good to come to the snow.。
“The highest steady commander?”Han Jiang’s question。
Cheng Li Snow Station straight,road:“Below!”
“That day is the bishop??”Han Jiang continued to ask。
“bishop?”Cheng Li Snow God,Ask:“How do you know that the bishop?”
“Treatment is the number of forces in the world,On the battle against collapse,I can often see the figure of the fate of the gods of the gods.,I can know this.?”
“The crash in the world is in the collapse of two years ago.,For the legal of heavy inflammation,Died。”Cheng Li Snow Eye God said。
“Do you really come from the city??”Hanjiang, who started to see, is true.。
The sudden news is so significant,As long as it is a living person,I am almost impossible to know。
http://www.ykrtwl.cn Even if I don’t know,Under the erosion of later collapse,Human territory is lost,Human is concentrated in a limited range near Taiguishan,The news is also transmitted.。
“Be right,My hometown is the city,But I am from the Tempse of the Plus Distribution,Santa Feria School。”

Three battles, although the leaves win,But the result of the three-line battle,Also let the leaves are grateful,Subsequently, three endure and connected to the village,After that, it is the chaos of the nine tail.,They can’t consume the wood.。

Although the group,But the three generations of fire is still a force,Choose a resort。
Now let’s fight against the village in the mist,Other rigidas will not be indifferent,And now the wooden leaves are also in unrequited embarrassment。
Various factors,Not only the three generations of fire, not dare to fight against the fog,Still worried,The fog hidden village will not take the lead。
After all, it is well known.,Ninja in the fog hidden village is a mad dog,It is not very emotion of your own companion life.,What is the Ninja of the enemy?。
Therefore, the three-generation rigs also thought of the way,That is the so-called alliance。
Objects selected by leaves,Is the sand of the country。
This is also the result of three generations after thinking.,The reason for choosing sand is also very simple.,Because sand is the nearby wooden。
And compare rock villages and Yun Yin Village,The strength of sand is weak,Wood leaves can dominate in alliances。
And the opportunity of this online,This is“Chinese tolerance”。
Because of the alliance,Wooden and http://www.ncets.cn endiche exam,Invited four generations of wind together,And the first time with sand risks。
Invited to have four generations of water shadows,There is also a misty that is about to prepare for the test.。
certainly,Invited four generations of wind shadow Luo sand,Is to discuss alliance matters,Invitation to a warehouse with fog,It is to let them watch the play.。
What is the meaning is to let the sauce still have a foggy village to see,Wood leaves and sand risks,If you want to do it,To first put the fog hidden with the strength of the two-wire war。
have to say,The three generations of fire, this set is really very powerful.,If it is not the big snake pill, it is mixed.
The four-generation water shadow that received the invitation is pleased to bear,Although the village is in the village。
Sand Renheng Village http://www.qcypcg.cn is obviously not good,This time,The best result is also a time to eat。
But as a village,Represents a village’s face,The wind shadow and the fire shadow together,His spoaches can not be。
If you don’t go,Don’t you prove their foggy?,Not as good as leaves and sand,Even the courage of the exam is not。
“Go to the night’s guy,This time, let him go to the wooden leaves together.。
He has been to the wooden village,The road should be more familiar.”
Chapter 457 Go to the wooden tape!
The invited water shadow is able to bring a guard,And go to the wooden leaf to accept the students,It also needs a guidance to endure。
After fierce selection(In fact, I have been derived by the four generations of water.),Personnel to the wooden leaves are selected.。
The first is the four generations of water shadows,Then it is to guard against the beauty,After that, it is guided to bear the water without the month.。
As for the back to the long,The fog hidden in the village is actively registered,But the sailing is inquiring the opinions of the night.,Decided to bring water without a month、Hui Night Jun Ma Lu、And ghost lights to go to the assessment。
Although it is just“Chinese tolerance”,But about the face of foggy village,Savage said as long as the elite,And the number of people don’t need more,A small team。
Remove those ages,Jun Ma Lu San will stand out from it.。
Originally, the talents of Changlang are also good.,But in the absence of tackle,The strength is still not as the three people with family blood。
“Great,This time I must let the leaves of the leaves know,Our ghost lights are amazing!
I have a day to collect seven tiers a day.,Become the third proficiency in the presence of seven tangle!”
To say the goal of the ghost lights,Neither four generations of water,Not the water, no month,But his sister’s water is quiet。
Water is not a month, quiet is a well-known genius,It is also the first to master the presence of seven tacklers.。
Even the ghost lights that have been worship from small moon,Although it is also able to control seven tacklers,But still,You are not as good as the water。
“You are still province,If you don’t give your night, you will lose your face.。
Can be selected as the third place,But it is your luck.,I see if it is not hydrated secret.,Long Shiro is stronger than you。”
Jun Ma Lu looked at the proud of the water,Uncommitted satirical road。
Because of the cause of the night,Now Jun Ma Lu is white with water,Not suffering from the same fate as the original。
Although Jun Ma Lu also is afraid of Hui Night,But Night accepted him,And teach him to learn to control your own strength。

Wang Youcai sneered:“What if i disagree?”

