Look down on someone!!

Zonglin、Clan gate、Holy Palace、Which genius of the Holy See has never been stepped on by himself!
I have stepped on it once as a mortal。
The identity of the dragon shepherd is here again!!
Let them know what God and Mu Shuangquan mean!
“Lingsha girl,I have some doubts,Does Yunzi have any other magical powers?,How else would you know that the Great Court Continent will fall?”Zhu Minglang asked。
Nan Lingsha hesitated,I don’t seem to be going to answer Zhu Minglang’s question。
But after thinking,She still spoke:“Have a girl,Star painting,Her gods are always stargazing prophecies。”
“Foresee……Prophet,I have seen countless mortals,But never heard of stargazing prophecy!”Zhu Minglang feels my sister-in-law is fooling herself。
“You are ignorant。”
“????”Zhu Minglang feels that his previous knowledge of the gods is false。
fortune teller,Zhu Minglang has heard of it,It’s nothing more than a liar who looks at people in the streets。
“Xinghua predicted an approximate time,Others are Li Yunzi’s own inferences。”Nan Lingsha said。

“Is it that I have no days??”

Liao Wenjie touched his face,It should be more。
He took the doubts,Between between,The light and shadow profile of the dream,This time it is clear。
Sword refers to the empty,Indeed in nine-character diagrams,And the face of the figure,It’s herself。
So handsome,At first glance is the people of the selection,Will not be wrong。
Eleventh chapter Don’t try how to know
Refining a few days,Liao Wenjie found a phenomenon of phenomenon,When,He didn’t enter the cultivation state anyway.,As soon as you fall asleep,Raw horse is full,Efficiency lever。
This makes Liao Wenjie not mind,His situation,It is not necessary to have a day.?
if not,What is it??
Or,Everyone is cultivating。
No one explores exchanges,Liao Wenjie does not know what level of the mental power you practice?,More still less。
Seeing the systematic evaluation is still a flesh,The nine-word curse uses half of the dog,Can’t even make it out,It should not be。
Cuisine is a dish,But he found some mental power,Luck in eyelids,Make the ear,If it is full of god,Even the neural response is often a lot of fast。
Internal force、Real gas、magic?
Liao Wenjie felt interesting,Refining is also more selling,Directly leading to early greed,Time to fall asleep is better than awakening。
no way,At present, he will only cultivate in the dream.。
Liao Wenjie sleeps there without night,Zhou Xingxing has fallen into a deadlock,He Min and the case are。
He listens to Liao Wenjie’s suggestion,Tell the death of He Min,Because of identity exposure,Pursue it without any coupling。
He Min is indifferent,Zhou Xingxing repeatedly touched the wall,Ask Liao Wenjie to be told,As long as you continue to make the face must be a needle。
at the same time,Because the case has no progress,yellowSirBig hair,Watch Zhou Star, cover your face。
I have to talk about it here.,In fact, the clue has been in the hand of Cao Dada.,He has been inkilly,Just afraid of death,Did not tell Zhou Star。
Universal,Today, Liao Wenjie woke up,I only feel refreshed,See the window,Ready to eat some things to eat。
Just arrived in the living room,I found that Zhou Xingxing cheeks were bruised.,Cao Dawa is helping him medicine。
“what happened,How does Ax Xing are being flat every day??”
“This time is different,Flat, his people are。”Zhou Xingxing is depressed,Cao Dada picks up the words explained。
Under the explanation of Cao Dada,Liao Wenjie roughly understands the reason。
School,Zhou Xingxing was chasing the younger brother of the school in the school gate.,His high people are not afraid,It’s a pity that it is not lucky.,When I met Huang police official, I took Ye Min.。
The younger brother scattered,Zhou Xingxing was taken away.。
The Huang police official recognized Zhou Xingxing at a glance.,I know that it is his corner of his own wall.,The more you want to get too much,Find a single room preparation and Zhou Xing Xingjun an hour。
He Min arrived in time,Let your boyfriend don’t want to move,When she is about to explode, Zhou Xingxing is as follows.,It was blocked by it。
Clever,It is also a mouth。
Due to the scene of the scene,Huang police officer,Catch Zhou Xingxing is a fat。
“When the people of my boyfriend,You are not flattening, who is flattening?”

