Since Gu Haizhong wants to deal with Shangjia,Will definitely don’t do it yourself,Inevitable,Come into this big cake together。

Summer at the time,Clear that you will not come to Hong Kong in a short time.。
So he will inform,If you want to join others,Can go to Chu Feng,It is also a reply to Chu Feng’s repayment.。
But I didn’t expect it.,Short a few days,Chu Feng has an accident.。
Summer decision,After being treated, the drain is flying.,Let’s pack up a week,What kind of cobweb is there?。
Now,He stopped a taxi,Straight Ben Pearl Hotel,At the same time, I dialed the second night of mobile phone.。
“People are fine.?”The second night concerned in the phone。
“Not in turn。”Summer laughing,Ask,“Two people……”
“Do not worry,They are all in their own room,I sent people to stare.。”
Finish,What did you think of the second night?,“Are you coming back??Some people want to sleep, I。Lao Niang as your woman,You won’t want to be wear a green hat.。”
Summer picking your eyebrows,Obviously do not believe。
Strong character with the second night,Who dares to mitigate?
several days ago,Hong Kong City Bagong Sanshui 2 Mi,Jiang Feyang was made into disabled,It is said that the roots of life have been abolished.。
And the person who shot,It is the big sister in the Sun and Moonmen.。
Later, Jiangfei’s brother,It is also the three-water reception of the prince of the Taizi Jiang Feihong home theory.,The result is also a violent。
Hereed,I originally still countless two gangs,It has become nervous between persons.。
These days, there is often friction in private.。
It’s so good to make both sides.,Not a lot of things。
At this moment,A black luxury car galloped on the road,Rapidly。
“Wang Boss,I’m curious,What is your identity??”
Inside the car,He Yong is interested in the middle age,“What is your relationship with Jiang Feihong??”
Middle-aged Jossom 356,A pair of triangles,From time to time, the scorpion is like a cold color of the same.,People don’t dare to despise。
“How little is not to think more,I am just being hired.,Jiang Shao went in the second night of his life,And where there is said that it is not satisfied with the second night’s reform,So hire me to come out。”
He Yong is more curious.,“What is your identity?,And you like this,How to see it is not like jewelry,Pold image killer。”
Middle-aged people laugh,Watching between the eyes,“He Shaozhen knows?”
“Appreciate further details。”
No selling,Gently spit out two words,“cobweb!”
Voice is just,He Yongyi,Be shocked,Turn over,“No wonder, you are so confident.。”
Middle-aged laugh,What did you think of,“Time,A man appearing around the second night,Very powerful,And there are many wind speeches,Where is it to understand him??”

If you leave, you can feel it.,He even has excessive thought to see the girls next to him.——Everyone wears a camouflage,Looking far away can spend the eyes,Can nano is still very conspicuous。Even if she stands still。

Unfortunately wear a hat。
At this time, a snoring was in front.:“What is it everywhere?!that!Want to go to the girl??”
Zhou Zhi quickly recovered his eyes。
There is a laugh in the square.。
The coach stared at him:“Don’t think that you are handsome, I don’t dare to pack you.!Letter to let you go to the girls before doing push-ups?Do you can’t do it in the ground!”
Zhouzhi found that he can’t get upright.。
“What’s your name?”
“answer the questions、Talk about things to call reports!”
“report,My name is Zhou!”
“good,very good,Depth,did you see it,Other even the shade of the shade,do you want to go?”
“Shout report!”
“louder please。”
“Are you a mother??This sound is so thin?”Teachers buckled the ear,“good,Because your performance,I decided to let us even get over half an hour under the sun.,Don’t blame me.,To blame him。”
Zhou heard the stalks behind him:“You seem to be tied by him.,Do you want me to help you??Or when the face of the female tutor, he put his pants.?How to cut his pants??”
“You don’t talk?That is the default.?”
“Haha, you play.!”
This afternoon is difficult。
Their instructors seem to be particularly,Even the dissolution is a few minutes later than others.。
Be tired。
Disband,It’s rare, Nan Ge is still waiting for him.,She found a week in the same one.,Swim over:“Where have you been??” “canteen。”
“Eat 啥 食 堂,No dream!”
“go!Let us go to have a sour feet.,This time, what is the growing pig?!you please!”