“If you disagree, it’s easy。Yao Chunni took the child to live by herself,She is young and beautiful,And brought such a cute little boy,Do you think she can’t get married?Then you are really wrong。With her current conditions,Don’t worry about marrying”When Liu Ying said this,,Contempt for Wang Youcai’s glance。
Wang Youcai put his hands on his shoulders,Walking around the office anxiously。Liu Ying is right,Based on his understanding of Yao Chunni,She really does。
Liu Ying had no idea when he saw Wang Youcai,He smiled and said:“Of course,If you don’t care about Yao Chunni,Then there is no need to worry about this,Just let her go。You don’t lack women anyway,But I want to find another woman who treats you like Yao Chunni,Then wait for the next generation!”
Liu Ying finished saying this,Then turned and left。When she walked to the door,Suddenly turned around and said to Wang Youcai:”This matter really needs time to handle,If Li Lanxiang is gone,Things may be difficult”
Wang Youcai did not speak,Until Liu Ying is gone,He just sat down on the sofa。What’s this,Which kid do you really want to take back?,How should he explain to his parents?
His and ex-wife’s children,Has http://www.lampdrive.cn dealt a big blow to parents,Now another one comes out,What should I do about this?
Liu Ying is right,If he missed Yao Chunni,He will never find such a sincerely good person in his life,And don’t care about his free woman。
This is the first time that Wang Youcai is so annoying。He didn’t even eat dinner,Lying on the bed alone,Like an octopus。Until everyone is asleep,Liu Yingcai gently pushed open the door of his room。
Liu Ying is holding a bowl,It contains a bowl of mutton soup。She glanced at Wang Youcai who was lying on the bed and said:“I made it for you,Drink now!What a big thing”
Wang Youcai sat up,He really feels hungry。Took the mutton soup from Liu Ying,It’s done in twos or twos。
“Don’t bother,There is only one solution to this problem,Just hurry up and bring the baby back”Liu Ying glanced at Wang Youcai and said。
Wang Youcai smiled and http://www.yangyangsao.cn said:“You said light,How can I tell the family??Don’t you know,My parents are very strict,They love face most。If this matter is discussed by the villagers,Then the trouble is even bigger”
“What’s your brain!Can’t go back to the village,Let Yao Chunni and her son live here,Or on the market!You can’t afford them。Waiting for a few years to go back,The villagers know a fart”Liu Ying this time,Looks very mindful。

