Six measures for the prevention and control of the holiday epidemic and promotion of cultural tourism consumption six measures

Original title: Ensure that the Sichuan -Chongqing Cultural Tourism Market is uniformly uniformly uniformly opened on April 28, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism issued a coordinated "May Day" holiday epidemic prevention and control and promoting six measures for cultural tourism consumption, requiring the cultural tourism venue Historical tourists living in the place where there is no epidemic should check the code to check the card, and shall not ask for the nucleic acid test report without authorization. At the same time, the launch of a series of scenic spots and tourist routes to guide tourists to safe and peak travel. In accordance with the requirements of the measures, during the holidays, cultural tourism places such as A -level tourist attractions and public cultural venues in the province are released in 14 days of tourists who only have a history of Sichuan Province. It is not allowed to request nucleic acid testing report without authorization, no nucleic acid testing is required in violation of regulations, and measures such as persuasion, isolation, and prohibiting staying in hotels.

Large gathering cultural tourism activities still need to be strictly controlled.

  Ensure that the Sichuan -Chongqing Cultural Tourism market is unified and unified. When there was no local epidemic in Chongqing, various cultural tourism venues were colleagues with tourists who lived in the history of Chongqing and Sichuan Province in 14 days. After checking the health code and green code and communication itinerary, they were colleagues with tourists in the province.

  Measures also require that the province’s tourist attractions and public cultural venues must strictly implement limited, appointments, and peaks. Visitors enter various cultural tourism places to strictly scan the code and bright code, show a communication card, measure body temperature, wear masks, implement the implementation, implement it The measures and control measures for "entering Sichuan" are strictly forbidden to enter the cultural tourist venue and participate in tourism activities.

  During the May 1st holiday this year, 112 toll tourist attractions in 21 cities and prefectures in the province implemented various preferential measures such as ticket discounts and preferential packages, including 9 popular 5A tourist scenic spots including Jiuzhaigou, Jianmen Pass, Bifeng Gorge Essence In addition, there are dozens of scenic spots to implement ticket discounts, exemption of parking fees for scenic spots, and special group ticket reduction and exemption. Sichuan tourist attractions preferential policies also apply tourists in Chongqing.

Some cities and prefectures also cooperate with the Chongqing Scenic Area. Tianfu Tourism Guide to promote 13 tourist routes such as "Famous Village and Town · Chengdu Surrounding Tour", "Changbi Breathing · Breathing · Ecological Tour of the Suburban", "Mindhaowa Township · Ancient Memory Tour", covering hundreds of high -quality attractions and surrounding foods. All of them are "interesting". (Sichuan Daily All -Media Reporter Guo Jingwen) (Responsible editor: Luo Yu, Zhang Huawei) Share let more people see it.

Since Gu Haizhong wants to deal with Shangjia,Will definitely don’t do it yourself,Inevitable,Come into this big cake together。