No matter how hard is this kind of emotional road,As long as the right direction,No matter how rugged,He worked hard。

Le Yu,you,It is my Mu Zi.。
Mu Zizi smashed the lower lips,Lu Haocheng can overbearing the bluex in his world。
He can also grab the music to his arms.。
Take a short while,Mu Ziqi’s WeChat reminder sound,He looked quickly。
See you back to him,He is almost open.。
“Son,I am in entertainment。”
“Forehead”Mu Ziji,“Every time,Still in entertainment。”How is this woman so??
Thinking of the last time she drunk northwest is clear.,He rapidly played a word.。
“Gather,Drink less alcohol,come home early。”
After the completion,He holds a mobile phone,Excited wait for music。
All this,Others care about her,She must be very grateful.?
He did not talk about love.,Is it difficult to have seen Su Seiming??
Some people say that the face is cold,Inner heart is hot,妍 is also such a person,Seeing her knowing Blue Xin。
She is a proud and kind woman。
Mu Zizi is excited,Suddenly I saw Su Shengming’s phone call.。
Mu Ziji,抿 抿,Still pick up the phone。
The sound of Su Shengming’s anger came out.,“Muzi,Your uncle,I am dead, you don’t help me.,What do you stand??See you to eat chicken tonight.,You actually pull me back?”
“Ha ha”Mu Ziyou listened。
“Su Sei Ming,Your uncle,I still don’t have anyone.,You are still killed.,You are still very embarrassed?See what you are doing this.。”
“roll!Muzi,let me tell you,Don’t let me play together tomorrow night.,Ghost and your babies?
Not afraid of God’s opponent,I am afraid of the same teammates like pigs.,That pig is you Mu Zi。”
Su Shengming is awkward,This time he is not happy.,It’s hard to play a game to play.,But by Mu Zizi, hind legs,The anger of his heart is shocked.。
“Su Sei Ming,You remember the dog to eat,It’s all about me to play these days.,But I am not me.。”
Compared to Su Seiming’s anger,Mu Ziyou is very happy。
“what!Strange,Justually you have fewer words with me.,How is this tonight so happy??Muzi,You talk to love?”
Mu Ziyi listened,Instantly sit straight,God game excitement。
“Su Sei Ming,You can really come over,This way you can also hear it.?”
“Depend on!Muzi,Really,Your long-year iron tree is finally blooming.?”Su Shengming is a bit excited。
“Talk about,Which girl is it??What looks like?What is your name?I have to see what kind of woman is.,Under the storm,Let you have a long-lasting iron tree.?”
Su Sei Ming said a word,Mu Zizi frowned。

Woodpost,No pattern。

Zhou Siwei said:“This is also a man is a woman.,So you……”
槐 序:“Stabilize,Don’t fall。”
Suddenly grabbed hair from him,Say:“Your brother came over,He saw you can’t tell you。”
Zhou turn back and shout:“Come in。”
The door opened a seam,Out of a contest:“Eat do not eat fire chicken noodles?”
“Do not……Let it eat!”
“Then I cook more two packs。”
“good,Wait for my dishwash。”
“Have to get。”
The door is turned off again.。
Zhouzhi helplessly:“That thing is very spicy,Can you eat?!”
槐 序 眼:“I am very mood now.,I need to add something that I can make me feel happy.,Otherwise, there is a problem。You didn’t listen to red dyeing, is that a flat force is elite?,If I become a big devil,Hey, do you see what movie is not,It is a veteran of a veteran.,Repeat,Get blood flowing into the river……”
This words。
I wish you two fried eggs in the face.,Although it is not very good,But the happiness is very strong。
I am very happy to eat。
Zhou Zhi is on the side and chatting with Nange。
Li Daishi:My family launched a pepperfront surface,Super good, you have to have eaten?
Li Daishi:You can’t remember that I have said that my dad is also cool.?
Li Daishi:Give you a chance to taste my father’s craft,You can’t come?
Depth:Your home is going to open a restaurant.?
He is a bit surprised,Because the nanigang’s homes have been many years.,In Yantheng has not built a city,It is also called Yang County.,There are still a few pieces of broken streets throughout the county.,Her hostel is already on the crossroads.。
For so many years,Have to go forward?