“Zhao Guan,What are you doing??Why don’t my postgraduate??”Xu Ruo Bing Although the body is general,not tall,But it is very majestic,At this moment, he is obviously a bit angry.。

Zhao Guanfeng Fighter suddenly exposed a bad laugh:“Do you need to introduce a graduate student in your medical group??You don’t all like the princes……Take the doctor’s three doors with your doctor.,Introduction,And it seems to be a first academic business test.?Need to introduce。”
Zhou Yewu was spicy on the face of several words behind Zhao Guan.。
Originally thought that he was on the shore,It is successful to change the day.,Who once thought that Zhao Kuan sat up?。
Zhou Jixu finally understood why Xu Ruo is described by Zhao Kuan,Brief four words,Faceable。
Xu Ruo is still on the air,Directly:“Less than the graduate students of your own group,We are very good.,And what kind of princes you said?Why do I take a physician of my medical group?,Are you unclear in your heart??As far as you are unfair performance allocation?You still have a face.!”
Scene gunpowder is full,As the victim of Zhou Ye, Zhou Ye has changed to eat melon audience.,He left looks again。
This happens,Let Xu Ruobing’s image in Zhou Ye’s heart is a lot of tall.。
Zhou Ye watched Zhao Wan carefully,Look down,I haven’t had a high god of mans, the god of the people, the gorgeous man.。
Take a closer look at Zhao Xiang,I found that his mouth and eyebrows were sharp.,Do you emit a siph。
Originally this quarrel is still going on,Finally, the nurse can’t see it.,Let two director shut up……
“Who is Lao Xu’s student?,Let’s introduce yourself.。”Nurse Chang Xiaoli smiled,Hurry to find a reason to give two steps。
Zhou Ye,Some embarrassment。
“Hello everyone, I am Zhou Yixu.,Specialist,thank you all。”
Zhou Ye said that when these things,Almost no expression,The temperament of the whole person is also cold。
Specialist,Does he care?,No matter what kind of past, it is a valuable experience.。
Let him somewhat uncomfortable,Zhao Guan’s hostility is not just pointing to yourself.,Also point to our mentor Xu Ruozi。
Zhou Ye went to the head to see Zhao Guan,Suddenly。
Zhao Guan behind the back。
Zhou Ye said after,Xu Ruo is in a stunned:“Xiaolu is a hero of the anti-vulgent last year.,Got a prize of Tiansfeng Health System,It is also the first year after graduation.,I don’t know everyone in the seat.,Self-recognition this age can be more than him?The total person likes to take a diploma,But never pay attention to the development of personal abilities。”
Zhao Kuan is still a bit,Small channel:“I don’t believe that a physician who is not a born is a good doctor.。”
All this is in the ear of Xu Ruozhi.,He is directly responsible for Zhao Kuan.:“You have to take a diploma?We have no professor title in several director.?If you are licking your identity in your city,You can act as director?”
Zhao Guan has some unexpected Xu Ruobing will actually call Zhou Yewei.:“you……”
Xu Ruo is not released,Also learned Zhao Kuan’s yin and yang strange:“You will not really think that you will be a general medical university,An ordinary postgraduate school,Then add a water that cannot be re-waterful foreign doctors?I have qualifications and I talk about my education.?I didn’t dare to say that there is a bull in this day.,But I at least985Master,Domestic ranking first medical university graduation,How many papers I haven’t come.。”
The atmosphere is extremely。
Zhao Guan is estimated to regret that he will not go with a young doctor.,Then provoke the old guy of Xu Ruo.。
“Break!”Gu Xiaoli saw some controls in the scene.,Let everyone go to the room directly。
so,This embarrassing process has not evolved into a more intense。
It’s gradually after the office.。
Only left Xu Ruo Bing and Zhou Ye。
I don’t know what to say in Wenyu.。
Still Xu Ruochi first opened the mouth:“Don’t be afraid of you,I promised to take care of you.,No one can bully you in the emergency。”