Lu Hao Cheng:“……”Dog nose。

Muzi suddenly remembered,“Yes,You have not had lunch,How can I let you go??Not in this time,Eat lunch and then。”
Lu Haocheng glanced at Handshal without any emotions.,Also take off the jacket,Slowing down。
Of course, you want to eat your own wife’s bag dumplings.,But Mu Zi’s words are very solid。
“Ah Cheng,Look at the situation,You and blue wedding,It can’t be held as scheduled.。”
Lu Hao Cheng, once again:“……”
Lu Haozheng dark eyes, suppressed him with a strong angry.,Only some unwilling recovery。
Lan Xin looked at Le Yu http://www.nchhz.cn after sleeping,Give a little auspicious to diapers,Come out to prepare them for lunch。
Looking at the European,She put all the dumplings.。
After eating dumplings,Lu Haocheng said that he wants to see a customer with Ou Jing.,Lan Xin has no doubt,Let them come back to Mu Zizi Hon to have dinner。
Now Le Yu is the most important thing to take care of it.,The company’s things are all handed over to Qing Dynasty.,Compared to Joe Yiyi,She trusts Trinity。
I know that it is the journey to pick them.,Blue Xin has given a dumplings again.。
When Lu Hao became the face of the hot dumplings,The power of the journey is moving and the tears are full。
After the merits of the tunnel have finished dumplings,They drove to Lijia in Yunlong Villa。
When the Yunlong Villa is in the first phase,When you see the profile of http://www.allallyes.cn the majestic villa,European is very surprised,Because Big Snow Tian is already parked here。
European:“What kind of palace is it easy to build??Histed for so many years,Just build the shape。”
NS1614chapter:You open a condition.
Lu Haocheng also looked at the villa,After waiting for the children to grow up,Their one may have to move here.。
“Yi Dad distressed blue blue,I want to give her better love,Better home,This will be the most luxurious villa in Jiangyou.。”
The right game is envious of a villa.,The world of rich people is terrible。
If he lives in this palace,I can’t sleep at night.,I am afraid that there is robber to come in and lose him.,Strongly occupying such a good villa。
The Journey is coming to make the brain for a while.,In a few minutes, I opened the car outside the Lejia Villa.。
Get off,http://www.kato365.cnI told the door.,Enter the car waiting。
After receiving the message,Cheerful to tell Li Tingyuan。
At this time, Li Qiyuan is still worried about the things of Li Shuya.。
“master,Lu Hao came to the door.。”The housekeeper stands respectfully on the door。
“Humph!”Li Tingyuan listened to Lu Hao Cheng to come to the door.,More full of anger。
“Do he dare to find a door??”
Considers:“……”Already outside the door, it is good?
“master,Can’t be good。”
“Do I look good??”Li Tingyuan is incomparable to the housekeeper,He hasn’t going to find Lu Hao Cheng’s trouble.,He is looking for himself.。
“Why do we arrange people have not caught his wife??”Li Tingyuan looked at the unfavorable housekeeper,He is a belly fire.。
The housekeeper is also helpless.,Heads of Hao Cheng,I really don’t think Blue Xin.。
He really don’t know what the three lady uses any way to take Blue Xin away.,And still under Lu Haozheng’s eyelid。
He has always been confused about this matter,He also tried to grasp the Blue Xin.,Many people around her protect her.,in,There is a female assistant, it is very good.。
Lu Haocheng in Jiangyou,The forces can be described as including the four seas。
“master,Since the three ladies,There are more people around Blue Xin to protect her.,It is difficult to catch her.。”
“So why they caught Ya Ya as easy??”Li Tingyuan is angry,Look at the housekeeper。


She screamed。
Everyone was attracted by her scream.。
“Jia Coagon,Sorry,Script is here,Maybe I gave you it.。”
Ginger is sorry,Walking over the script。
子 一 看 看,Confirm this this is the script of her to Song Jiandi。
Everyone:“”This reverses,How is it in self-director??
Song Jiandi immediately out of tears,“sorry,编 剧,Ginger is wrong,When she gave me the script”Zi Zi Shu is very confused, watching Song Jia Ding,Interrupt her words:“Teacher Song,Really wrong??
Do you have anyone Mr. Lu??”
“Take this morning to shoot,And I have a tacit understanding with the a few days.,There is no time”Song Jiandi bowed tears,If you don’t say it, let everyone understand.,She is not intentional。
子 冷 冷冷,It’s really true that there are very good feelings that she Lu Qran is very good.。
“Condolence,Is it really wrong??”
Lu Yuli looks deeply looks at the simple girl in front of him.,Face is very bad。
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Girl in front of me,There is a very exquisite face from a small child.,In his opinion,Exquisite and fragile glazed,Also because her family conditions are not good,I am very hard to work hard.,He will pity so pity.。
He really likes her type of girl,Can let him protect her well,Man,He also hopes that the woman you like can feel safe.,happiness!And Song Jiaru and the girl in his heart is close to,He thought that he like Song Jiandi.。
But after the blushing,He will be nervous,Be angry,Will care about his dreams。
But when I face Song Jiandi,In addition to thinking about her,His heart is like lake。
He knows that he doesn’t like Song Jiaying.,When Song Jia is said to http://www.hnsewingmachine.cn like him,He rejected her directly.。
Song Jiandi shocked and frightened and looked at the front of his eyes.,He still doubt。
“Although”“Two less,Sorry,it’s all my fault,I am taking the wrong script.,Sorry,I am sorry everyone.,Time to delay everyone,I am very sorry。”
Ginger is in all directions,Sincere。
The director also knows that it can’t take it today.,Let everyone go back to rest,Tomorrow continues。
子 看 导 着:“Yang Gui,I set a hotel tonight.,Let’s talk about it,You are also very satisfied with the scriptures,The actors are also very good,If there is no problem with the story behind,I will quit in advance.,After the director and my assistant, there is also the screening of Wei.。”
Yang laughed laughed,“编 剧,This is a misunderstanding,编 剧”“Sorry,Director,For me,This mistake will be large,If I stay, I may http://www.szdwovmbnfegzu.cn cause trouble to everyone.。”
子,I will leave if the director answer。
Lu Yuli chased past。
Song Jia Ding is saddened to stand in place。
He actually chased past。
One time,People present in the field see this scene,The mind of eating melon is heavier.,But no one dares to say anything.。