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Come and sit down,I’m at Xiping Agricultural Trade Company,I happen to be looking for you“

“Ok!wait for me,I’ll be there in a while“Ouyang Hong finished,Hung up the phone。
Mu Rong Sisi glanced at Xia Jian,Asked with a smile:“Is there a guest coming,I don’t have much tea here,I’ll buy some back“
“Ok!Ok,You go back quickly“Xia Jian said,Stretched,He always feels that his body is not strong,Is the surplus poison from the snake bite still not drained?,But this is his unfounded guess。
Not much time,Ouyang Hong smiled and walked in:“Oh, Mr. Xia!Your place,I haven’t come for some time,Seems to be more warm“
“is it?Please sit down,I will make you tea“Xia Jian said,So I found a disposable cup。
Ouyang Hong glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Don’t give me disposable cups,Just use your teacup,I’m so thirsty,Disposable paper cup is too small“
“Where is my cup,Freshly poured water,As long as you don’t dislike”Xia Jian said,Point your finger at the stainless steel tea cup on the coffee table。
Ouyang Hong has a look,Put it up,Unscrew the lid and drank it,I look a little silly at Xia Jian,Isn’t it that the people in the city are very particular??What about Ouyang Hong…
Rong Sisi also saw this scene when he came back from buying tea,She exaggerated:“Yo!Mayor Ouyang,This is Mr. Xia’s cup you use”
“Ok!http://www.paihaodian.cnI know!”Ouyang Hong responded,Keep drinking her tea。
Mu Rong Sisi still whispered unwillingly:“You don’t think so…”
“Nothing,What is this,I know Mr. Xia is healthy,No infectious disease”Ouyang Hong interrupted Mu Rong Sisi,Now Mu Rong Sisi has nothing to say。
Xia Jian smiled,Say to Ouyang Hong:“Didn’t you go to the municipal party committee??How does it feel like coming down from Shangganling,Does the city committee have no water to drink?”
“Are you alright you!I was scolded,You thought it was to chat,Make tea for you,I think so beautiful”Ouyang Hong gave Xia Jian a fierce look。
Xia Jian couldn’t help but shook his head and asked:“Isn’t it because of the spread of the land??”
“You guessed it right,It’s this mess,You will prepare relevant information in this regard immediately,The 50 acres of land in Zhangwang Village will be bid openly,It depends on your strength,If you slipped, don’t blame me anymore”Ouyang Hong said,Chong Xia Jian smiled faintly。