The starting price of Jianbaohui is not too high,But treasures of this level are very rare,The final transaction price will not be low。

General best eternal magic weapon,The actual price is at least 300,000 cubic meters of Chaos Spirit Liquid,If you encounter a road that fits,It’s not surprising to sell 500,000 square meters。
This first auction item,The final auction price reached the forty-one chaotic spirit liquid,The mysterious Taoist who was covered in armor with a body bought it。
One by one auction item,The cheap one is more than 100,000 cubic meters of Chaos Spirit Liquid,And there are not a few more than one million square meters。
Li Ming saw the highest price,But a piece of talisman,It sealed the full blow of a pinnacle prince,The edge of the digital union is constantly competing,It took a full 6 million cubic meters of Chaos Spirit Liquid to buy it,This is also the highest price auction item on the third day。
“The fifth thousand six hundred and twenty-one auction items。”
“Eternal blood!”
“Refined from the eternal family of a two-path monarch,The reserve price is 600,000 cubic meters。”
The introduction is simple,But Li Ming pricked his ears。
Eternal blood,It is from the awakening blood of the eternal race,Unless stepping into eternity,Otherwise, it has little to do with its own realm。
The eternal blood of Lord Erbudao,And the eternal blood,The price gap is only 20-30%。
And really value the existence of this eternal blood,There may be running dogs of the eternal race—of course,The greater possibility is under the arrangement of the eternal family,Went around a few circles,The practitioners who are entrusted to purchase the eternal blood don’t know that the eternal race is going to buy this blood.。
“Six hundred and one hundred thousand。”The chubby Thousand Saint Sovereign speaks,Actually made a joke,He has no interest in buying。
“670,000!”Wearing a blood red robe,In fact, it is a Taoist made up of countless tiny bugs.。
Eternal blood,The greatest effect for practitioners is to refine pill,The second is to cultivate insects。
“Seven hundred thousand square meters!”