Summer at the time,Clear that you will not come to Hong Kong in a short time.。
So he will inform,If you want to join others,Can go to Chu Feng,It is also a reply to Chu Feng’s repayment.。
But I didn’t expect it.,Short a few days,Chu Feng has an accident.。
Summer decision,After being treated, the drain is flying.,Let’s pack up a week,What kind of cobweb is there?。
Now,He stopped a taxi,Straight Ben Pearl Hotel,At the same time, I dialed the second night of mobile phone.。
“People are fine.?”The second night concerned in the phone。
“Not in turn。”Summer laughing,Ask,“Two people……”
“Do not worry,They are all in their own room,I sent people to stare.。”
Finish,What did you think of the second night?,“Are you coming back??Some people want to sleep, I。Lao Niang as your woman,You won’t want to be wear a green hat.。”
Summer picking your eyebrows,Obviously do not believe。
Strong character with the second night,Who dares to mitigate?
several days ago,Hong Kong City Bagong Sanshui 2 Mi,Jiang Feyang was made into disabled,It is said that the roots of life have been abolished.。
And the person who shot,It is the big sister in the Sun and Moonmen.。
Later, Jiangfei’s brother,It is also the three-water reception of the prince of the Taizi Jiang Feihong home theory.,The result is also a violent。
Hereed,I originally still countless two gangs,It has become nervous between persons.。
These days, there is often friction in private.。
It’s so good to make both sides.,Not a lot of things。
At this moment,A black luxury car galloped on the road,Rapidly。
“Wang Boss,I’m curious,What is your identity??”
Inside the car,He Yong is interested in the middle age,“What is your relationship with Jiang Feihong??”
Middle-aged Jossom 356,A pair of triangles,From time to time, the scorpion is like a cold color of the same.,People don’t dare to despise。
“How little is not to think more,I am just being hired.,Jiang Shao went in the second night of his life,And where there is said that it is not satisfied with the second night’s reform,So hire me to come out。”
He Yong is more curious.,“What is your identity?,And you like this,How to see it is not like jewelry,Pold image killer。”
Middle-aged people laugh,Watching between the eyes,“He Shaozhen knows?”
“Appreciate further details。”
No selling,Gently spit out two words,“cobweb!”
Voice is just,He Yongyi,Be shocked,Turn over,“No wonder, you are so confident.。”
Middle-aged laugh,What did you think of,“Time,A man appearing around the second night,Very powerful,And there are many wind speeches,Where is it to understand him??”

Planting tree and green at the time of the Guangxi youth representatives planted the "Youth Forest"

Young representatives are cultivating soil for sapling.

(Photo by Yang Chengyun) The "Youth Forest" tree planting scene was hot.

(Photo by Yang Chengyun) Today’s small saplings will eventually become a towering tree tomorrow. (Photo by Yang Chengyun) Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan. In order to protect the ecological advantages of Guangxi, the teenagers waved to shovel, supported seedlings, and watering the barrels. Each link was connected in an orderly and tacit understanding. In the "Youth Forest", there were more than 600 yellow flowers and winds.

Previous people planted trees, and future generations have been cool. Today’s saplings will eventually become towering trees tomorrow.

  It is reported that the "Youth Forest" of Nanning Forest Forest, Nanning, Guangxi was approved by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League in 2021, and became a key support project of the "Protecting Mother River" youth forest level. In the future, the Guangxi District Committee of the Communist Youth League, the District Working Committee of the District, the Forestry Bureau of the Autonomous Region, and the Peak Forestry Farm will be rely on this. Every year, the young representatives of young people from all walks of life will be held during the tree planting festival. The majority of teenagers carry out activities such as ecological civilization and social practice, and promote the construction of strong Guangxi and strong ecological civilization areas.


If you leave, you can feel it.,He even has excessive thought to see the girls next to him.——Everyone wears a camouflage,Looking far away can spend the eyes,Can nano is still very conspicuous。Even if she stands still。

Unfortunately wear a hat。
At this time, a snoring was in front.:“What is it everywhere?!that!Want to go to the girl??”
Zhou Zhi quickly recovered his eyes。
There is a laugh in the square.。
The coach stared at him:“Don’t think that you are handsome, I don’t dare to pack you.!Letter to let you go to the girls before doing push-ups?Do you can’t do it in the ground!”
Zhouzhi found that he can’t get upright.。
“What’s your name?”
“answer the questions、Talk about things to call reports!”
“report,My name is Zhou!”
“good,very good,Depth,did you see it,Other even the shade of the shade,do you want to go?”
“Shout report!”
“louder please。”
“Are you a mother??This sound is so thin?”Teachers buckled the ear,“good,Because your performance,I decided to let us even get over half an hour under the sun.,Don’t blame me.,To blame him。”
Zhou heard the stalks behind him:“You seem to be tied by him.,Do you want me to help you??Or when the face of the female tutor, he put his pants.?How to cut his pants??”
“You don’t talk?That is the default.?”
“Haha, you play.!”
This afternoon is difficult。
Their instructors seem to be particularly,Even the dissolution is a few minutes later than others.。
Be tired。
Disband,It’s rare, Nan Ge is still waiting for him.,She found a week in the same one.,Swim over:“Where have you been??” “canteen。”
“Eat 啥 食 堂,No dream!”
“go!Let us go to have a sour feet.,This time, what is the growing pig?!you please!”