He looked at a small wood in the left side。

“Hehehehe,It’s not to see you.。”
Sound,I immediately walked out of a silver hair woman.。
It is Victoria。
Reached a near,Victoria sits down,Stare at each other,“How do you know that I am there??”
Middle-aged smile,Then shake the head,“I don’t know,But I know that the blood emperor has already come to Moxi.,At around,Only that the grove can be Tibetan。”
Toned,Also,“Moreover,I need two holy letters of the blood family……The blade of eating is originally in the hands of the blood emperor.,And angel stab……After the killing god was robbed from the hands of the party,I will give it to the blood emperor.。”
He smiles,Face with appreciation,“Have a rumor,The relationship between the blood emperor and the killing is more tough than that steel.,Now it seems,Sure enough.。
If I guess a good thing,The blood emperor is to take the opportunity to save the month.。”
Summer and Victorian looks。
The middle-aged man showed another expectation of two people.。
Even he faces the summer and Victoria,I can’t see the slightest face on my face.。
Not mounted。 This is a kind of peaceful and confident。
As if it is not afraid of two people。
“Who are you??”
Victoria stares at each other,“I can feel that you are very powerful.,But I haven’t seen you, I haven’t heard of you.。”
Middle age laughed again。
Let summer and Victoria feel unexpected。
He actually gave an answer directly。
“My name is Li Lan Cisley..Patroclos.Dora。”
Summer and Victoria not from slight discoloration。
First1924Chapter Butcher knife
When the middle-year people say that they have a long name,Summer is completely conscious as a magic。
He remembers very clear,When the summit was at the summit,Jah is also such a long name。
He out,Is doubt and uncertain。
But next to Victoria,It is incomparable!This makes the summer emotions to fluctuate。
“Right,I am a magic。”
Dora is very calmly admitted,Dear Victoria,“Hundred years ago,Our Mozu has given a lot of money for his ambition.,But transit,This time I returned this time.,Hope and humans,And the peace of the majority。”
Victoria laughed,“Do you believe this??”
“I certainly believe。”

Zhouzhi thought it was that Nan Ge sent him a message.,The result is Zheng Yalan。

Last night he asked Zheng Yalan,She and the star back these days、How is the season?,At that time, the night was already deep.,Zheng Yu Blue sleeps more than half。
His and Zheng Yulai chat is like this。
If it is daytime,Zheng Yuki listened to the tone,Basically, you will return to him.。
But if she didn’t hear the news at the time,I will only find his news for a long time.,As for a long time,Look at luck。
Today is good。
Xiao Zheng:picture
Xiao Zheng:They also help me collect corn
Zhou open a picture。
The camera is unable to take the monster.,The composition is only a line of corn in the picture,Some have been stripped,Stripped corn coat is like a beige flower of bloom。
Zhou Zhiwang,His eye,I quickly saw a corn peeled to half.,It should be the star or the season.。
Depth:That is quite good
Xiao Zheng:They seem to feel very interesting
Depth:Can send time,What do they feel interesting?
Xiao Zheng:Yes
Depth:That’s more after they,Is your kind of food still eat enough??
Xiao Zheng:Not enough
Depth:What should I do??
Xiao Zheng:Can go to the mountain to buy
Depth:I think my brain may be broken.,I didn’t want to pass this simple question.
Xiao Zheng:You feel that I live in ancient times.
Depth:I can rest assured that
Depth:Zheng Boss is money
Xiao Zheng:laugh
Depth:I have brought you two partners in a few days.,Two very cute little friends,They have little dinner,Can also give self-sufficiency
Xiao Zheng:understood
Chat for a while,Nan Ge’s news sent it。
Zhou Zhihe Zheng Yuki Road,I mentioned the package out of the room.,I took three yogurt puffs in the refrigerator.,Prepare to eat it again in the car。
Think about it,He took a role.。
Subsequent to the living room,He handed the root that he gave a look at the old week.,Say:“Let it eat,So you peek again。”
Lao Zhou Express is very exciting。