Chu Feiyang heard this,Open your heart and write answer。

Lu Hao Cheng,Panic in my heart。
How do you want to cry this moment??
“stop。”Lu Haocheng looked at the pen tip to fall on the book.,Immediately called out。
Chu Feiyan looked confused:“uncle,Isn’t this wrong??Do you not praise that I am a genius??”
Lu Hao Cheng didn’t know what to say.,He is indeed a genius。
Blue Xin looks at the side,Helpless shocking head,“Lu Hao Cheng,Don’t shocked your child like this,You have to teach him patiently,Flying has not been exposed to,You have to teach him patiently.。”
Lu Hao“I will teach it.”expression,He is sitting here for an hour.,He is too difficult。
Blue Xinyi,I know that he has lost patience.。
She sat on Chu Feyang,Laugh:“Flying,Aunt teaches you good?”
“it is good!Aunt is more gentle,Aunt is a big beauty,I will have aunt to teach me.。”Chu Feiyang smiled and looked at Blue Xin。
Blue Xin:“……”
She is a little, I don’t understand what the child thinks.。
Lu Haocheng almost couldn’t help but blind eye.。
This teach children,Really being mad,He is a touchless anger between his eyebrows.,But no leave,Staring at Chu Feiyang to do homework。
Blue Xin sits around Chu Fei Yang,Look at the calculation,Take him with his fingers slowly。
I spent twenty minutes,Chu Feyang finally finished all homework.。
Lu Hao Cheng,I am relieved in an instant.。
However,Chu Feiyang does not put it back to the book bag,Looking up at him:“uncle,Give me your phone,I haven’t eaten chicken yet today.。”
Lan Xin suddenly looked at Lu Haozheng,Shake your head against him。
Lu Haocheng also understands her meaning,Just,He will not give your mobile phone to Chu Feiyang.。
Lu Hao refers to the homework on his desk.:“Flying,Your own thing yourself,Remove your child’s job,Check if there is any missing。”
Chu Feiyang,Not dry,Focus on the momentum of getting angry。
“uncle,Do you say that I will return my mobile phone to me??I have already finished my homework now.,These you help me.。When I got a kindergarten, I helped me to pick up my home.,I don’t need to clean up these things at all.。”Chu Feiyang said a look。
But Lu Hao Cheng is very angry,“Flying,Within three minutes,If you don’t receive your homework and stationery box,Start at this moment,Don’t want to get your phone again.。”
“uncle,But the phone is mine.,Not yours,Why do you want to hide my mobile phone?,My mother will not do this.,Why do you do this??”Chu Feiyang looked at Lu Haocheng not to comply with the promise to give him mobile phone.,I’m angry in an instant.,Become a bitterness。
Blue Xindao:“Flying,Don’t play mobile phones,First review today’s courses today。”
“do not want,aunt,When the class was in class, the teacher said.,Do not use us to review it again,Tomorrow teachers speak new content。”Chu Fei Yang Ning can kill himself in the game,I don’t want to watch a word more.。
“Forehead…”Blue Xin also helpless。
Blue Xin knows,So as soon as possible,This child has only games in the eyes of this child.,How will there be a homework??
She suddenly thought about it.,Repeatedly:“Flying,The life supplies in the family are almost the same.,Otherwise, you will go to the supermarket with aunt.,Cotton candy sold in the door of the supermarket,There is also delicious squid roasting,Not as good as we go together。”Now you can only rely on transfer,Let him habits when there is no mobile phone。
“Is the squid roast string??”Chu Feiyang looked at the smile,I’m moving in an instant.。
The previous life is because no one is with him.,No one has shopping with him.,He is almost doing at home.,I only want to play games,Now someone takes him to play,He is naturally very happy。
Chu Feiyang quickly go to the door to change the shoes,“aunt,uncle,let’s go together,I especially like to eat roasted squid.,Then buy me a doll,My cowboy is broken.,I have to buy a new one.,Go to the supermarket,I have to buy rainbow sugar。”
Blue Xin laughs,This child,She is obedient.,It is usually no one to play with him.,He is too lonely.。
Xiao Jun, their brothers and sisters are different.,Even if you are home,Xiaojun will play with your sister.,Try not to let your sister feel lonely,Or let your sister do dangerous things。
Family with only one child,No other things can be done,Most will watch TV and play mobile phones。

Words from Ma Yan’s mother,Not only surprised Xia Jian,Even Ma Yan and her dad,I was surprised by Ma Yan’s mother’s words。