Shijiazhuang promotes the construction of the "one ring and two belt" agricultural parks

Original title: Shijiazhuang promoted the construction of the "one ring and two belt" agricultural parks. It was learned from the Agricultural Structure Adjustment Office of the Hebei Provincial Agricultural and Rural Department. In 2022, Shijiazhuang City focused on the layout of the "one ring and two strips" to promote the construction of agricultural parks. Modern urban agriculture of the provincial capital.

Actively promote the construction of Luancheng Tongfu Modern Agricultural Industrial Park, and complete the investment of 100 million yuan within the year; accelerate the construction of high -end dairy parks in Luquan District, and promote the production license and smoothly put into production of the production permit for the production permit for the production permit for the production permit for the production permit for the production of the infant formula of 50,000 tons of infant formula.滹 滹 滹 滹 滹 滹. Shijiazhuang City’s financial arrangement has 5 million yuan in funds, and the key prize to make up for the construction of high -end vegetable production areas, Tancheng Agricultural Science and Technology Exhibition Zone, Jinzhou Xian Tao Picking Area and Flower Planting Area, Wuji Facilitarian Vegetable Sightseeing Area, Shenze fruit picking area and other projects. ; Cooperate with Shuangge Group to speed up the construction of high -quality pig demonstration parks in Jinzhou City. During the year, the piglet columns reached 30,000, and the new output value was 20 million yuan. Taihang Mountain Ecological Agriculture Demonstration Belt. The construction of 4 Junle Bao Qiantou Family Ranch construction in Pingshan, Xingtang, Zanhuang, Zhengding, etc., with a total investment of 100 million yuan, invested 100 million yuan this year. Construction of the jujube industry project, a total investment of 100 million yuan, strive to build the country’s largest jujube -kernel processing gathering area; cooperate with Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to build Lingshou County Taihang Tianbao Modern Agriculture (Traditional Chinese Medicine Material Seedling) Park, with a total investment of 100 million yuan. Investment is 40 million yuan and completed within 4 years.

Grasp the development of 24 key parks such as Zhoujiazhuang, Jinzhou City.

(Reporter Hao Dongwei) (Responsible editor: Li Zhe, Zhu Longchao) Share let more people see recommended reading.

No matter how hard is this kind of emotional road,As long as the right direction,No matter how rugged,He worked hard。

Le Yu,you,It is my Mu Zi.。
Mu Zizi smashed the lower lips,Lu Haocheng can overbearing the bluex in his world。
He can also grab the music to his arms.。
Take a short while,Mu Ziqi’s WeChat reminder sound,He looked quickly。
See you back to him,He is almost open.。
“Son,I am in entertainment。”
“Forehead”Mu Ziji,“Every time,Still in entertainment。”How is this woman so??
Thinking of the last time she drunk northwest is clear.,He rapidly played a word.。
“Gather,Drink less alcohol,come home early。”
After the completion,He holds a mobile phone,Excited wait for music。
All this,Others care about her,She must be very grateful.?
He did not talk about love.,Is it difficult to have seen Su Seiming??
Some people say that the face is cold,Inner heart is hot,妍 is also such a person,Seeing her knowing Blue Xin。
She is a proud and kind woman。
Mu Zizi is excited,Suddenly I saw Su Shengming’s phone call.。
Mu Ziji,抿 抿,Still pick up the phone。
The sound of Su Shengming’s anger came out.,“Muzi,Your uncle,I am dead, you don’t help me.,What do you stand??See you to eat chicken tonight.,You actually pull me back?”
“Ha ha”Mu Ziyou listened。
“Su Sei Ming,Your uncle,I still don’t have anyone.,You are still killed.,You are still very embarrassed?See what you are doing this.。”
“roll!Muzi,let me tell you,Don’t let me play together tomorrow night.,Ghost and your babies?
Not afraid of God’s opponent,I am afraid of the same teammates like pigs.,That pig is you Mu Zi。”
Su Shengming is awkward,This time he is not happy.,It’s hard to play a game to play.,But by Mu Zizi, hind legs,The anger of his heart is shocked.。
“Su Sei Ming,You remember the dog to eat,It’s all about me to play these days.,But I am not me.。”
Compared to Su Seiming’s anger,Mu Ziyou is very happy。
“what!Strange,Justually you have fewer words with me.,How is this tonight so happy??Muzi,You talk to love?”
Mu Ziyi listened,Instantly sit straight,God game excitement。
“Su Sei Ming,You can really come over,This way you can also hear it.?”
“Depend on!Muzi,Really,Your long-year iron tree is finally blooming.?”Su Shengming is a bit excited。
“Talk about,Which girl is it??What looks like?What is your name?I have to see what kind of woman is.,Under the storm,Let you have a long-lasting iron tree.?”
Su Sei Ming said a word,Mu Zizi frowned。