“Gao Baoyi,It is already a national governor of Jingzhou Curtain!lt;/Pgt;
Han people in Qi,No one will fight than him,Now with the Prince。In the future, just started,If you look at the yu, it is my niece.,I am too lazy to step into this door.!lt;/Pgt;
There are more women to break their heads to his family.!”lt;/Pgt;
Cui Niangzi is straightforward,That tone seems to be:I am looking at you, I’m, I’m pulling you.。lt;/Pgt;
“That High-Bo is really very powerful?”lt;/Pgt;
Cui Zhongwen is incredibly asked。lt;/Pgt;
“nonsense,Three thousand banned army won the big Jiangzhou,Dynasty is shocked,Which of these countries have dare to make the ticket you can do?”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Baoyi has recently been a series of victories in Jiangzhou,Let Cui Niang’s waist stick more than ten times,She is here to come here to ventilate!lt;/Pgt;
Because of the last time,Cui Zhongwen did not let her open this mouth to block it.。lt;/Pgt;
“Gao Bo Yi this child is naturally pure,I was so for him.,He is all recognized as a mother now.,Yuli he didn’t suffer。lt;/Pgt;
Two Lang Talent women,If you miss it, it is a piety of?”lt;/Pgt;
Cui Niangzi has been embarrassed.,This makes Cui Zhongwen some meaning。lt;/Pgt;
The old minister who follows the high ocean,Such as Cui Niangzi’s husband,Now with Gao Yang,Stand firm,It’s developed now.。lt;/Pgt;
So Gao Biyi can now be an unique force in the Prince Camp.,Prince,Will Gao Bao’s future will be too miserable??lt;/Pgt;
Cui Zhongwen Shen Yu,Slightly:“Waiting for the high-power back,Arrange you to see him。”lt;/Pgt;
call…Cui Niangzi Changshu Yiqi This matter is finally become。As for Gao Biyi, you don’t have to worry.,Send a beautiful woman to the child,Is there any truth??lt;/Pgt;
At this moment,The door of the room was slammed,Tall,The appearance is elegant but the frosty Cui Wei rushed into the room,Showing Cui Lianzi:“Aunt,How do you push a woman into the fire pit for a selfishness!lt;/Pgt;
Takham Yi is your son,Close relatives are not blind,You are a violation of people.!”lt;/Pgt;
Cui Niangzi and Cui Zhongwen face each other,Who can think of Cui Wei to talk outside??lt;/Pgt;
Cui Niangzi made a eye on Cui Zhongwen,The other party watched Cui Wei,Then exit the room,Close the door。lt;/Pgt;

Reason,Han Rong is so foreign,Rough,I want to master the special intelligence.,But how can he be a bit different?。

Han Jiang is full of loss,Development is too smooth。
“Two,What do you want to tell me??”
Alicos eyes bright,Just ask for crystallization。
“Be。”Han Jiang turned。
“I say,I say。”Yarius chased it up,“brother,You also saw me less a arm,I am selling a little small news now.,Special news make money,I want to give me a bionic mechanical arm early.。”
“Three crystals are not what,Very important to me,look……”
Han Jiang glanced at Yarius,“There is an intelligence to say,Less yourself,Don’t have access,There are too many people who are miserable here.,Come here??”
“Deathful female Wushen Force,Now in the storm city, a hand excavation remains。”
“Do you have a frame??”Han Rong said:“I am a destiny,Can be mixed?”
“Even how can it be mixed??”
Aristos said seriously:“Since you can say it,I have a certain channel to let Mr. Han mixed into it.,This is the value of the intelligence.。”
Han Jiang is interested,Tempons, Tuichong civilians excavation,Even if there is no channel that Aristos said,It will be more convenient for yourself after mixing.。
At that year, Cang Xuan and Dan Zhu buried a lot of quantum soul steel computers around the world.,Lake Baikal will have,Can grab a back is also good。
“how to do?”Han Jiang said,Hand it to the two small crystals of Aarius。
“I know the person in charge of helping the rest of the people.,At 8 o’clock tomorrow morning,We are in the north332Receive a meeting,I’ll take you。”
What is the crystallization of two collapse beasts?,Ability to enter the defense line in Alicos,Many things left。
8:00 on the next morning,Hanjiang arrival place,Yarius has not come yet。
I have been waiting until a little noon,Even people have no shadows,Han Rong knows that he is actually。
Finally understand,The rivers and lakes are not just playing and killing,Trusque is also the rivers and lakes,It is a lesson.。
Yarius does not enter the channel of the destitute relics,But his news is true.。
It is indeed a few people in the storm city.,The excavation of the relic requires a lot of workers,It is impossible to make the female Wushen。
Han Jiang gave himself to himself,The clothes on the body have also replaced broken broken.,It seems that the local residents of ordinary storms are almost。
The location of the people is in several squares, respectively.,Mountain people in the square,It is a refugee that queues that need this job.。
Han Jiang is squeezed in this advantage.,Squeezing the crowded table。
People have a few female gods,I am shouting not to crowd.,Queue this kind of words like this。
Can refugees urgently need to live,It’s hard to have a job.,I can’t get rushed.。
Han Jiang struggled to squeeze past,A female Wushen next to the table is constantly repeating。
“This job needs to sign a confidentiality agreement,Do not leave before the end……”
“Groll?”Han Jiang screamed in the crowd。
There is a female Wu Shen, Hanjiang.,But still explain:“Tube,This work tube eats,During the period, various problems will be resolved by the female Wushen troops.。”
Han Jiang continued in the crowd,Finally, successfully squeezed to the table,The female martial arts responsible for the record is all lifted,Ask:“life,age。”
Han Jiang honestly answer:“Aristos,23age。”
“Aristos?”The female Wuzhen responsible for the registration looked up at it.,“It turned out to be the same name。”
“Do we know if we work??”
“Know,Take a meal。”
“good,First check your body first,Next!”