But Xia Jian’s response was very quick,Ma Yan’s mother said this because he hasn’t expressed his attitude for a long time,Someone who drove women to marry,What’s more, Ma Yan is so good。On Talent,On appearance。Ma Yan’s mother said that,She is looking for a retreat for Ma Dongshan。
Xia Jianli, who understood it, said with a smile:“Auntie is very correct,I’m a bit sorry that Ma Yan is kind to me。How about this!I want to have a good talk with Ma Yan,If there is no objection between us,I let my parents come to your home to propose marriage”
“it is good!I agree with you。Want to talk,Go to Xifang to talk now,We wait for your results”Ma Dongshan said,Patted Xia Jian’s shoulder twice。
Came to Ma Yan’s room,Xia Jian lay down on the sofa,I really want to sleep。Alcohol and sleepiness,His eyelids are almost too tight。
“Don’t sleep,What to talk about?You speak!”Ma Yan pushed Xia Jian,Said seriously。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Make a cup of tea,mouth**Up,How to talk”Before speaking,Xia Jian wants to invigorate the atmosphere,Otherwise it would be too depressing。
“You have the most”Ma Yan said,So I made a cup of tea for Xia Jian and brought it over。
Xia Jian sat up straight,Took a long breath and said:“Ma Yan!We have something to say clearly tonight。Before,I don’t think there is anything to talk about,Just flip it all over。But you don’t know me Xia Jian,Do you understand my circle?can you accept?”
“can!I, Ma Yan, married you Xia Jian,As long as you are good to me,I’m satisfied。I said you Xia Jianfengliu,And there are full of girls like clouds。I think about it,I won’t interfere with you**of。But i believe,You know what to do”
Ma Yan answered cleanly,Without any muddle。She said these words as if she had thought about it in advance,Xia Jian can’t fault anything。
Xia Jian took a breath,Stood up abruptly and said:“go!Tell your parents,Our matter is settled”
Ma Dongshan seems confident,Xia Jiangang tells their decision,He laughed:“Since you have agreed,Our parents don’t have any comments。Let your parents come and sit down,The engagement will be avoided,Talk directly about the time of marriage”
Xia Jian glanced at Ma Yan,Ma Yan nodded silently。Xia Jian smiled and said to Ma Dongshan:“Are you sorry for your family??”
“okay,Why are you doing all these messy things??I know your family is rich,But my Ma Dongshan is not short of money。We only have this daughter,It’s all yours in the future,Is it interesting to take it?”Ma Dongshan said very readily。
Xia Jianyi goes home,So I told the story。Xia Zecheng and his wife,Full of joy。

Not ruled by wind and rain,There are still five emperors in the Storm Kingdom,Are the top special lives,By coincidence,But only one rose to the level of the Lord of the Holy City during the long years,Others are ordinary emperor level。

“Rushing~”Huge forest,Turned into a green bearded man with long green hair。
The bearded wind and rain dominates with a very special talent means,Thousands of trees can be planted in chaos。
Where there are these trees,Like the eyes of the wind and rain。He can naturally see many things。
“Taoist Qu Kui。”With the call of the wind and rain,A flame appeared in front of him。
This flame,It is a special life and the second special life in the kingdom of wind and rain。
On the Road,He is only a powerful Daoist,But as the top special life,Not only life level and《Holy Book of Thousand Body》Practitioner、Chaos Beast、Similar to ancient practitioners,Some special methods are even more terrifying。
Even said,He himself is a sacred fire,Not only can it explode a hundred times the limit of heaven。
Full burst,In a short period of time, his combat power can be comparable to top Daojun。
“Taoist Qu Kui,You go to the Tianqiong domain in the territory of the Dao League,Give this letter of mine to the new peak Daojun‘Ming Daojun’!”
First13chapter Six powers(under)
In the territory of the dark kingdom not too far away from the city of Chisang,A strange looking person,The big-headed old man with long blue hair like a fan has a gloomy face。
He is the leader of the dark kingdom‘Jun Wudijun’。

Xi Zhen stood up immediately,Turned and left。This woman is decisive,Without any muddle。In fact, the fruit industry base is not light。