Macau will hold a drone performance event in May

  Xinhua News Agency, Macau, April 19 (Reporter Liu Gang and Li Hanfang) The Tourism Bureau of the Macau Special Administrative Region announced on the 19th that the "2022 Rush Travel Macau drone performance event" will be held in early May. Art, combined with elements such as lighting and music, bringing a night entertainment experience to residents and passengers, and deepening "tourism+" cross -border integration.

  The Tourism Bureau said on the same day to introduce the activity that the performance was performed in Nanwan Lake at 20:00 and 21:30 on May 1st, 2nd, 7th, and 8th, respectively, and each performance was about 15 minutes. The number of drones used in performances increased from 300 to 880 last year, which will present more three -dimensional patterns, which are rich and diverse.

  According to reports, the theme of this year’s performance is "Australian Tour Seasons". The four nights performances are based on the title of "Spring Macau", "Macau Macau", "Golden Autumn Macau" and "Macau in Winter", and take the four seasons axis. Architecture and other elements, performances will be equipped with music and narration. In addition, this year’s performance will be added with extension activities such as drone exhibitions, photography competitions, and composition design competitions.

  The Tourism Bureau said that citizens who failed to attend can watch the performance through live TV, and will be broadcast online through the official WeChat video number, Weibo, and Facebook platforms to share the exciting audiences in other regions. (Responsible editor: Wang Yuxi, Cui Yue) Share let more people see it.

Woodpost,No pattern。

Zhou Siwei said:“This is also a man is a woman.,So you……”
槐 序:“Stabilize,Don’t fall。”
Suddenly grabbed hair from him,Say:“Your brother came over,He saw you can’t tell you。”
Zhou turn back and shout:“Come in。”
The door opened a seam,Out of a contest:“Eat do not eat fire chicken noodles?”
“Do not……Let it eat!”
“Then I cook more two packs。”
“good,Wait for my dishwash。”
“Have to get。”
The door is turned off again.。
Zhouzhi helplessly:“That thing is very spicy,Can you eat?!”
槐 序 眼:“I am very mood now.,I need to add something that I can make me feel happy.,Otherwise, there is a problem。You didn’t listen to red dyeing, is that a flat force is elite?,If I become a big devil,Hey, do you see what movie is not,It is a veteran of a veteran.,Repeat,Get blood flowing into the river……”
This words。
I wish you two fried eggs in the face.,Although it is not very good,But the happiness is very strong。
I am very happy to eat。
Zhou Zhi is on the side and chatting with Nange。
Li Daishi:My family launched a pepperfront surface,Super good, you have to have eaten?
Li Daishi:You can’t remember that I have said that my dad is also cool.?
Li Daishi:Give you a chance to taste my father’s craft,You can’t come?
Depth:Your home is going to open a restaurant.?
He is a bit surprised,Because the nanigang’s homes have been many years.,In Yantheng has not built a city,It is also called Yang County.,There are still a few pieces of broken streets throughout the county.,Her hostel is already on the crossroads.。
For so many years,Have to go forward?