“Why is he your boyfriend?”
“Yes。”Nan brother smiles,“The three of us that high school students,And just test to a university,Well this is just a small holiday,I wanted to come out for a visit。”
“I did not expect traffic jam”For women, she added。
Zhou Nan away silently walking around Columbia,Listen to her and the women chat,Internal View Road looked around。
Taoist touches getting bigger,Which also have a clean sweep,Yard with a few fruit trees,Also planted with many flowers,Ding stone covered with signs of aging。This place does not seem to have people around,Quiet for words,At the moment only Nan brother’s and women’s voices fill the air,I do not know why a girl so young will stay here,Apparently she did not like Zheng Zhi is a blue Fearless。
Fearless no older than weeks away from the larger。
Then listen to the woman shouted toward the inside
“We have guests coming!”
Last time,A hunched、The bear started seasoned people came out from a hall。He looks older than the old concept only main larger flood outlook,Walking seems a bit difficult,Twilight lifeless whole body。
They introduced the woman to:“This is my master,Also in view of the abbot,Micro Long Road。”
“It is also called Taoist abbot?”
“The abbot is the first thing to say,Buddhism is the Taoist along。”Women whispering,“I don’t know how to call it.,You call him that the Lord is just fine.。”
They have greeted,It is also a group that is also following it.。
Guan Master one,Then the migle:“Where is the little child??”
His voice is already hoarse,Some vague,At the same time, this migraine has also appeared in some old people.,Because of auditory degradation,Don’t get closer, you can’t hear it.。
“We are Yizhou people,Reading in Chunming,This time is coming out,The result is that the yin is coming here.。”Zhouzhi explained,Because I have learned the old govermatism,He has a kind,So he squeezed a smile,“I also know an old idea in our hometown.,Also in remote mountains。”
“Oh,Oh oh”
Old view main side nodded,Something is somewhat slow,It may also be heard but didn’t listen clearly.,So I just want to think about it, I know what I said.。
“Which temple is??”
“do not know”
“Small way,Only the old can one person。”Turn around。
“I was originally here, I was only alone.。”
“I really only have him a person.,I have been three years ago.。”Women explain,“However, it is said that there are many people here.。”
“This way.”
There are some accidents。
Experience can be much more flour.,And it seems to have a lot of regularity,There is also a trace that is renovated soon.。Of course, it is more than those who have a famous temple.,Can you neither it is a small temple with only two people?。
“Xiaoji is expensive?”Old gland。
“My surname,Case。”
“My name is Li Nan.。”
“喵 喵”