After the call, Guo Meili did not wait for Xia Jian to arrange work for Lin Wei,She rushed to say:“Secretary Lin doesn’t need to arrange any work,You only need to take care of all the affairs of Mr. Lixia”Guo Meili finished,Also turned away。
Xia Jian and Lin Wei are left in the room,The atmosphere is a bit blunt。Lin Wei lowered his head,Silent,Two hands kept pulling the corners of the clothes,I can see that she is a bit shy。
Xia Jian walked to her side,Asked softly:“Did i do it to you?”
“Ok!But i do”Lin Wei raised his head,Whispered。Suddenly she jumped over,Hugged Xia Jian。
Xia Jian trembled all over,He whispered:“Sorry,I can’t remember anything after drinking,Does not mean that,I hope you can understand”
“I know you don’t mean anything to me,You hugged me last night,But she called Guo Meili。But i don’t care about these,As long as I am happy”Lin Wei hugged Xia Jian tighter and tighter。
Just at this time,The landline on Xia Jian’s desk rang,Lin Wei embarrassedly let go of Xia Jian。Xia Jian walked over,Pick up the receiver,Speak softly:“Hello there!what’s up?”
“President Xia!A man and a woman came at the door,They also brought the police,Said he came to see you”The voice of the security guard at the door came from the phone。
Xia Jian trembled all over,He guessed really well,It’s time to come。He said into the phone:“Ok,Let them wait at the door for a while,I’ll be down right away”
“What happened, President Xia!”Lin Wei was crying nervously。
Xia Jian glanced at her and said:“Nothing,Should be a routine questioning。Listen well,It takes 24 hours to turn on the phone during this period。After I’m gone, go find Guo Meili,Let her arrange staff,Self-check all accounts,But in order,She understands this”
Xia Jian said,Took a small bag,Stuffed two clothes inside。He is ready to live long in there,He knew,Go in this time,It won’t come out in three or two days。
Saw Xia Jian packing up,Lin Wei is even more nervous,She ran over again,Hugged Xia Jian and kept him from moving。Look at this woman’s pretty face,Xia Jian couldn’t help lowering his head,I kissed her little pink face and said:“All right!I will be back soon”
Xia Jian finished,Freed from Lin Wei’s hug,Walk downstairs quickly。Lin Wei ran to Xia Jian’s window,Opened the glass window,Stretched his head out,She fixedly looked at the door with her beautiful big eyes。
I saw Xia Jian going downstairs and walking straight to the gate,Talked to a couple of men and women standing there,Jumped into a black car parked at the door。Watching the car slowly drive away,Lin Wei suddenly trembled,She felt a little uncomfortable immediately。
Jin Yimei asked her to join the venture group,The purpose is to put a pair of eyes at the door of Xia Jian。Because of the special relationship between Wang Lin and Xia Jian,Make Jin Yimei feel an invisible threat。
Jin Yimei knows that Xia Jian’s weakness is that he likes to mingle with young and beautiful women,And this Lin Wei’s beauty will never lose to Wang Lin,Let her be Xia Jian’s secretary,How much does she know about things Xia Jian didn’t tell her。At the beginning,Lin Wei did a great job in this area,Slowly she seems to forget what her mission is。

“Lord Mage,Our Horace family never conflicts with others,I don’t know if it’s a misunderstanding!”He still plans to not fight,Try not to fight,A possible ninth-level magician and a ninth-level monster,He is not sure!