Guangling Douquan Township consolidates the foundation of grassroots governance with "party building+"

The newspaper of the Douquan Township of Guangling County focuses on the special actions to improve the governance capacity of the grassroots level, focusing on highlighting the work ideas of "party building+", and effectively holding the "steering wheel" of party building. In recent years, Douquan Township has adhered to and developed the "Fengqiao Experience" in the new era. It has established 11 109 village -level public security patrols to give full play to the public security patrol team, volunteer service team, and grid team in the grass -roots governance work. The role of the branch team, set up an instant messaging connection platform, standardize the relevant work of public security patrols, village conditions and public opinion collection, contradictions and disputes, petition maintenance, safety production, and epidemic prevention and control, explore the problem of cracking grassroots governance, and start the service of the masses. Form the transformation from "above thousands of lines, one needle below" to "a thousand lines above, a grassroots network".

Recently, in the epidemic prevention and control work, Douquan Township refined 47 village -level prevention and control grids, enriched 47 grid lengths, 186 grid staff, and issued more than 1,000 epidemic prevention publicity manuals. More than 10 pieces, while building a village -level epidemic prevention and control "copper wall and iron wall", set up "through traffic" to serve the masses. (Su Zhigang).

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Come and sit down,I’m at Xiping Agricultural Trade Company,I happen to be looking for you“

“Ok!wait for me,I’ll be there in a while“Ouyang Hong finished,Hung up the phone。
Mu Rong Sisi glanced at Xia Jian,Asked with a smile:“Is there a guest coming,I don’t have much tea here,I’ll buy some back“
“Ok!Ok,You go back quickly“Xia Jian said,Stretched,He always feels that his body is not strong,Is the surplus poison from the snake bite still not drained?,But this is his unfounded guess。
Not much time,Ouyang Hong smiled and walked in:“Oh, Mr. Xia!Your place,I haven’t come for some time,Seems to be more warm“
“is it?Please sit down,I will make you tea“Xia Jian said,So I found a disposable cup。
Ouyang Hong glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Don’t give me disposable cups,Just use your teacup,I’m so thirsty,Disposable paper cup is too small“
“Where is my cup,Freshly poured water,As long as you don’t dislike”Xia Jian said,Point your finger at the stainless steel tea cup on the coffee table。
Ouyang Hong has a look,Put it up,Unscrew the lid and drank it,I look a little silly at Xia Jian,Isn’t it that the people in the city are very particular??What about Ouyang Hong…
Rong Sisi also saw this scene when he came back from buying tea,She exaggerated:“Yo!Mayor Ouyang,This is Mr. Xia’s cup you use”
“Ok!http://www.paihaodian.cnI know!”Ouyang Hong responded,Keep drinking her tea。
Mu Rong Sisi still whispered unwillingly:“You don’t think so…”
“Nothing,What is this,I know Mr. Xia is healthy,No infectious disease”Ouyang Hong interrupted Mu Rong Sisi,Now Mu Rong Sisi has nothing to say。
Xia Jian smiled,Say to Ouyang Hong:“Didn’t you go to the municipal party committee??How does it feel like coming down from Shangganling,Does the city committee have no water to drink?”
“Are you alright you!I was scolded,You thought it was to chat,Make tea for you,I think so beautiful”Ouyang Hong gave Xia Jian a fierce look。
Xia Jian couldn’t help but shook his head and asked:“Isn’t it because of the spread of the land??”
“You guessed it right,It’s this mess,You will prepare relevant information in this regard immediately,The 50 acres of land in Zhangwang Village will be bid openly,It depends on your strength,If you slipped, don’t blame me anymore”Ouyang Hong said,Chong Xia Jian smiled faintly。