Wright said coldly:“Really misunderstanding,You Horace Family Fight,Involved my father,Also broke an arm,This is indeed a big misunderstanding!”
Aga·Horace’s face changed slightly:“May I ask you are?”
“My name is wright,My father is a fighter from Fallen Dragon Fort,You Horace family should know my name!”
Aga·Horace murmured inwardly,But I feel a little relieved,In his opinion,Wright’s blow just now must be some kind of magic item or magic scroll。After all, since history,It is impossible for a magician with the fastest practice speed to reach the level of a nine-level magician at this age.。Although the monster that should be given to the disciple by the magician of the sanctuary is very difficult to deal with,But it’s not impossible!Of course even so,He will not give up on solving this matter peacefully,After all,Maybe the old ones will run out!
“Master Wright!I’m very sorry for what happened to your father!”Aga·Horace said very sincerely,“But you see,Something has happened。And your father,As far as I know, I escaped into the Warcraft Mountains!How about this,Our Horace family is responsible for finding him,Responsible for all treatment,And we will give sufficient compensation,Such as the territory of Fallen Dragon Fort?!”Aga·Horace instinctively avoided the possibility that the seventh-level fighter had been killed in the Warcraft Mountains.,If so,I’m really immortal!
“No need!”Wright said lightly,“I have found my father,As for the territorial compensation, I still look down on it。It’s easy to solve peacefully,Leslie·Horace and his descendants handed it over to me,I turned around and left。”
Aga·Horace’s face changed,“Master Wright,Leslie·Horace is the contemporary earl of our family,Representing the reputation of our family,It’s impossible for anything to happen!Please change your terms。”of course,Actually in Aga·In the eyes of Horace,Leslie is more than just a family reputation,At the same time contacting a veteran of the Northland Magic Guild,Even himself is a genius who is expected to become a ninth-level magister!His importance to Leslie,Not even less than my own life。
“In that case,then apply。。。”Wright’s voice has not yet fallen,Aga·Horace has already shot,Did not use the epee,He just took a leap,Grab Wright’s neck with his right hand。
In Aga·According to Horace,Since the conflict has inevitably broken out,Then capture Wright first,Then naturally you can force him to give up killing Leslie·Horace。As long as it doesn’t really hurt Wright,It won’t cause revenge from the sanctuary powerhouse behind him。
As for the one who catches it, I can’t catch him,This is not a problem,No matter how genius is, he is only a seventh-level magician,After three years have passed, I will never break through to level 8.!Even an eighth-level magician,If you come to drive a distance and release an eighth level of magic,It can also cause some difficulties for ninth-level fighters,So close,But there is no resistance!Once caught Wright,Used to threaten the ninth-level purple-patterned black bear behind him,Presumably it dare not risk Wright’s life to attack。
However, he didn’t see it when he did it,Even the purple-patterned black bear Xiao Hei showed a trace of pity on his face。
Danaga·When Horace was two meters near Wright,Wright moved!
Shoot with one palm sideways,There is no way to be mysterious,Just ignite the power of heaven and earth,Fell on Aga·Horace’s face!
Aga·Horace was slapped into the air by the slap,The face quickly swelled up,Fortunately the moment I was hit just now,His grudge gathered on his face,Let the power of this palm weaken more than half,Otherwise it’s not a swollen face,But just fainted。
“You are not wright,who are you?Why are you attacking our horace family?”Aga·Horace didn’t ask these words out,After falling to the ground, he rolled,Quickly made a long whistle。
Of course it’s not a painful long howl,But calling for helpers。
Wright did not stop,Want to kill leslie·Horace also thoroughly investigated his direct descendants,Must first completely destroy the Horace family,Want to destroy the Horace family,First defeat the strong!

Zhu Yi shook his head,“No,I have taken over for a while,I haven’t seen this person yet。”

“Don’t go shopping outside,Care about your dad。”Zhang Siwei reminded。
A bottle of beer,Zhu Yi finished it in a few sips,Asked for another bottle,“I know,He is my dad,Of course I will care。”
Zhang Siwei’s phone rang,Is from the company,She stood up,“You drink slowly,I have something to do with my company,Have to go first。”
“You have to buy the order,Give me 300 yuan,I am a big man,What if you don’t have a penny?。”Zhu Yi said。
Zhang Siwei returned Zhu Yi’s money,Originally just joking,“My new beverage factory,New products just launched,I just came here to give Uncle Zhu some drinks,You can’t help but tease,Really give money,Hahaha,Next time,Remember to bring more money,Don’t let me invite you every time you eat。”
Zhu Yi rolled his eyes,“Know you are kidding,not for you,Don’t take your hand back,Embarrassed to say,Whole person。”
158 Find someone
After Zhang Siwei left,Zhu Yi is still drinking beer slowly,Looking out the window,You Zai Zai。
“Yo,Isn’t this our Mayo brother??What a coincidence,I can meet you after a meal。”Wang San and Er Mao observed Zhu Yi downstairs for a long time,Always looking for opportunities to get closer。
“Two,Also a coincidence,You guys come to eat too?”Zhu Yi greeted them warmly。
“I saw you as soon as I came in,Haven’t ordered yet。”Wang San said。
“Let’s eat together。”Zhu Yi casually invited。
Wang San pretended to look at Er Mao,think about it,nod,“Row,Just have a drink together。”